Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

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Ain't No Rest For The Wicked –

Chapter Five


It had been three weeks since that slip of a girl had made off with my diamonds and my ledger.

Three. Fucking. Weeks.

My men were having no luck finding her. She disappeared without a trace. I admit I was obsessing, but it was hard not to. No one had evaded my grasp like she had.

Emmett and Jasper walked into my office as I was lighting a cigarette. I watched the smoke haze disappear through my open window. The same window she jumped out of.

Fucking jumped out of.

I took another long drag, motioning them to update me with whatever they had found.

Emmett threw a thin manila file onto my desk. I raised my eyebrows at him in question, he just shrugged and threw himself back into my black leather couch.

Jasper was at my liquor cabinet pouring himself a scotch.

'One for me too.' I told him. He nodded and placed the scotch he poured into a tumbler on my desk in front of me. I took a large sip of the amber liquid and swallowed it down, liking the warmth it gave me from my belly up.

After Jasper had finished pouring one for himself he turned to face me. Leaning against the cabinet he started to speak.

'She doesn't exist. At all.' He took a gulp of the scotch. I could see him wince at the burn as it went down his throat.

'What do you mean?' I questioned slowly.

'She doesn't exist. No social security, no birth certificate. No one has heard of her. She's been completely wiped from every single database - Homeland, CIA, FBI. Shit, even NYPD.' Jasper summarised.

I flicked through the folder. The only thing it held was an old photograph that was probably her as a child, still pictures from the security footage from my party and some photos from the footage at the club.

'The bartender who she's with is Rosalie Hale, right?' I looked at Emmett and pointed at the picture. He had fucked at least two thirds of my bartenders.

He grinned. 'Yeah boss, that's Rosie. She's a fucking firecracker! Haven't been able to get into that tight puss just yet.' He divulged. 'Yet, being the operative word.' He winked at Jasper, with my second in command rolling his eyes.

'What's she got to say about her?' I fished for more information. Getting these two to give me all the information they had found was proving to be harder than getting blood from a stiff.

'Rosalie said her name was Isabella Swan. Or that's how she introduced herself. I went searching turned up nothing.' He shrugged in apology.

'Fucking useless.' I growled throwing the file back onto my desk. The photos spilled out onto the floor.

'Do you have anything else for me? Anything?' I spat. 'Make them look harder. Someone has to have seen her. Someone must have helped her get into my fucking safe!' I gestured behind me.

My rage was building.

'Did any of our payroll piggies come back with fucking anything either?'

Jasper shook his head. 'Nah, but that means she's at least still in the country.'

'Call Jacob. See what he has to say about this. That dirty mutt will know something' I told them both.

They nodded and left out my office door quickly.

I walked over to the liquor cabinet and poured myself another drink. I took a sip and held it in my hands, letting the warmth of my skin heat the scotch.

She was smart, my beautiful little girl. I was going to get her, break her and turn her into whatever the fuck I wanted. She was going to be all mine.

All mine. To do with what I wanted. When I wanted. How I wanted.

I could feel myself smiling at the thought.

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked –

I hadn't seen Tanya in weeks. She'd been calling and calling, but I was too wrapped up in trying to find little Isabella that I hadn't been interested in what she had to offer.

That changed today. I was frustrated and angry and needed an outlet.

She sauntered into my office wearing a skimpy black dress. It really did nothing for me. She wasn't at all curvy. She was too tall, too blonde, too… Tanya.

'Hi Edward' She breathed.

And her fucking voice was like nails on a chalkboard that made my teeth grind together.

I indicated for her to come over to a spot in front of my desk. She quickly made her way over to where I was pointing.

I grabbed a condom out of my top left hand drawer. I fucking hate the things, but there's no way in hell I am having kids and plus, you never know where these sluts have been.

'Strip.' I commanded in a low town.

She blinked as if unsure, but began slowly taking off her black slip. She wasn't going fast enough for me, so I stood up out of my chair and made my way around to her.

Her eyes followed me as I watched her. I saw her visibly swallow. She was scared.

She should be.

I ripped the rest of the silky material off her and she yelped.

'This isn't going to be gentle, but I guess you already knew that.' I whispered in her ear as I bent her over my desk.

I unbuttoned my pants, quickly rolled on the condom and slammed into her. She cried out in pain as her hips crashed into my hard wooden desk.

That was the thing about Tanya. She got off on her own fear. A masochist.

Thankfully, I was a sadist. One of the worst.

I kept up a fast pace, pushing in and out of her. She was warm and wet. Not very tight, but Tanya was like the business' bicycle.

Everyone has had a ride.

She screamed as her first orgasm over took her body. I wasn't even close to reaching that state of euphoria yet.

Not even fucking close.

I gritted my teeth and pulled out of her, throwing her over the arm of the couch in hope of getting deeper inside of her.

I pushed her head down toward the cushions and kicked her legs closed, pushing my dick back into her pussy. I kept my pace steady and reached around to pinch her nipples.

