Chapter 12

Written by: Cody Furlong & Razorslove

Turmoil's goons dragged the wounded snow leopard into giant living quarters; the walls were lined with a heavy material and the furniture was old somewhere around the 16th century. Jett struggled to breath; the air from her lungs escaped through the several bullet wounds. The grey and white she-kat was exhausted from the long torturous days without sleep and the constant beatings. Even Blu was tired from infecting so many people; the entire air ship was now over run with fledging demons. Jetta had counted the number of people that she had infected and she couldn't believe how many people were actually on the flying fortress.

"Seven thousand three hundred and forty." Jetta mumbled lowly.

Jett looked over the room again; in the corner of the room was a large circular bed; it looked like it was able to fit more than ten people on it. The bright red comforter and the thin sheets had been kicked off carelessly around the edge; in the middle of it lay Turmoil. She twisted and turned as she withered away in pain. The she-kats that were holding her up off the floor dropped her suddenly; Jett's head hit against the carpeted floor, even though the surface was soft at first but just underneath was metal.

The snow leopard's face pressed her face against the off white carpet; the blood from her face rubbed onto it, probably staining deep red. Jett closed her eyes and shuddered from the cold feeling that was overwhelming her body.

"Commander, we brought you the demon to your chamber as requested." Sarah announced softly.

Turmoil sat up off the bed slowly; sweat ran down from her forehead to chin, and smaller beads formed on her chest that ran down the valley of her breasts. The tan female looked down at the limp female that lay on her bedroom floor; a small round puddle of deep red blood was starting to form around her chest.

"Bring her to me now." Turmoil ordered shakily.

Two of the goons grabbed Jett by her arms again; they lifted her up easily off the floor and walked over to the bed, the limp demons feet dragged across the floor smearing the blood across the carpet. One of the uniformed females grabbed a fistful of dirty blood encrusted hair and lifted Jett's head up so Turmoil could she her. Jetta growled softly and as her eyes opened slowly the growl grew louder; she looked at Turmoil who was sitting in front of her on the bed.

"What do you want now Turmoil." Jett panted harshly.

"How long does this last?" Turmoil questioned.

The spotted female stared at the Russian Commander for a few long moments; the only sound in the room was the soft plat of blood hitting the carpet. The sound made Turmoil's ears twitch in irritation; she noted that the demons stubbornness was going to land her in a shallow grave.

"How long!" Turmoil shouted.

A grin crossed the snow leopards lips from the frustration in Turmoil's voice; she sensed the demonic presence inside the Commanders body.

"You're finished with your transformation." Jetta replied her grin slowly fading.

Turmoil's ears perked up slightly when she realized the cramps and the mind shattering pain was gone. The tan female scooted to the edge of the bed; her feet touched the floor and she began to stand up. Her leg wobbled at first, but was able to hold her weight; the Russian grinned widely.

"I wouldn't be so happy if I were you." Jetta huffed.

Turmoil looked down at the wounded female; eyebrow rose slightly curious to why she would say so.

"And why not? I am immortal now." Turmoil replied gleefully.

"You've made me create an army of fledging demons against my will for one; and you've become a threat to demon existence." Jetta continued much slowly this time the blood loss getting to her.

"I doubt it." Turmoil retorted.

"T… there is a… much larger army out ….there and I'm hoping my…. father finds out." The spotted female stammered softly.

"What is going on why is she acting this way?" Turmoil questioned immediately.

"She's lost a lot of blood." Sarah replied as she checked over Jett.

"Get her to the infirmary now and patch her up; I want her to remain a live Lt. Commander or else." Turmoil barked quickly.

The uniformed soldiers quickly carried Jett off to the infirmary; Turmoil cursed loudly, she couldn't lose the last bargaining chip she had now. The elder tan female walked around her room casually at first; she sat in front of the mirrored boudoir. Her hand quickly went up to her face; it ran across her now smooth face and her grey hair was gone. Turmoil smiled and her hand moved down to the small drawer; she jerked the knob to it and it was broken off easily. The commander smiled softly; she pulled out the small drawer easily by digging her claws into the soft wood; Turmoil grabbed the brush out of it and began to brush her hair slowly smiling to herself.

-Salvage Yard-

Jake lay curled into the large dirty blond tabby's side tiredly; the small female body trembled softly, his face pressed against Cody's soft sweat dampen fur. Cody's arm came around the small brown kat that lay next to him; his eyes were closed and suddenly shot up as the small kat cried out in pain. The dirty blonde tabby shot up off the bed; Jake shook hard and loud cracks of bone echoed in the room.

"Jake?" Cody spoke softly to the brown kat.

Jake tossed and turned hard against the bed; soft cries of pain were loud in the small room, he noticed that the female was becoming male again. Her hair was suddenly shortened, her breasts sank down and became a slender, flat and muscled; her hips and waist became narrow again. The features of her face broadened and Cody saw the real Jake lying before him panting heavily. The chocolate brown tom looked up at Cody quietly and smiled softly at the burly tabby that was kneeling beside the bed.

"Hey." Jake rasped as he continued to smile at Cody.

Cody smiled back at the little kat lying before him; the muscled tom leaned forward and kissed Jake passionately. Jake wrapped his arms around Cody's neck kissing the younger tom back; Cody pulled away and easily scrapped his teeth along the smaller toms chin. The cinnamon furred male shuddered gently with pleasure; Cody's paw crept up Jake's slender neck and pulled his head forward to kiss him again.


Alexander paced furiously around the cell in the dark hanger; his eyes glinted bright red growling. His mate was endangered and here he was in a cell; Alexander growled angrily as he started to look around, he touched the bars of the cell. The tall muscular tabby jumped away from the electrified bars; he hissed loudly and walked away slowly.

