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Fourteen years later…

"Give it up Joker. You've got nowhere left to run." Batman slowly stalked down the dead end alley, Robin at his side.

The Joker stood at the other end, his back to the wall. Batman's eyes narrowed. Something was off. Normally the Joker would be cowering right now, trapped as he was. He might throw out a pithy joke or two, maybe make a last ditch attempt at escape.

This easy confidence was alien to him.

Joker cackled. "That's what you think Batfake!" looking up at the roof above him, he hollered. "Throw me a line Harley!"

A rope tumbled down out of the night sky, landing at his feet. Waving a cheeky goodbye, Joker planted a foot in the loop tied in the rope and was whisked away, back toward the roof. "Adios muchachos!"

Robin snorted. "No way is he getting away that easy!"

Mentor and protégé pulled grapples from their belts in the same instant, firing them skyward with a practiced hand and keen eyes. They were on the roof in minutes, racing after the figures of Joker and Harley Quin.

Batman glanced sideways out of the corner of his eye as they vaulted from one rooftop to the next. It never failed to amaze him how easily this twelve year old boy could keep up with him.

They came to the skylight Joker and Harley had disappeared through and dropped through it without hesitation. The twelve year old in question did a double front flip on the way down, sticking the landing with an ease and grace that would have made an Olympic gymnast green with envy.

He cocked an eyebrow at his young partner.

Robin grinned. "What?"

"A little extravagant tonight aren't we?" The two made their way down the hall. They could see the clowns a good ways down the hall ahead of them and were doing their best to catch up.

Robin shrugged. "Couldn't resist." He answered. "It's in the blood you know!"

They entered a large main room and stopped, eyes sweeping the room. Dust covered every available surface, rising in little puffs around their feet. Aside from a few old wooden crates stacked here and there, and bits and pieces of trash scattered across the floor the room was bare. The only exit was the one they had just come through. The Joker and Harley were nowhere in sight.

Robin shifted nervously. "Where'd they go?"

Batman remained silent, his eyes settling on the only stack of crates big enough to hide the two clowns. He motioned silently to Robin, asking him to keep watch. The clowns were most likely behind that stack of crates, but it wasn't impossible for them to have split up and hidden behind separate crates.

Robin nodded, understanding.

Neither got the chance to move.

A loud bang resounded in the still night air. A weighted net enveloped the dynamic duo, pinning them both to the floor.

Harley did several slow cartwheels out from behind her box and across the floor, coming to a landing beside the Joker. Cackling madly, the crazed clown darted forward to press his joy buzzer against the hero's, being sure to hit Robin first to torment the dark night with the youth's scream of pain.

"It was so nice of you two to accept our invitation!" he chortled, hugging Harley close to his side. "The party simply wouldn't be the same without you!"

Robin groaned softly, unable to move. His limbs felt like jelly, his head full of cotton. He could only just vaguely feel Batman laying on the floor beside him, hear the dark knights harsh breathing as he panted for breath.

Joker continued his monologue, rattling on to his captive audience and loving every minute of it. "After all that was kind of the whole point. This is sort of a coming out party as it were." He crouched in front of the two prostrate hero's. "You see, I've got someone here I want you to meet."

He leered at the Batman, completely ignoring the boy wonder. "No matter what you do Batman, I'll always plague Gotham." He chortled with glee.

He stood. "Be it personally, or through my descendents."

Robin's eyes widened. Descendents? Does he mean what I think he means?

The world around him was still spinning like a merry-go-round, but he somehow managed to focus on Batman's face. To most, the dark nights face would have appeared as stony and inscrutable as ever. But to Robin, the slightest crease of the features, or quirk of a lip spoke volumes.

"Ladies and gentleman, boys and bats! Introducing…Joker Junior!"

Robin frowned. His bleary eyes were beginning to clear, but his body felt like he'd been repeatedly run over by a semi truck.

A slender figure stepped from behind the pile of crates Batman had originally been heading for.

The purple clad figure came to a stop in front of them, giving a dramatic bow. In a purple suite and green bow tie he was quite the spitting image of his father. Bleach white skin and brilliant red lips graced the boy's features, his dark brows raised and teeth bared in silent mirth.

He squatted down to get a better look at the caped crusaders.

Seeing him up close, his mother's influence became more apparent. His dark, black green hair was shot through with pale gold highlights. But his eyes were what drew the boy wonder's interest. They were not sky blue like his mother's, nor were they the horrible watery yellow eyes of his father.

These dark, blue gray eyes were all his own.

Those eyes were now somberly gazing down at the helpless heroes, belying the mirth on his face. And the boy wonder couldn't help but think that there was something familiar about those eyes.

"These are the two who have been giving you so much trouble father?" he asked, looking up and over his shoulder at the joker. "They seem pretty easy to catch to me."

Harley giggled. Joker gave her a look, then returned his attention to his teenage son. "Oh catching them isn't so hard when you've got the right bait." He cackled. "They're like mice to the cheese! No, no my boy, it's keeping them caught that's the trick! But that's all going to be over after tonight." He held up his hand, his joy buzzer sending off wild crackles of electricity. "Tonight starts the Joker family night on the town! Ha ha ha!"

"That's what you think chuckles!"

Robin slashed at the net with one of his batarangs, cutting it to shreds in an instant. At the same time, he planted both feet firmly in the small of his mentors back and kicked off as hard as he could. Admittedly his small body didn't have the weight necessary to propel the Batman far, but it put a good five feet in between the two of them- making it harder for the Joker to recapture them.

Batman rolled to his feet. He was still shaky, his muscles burning from the excessive electricity. But he refused to let that stop him. He couldn't leave Robin to face the Jokers alone.

Move Bruce. Robin needs you. Dick needs you!

The trio of clowns backed away, their smiles fading. Joker suddenly laughed. "See JJ? What'd I tell ya? It's keeping them in the net that's hard."

Joker Junior shook his head. "You weren't kidding!"

A rare frown formed on the Joker's face. "Unfortunately not." He glared at the two heroes, a deathly silence falling over the tense standoff. His maniacal smile suddenly returned at full force. "JJ, my boy, I think it's time we made our exit."

The boy nodded, pulling a small sphere the size of a golf ball from his coat pocket. Grinning, he flung it at the floor a few feet in front of them. A brilliant flash of sickly green light briefly blinded the heroes. When their eyes had adjusted, the clowns were gone.

Robin shook his head. "Man…since when did the clowns become ninjas?"

Batman's eyes narrowed. "Come on. There's nothing more we can do here." He turned and stalked away, black cape instantly blending in with the deep shadows of the unlit hall.

Robin sighed and quietly followed, wincing at the deep ache in his limbs and body.

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