The Tribulations of Cross Academy

by Jacklynnfrost

Disclaimer: Vampire Knight © 2005 by Hino Matsuri


Blood. So much blood.

My mother's eye were open, her usual warm gaze now cold and still. Father was in a similar state, his body draped over my mothers. She started to crystallize moments before my father, their sparkling, shattered, and lifeless forms disintegrating and floating upwards. It would have been beautiful if it didn't hurt so much.

"Put her down." Kaname hissed, his chest heaving and the weapon in hand sparkling with bits of electricity. It looked like it hurt, I wanted him to put it down but my uncle's hand was covering my mouth and I couldn't move from his chest. His grip hurt and I tried to struggle free. These hands had killed my parents, the hands of my uncle touching me now, were the very same that stole their life.

"I will, after she drinks from me." My uncle cuts his wrist, just like Kaname does to feed me when I'm too afraid that my fangs will hurt him. He moves his hand from my mouth to do this and I struggle further as he positions his bleeding wrist against my lips. If he wants me to drink, I won't do it. Kaname only wants me to drink from him.

He can't hold me up and try to force me to drink at the same time. In a matter of moments I drop from his arms and stab with the tips of my fingers into the gut of my uncle, only tall enough to reach that far. Kaname taught me to do that, to fight with my nails and stab since I didn't have brunt strength so a punch wouldn't do much.

"Oh... a little fire cat, eh?" My uncle said, laughing at my attempt to hurt him, his two colored eyes scarring me. Kaname stepped between us, having taken advantage of my weak distraction, his sparking sword swung forward but halted centimeters from my uncle's heart. "Can't do it, can you?"

"I will kill you." My brother said, determined but confused. Why wasn't he stabbing the man that killed our parents? What was the matter?

"Did you forget already who it was that awakened you?" I didn't understand. How did my uncle wake up my brother? We weren't allowed to see Uncle Rido, he was cruel, my parents hid me away because of this man. How could he possibly know my brother, let alone wake him up?

Kaname threw the weapon aside, lunging at Rido and tearing at his skin, pulling and snapping my uncle. Parts of him exploded, Kaname using his power to shred my uncle to the smallest pieces he could. I watched my brother, his hands drenched in blood, his shoulders heaving from exertion and fury. My tiny legs moved forward without my asking them to. I walked toward my brother, reaching out for him.

"You touched her... you touched her." He kept saying, chunks of my uncle were stuck to Kaname and on the ground in a wide circle. I had to be there for Kaname. We both had just lost our parents, Rido had attacked our home with other vampires that were supposed to help keep him away. Kaname didn't seem to realize I was right in front of him, so did what I always had done before when Kaname made this face. I pulled him down so his face was level with mine, pet his hair with my hand and told him...

"You are a good boy, Kaname." Scared that if he didn't stop tearing Rido up that he wouldn't ever stop making that scary face. My cheeks were wet, my mouth coated with drying, dirty blood and I just needed Kaname to smile so I would know the world wasn't falling apart. He didn't smile, but he did stop tearing up the pieces of our uncle's body and carried me back to the house.

.vk Age Five .vk

"They were hiding their daughter." Someone to the left murmured, to the right they were talking about suicide. That my parents had committed it. I didn't know what this meant but didn't peek from Kaname's neck. He'd told me in the car that I was allowed to hide here, that he would hold me and I didn't have to look if I didn't want to.

He said if no one seen my face he would be happy. I wanted him to smile again so I was very determined to keep my face tucked into Kaname's shoulder, gripping his shirt and only moving when Kaname's arm shifted underneath me. He wanted to hold me, he said it made him feel better when I stayed this close.

"Having children must not have made Juuri and Haruka happy. It must have been their last hope and it hadn't worked." Was that true? Had our parents not been happy with us? Kaname's free hand moved to touch my back. I must have reacted to their words. He asked me to not listen, so I tried not to hear them.

