Goddess' Wish




Hilal couldn't help but suspect the two nomads, Edan and Shian, as liars. It was apparent from the look in their eyes the instant the white haired one spoke that something was off, that even telling their names was difficult to release. But the Saint didn't want to jump to conclusions. The two could have been just nervous after all, traveling for long period of time only to suddenly encounter another living being besides monsters and Traitors. However, Hilal cannot help but throw out that hypothesis. They were just too suspicious in his eyes. Slowly removing himself from his thoughts, Hilal released a heavy sigh before jumping as a hand suddenly clamp down upon his shoulder, relaxing only when he recognized the concern hues of his sister.

"You alright Hilal," Khayru asked as she removed her grip from her brother's shoulders, eyeing the small group of soldiers in front of them warily, "you seem slightly out of it today."

"I don't know how you do it but you can always tell when something is bothering me," The Saint murmured, only to recieve a small smile as a response, "You know those two nomads we found?"

The Tempest nodded.

"I can't help but suspect them of lying."

Khayru raised an eyebrow at his response, "Why is that?"

Hilal sighed, "The look in their eyes...it was of pure shock when they first met us and furthermore and it took them a while just to answer what their names were."

"Oh you worry too much Hilal," the Tempest smiled before she shifted her gaze towards the dull sky, "Edan and Shian might have been nervous from meeting survivors like us after so long of wondering."

"That's the point," the Saint retorted, "if you think about it, wouldn't they feel relieved to finally meet other living beings?"

Khayru placed a finger just below her lip, her face contorting together after several seconds of pondering, "H'mmm, that's true..." The Elf Queen then shrugged, "But I trust them," she then smiled, "and that's good enough for me."

The edge of Hilal's lip twitched upward, "H'm, you always were the one to trust too easily."

"Well, blame Aoshiro and Nabiha for that," Khayru laughed, causing a smile to flash onto the Saint's face, "they always have to trust those who are in need."

Then slowly, a sad smile formed onto Khayru's lips, "Do you think...that if they were alive today...that they would approve of us taking Edan and Shian in?"

Grief flashed over the Saint's eyes before he replied, "...Not sure but..." A small smile appeared onto the cleric's lips, "I have a feeling that if they were placed in the same position, they would have done the same thing."

Khayru giggled, "True to that." But as she laughed, she stopped abruptly, causing the white haired cleric to glance over and raise an eyebrow.

"Is something wrong?" he asked.

"I just...realized something," The Tempest turned her eyes towards her brother, "does Edan and Shian remind you a bit of...Shiro and Nabiha?"

"Eh?" Hilal gave his sister a bewildered look, "What gave you that idea?"

"Well," Khayru paused for a moment, "Edan resembles Shiro alot," She smiled a bit, "he even acts a bit like him as well."

"...Good point," The Saint admitted, "But what about Shian? He looks and acts nothing like Nabiha."

"Uhm...not sure," Khayru heaved out a sigh, "but for that short amount of time that I was near him..." she placed her hand over her chest, "I feel like as though Nabiha is standing right there in front of me, like as though, he's still alive and well."

A frown appeared onto the Saint's features, "So you're saying that Shian has the same soul as him?"

Hestitating for a moment, the Elf Queen nodded once, "Yes..."

Hilal heaved out a sigh, "Well, we'll never know for sure until we meet up with them again but for now," he turned his gaze towards his sister, "We have to pay attention to the mission."

"Of course," Khayru responded with a soft smile, "let's just hope that we complete it soon, I don't want to leave Xsayara with the elves longer than necessary."

"I understand," the white haired cleric nodded, "I also don't want to keep Xithyl waiting, after all..." concern flashed over his eyes, "my son is a cleric."


"Now wait a minute Xsayara!"

"Why!? I want to jump!"

"Not from there you're not!"

"You think they're going to be alright?" Xithyl asked as he lifted his gaze upwards, his blue eyes making contact with the older cleric.

Aoshiro responded with a nervous smile, "N-Not sure. Especially since Xsayara-"

"I'm flyiiiing!"