She screamed as she fell into another orgasm. I wrapped her hair around my fingers and pulled. I knew she loved that.

'Do you like that?' I asked. 'Do you like me treating you like a whore?'

Tanya nodded. I shook my head in slight disgust. Of course she did.

I swatted her ass with my open palm. Five or six quick slaps was all it took until her ass turned a lovely shade of pink.

It was a beautiful sight.

She wasn't as wet as she was when we started. Clearly her pussy was trying to tell me the overload of orgasms was too much.

I didn't take much notice.

I honestly don't know why she comes back for more. I think it's in hope of her trying to get me to fucking marry her. Which is never going to fucking happen.

I kept going. Tanya's screams echoed throughout my office and I relished in it. Her voice was starting to go hoarse with how much she was yelling. Over and over again with how big I was, how I fucked her just right, how hard she was coming.

By now they were unintelligible mumbles.

I still wasn't even close to coming. I growled and pulled out. My dick was still hard and I needed some fucking relief.

'I can't take anymore' She whispered. 'Please. No more, Edward.'

'No more in here?' I questioned while plunging a single finger into her tight cavern. 'Not in here?'

She nodded. 'No more, please!' She begged.

'Okay' I conceded with a smile. 'No more in here.'

I spread her ass cheeks and spat on her tiny little pink, puckered asshole. Tanya tried to struggle. She knew what was coming.

I plunged into her tight hole, and shit, was she tight. I moaned in pleasure.

'Fuck you're tight in here.' I ground out. 'Anyone else had you like this?'

'Yes. But fuck, not like you. Ow. Ow.' She wailed.

I kept going. In and out, in and out.

She was so much tighter like this. Her muscles were clamping down around me and I could feel my orgasm approaching fast.

My thrusts starting to become erratic, my hips were slamming against her ass until I was almost there.

I pulled out and ripped the condom off and came on her back.

'Fuckkk.' I groaned out.

I was spent and my cum was all over the pale skin of her back. I laughed and swiped some up with my finger.

'Eat it, like the good little whore you are.' I leaned over and offered my finger to her. Her tongue hesitantly poked out of mouth and licked.

She moaned.

I grinned and let my fingers wander down to her pussy. My thumb started to circle her clit and her legs started to shake.

Tanya didn't say anything no matter how much amount of pain she was in. She knew that no amount of talking was going to stop me.

My phone rang. I stopped my ministrations and walked over to grab it off my desk.

'Cullen.' I answered.

'Boss. We have a hit on the Swan girl. She's booked a flight from Washington to London.' Jasper informed me. 'We've pretty much pinpointed her location.'

'What the fuck is she doing in Washington?' I snarled at him. 'Why did no one pick her up crossing the fucking state lines!' My hands were in my hair. Can no one do their fucking jobs anymore?

I kept listening to what Jasper was saying. I pulled up my pants and buttoned them up.

I threw Tanya her slip and put my hand over the microphone on my cell.

'Get out. And don't ever fucking come back.' I stated, without much emotion. I turned back to my call.

'My father is going to hear about this.' She hissed.

I turned back around to face her, 'Good. Tell him when he comes around here that there's a bullet with his fucking name on it.'

Tanya huffed, threw on her slip and slammed my office door closed on her way out. My cum still probably dribbling down her back.

'Organise the jet and some firepower. We're going to Washington, Whitlock.' I informed Jasper and hung up.

I pulled out a clean, crisp blue shirt from the closet next to my liquor cabinet and pulled on some shoes.

I strapped my Eagles into my back holsters and made my way out the door, pulling on my suit jacket as the door slammed behind me.

'Watch out little girl, Daddy's coming to get you.' I muttered with a smile.

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked –


It had been a few weeks since my infamous break-in at the Cullen's.

I had been hiding out with Jake for a few days, under the guise of needing a shower and a place to sleep other than on concrete.

I quickly left after he started asking me where all of my goodies were. Filthy mutt. I wasn't telling him anything. I wasn't telling anyone anything. I valued my life.

I made my way to Forks in Washington. Mainly through hitchhiking with truckers and walking, I knew Cullen would be looking for me through the usual routes – planes, buses, and trains.

I had booked a ticket to London with a small private air company. They were more than willing to take my cash and not ask any questions.

From London I hoped to get further into Europe, probably east as it would be easier to find a fence to sell the necklace. Then sit back and live the highlife for a while.

Plus, there are a few collectables I've had my eye on for a few years that I would love to… acquire.

I had packed my bags with my few belongings and grabbed all my cash from my hiding places. My bags were stowed on the plane and I was ready to go.

'We almost set for take off, Captain?' I asked as I hopped up the plane stairs to the cabin from inside the hanger. 'I want to get going as soon as possible please.' As soon as possible? Try yesterday.