"Kaname, I am sorry for your loss." A man said touching my brothers other shoulder, opposite my face. "If you need a place for you and your dear sister to stay, please consider the Ichijo house, I know you and my grandson Takuma are friends."

"Thank you, Ichijo. For now I think my sister and I will stay at our own home. I'd like to try before becoming anyones burden." The man argued with my brother, telling him that we wouldn't be a burden that he would love to help us but Kaname moved on.

Mother and father didn't want me to meet these vampires. My entire life I've lived in a room with no windows. My parents and Kaname the only people I'd ever seen or spoken to. I'd never asked for more, Kaname would get upset about it but I always calmed him down by making sure he knew that he was all I ever needed to be happy. Now, I was scared of the other vampires. Rido had killed my parents, these people were supposed to keep him away from us and they helped him do the opposite of what they promised. I had the chance to look, but didn't want to anymore, I didn't want them to see my face, so Kaname would smile.

"What is her name, Kaname? She's our hidden treasure." He never told any of them my name. They asked, over and over, and said their condolences over our parents death but they never spoke about it for very long. Always asking about me, where our parents were hiding me or what Kaname intended to do with me. Some even asked if they could hold me like I was a baby, although I did cling to Kaname like I was one. They wanted to see my face but Kaname didn't want that.

One boy did sound genuinely sorry about our parents deaths. He'd asked Kaname if he needed anything, didn't ask about me and simply told Kaname that he had liked our parents, that they had been good people. Kaname touched my back again, like he had done when I reacted to the other lady so I tried again not to react. I liked whoever that boy had been.

The Aido family also asked if Kaname and I would like to live with him, mentioning his son, just as the head of the Ichijo family had. Kaname gave the same answer, moving along quickly in the huge room we were in, all the different vampire smells making my nose itch. I sneezed on Kaname's shirt twice, blushing, but Kaname held my head against his chest, not letting my face show for even a second.

Since no one seen my face, Kaname would have to smile now.

.vk Age Six .vk

I could smell a very distinct scent. Tobacco pipe and cherry's. Kaname said he smokes flavored tobacco and this must be true since he smelled like it. My senses were going a bit crazy lately. Kaname said it's because I was growing up. That I would get used to them eventually.

"Uncle Aido!" I yell, jumping up to rush to the front entrance of the house. I'd been sitting with Kaname in his study so it was pretty easy for him to intercept me in the hall. I looked up at him, curious as to why I couldn't greet Uncle Aido as I usually do. He wasn't really my Uncle but he'd taken to mentoring Kaname and I and representing us since Kaname was still too young. Fourteen wasn't old enough to be the head of the Kuran family, even though he is the head of our family, which consisted of just the two of us.

"He is with Ichijo." I understood immediately, gripping Kaname's hand after he let go of my shoulder. Ichijo is the head of the vampire council and was a very cruel man. He said things to make Kaname very angry, he even asked for a taste of my 'virgin pureblood' before. I hadn't understood, looking at Kaname for him to explain, but he hadn't.

"Don't go, then. He always sets you in an angry mood. Your eye brows furrow for hours after a meeting with him." Kaname smiles at me, his straight white teeth making my heart skip a beat. He rarely smiles, but when he does, it's always at me. He guides me, holding the hand I'd grabbed his with.

He stops once we reach his bedroom, he opens the door and walks in. His bed is so tall and he lifts me up into the air and sets me on the edge. Kaname touches my cheeks, his fingers lingering before he asks me to stay put.

"I'm trying to build something, a school for you to attend, I need his approval to do so within the council's' boundaries. It would save me quite a bit of trouble that way." I nod at Kaname, excited to maybe start going to school. Although, I wouldn't want to go without Kaname.

"I want to stay with you." I was afraid he'd send me away. Apparently it was an unfounded conclusion because my brother looked surprised for a moment before giving me a small smile again, this time without teeth.