In two strides, the Moon Lord extended his arms, narrowly catching the Elf Prince in mid air.

The sudden motion of lurching forward in the air caused Xsayara to look around him, puzzled. "H'm? Why'd I stop?" the blonde child tilted his head to once side, confusion clear on his features.

"...Seriously, one shot is enough to make you that drunk?" Nabiha grumbled as he tucked the child in one arm and seated himself next to his brother, whom gave him a soft smile as Xithyl adjusted himself on the Guardian's lap.

"Well, it was your fault for not watching the alcohol better," Aoshiro pointed out, chuckling when he recieved a glare as a response.

Then releasing a heavy sigh, Nabiha adjusted the blonde child so that he was seated between him and Aoshiro, making sure that the now sleeping child was leaning against his side. After watching the child sleep for several more seconds, the Moon Lord heaved out a groan as he leaned his head back, placing his hands onto his face, "Only if I had known that he brought the alcohol out just so that he can try it out and not just for us."

"Just be lucky that I didn't drink, Shian," the Guardian chuckled, ruffling the hair of the younger cleric in his lap whom released a shy smile, "otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to warn you about Xsayara's attempt at 'flying.'"

"Yeah, thanks bro," Nabiha's muffled voice replied through his hands before he removed them, wrapping one arm protectively against the Elf Prince, "man, and I thought Ireth was a handful but a drunk child?" The warrior shook his head, "Who would have thought?" The Moon Lord straighten himself, turning his blue gaze towards his brother, "How did you manage to help raise children in the monastary without going crazy?"

The older cleric flashed a smile at the warrior, "Two things brother. One, patience, and two, practice."

"Figures." Nabiha leaned his head back against the head of the couch.

"Shian," Aoshiro started however, paused as he felt a small tap on one of his arms, causing the older cleric to glance down, "is there something the matter, Xithyl?"

The younger cleric shook his head, "Just a question."

"Oh, and that would be...?"

"Who's Ireth?"

A stiff silence passed overhead as both brothers glanced towards each other, their eyes telling each other to find an explanation. Aoshiro then turned his eyes back towards the white haired child, flashing him a gentle smile, "Ireth...Ireth is Shian's daughter."

Xithyl's eyes widen in awe, "Really?"

"Yeah," A smile formed on Nabiha's face as he lifted his gaze upwards, "she has plenty of energy and thanks to that, can be bit of a handful at times but, then again..." he chuckled, "that's what makes her unique."

"You seem to really care about her."

"H'm?" Nabiha turned his eyes towards Xithyl, "yes I do but, most father's care about their children."

The younger cleric tilted his head to one side, "Most? What do you mean most?"

"Uhm well..." the Moon Lord hesitated, his blue eyes glancing towards the Guardian whom frowned, shaking his head gently side to side to show his disapproval, "you'll figure it out once you grow older kid."

Disappointment flashed into Xithyl's eyes, "Oh..."

The Guardian placed his hand on top of the younger cleric, ruffling his hair as he did so, "Now don't be down about an unanswered question young one, many questions are unanswered in the current generation we live in."

"..True," Xithyl murmured, lifting his gaze towards Aoshiro, "but..." the child paused before shaking his head, "N-nevermind." Then he fixed his gaze upon the older cleric once more, "Have you ever seen the sun before ? Mr. Shian?"

The question caught Aoshiro and Nabiha off guard, enough that it caused the Guardian to blink once in surprise and Nabiha's eyes to widen, "Uh what?"

"Have you ever seen the sun before?" Xithyl's eyes twinkled with curiousity as he continued to look up at the older cleric, "rumors has it that the sun's been out since the beginning of the war so about thirty one years ago. But you guys are older than that, right?"

"Erm...yes" Aoshiro slowly answered, "But why the sudden question?"

Xithyl heaved out a sigh, "Because...anyone who's been born after the beginning of the war...never saw it before," A gloomy look appeared onto the young cleric's expression, "that includes Xsayara and I."

