Chapter 1

Written by Cody Furlong & RazorsLove


Through the mist and the rain, the prison lays in ruin after a hefty attack on its outer exterior; rubble and debris are spread over the dewy grass of the courtyard. Out of the smoke and fire a lowly she-kat steps around the scattered stone, the white tuffs of hair on both sides of her face stick to her face as sweat runs down her forehead. Her brown hair is messy and tangled and the prison uniform is torn in several places.

"Finally I am free of this disgusting prison, and I can put my plan into action." The She-Kat announced to herself loudly.

As she walked calmly from the partially destroyed prison a small force of females surrounded her, their uniforms grey with short purple scarves tied around they're necks.

"Commander, as you instructed in your transmission; your air ship has been rebuilt and our forces are now at full strength." The black and white she-kat announced as she stepped towards the older dark tan she-kat.

"Good." She replied in her heavy Russian accent.

The black and white she-kat held out her uniform carefully not to crush the commander's hat that lay on top of the folded purple uniform. The older dark tan she-kat took the uniform from her quickly and began to change, the soldiers turned away from her respectfully as she changed.

"There is a helicopter waiting for you Commander Turmoil, we should leave quickly before reinforcements arrive." The second in command stated as she continued to look away.

"You've done very well second in command Noble." Turmoil commented as she placed her cap on the top of her head.

Moments later the group disappeared into the heavily forested area, the rain washed their tracks away; as shouts and voices came closer.

~Mega Kat City~

"Dad, stop fidgeting." Cody said softly as he fixed the suited tabby's tie.

Chance wiped the sweat from his forehead as he took a deep breath, and steadied his shaking hands . He looked at himself in the large mirror that sat in the private room of the revenue, he pulled at the bottom of his jacket.

A dark brown tom walked into the room quietly, his tux matched Chance's and Cody's.

"It's time to start the ceremony." Jake announced as he held open the door.

Chance's hands began to shake once again, and his heart beat sped up into a rapid flutter; the lump in his throat grew. He looked into the mirror once more before turning around to walk out of the little dressing room, Cody and Jake followed him outside to the lush green courtyard where rows of chairs lined a stone walk way that lead to the altar.

Sunlight filtered through the trees, and the soft breeze rustled the leaves; Chance walked down the stone isle to stand beside the alter with Cody and Jake standing behind him. The chairs began fill with their guests, just before the ceremony started a darkly furred, blue haired snow leopard walked up to Chance casually with his decorated military attire on.

"Chance, you forgot this in your dressing room." The dark furred snow leopard said softly as he held out the wedding band.

Chance took the band from him gently, the small stone in the middle shined brightly in the sun.

"Thank you Lucian, I would have looked like a fool if I didn't have this." Chance responded quickly as he handed the ring to his best man Jake.

"Do not worry brother it would have appeared in your hand if I had not found it in time." Lucian smiled happily as he slowly stepped away from Chance to sit down on the bride's side.

Chance looked over the large crowd at his wedding, his first wedding had been very small; friends and family took their seats quickly as the preacher took his place at the front of the alter. The blonde tabby took a deep breath to steady himself as the music began to play, everyone stood and faced the end of the alter where the bride and her father stood.

Thomas, the father of the bride was also dressed in military attire, his military decoration shined brightly on his black jacket. But the bride had everyone's attention her pristine white ball gown detailed in lace, the sweetheart neckline dipped low. Her electric blue hair was perch high on her head, the veil was held in place by a single comb detailed with only a few pearls.

Chance watched as they walked down the stone walk way in rhythm with the music, as his soon to be wife moved closer he felt the sweat from his forehead roll down the side of his face to his neck.

Jake looked at Chance out of the corner of his eyes, he spotted the sweat trickling down the side of his face.

The music ended as soon as the bride reached the alter, Thomas flipped the veil away from her face and kissed her lovingly on the cheek. He took his daughters hand and placed it in Chance's before he stepped away and the preacher began.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this tom and she-kat in holy matrimony." The elderly white furred tom announce aloud.

Chance looked down at the bright eyed snow leopard that stood in front of him, and smiled widely at her. The preacher's voice faded into the background as he looked down at her.

His Jett.

A bejeweled necklace covered her neck; it rested against her chest it to sparkled like her sapphire blue eyes.

"Now, repeat after me." The preacher looked to Chance.

The striped tabby looked back at the preacher as Jake slipped the wedding ring into his hand; he put it to the tip of her finger and repeated the preacher word for word as he slipped the band onto her slender finger.