"Like I could ever leave you alone." He turns to go, calling out Seiren's name. She jumps down, always staying close to Kaname and I. "Please watch over Yuuki. I don't want her near Ichijo." She nodded and when he left she stood beside the door against the frame.

"Seiren." I say, wondering if she would answer me. "What is a virgin? Council head Ichijo said..." Seiren's emotionless face twitched ever so slightly. It was so surprising that I lost my train of thought. She was even better than Kaname at controlling her emotions.

What had I said?

.vk. Age Seven .vk

Kaname was leaving me.

We hadn't been apart for more than a few hours since our parents death. He swore he'd stay by my side forever, that one day we would be like our parents had been, married and happy. Yet, he was breaking a promise and I hated it.

A man I'd never met before, Kaien Cross was here to watch over me while Kaname was away but I refused to speak to the man. Since Kaname told me two days ago that he would be leaving I haven't said a word to anyone. Seiren was even worried, showing herself as she guarded me instead of hiding as she normally does.

Kaname was talking to Kaien in the kitchen so I took the opportunity to sneak into my room and grab bunny-chan from my bed. Our parents had gotten bunny-chan for me when I was younger. Sleeping without him is difficult but Kaname said he couldn't sleep without being near me so I knew what I wanted to do.

I made my way to Kaname's room to find his suitcase and stuff bunny-chan inside. Kaname couldn't notice that I'd been here though so I was very careful to leave things how they were or he would give me Bunny-chan back. His suitcases were on his bed and I was still too short to reach up there. If I climbed on his bed he would notice for sure.

How would Kaname know I wasn't sleeping if he wasn't sleeping... if he didn't have bunny-chan?

Seiren dropped down beside me. My heart fell, tears bringing in my eyes. Seiren would stop me and tell Kaname what I'd tried to do now. He wouldn't take Bunny-chan with him now. To my surprise and delight, Seiren reached down, taking Bunny-chan from my hands and unzipping Kaname's bag. Bunny-chan disappeared inside, Seiren re-zipping the suitcase so it looked just as he had left it. She wiped away my tears and stood before me with her usual stoic expression. Seiren helped me! I hugged her legs, too short to reach any higher.

"I love you too, Seiren." I knew she didn't say much, she liked to show people her feelings and she had just shown me hers. I ran out of the room before Kaname figured out where I had run off too and wouldn't become suspicious. Since I spoke to Seiren I had broken my vow of silence but she wouldn't tell. I went back to my own room for a few moments, so I could stop crying. Kaname said purebloods aren't supposed to cry infront of anyone.

Seiren doesn't count though... She's always watching us.

Today was the day, he'd be gone for over a month but I found and stood obediently beside the door with Kaien Cross when the time came. Even if I didn't want Kaname to go, I would still say goodbye. I wouldn't cry either, I had to be a big girl, a proper pureblood like Kaname.

He came down the steps with his suitcase, Seiren was following behind him but gave me no sign that anything changed. She is always so serious, only the one time I'd asked her what a virgin was had she responded at all. Kaname stopped in front of me, kneeling down to my level to look me in the eyes.

"I'll be back before you know it, Yuuki." His hand touched the side of my face and I tried really hard not to cry. My eyes filled anyways and when the tears spilled over he kissed them, first the one side and then the other side. "I will think about you often." I put my own hand over his, my tiny one looked even smaller since his fingers were so long and growing more adult like.

When the door closed behind him, Seiren following obediently after, I ran. I had to say goodbye, I had to tell him I'd miss him too. The door wouldn't open, I tugged and pulled, I struggled and fused but the door stayed closed. Since Kaname and Seiren were both gone, I couldn't go outside anymore anyways.

Kaien took good care of me. He was a bit eccentric but he cooked really well. Vampire children could eat normal food but I didn't want to. I refused everything and didn't speak to Kaien even though he did make me smile sometimes when he told silly jokes. We watched movies and he'd tell me, every time he'd catch me looking out the window, how long I still had to wait for Kaname's return.

