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This is My World

It was a mist; the world she currently resided in. It was neither Heaven nor Hell. Soft pink clouds drifted in the blue sky, surrounded in the mist. Green grass tickled her ankles as she swayed with the wind, her raven locks flowing like liquid, soft, silky and transparent.

Her brows furrowed delicately, her eyes staring down into her open palms, they were a slight green colour. she could see the grass through them. "I'm dead..." Tears sprung to her eyes as she remembered. Naraku killed me... "Inuyasha... Sesshomaru, Kouga and the Inu No Taisho."

"Kagome," She swirled around, her eyes frantic as she searched for the oncoming voice, her name echoing throughout her own world. Her head felt light, as if she was falling through air. "Kagome," the voice was solid, now. With that, she turned around to face an ethereal being; with midnight hair cascading down her back in waves of silk, identical partings of hair forming into the skin of her forehead, sparkling blue eyes stared back at her. "Kagome, why are you here?" Her blue eyes darkened into amethyst.

"I-I don't know... Who are you?"

"I'm you. Well, part of you. I'm the Priestess Midoriko, I reside in your body."

"Why? I'm Kikyou's reincarnation, not yours... So I shouldn't have your soul."

"Let me rephrase that. Actually, I'll explain it. The Shikon Jewel, it was born inside your body. With Kikyou, she was given it. Just like every other Priestess that has ever protected it. They were given the duty, where as you were born into it." Obsidian eyebrows furrowed on the younger Miko, confusion and surprise filtering across her face. "My power is your power, you also have your own power, too. You are much more powerful than any other priestess without my power, so you're invincible with mine. Which brings me back to my question, why are you here?"

"I'm not invincible, I'm mortal."

"No you're not, you rival the life span of demons." Kagome shook her head, surely she wasn't being rational...

What the hell? Nothing about my life is rational. "But I'm dead." As if to make sure, she waved a transparent hand in front of her own face.

"You let yourself die, because you didn't want to have to make the decision between the destruction of the world, or your love for the three Inus."

"I only love one,"

A remark came immediately, "Which one?" Her answer was supposed to be immediate; but it stuck in her throat. Why was it suddenly so hard to choose between her 7 year love for Inuyasha, and her supposed love for his father and brother? What was going on?

"They're calling you," with that, Midoriko swept in and pushed her thumb into Kagome's forehead, her eyes fluttered closed.

Eyes opened wide as she looked to the dank ceiling of the underground lodge that belonged to Naraku. Beads of sweat filtered through her hair and her breaths came raspy, unstable, but it kept her alive. She sat up, turning to face the highlighted face of the demons, surprised to see them staring at her with shocked expressions. They didn't seem to snap out of it either, as if they were in a permanent trance.

"Miko...?" The one word from Naraku broke the demons out of their trance, the snarling amplifying as the scent of blood assaulted their senses.

"Naraku!" She snarled, her body glowing as her anger surged forth, her fingers tingling with the sudden burst of power. "You kept them imprisoned here for hundreds of years... And for what? This?!" She pointed to the jewel, "You low bastard! Your hatred clouds all your judgement! You're willing to end the world because of Kikyo!"

"It is not because of that wench!" His teeth glinted in the dull light, tentacles springing from his back like an octopus, his magenta gaze turned blood-thirsty, crimson like the liquid itself. "When I kill you, I expect you to stay dead!" Tentacles attacked her from all directions, ready to splinter her at any chance they could...

"The same could be said about you!" She crouched down, a barrier erupting around her, tentacles spread across it, like a cobweb, no pun intended. Soon enough, you couldn't see her pink aura, it was encased in a dark purple carcass.





The frantic shouts of the four youkai didn't faze Naraku as he clenched the pink aura in his cocoon, he was suspicious and anxious about why she would actually let him touch her barrier. "All the lives you've taken, all the destruction you've caused..." Her words were but a whisper, but the words were loud and audible, "The pain you've caused, what you did to Kikyo and Inuyasha, how you manipulate all people, when you confine in other people to do your dirty work... I've had enough..." Despite there being no gaps in the cocoon, the tentacles glowed a radiant pink, seconds later, they obliterated with a power surge of Kagome's pure aura. "You've taken enough from people Naraku! Now prepare to have things taken away from you!" The jewel glowed around his throat, calling to the other half, the two halves melding together around his neck, turning dark with his dark manipulation.

"Miko, you can't defeat me! I have the Shikon Jewel!" His voice was a dark snarl, a smug tone interlaced within it.

"The Jewel inhabited my body because I could protect it!" Realization cut through him like a sword, the symbolic meaning in that sentence alone confirmed all the fears that had raced through his veins when she had awoke from her death. "Justice is about to be served, Naraku!" With a final shout, the Miko stood inside her barrier, the pink shield melded with her body like a second skin, her eyes were closed but her hair was fraying, floating in different directions.

Her eyes flashed open, they were a complete pink colour, no pupil, no iris, just pink. Her hands arose in front of her, her hands taking the form of an archer. With a silent spell, a bow materialised out of light; caressing her skin and meandering a thin strip through her drawn back fingers.

Naraku attempted to wish on the Jewel, but it was just pure darkness now... Has Midoriko surrendered? But when he looked up, he was dead wrong. The form of Midoriko flashed in the place of Kagome's, the armoured plates appearing, then gone not a moment later.

An arrow weaved itself into position in her hands, her aim automatically falling on him. With a chant of promise, the fling of the string, the arrow was released, a trail of purity following immediately after, and despite all of his efforts to evade the deathly strike, it penetrated him through his dark heart, slicing through the scar on his back; black blood coating the wound and dripping to the floor.

The string of the necklace around his neck broke, the Jewel falling uselessly to the floor and smashing against the cobblestone; like normal glass.


Naraku's skin began to deteriorate, his skin flaking into the humid air. Miasma sizzled with a purple hiss and his body crumbled to the floor as if it was rock.

Kagome's eyes flickered with a soulful power, returning to her normal blue. She felt inner peace, no. She felt Midoriko's inner peace. 'Thank you Kagome, you have set me free. I no longer have to reside in this realm, but in the after life. I am forever grateful.' Her parting words melted into the air as Kagome's knees shook however, with a determined nod, she ran over to the four demons. The manacles fell harmlessly with a rattling clunk and the demons howled in happiness. They crowded around her, their eyes flickering back to their original colour. Three sets of identical golden eyes and one pair of royal blue stared at her in amazement, astonished, befuddled and relieved to know that she possessed that sort of power.

"Inu..." She didn't finish her sentence, as she collapsed into the welcoming warmth of Sesshomaru's arms.

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