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Chapter 1: Made In Japan

I walked into the A.N.T Farm, and was surprised to see that Fletcher was already there. I checked my watch. Yep. It was my usual time. So why was Fletcher so early?

"Hey Fletcher," I said, walking up to him. "Why are you so happy today?"

Fletcher smiled. "I'm waiting for Olive, and then I'll tell you."

I shrugged and then sat down next to him, and we waited for Olive.

When Olive arrived, I waved her over. "Hey Olive! Fletcher has something to tell us!"

Olive smiled brightly. "That's great!" She put down her backpack and then came over and sat on the other side of Fletcher.

"So," he started. "An art museum in Tokyo has accepted one of my paintings, and is going to display it!"

Olive and I cheered. "That's great!" I said.

"But that's not all. They want me to fly over there for the unveiling! Isn't that great?"

Olive continued to cheer. My smile faded a bit, but I tried to hide it. "Yeah! Awesome."

Fletcher got up and grabbed his backpack. "I'm going to the art room," he said. "See you guys later!"

When he walked out the A.N.T Farm, I scooted over closer to Olive.

"Let's have a party."

"For what? Who?"

"A surprise party for Fletcher! He'll love it, I promise."

Olive thought about it, and then smiled. "Definitely."

By Friday (the day of the party), everything was set. We had invited the whole A.N.T Farm and some high schoolers we were close to. We even stole Fletcher's A.N.T pad and and invited some of his contacts.

The plan was ready to be unfurled after school. Fletcher was packing some of his art work and supplies to take to Japan with him. He was leaving the next day.

"Fletcher, wait!" I called out when he was about to leave. He stopped and turned around. "Yeah?"

"Do you want to come over to my house today? I need some help."

Fletcher laughed. "Really? With me?"

I groaned. "Come on, Fletch! Before you leave?"

Fletcher sighed. "I guess."

We walked to my house together and talked a little on the way. I tried to keep quiet about what was going on in my house that instant.

When we arrived, I took out my keys and unlocked the door as slowly as I could, giving Olive and Angus the signal.

"What's taking you so long?" Fletcher asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just slippery, I guess." I unlocked the door and opened it. Fletcher was right behind me. I turned on the light and -


Olive jumped out, along with everyone else. The house looked very festive. Fletcher was shocked, and then he started laughing. Angus put on the music and then the part started.

Fletcher was over by the punch bowl.

"Wanna go up to my room?" I asked him. He shrugged and followed me upstairs.

I turned on the light and he went in and sat on my bed.



"Can you show me the painting?"

Fletcher looked unsure, bought he brought out his A.N.T pad and brought up a picture. He held the device out to me.

It was a picture of Fletcher and I in the Outback. The Outback? In Australia...

That's when I replied.

I gave the A.N.T pad back to him. "I remember now," I whispered.

"Remember what?"

"What I was going to say."

I went over to Fletcher and sat next to him.

"I may have never realized this before, but I think I might actually like you, too."

Fletcher looked shocked. I closed my eyes and leaned in. He did too. I could feel his breath touching my face.

We were inches apart.

And then our lips met. We kissed.

Whoa. I. Was. Kissing. Fletcher. Pumpernickel. Quimby.

Olive and I were sitting at our favorite table at Gelati's. I had my favorite - cookie dough ice cream and she had her favorite - Plain vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

"What happened with Fletcher yesterday?"

I stopped eating. "What do you mean?"

"Don't mess with me. I know something happened in your room. What was it?" She kept poking my arm. After awhile, it started to hurt.

"OK, OK! Stop before my arm goes numb!"

Olive stopped and put her hand back at her side.

", remember when Fletcher saved us from the Outback?"

Olive nodded.

"Well, I finally remembered what I was going to say."

Olive gestured for me to keep going.

"We kissed."

Olive's eyes widened and she hit my shoulder. "No way!"

"Yes way."

Then she stopped. "Nothing else happened though, right?"

I scrunched my face. "Olive! I'm only 14!"

"So? I've heard of people that-"

"Shut up!"

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