"...I see," Sympathy flashed in the Guardian's eyes before Aoshiro placed a comforting hand on the younger cleric's shoulder, "do not worry Xithyl, the war maybe long but just hold on a little longer." The older cleric flashed the younger a small smile, "We will win this war and the sun will shine once more."

Looking up at the Guardian, Xithyl smiled as he nodded once, "Thank you ."

"Ugh, my head."

"Nice to see that you're finally awake," Nabiha murmured as the blonde child pushed himself upright, rubbing his head as he did so, "just be luckily that you only had one shot otherwise, it would have been a longer recovery."

"I was just curious," Xsayara retorted as he lept off the crouch, stumbling a bit as he did so, "My mother always drinks it so-"

"Wait, the Queen of the Elves drink?"

Eyes going wide, the young warrior in training raised his arms and yelled, "No! She doesn't!"

"But you just said-"

"Lalalala!" Xsayara clamped his hands over his ears, stamping his feet as he did so, "Can't hear you! Lalalala!"

"Xsayara," Xithyl frowned as he slid off of the Guardian's lap before walking up and prying one of the Elf Prince's hands off of his ear, "please do not act so immature in front of our guests." The young cleric then sighed, "Might as well tell them since you have just revealed the truth."

"But..." Hesitation showed clearly in Xsayara's eyes, "But my mother...If anyone figures this out they'll-"

"If you think that we're going to tell anyone, then you're wrong," Nabiha interrupted, crossing his arms as the Elf Prince slightly jumped in surprise, "true, we may have just met but that doesn't mean that we're going to break your trust."

"I-uh...," Xsayara released a soft smile before his eyes sadly trailed towards the ground, "My mom...she...she always missed my dad...a dad that I have never met." He paused for a moment, pondering as he blinked once, then he continued, "Her people...my dad's people...everyone told her everything was going to be alright but...my mom...she wasn't alright." Xsayara lifted his gaze towards the two adults, gulping once, "nobody noticed it but she fell into depression, so deep that when she comes home, I hardly recognize her as the same person. But then one day a human gave her a paper bag, claiming it too be a gift." The Elf Prince's eyes narrowed as he spat, "When I first saw that bag, I knew something wasn't right. Why would someone give such a plain gift to a Queen? But my mom didn't notice and opened the contents to...that..." He nodded his head towards the single bottle on the table, "When she drank it, she couldn't get enough of it. Everyday, she has to at least have one bottle and every time she does drink it, she...she changes somehow...I don't know how to explain it but...it was not her..." Xsayara sniffed as he cried, "It was not her!"

Using the back of his hand to wipe the falling tears, the blonde child continued, "I-I started to despise humans after that. I didn't want any connection to them besides my uncle and cousin." Taking in a shaky breath, Xsayara muttered, "Because if it wasn't for the humans, she wouldn't be in the condition she is now."

"...Xsayara?" Aoshiro asked as he stood up, concern clear on his face as the blonde child stood in the middle of the room, his head bowed low, unresponsive, "Xsayara?"

When he continued to get no answer, the Guardian slowly approached the young prince and knelt down in front of the child, "Xsayara, please, talk to me..." Aoshiro paused, expecting an answer but when he recieved none, he continued, "Xsayara, I know that you hold much...dislike to the humans however, not all of them are bad...I mean, look at your cousin and Uncle," he raised the palm of his hand so that it was in the direction of the younger cleric, "they were kind to you and your mother right?"

Xsayara nodded.

"So there is no need to be so remorseful Xsayara, especially since-"

"We're going to help your mother."

Snapping his head up, Xsayara's tear filled eyes turned towards Nabiha, whom was now standing upon his feet, "What?"

"Your mother was alone and in pain," Nabiha replied as he slowly approached the young prince, "and someone approached her and took advantage of it. But don't worry..." The Moon Lord placed a hand over his chest, "We're going to protect her, no harm shall come to her ever again." A smile flashed onto the warrior's face as he finished, "Moon Lord's Honor."

His mouth gaping in shock, tears brimmed the young warrior's eyes as he spoke, "Th-Thank you." Xsayara sobbed as he ran up and wrapped his arms around the Moon Lord's legs, burying his face into them as he did so, "Thank you."


