Blaine nervously shifts on his feet and tugs at his clothes as he watches the numbers on the elevator go up, up, up. He was dressed in only a simple grey t-shirt and some jeans, both of which were baggy and didn't fit to his smaller frame. Even after a year of being in the rehabilitation center for Prisoners of War like himself, he still hadn't gained all of his previous weight back. Two years of malnutrition and constantly being an inch from death really does something to a person, but he was on his way to recovery. The doctors at the center refused to release him until they were sure he was healthy and that he wasn't a risk to himself or others. He was doing okay, except for the nightmares. All he wanted was to see his husband again, to be in his arms and feel safe.

He was going against everything the doctors told him to do. They said to take some time and keep his distance from Kurt, who only just found out about Blaine's return. They told him that everyone thought he and his unit were dead, that they held a ceremony for them just three weeks after they went missing. Kurt has thought Blaine has been dead for nearly three full years. Blaine shakes his head and looks down at his hands, worrying his bottom lip. Maybe he shouldn't be doing this. He doesn't want to cause any trouble. He looks up as the elevator doors open and all resignation of the idea of not seeing his husband vanishes as he launches out of the tiny space and into the hallway filled with doors.

Blaine didn't expect Kurt to stay in their small, shabby apartment in Manhattan, but he could only imagine how he could afford to live in a nice place like this. He looks at the number scribbles on the palm of his hand in black ink and quickly walks down the hall, reading the numbers on the doors. 340, 341, 342… He stops outside apartment 343 and swallows hard. Kurt was just behind this door… his reason for staying alive, his reason for fighting as hard as he did… he was right behind that piece of wood. Blaine slowly raises his fist and knocks on the door, his heart pounding. He could still remember the last time they saw each other.

"I still don't understand why you had to cut all of your hair off." Kurt fusses as they stand together in the middle of the crowded New York airport. "You look like a squirrel with a buzz cut."

"Hey, now that's mean." Blaine laughs and gently wraps his arms around his husband's waist, looking into his eyes. "Don't make fun of me."

"I have to." He says softly, slipping his arms around his neck as tears fill his eyes. "If I don't make fun of you, I'll cry. And I can't cry right now."

"Kurt…" He gently cups his cheek and stares into his eyes. "Remember what we talked about? I promised I would come back to you. When have you known me to break a promise, huh?"

"Anything can happen out there, Blaine." He protests, tightening his arms around him. "Wh-what if you don't come back? What happens then?"

"Then you will do what we talked about." He replies, running his hands along his back. "You'll do exactly what we talked about and everything will be okay. I promise."

"Hey, mister!" A woman with dark red hair and big green eyes shouts, snapping her perfectly manicured fingers in front of his face. "Are you deaf? I'm talking to you."

Blaine blinks and finally looks at this woman, snapping out of his reverie. "What?"

"Are you on drugs?" She snaps, narrowing her eyes at him. "Because I think you're lost. The druggie house isn't for another six miles straight to hell."

"What? No." He shakes his head and swallows hard. "I-I'm looking for someone. Kurt Ander… Kurt Hummel. I'm looking for Kurt Hummel."

"A lot of people are, honey." She flicks some hair out of her face and sighs deeply. "Look, if you're a fan then you'll just have to wait to meet him tonight at the show, alright? It's open to everyone."

"Show?" Blaine's heart flutters inside his chest. "A fashion show? Kurt's fashion show?"

"Uh, yeah." The woman rolls her eyes. "Are you sure you're not on drugs?"

"Who is it, Elena?" That voice makes his fluttering heart skip a beat.

"Just a crazy fan, hon." She says over her shoulder before turning back to Blaine, looking him up and down with pursed lips. "A homeless one at that…"

"Don't be rude!" Kurt scolds, coming up behind his friend and looking at Blaine. "Sorry, she's just…" He trails off, his eyes going slightly wide.

"Hi." Blaine breathes out, his heart swelling at the sight.

And then it explodes when the door slams in his face.

A/N: Okay, so this is going to be a little mini-series. I haven't decided how many chapters yet, but let me know if I should continue with this! I have a few ideas :) There will be more development in the next chapter. It's going to be one of those where you learn more about their past as the story goes on instead of explaining everything in one chapter. Thank you for reading!