Then the preacher turned to Jett, the snow leopard took Chance's large hand in hers holding the ring to the tip of his finger.

"I Jetta take you Chance to be my lawfully wedded husband, til death do us part." Jett repeated after the preacher.

She slipped the band onto his finger and smiled sweetly as she looked up at Chance, who smiled back at her widely.

The ceremony was short and sweet, just after they kissed passionately and being announce as Mr. & Mrs. Chance Furlong. Chance led his wife down the stone path the happy couple's guest stood as they walked by their applauding.

Their applause came to an abrupt stop as Chance and Jett stopped in the middle of the isle, the sun was suddenly blotted out by sudden forming of dark ominous clouds. Chance wrapped his arms around Jett pulling her close as it began to rain; the tabby rushed his new wife across the lawn to where the car sat waiting for them.

Chance opened the door to the car for Jett and quickly closing it as soon as she was in; the striped tom ran over to the driver's side of the black dodge ram. He shook his head wildly; small droplets of rain water flew about the cab of the truck.

"That was unexpected." Chance said softly as he turned to look at Jett, he slid his hand over the back of her neck and pulled her close.

"It was, I didn't see any clouds in the distance either, and they must have been hidden by the city." Jett continued as she moved closer to Chance and kissed his mouth gently.

The blonde tabby kissed his new wife passionately before turning the truck over and driving away quickly.

The wedding reception went by quickly, the music was loud; the dance floor was full with family and friends. When it came time to leave Jett and Chance were bombarded with birdseed as they ran out to the black stretch limo that waited to take them to the airport.

Cody and Jake stood next to the limo with the door open for them; Jett hugged Cody before getting to the limo.

"Be good while we're gone Cody." Jett said as she held her new son tightly.

"I will mom." Cody replied softly as he let go so she could slide in.

Chance hugged Jake and Cody before getting in after her, Jake closed the door silently. The heavily tinted window rolled down and Chance looked to the both of them.

"Make sure the city is still in one piece when we get back guys." Chance chuckled as the limo began to drive away.

"We will buddy." Jake replied quietly as he waved them good-bye.

The limo drove down the street quickly before disappearing around the corner, Jake and Cody stood there silently for a couple of moments.

"Did you tell dad that you broke his cell phone yet?" Cody questioned as he turned his head to look at the chocolate colored tom standing next to him.

"Nope." Jake responded simply as he turned away from the younger tabby and walked to his car.

Cody shrugged his broad shoulders and followed the short tom to the car casually; his feet ached from being in the tight formal shoes that he had been wearing all day. He opened the passenger door to the light blue Honda civic, it was just going to Jake and him for the next two weeks; but lately he the havoc between the enforcers, the wedding of his dad and Jett and now the returning of the old and new omega's that were beginning to plague the city.

Cody lay back into the seat exhausted, taking the tight shoes off his achy tired feet. Jake sighed softly as he turned the key in the ignition, he ran his hand though his combed and gelled hair white flakes of the dried up goop flying about his face.

The drive back to the salvage yard was a long and quiet one, the lights from the dash glowed a soft light that filled the cab of the small midsized car. The silence was finally broken by a sigh that escaped Jake's mouth; Cody turned his head slightly to look at Jake.

"What is it Jake?" Cody asked softly.

Jake looked at the young blonde tabby that sat next to him.

"Two weeks, let's hope nothing happens in two weeks." Jake responded flatly.

"Yeah, you would be by yourself since I would be flying with the Enforcers." Cody continued as his eyes turned toward the window.

He was now twenty years old, his academy days were over and now he was making his way through the new elite pilot training program the Enforcer's had set up for talented cadets. He twirled his fingers through his long whiskers around his finger, he and Diego had long since split due to the fact he wanted to be an Enforcer pilot like his father had been; and Diego wanted to be a wander to see the world in search of himself.

"All we can do is hope huh." Jake sighed as he pulled into the salvage yard's dirt lot.

Cody nodded quietly; he and the chocolate furred tom hadn't spent much time together alone. Sometimes it proved to be a bit awkward with Jake; the brown tom was often quiet until he had come up with a new design for a weapon or a new upgrade for the TurboKat.

Jake turned the car off as he unbuckled himself, he could feel the slight tension between Cody and himself.

It had been a long year and a half for all of them.

Jake watched as the burly young tom got out of the car and started walking towards the front door of the salvage yard.

The dark brown tom sighed softly as he got out to follow; he could tell it was going to be a long few weeks without Chance and Jett.

Tempers were going to flare.