At sunrise, when I was put to bed for the day I'd pull Kaien to my bed and make him hold my hand until I fell asleep. After a week he gave up on trying to get me to sleep alone and a chair was brought in so he could sit while I drifted off.

I like Kaien Cross, I just wanted Kaname instead.

.vk Age Nine .vk

Seiren's heel tapped mine until I adjusted, bending at the knees and balancing on the front pads of my feet. She's been teaching me how she moves, showing me how to get around silently so I could sneak up on Kaname. We'd been practicing outside for the past four months and so far I can run very quickly, very silently. The both of us have been scampering across the roof and so far Kaname hasn't noticed what we were doing.

We had practiced on the ground first, Seiren didn't let me on the roof until she knew I could do it successfully. Next I'd be sneaking into my own room through the window. For this I had been climbing the tree outside and practicing swinging and landing without making any noise. This was harder and it had taken me quite awhile for me to jump off the swing and land on the ground without making a 'thump'.

When I go to position myself on top of my own bedroom, Seiren's hand stops me on my shoulder and points toward the study. Kaname was in there. Did she think I was ready to surprise him? Kaname was good, so good that I was certain it would take me years to master the art before I could ever sneak up on him.

"He lets his guard down when you are with him." Seiren said, her voice low and insightful. I didn't like that he felt so comfortable with me, that he would be in danger simply by me being near to him. He wouldn't attack me, he can sense intentions and mine would simply be to have some fun with my brother. So I silently padded across the roof to position myself atop the study. My hair was pulled back and in a long braid down my back. It stayed out of my way when I wore it like this.

I gripped the edge of the roof and did a handstand before swinging around and landing silently on the window sill. Seiren couldn't move things with her mind and this is where we differed. She'd have to pick the lock where I would simply have to move it to the unlocked position and have the window open just enough for me to slip through. Kaname's back was to the window. I watched him work for a long moment before stepping inside, my silent feet touching the carpet and the window closed in a second.

Moving quickly actually helps your body stay silent so I rushed forward, springing forward to jump on Kaname's back but he turned, standing to catch me in his arms and laughed. Darn it! I failed. I pouted at Kaname's happy face.

"You did so well." Kaname said, probably knowing from the very beginning what I was doing with Seiren. "I know your aura acutely. If you were sneaking up on anyone else, you would have been successful, my sweet girl." I blushed from his compliment.

"Is that why I always know when you are home?" I asked, still blushing and pulling away from Kaname's embrace. "I can feel you get closer." He nodded, his face softening and his smile grew peaceful.

.vk Age Ten .vk

Hanabusa Aido pushes me higher on the swing, his cousin and my other friend Akatsuki Kain is leaning up against the tree the swing is tied to. Kaname tied it up here two summers ago, he said I was allowed outside anytime I wanted now as long as he knew about it and Seiren was around.

Uncle Aido was meeting with Kaname again. The school he wanted to build was to show the vampire council that humans and vampires could coexist peacefully. Something our mother had wanted so desperately to achieve herself. She had gone to a human school for a short time before our mother and our father married.

The moon illuminated the grass, the dark blades shining with frost. The Kuran manor looked so peaceful with its windows shaded and white siding glowing. Kaname had asked Kain and Aido to take me to the swing so I knew the inside of the house might not be as peaceful as the outside. He only sent me away when things got heated. When Kaname put on his scary face. When the swing reached high enough, I let go of the ropes, flying through the air and landing on my two feet in the grass. A rock was in our yard, my foot had caught it slightly.

"The next person has to try and jump farther than me. No vampire-power moves either!" I point to Aido and then Kain, but our game was interrupted as Kaname appears at my side. In a matter of seconds he had me in his arms, flipped over and my foot inspected beside his face. I blushed, used to him being so forward with my body in private and not liking that we had an audience to how comfortable we were with one another. His tongue dashes out and touches the bottom of my foot. It must be dirty! I'd just been playing outside.