"I want out of this fucking place." Alex growled in anger.

Alex quickly gripped at his chest; his ears fell back against his head as his chest tightened more. A dull throbbing pain shot through him; the demon grunted as he fell to one knee. His breath rushed out of his mouth in labored in pants; Alex rubbed his paw hard against the center of his chest.

"Jetta." He said harshly and pained.

A shaper and a much more intense pain hit him hard; it was like someone had ripped through his chest. Alex roared loudly in pain as it racked his body again as he clawed at his chest; his labored breathing became heavier.

Cody broke up off the kiss he was sharing with Jake; his ears perked up as he slowly sat up. Jake looked up at the burly dirty blonde tabby as he sat up; he felt slightly dazed and dizzy, Jake's hands slide off Cody's shoulders.

"I think dad is awake again." Cody announced softly.

Jake's ears perked up as he sat up as well; Cody rolled off of the smaller tom and stood up. Cody grabbed his pants out of the pile of cloths on the floor; he pulled the dark denim material up over his hips and buttoned them up. Jake grabbed some of his old overalls out of the dresser that was close by; he stepped into them quickly. Cody took long strides toward the door of Jake's room; the little brown tom was on his heels, a sudden pain filled roar rang through the salvage yard from the hatch. Both toms began to run; Jake was the first down the long old metal ladder, Cody followed close behind. Loud coughing and heaving sounds came from the cell; another ragged roar tore through the hanger.

Jake turned on the overhead lights so that the hanger wasn't as dark anymore; Cody ran quickly towards the cell and looked into it. Alex was facing the corner, he was on his hand and knees; the long black claws bit into the solid concrete floor of the cell. The darkly furred demon arched his back as he heaved again violently; he coughed loudly as one of his paws hit the wall next to him, the black steely claws dug into the wall.

"Dad?" Cody spoke softly.

Alex's head snapped up at the sudden as Cody spoke; the black tabby looked over his shoulder at the two males that now stood at the cell door. His eyes narrowed on the taller blonde tabby; the tabby that had knocked him out using a baseball bat that was near the front door. Cody watched the large demon stand up from the vomit filled corner; he wiped his chin with the sleeve of his arm as he moved forward swaying slowly.

"Let me out now!" He snarled furiously at the burly dirty blond tom.

"No, you attacked the both of us, you're not coming out." Cody retorted quickly.

Alex snarled again grabbing at the bars; he bellowed in pain as a sudden shock of electricity shot through his body. He pulled his hands away quickly from the bars; the palms of his hands burned, light smoke rose from them. Alex's ears perked up; his head turned upward listening carefully.

"Your friends are back." Alex huffed loudly.

Cody and Jake looked at each other; they listened to the two pairs of footsteps walking about the garage. Roland's low, deep voice came from overhead followed by Daski's gruff, gravelly voice responded.

"Go get them Jake; they'll know what to do with dad." Cody said softly to Jake.

Jake nodded silently and left his side and ran towards the ladder; Cody watched him climb up the ladder his eyes on Jakes small bottom.

"I'm not Chance, I'm Alexander." Alex announced. "And I am not leaving until Jetta is safe and in my arms." He continued.

Cody looked towards Alex, his ears up in the air and pointed at the demon announcement. The demon stepped forward again his well-built narrow chest only an inch away from the humming bars; Cody had to look up at the tom that was easily a foot taller than he was. Cody noticed that Alex's k-9's poked out over his bottom lip; suddenly Jake appeared next to him with Daski and Roland.

"Alexander the Violent." Daski said quietly.

Alex looked at the black tom standing behind Jake; his large arms crossed over his chest. The demon looked over to Roland standing next to him; he huffed lowly.

"Let me out, Jetta needs me." Alex spoke softly almost a plea.

Daski and Roland looked to each other first; then looked to Cody who was standing the closest to the locked cell door. Daski put his large paw on the golden tom's shoulder and squeezed gently; Cody looked to him quietly and nodded slowly. Cody grabbed the key from the wall; he walked closer to the door and put the key into the key hole and turned it. Instantly the electricity to the bars was cut off, Cody unlocked the steel bar cell door. Alex instantly stepped out of the small room, he quickly moved towards the ladder. Roland and Daski moved out in front of him quickly blocking his path to ladder; a loud rumble vibrated from the large demons chest. The threatening sound traveled through the roomy space of the hanger.

"Get out of my way." Alex growled angrily.

He didn't like the fact that these two were keeping him from saving his wife; if he had to he would do something horrible out of disparity. Daski and Roland stood shoulder to shoulder; both of the toms had their ears laid back against their head; demon energy pulsed off the both of them. Alexander moved away from the two males slowly; his movement's jerky as the pain in his chest returned full force. The dark male demon dropped to his knee's clutching at his chest; a roar of pain sounded loudly the thick concrete walls of the hanger shook. Cody, Jake, Roland and Daski quickly surrounded him; as he tilted back and sat on his butt. A faint pain filled voice entered his mind.

"Find my Father; tell him about the fledgling army… I love you." The voice whispered softly.

Despite demon nature; a lone tear rolled down Alex's dark dirty face.

"Where do I find Jetta's father to tell him about the new demon army?" Alexander whispered softly as he rubbed his broad chest.

Daski and Roland looked to each other silently then back at him.

"He'll be back in Transylvania; once we tell him about this he will mobilize our army and be here soon after." Daski replied his voice grim.

Jake and Cody nodded slowly, Alex sat there unmoving and silently his expression blank.