I walked to the right to enter the cockpit and saw the Captain slumped over the controls. 'Captain?' I questioned. Something wasn't right. I pulled him up by his shoulders and saw a drop of blood slowly make its way down the front of his face, almost as if he was crying red. The round bloodied hole in his forehead gave away that he was devoid of life and that I had company.

I dropped to the floor and took a deep breath, blowing it out through my nose. 'Fuck.' I muttered to myself.

Cullen was here to collect.

I slithered out on my belly to just before the open door. I couldn't see anything and poked my head a little further out.

A bullet came flying and lodged into the wood a few inches above my head. I ducked and fired two blind shots back hoping to hit someone.

'Cullen?' I called out. 'You out there?'

'Hello Isabella' His voice called back, echoing around the hanger. His

'You've been doing your homework. The bartender gave up my name?' it was a lame attempt to try and stall him. All of my spare mags were in my bags in the fucking cargo pit. Stupid, stupid Bella.

I couldn't afford to waste any bullets.

There was no answer to my question. Something was going on out there and I couldn't get eyes on it.

There was no way I was going to get out of here alive.

'What do you want, Cullen?' I yelled. 'Your diamonds are in the cargo pit, that's what you want, isn't it?'

'Oh, I have my diamonds, Isabella. Along with your spare mags…' He trailed off. 'Look, I'm getting bored of this. There's no point in prolonging it really, you can throw your guns out, come down the stairs and come with me. You are so fucking out numbered little girl it's not funny.'

His little talk just made me angrier and if anything, more determined to get the fuck out of here.

'No. I'm right where I am thanks.' I replied petulantly.

I slithered back and got into a crouching position. I dive rolled over the entrance and missed the spray of bullets intended to riddle my body.

This is not going to go anywhere, anytime soon. I heard the slow steps of someone coming up the stairs toward the cabin. I extended my arms and shot through the narrow gap I had straight into someone's leg as it made purchase on the cabin carpet.

I heard the tell tale yelp and a clunk as a body fell down the stairs.

'Spray the windows.' Cullen directed.

'Ohh fuck!' My cuss word was drowned out by the shower of bullets that they littered the plane windows with. Crouching into a ball I put my hands over my head try and protect myself from the glass raining down over me.

The echoing of hundreds of shells hitting the cement floor rang out. The sweet smell of gunpowder permeated the air and all of a sudden everything came into hyper focus, my breathing slowed, and an eerie calmness took over me. My heartbeat was pounding in my ears.

I wasn't going down without a fight. My resolve hardened in my chest.

The plane's back emergency exit was shut tight. I looked around for anything that would blow it open. There was nothing. I looked out toward the cockpit and spied the captain's body still collapsed over the controls.

'Gotta do what you gotta do.' Muttering as I holstered my guns and crawled quickly back toward the cockpit.

I got through the captain and pulled him from his seat. He was slight, making him easier to manoeuvre, but meaning he didn't give much in the way of protection from the bullets that were about to barrage me.

I took one more deep breath and pulled a gun out of my holster, then walked straight into the line of fire, captain first.

I could feel the bullets emptying into him. One exited into my shoulder throwing me backward and making me stumble slightly on my feet. The pain was like lighting through my left upper body, making me almost drop my human shield.

I recovered quickly, peering around him. Cullen's men were all directly ahead of me, still spraying bullets into the poor cap. I kept lugging the body down the stairs starting to feel it disintegrate beneath me. My feet hit concrete and I swirled around, going directly underneath the open staircase, dropping the body on the ground as I went.

My shoulder was killing me but I pulled out my other Eagle. I looked down and noted it was only a flesh wound, easy heal, but hurt like hell.

The bullets stopped.

'You ready to come out Isabella.' He asked.

I didn't bother with a reply. I unclipped my mags, checking how many bullets I had left, which was not a fucking lot.

I peaked around the white door that was shielding me, logging ten guys, not including Cullen. I went to my knees and said a prayer as I threw my gun out to the left, pulling the trigger as I did. One guy went down. I keep shooting and they keep shooting back. Every bullet I let off they had three more at me.

This wasn't working.

I twirled around running back under the plane to try and get a better vantage point, when I came face to face with Cullen. I drew up my guns, both our Eagles pointing at each other.

'Give up little girl.' He growled.

I smiled and shook my head. From this close I could make out the five o'clock shadow on his face, the specks of gold in his emerald eyes, and the way the side of his mouth pulled up when he looked at me.

'See you in hell, Cullen.' I winked and pulled the trigger.

The click of the pin hitting an empty barrel made my stomach drop.

He laughed. He laughed straight in my fucking face. I almost whimpered.

'Get on your knees.' His voice wrapped around me and I knew I was the one about to go meet my maker, I would have said the devil, but that title belongs to the handsome psychopath before me.

'I said, get on your knees.' Cullen repeated.

I slowly did what he told me to. I looked up into his face and could see the anger in his green eyes, his golden Eagles pointed straight at the middle of my forehead.

'See you in hell, Isabella.'

The world went black.

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked –

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