"Blood." Kaname said, setting me down in front of him. I'd lost my place, I'd have to jump again now before Aido and Kain jumped.

"I landed much farther this time, Kaname! Did you see me?" He didn't smile, his hand touching the side of my face as he normally does to show others how much I mean to him. Why would he need to do that here? Aido and Kain knew Kaname protected me with every breath in his body.

"You did wonderful, sweetling. Kaien Cross is here to see you. Go meet him in the front entrance for me." I do as Kaname asks, running toward the house, looking back for just a moment to see Kaname speaking to a very scared looking Aido and a very still Kain. Were they in trouble? Why? Aido was just pushing me on the swing...

Uncle Kaien was waiting in the entranceway when I rushed toward him. He smelled like a vampire but he didn't have any fangs. When Kaname had to go on long trips away from home I got to stay with Uncle Kaien. We had great fun. He was better at every game he had but he was teaching me chess so I could maybe beat Kaname just once.

"Look at you! You've grown a whole two millimeters since I've seen you last." I laughed at his statment. He always made fun of me for being so short. We hugged, before he pulled back and reached into his bag. "I got you something, Kaname asked me to find it for you and I finally hunted it down. It had been your mothers when she was your age."

It looked like a metal pipe.

"Its called Artemis. It's an anti-vampire weapon." Uncle Kaien holds the weapon out to me and when I grip the center of it, sparks fly out and zap my skin, reminding me of the day Rido killed my parents. A vision of Kaname's hand wrapped around the sword hilt that had pierced my father's heart, the sword hovering over my Uncle Rido's chest. His laugh echoed in my head, his dual colored eyes flashing to look at me. I dropped Artemis to the ground, the weapon clanging loudly as I turned and ran for the stairs. Uncle Kaien calling after me, concerned.

I knew of a certain room with a certain coffin that no one but Kaname and I were allowed in. I went there, knowing I wasn't allowed to cry infront of anyone but Kaname.

.vk Age Twelve .vk

Senri is my cousin. His father killed my parents but he had been a kid when that happened, only a couple years older than me. He was brought here by Ichijo, knowing that I would come out with Kaname if he had my cousin with him. Ichijo liked saying cruel things to Kaname and I. Mostly to me though, since I couldn't keep my face blank like Kaname can.

"Want some pocky?" He asks, tipping a small box in my direction. I peeked in the box, tiny sticks poking out the top of the box. "They are chocolate." I'd never had them before. He reached in for me, holding out the stick for me to take. He crunched one first, to show me how to eat it. I liked Senri, he was always nice to me.

I ate the stick, liking the crunchy cracker and chocolate flavor.

"Thank you, cousin." Senri is thirteen, a teenager now so he didn't play games with me very much anymore. He liked to listen to the adults talk instead or, he taught me fighting moves. Kaname wanted me to know how to defend myself and I wasn't good at using my pureblood powers yet. I've shattered the windows twenty-seven times this year.

"So you know who I am to you?" Oh? Senri didn't know that we were cousins, or had he not known that I had known? I shrugged, smiling at Senri and taking another pocky stick from the box in his hand resting between us on the couch.

"I've known since I first met you." I inform him, and Senri's usually passive face, gives me a small smile.

"I thought, because of my father, that Kaname would keep our relations a secret." Senri looked sad for a moment, his usually wider shaped eyes narrowing, reminding me for a moment of Kaname.

"Kaname doesn't lie to me. Besides, you are not your father." I crunched the pocky stick, inching closer to Senri on the couch. This was the closest I'd ever get to see Senri get emotional. He didn't like talking about his parents. When we were younger he'd always say he didn't know where he came from... I made sure to tell everyone he was my best friend so it didn't matter.

