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This is part one of the One-Shot series of "This World"

All Alone In This Lying World

"No! Let me through! That's my mother in there!" A 17 year old Kagome screamed, her arms desperately trying to force her way through the police officers surrounding the gory scene.

She felt her heart constrict in her chest as she managed to glimpse a look over the tall officer's shoulder, tears falling down her cheeks as she watched the mangled body of her mother being carefully removed from the disfigured car. The bonnet was in layers of metal crushing together against the motorway's railing, it's previous figure barely recognisable any more. And neither was her mother.

Her body was covered in scrapes and bruises, her left knee had ripped through her skin; the bloody bone standing in the depressing scene as if on a showcase. "Mommy..." She watched in horror as her mother's body was hoisted onto a stretcher, the sound of ruffling fabric amplified in her ears, taunting her.

Kagome shot up out of bed, her hand flashing to her forehead as sweat trickled down the side of her face, her body was drenched and so were her sheets. She frowned as she looked around her familiar room, her heart beating miles per minute, her head was throbbing and she felt cold suddenly.

Tears trickled down her face as she remembered the accident, the blood from everywhere... She swung her legs over the side of her bed, standing up instantly and heading out of her room, straight for the bathroom, taking the same path that she always took.

The water relaxed her tense muscles as she stared at the white marble walls, her stormy grey eyes never wavering. The light in them had dispersed a long time ago, along with her mother's pre-mature death and Souta's unexpected disappearance. Her heart still ached with the familiar sensation of being all alone, despite living with her aunt and uncle.

The sweet person that her aunt was, made Kagome stay at the Shrine and were still currently vacating her home. Her mother had died four years ago, she had also closed the well as well. She didn't want to suffer through anything else, and that possibly included losing Inuyasha to Kikyo. But she wasn't sure.

Kagome lathered up her hair with the cinnamon smelling shampoo, her obsidian tresses becoming instant bubbles. She carefully worked the suds out, patiently waiting for the spray of the shower to work its magic.

It's been 4 years already mama. Souta. Inuyasha. She had thought that she had done the right thing with sealing the well and it had somehow worked. Her inner turmoil had caused the explosion of magic and the sporadic disappearance of the well, ending in nothing but flat earth.

Kagome had cried for weeks after it, regretting it instantly. She hadn't realized that half of the jewel still resided with Naraku whilst half of it still lived with her, either. So she had caused a dead end for Inuyasha and the others. Now, she felt stupid and naive. But that was four years ago.

Learning to cope with the nightmares every night; the constant reminder of her brother being gone; her mother was dead; her grandfather had passed away with stress; Inuyasha was no longer there for her, her father was with her mother and she was all alone.

She ran a hand through her hair after lathering her hair in shampoo a second time, removing the bubbles once again, immediately stroking conditioner through after.

Sighing, her head tilting forwards to gently rest against the cool marble of the tiles, her headache seizing for a couple of seconds. "If only I wasn't so stupid," She whispered into the empty bathroom, her gaze fixing onto the jewel wrapped around her neck.

Lifting it up in her hand, it started glowing once again and wrapping her fingers around it, she gently chanted the known verse, "Kono hikari o kakushi, subete no aku kara mamoru*." Removing her hand, the glowing faded; returning it to a dull crystal that she wished it was. But if it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have met Inuyasha. She smiled slightly despite herself, the memories of times with him and her friends in the Feudal Era, fights, arguments, laughing moments, smiles and kisses. Her rib cage rattled with the force of her heart as she started to cry again.

"Kagome!" Her head snapped away from the marble as she glanced at the door through her peripheral vision, the knocking breaking the quietness of her tears.

"Coming Oba-San." Kagome quickly stepped out of the shower, wrapping the spare robe she had automatically picked up form her room, wrapping it securely around herself. She pushed the Jewel further into the robe, making sure it wasn't visible. She didn't want any questions about it, despite having the advantage of passing it off as Grandpa's replica.

Glancing around the table at her family members, Kagome noticed her uncle was staring at her with a level of suspicion and she wondered what was wrong with him. He had always been her kind hearted uncle; taking her to the park when she was a little girl because his brother no longer could, buying her ice-cream.

She really enjoyed his company. Kagome gave him a small smile before continuing with eating her pancakes; the syrupy flavoured treat making her hum in response. "These are great as usual Hato-san." Kagome offered quietly, giving her aunt a small grin.

"Thank you Kagome."

"You've been coming here a lot lately." Kagome gasped, looking up from the patch of dirt to see her uncle sit next to her on the 'well' house steps. He smiled at her, patting her knee comfortingly as she fixated her gaze on the patch of earth in front of them once again.

"Yeah, it brings back the past." If only he really knew what I meant.

"How come?" Aanruk asked, his gaze was warm and trustworthy.

"Souta was scared to come in here, Buyo had escaped and hid in here, so I had to come and get him." Aanruk nodded, a smirk playing on his lips.

"And you travelled through time, using a well. That used to be here." Kagome froze, immediately shifting away from Aanruk only to be caught by the neck, his large hands wrapped tightly around it. Her eyes widened as he lifted her up from the ground, only to be slammed back down into the steps, her back aching in protest. She screamed, but her mouth was covered by his disgusting palm. She struggled, desperately trying to break free of his choking hold, but to no avail, he only tightened his grip.

"Miko, do you really think you left everything behind once you destroyed the well?" His dark voice sent chills across her skin, a cold sweat beginning to form along her painful back. "Do you really think the half-demon could survive without you? Did you really think that he would continue to fight for you when he lost all hope?" She looked at him, tears beginning to form in her eyes. Aanruk released her throat, his grip only to keep her from running away. He removed his hand, a deathly glare in his eyes.

"Aanruk..." She whimpered, her grey eyes were raging between pain, heartbreak and anger.

"Try again, bitch." She hissed at him, realization hitting her like a ton of bricks.


"Bingo." She watched in shock as his form suddenly convulsed; his body pulsating. Kagome felt his Youki return to his body, effectively returning his appearance back to normal. Glossy black hair and blood red eyes. The finger nails around her throat lengthened and began pricking at her skin.

"Where's Inuyasha? What have you done with him?!" She screamed in his face, her eyes leaking tears.

"Oh, I didn't kill him. He's just... Confined and broken? Yes." She thrashed in his grip, her powers beginning to spurt automatically form her form as she growled with a deathly threat. "Now Kagome, if you kill me, you'll never find Inuyasha," She immediately stopped, trying to reign in her anger and hatred, hope beginning to flutter in her stomach.

"Take me to him,"

"Give me the rest of the Sacred Jewel." His answer was immediate.

How did you-"

"Well, Inuyasha didn't have it; neither did the monk or the slayer, or the wolf, or any of your friends for that matter." She recoiled back from him, her eyes like saucers.

"You didn't kill them," Despite it not being a question, it sure sounded like one.

"Of course not. They weren't worthy of my strength. But they are dead now anyway. Well, the mortals are." he reached forward and ripped the necklace from around her neck, surprised to pull out a dull broken jewel. "What happened to it?!" His eyes looked towards her, the orbs full of deathly rage.

"I-I-I don't know..." He brought his hand back, slapping her right across her face, his claws nicking at her skin, leaving four trails of blood.

"Well, you better find out." He snarled, quickly wrapping his arm around her waist. They vanished in a cloud of miasma.

Kono hikari o kakushi, subete no aku kara mamoru. - Conceal this light, protect it from all evil.

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