"Thank you." Senri said, not looking me in the eyes anymore. I reached out and touched his spiky dark hair to ruffle the bed head look his always wore. If I wanted him to smile again, I'd have to change the subject.

"Want to play hide and seek?" Usually he said it was a childish game but he used to love it, today he nodded, closed his eyes and started counting. It seemed Senri is more upset about who his father is than Kaname or I.

My entire life I've shown him that it doesn't matter. I'd continue to do so.

.vk Age Fifteen .vk

Moon dormitory.

A place that vampires can come to coexist with humans and to get to know the Kuran pureblood siblings. Of course, getting to know the Kuran's is the reason all of the vampires that did come, came. Kaname had to send an invitation to be invited and many of the council's children were here. The council head, Ichijo, had a say in which vampires came to the new Cross Academy. He wanted it to be all noble vampires, so lower level vampires weren't allowed to be invited. Although Kaname wanted this school to bring everyone together, it seemed the vampire world is still segregated by how pure their blood is.

At least humans were getting some recognition. Perhaps my mother's dream is still attainable.

The vampire students ages ranged from thirteen to twenty five. Living forever gave the impression that being a couple years apart means nothing. Like Kaname being seven years older than me would seem rather small when we reached seven hundred years old but when I was seven, and he was fourteen, he was twice my age. Strange, how perception can change over time.

"Moving on to the property of the late 'vampire without fangs' hunter. Only Kaname would agree to this." Senri said, a duffel bag slung carelessly over his shoulder. He'd been given his invitation first, personally, by me. So I know he was very happy to have a place to go away from his family, he didn't like Ichijo watching his every move and his mother, my aunt, is unstable.

"Yup! He goes by Chairman now, and he is a great friend. He built this whole dorm for us! He knew my parents, you know?" I struggled to get my last box from the trunk of the car. Kaname asked if I needed help but I didn't want him to think of me as a child anymore so shoo'd him along so I could do this myself.

"Yuuki, when someone says something to you, like I just did. Try not to share so much." He gave me a critical look up and down. "With me, its okay. Kaname too, but others here-"

"I know. Kaname gave me the talk already about the vampire council descendants and others who are looking for our weakness." Senri seemed satisfied then, knowing I only spoke so openly with him. "But I still plan on having some fun around here. Kaname too. He gets so serious, I have to keep smiling so he will."

Senri and I look at one another before he nods in understanding. Senri didn't take an interest in Kaname, they rarely associated with one another. Kaname thought Senri was a puppet to the Shiki family who were very pro-vampire council, that if he was given an order he would execute it without thinking about what he was doing. Senri seemed not to care enough to reach out to Kaname. I didn't get involved. I liked Senri and Kaname never told me that I shouldn't be friends with our cousin. That was enough.

Being born from the Kuran lineage had a certain stigma. We were either crazy, cruel or cursed, Senri and I called it the three c's of being a Kuran. He then, always called me crazy, so in response, I called him cruel.

"My room is next to Kaname's, can you help me move this?" Senri thinking of me as a child was perfectly fine. He sighed, tossed me his duffel (which I just barely caught) and he pulled the box out like it weighed nothing.

"Still trying to implement the 'Yuuki is an adult' plan?" I sighed, sticking my tongue out at Senri in a very childish way and started walking toward the front entrance. "You know you could just ask Kaname to stop picking you up. If it bothers you so much, he'll stop."

"It's not that I don't like it, I just feel like a little kid when he does it. He feels like I'm still a little kid when he does it." I knew when he held me, picked me up or moved me it was always because I'd done something silly or something I didn't realize was bad. Kaname even picked me up when I couldn't reach things, instead of reaching it himself and handing it to me. It was just the way he went about it that felt like he was treating me like a kid... I didn't want him to think of me that way, since I didn't think of him in that way.

"My crazy cousin." Senri said in exasperation, following me up the stairs a few steps behind.

"Why are you so cruel?!" Gah!