"Here we are," Hilal snapped his hand to the side, halting the soldiers following behim him and his sister.

Eyeing the barren terrain of dirt and rock, Hilal took several steps forward before crouching down and picking up a fistful of dirt.

"Is something wrong?" Khayru asked as she walked up and knelt down next to him, watching as the Saint let some of the sand fall forth from his hand, a frown clear upon his features.

"We were here to investigate the sudden spikes of monsters right?" Hilal asked as he stood up, his sister following his actions seconds later.

"Of course," Khayru also frowned, her hand wrapped into a fist as she laid it upon her chest, an old habit when she gets nervous.

"This place is empty of life," The cleric pointed out, placing his hands upon his hips, "if there was a sudden spike, wouldn't it be swarming with monsters right now?"

He eyed his surroundings nervously before he murmured, "Something...isn't right here."

Suddenly, the feeling of being punch from behind caught him off guard, the Saint's eyes widening as he glanced down at his chest, only to recognize the familiar point of a spear.

"Hilal!" Khayru screamed as the cleric felt the weapon being pried from his body.

Collapsing onto his knees, Hilal turned his head, "Y-y-you..." He gasped as he placed one hand on the earth, clenching the rust colored sand as he continued, "W-Why?"

"Though King Cassius disapproves of our actions," One of the Soldiers leveled his spear, the rest of the troops following his example, "we cannot continue letting a traitor walk amongst us."

"He is not a traitor!" Khayru cried as she placed herself between them and her brother, "he is my brother!"

"Queen Khalil, move aside," The Soldier warned, motioning his spear to one side, "we only want to end the life of him and his son."

"What has he done to deserve this!?" The Elf Queen roared, stamping one foot as her hand menacingly drew closer to her shortbow upon her back, "He has done nothing wrong!"

"He is a Cleric Queen Khalil!" One of the Soldiers argued, "A Traitor! A servant of Vestinel!" He then took several steps forward, the point of his weapon hovering dangerously in front of the Queen's throat, "Now move out of the way, your majesty."

Expecting his threatening gesture to work, the Soldier was surprised when the female elf removed her weapon from her back, removed an arrow from her quiver, placed it upon her bow and pulled the string back.


With that she released the arrow, letting the small but accurate weapon hit the soldier upon the shoulder, causing him to release a yelp of pain as the troops behind him roared and charged.

"I will not let you harm my brother!" The Tempest roared as she charged forward before performing a backwards flip, kicking several of the soldiers into the air. Then pushing herself back, Khayru released a barrage of arrows at the free falling soldiers, many of them hitting their mark before the humans even hit the ground.

"Traitor!" A Soldier roared, charging towards her with his spear ready.

Fury still in her eyes, Khayru jumped into the air before flipping herself upside down, placing several arrows onto her bow before pulling back on the string and releasing another barrage of the raining weapons. Landing perfectly back onto her feet, Khayru quickly placed out one hand and a howl followed the whirling winds surrounding her, blowing back the remaning soldiers.

"I am not the traitor," she whispered as she furious winds calmed around her, "the only traitor I see around here..." her face darkened as she finished her sentence, "is you..."

Suddenly, the darkness vanished from her expression as she turned and ran towards her fallen brother whom was still in his kneeling position, a hand over his wounded chest.

"Hilal," she spoke as she knelt down next to him but paused as she recognized the familiar green glow of magic surround his hand.

"It's...It's nothing serious," The Saint panted as he let his hand fall to his side, the remaining green wisps fading from his palm, "I was able to stop the bleeding so the wound shouldn't be fatal, at least, for now."

"Thank the Goddes," Khayru sighed with relief but the look of concern never left her face, "Hurry, we have to return back to base. You still need-"

"The Medical Ward will not treat me, Khayru," Hilal interrupted, "after all..." A sad smile appeared onto his features, "I am a cleric."

"B-But..." The Elf Queen stuttered as she placed her hands upon his shoulders, squeezing them tightly as she continued, "Edan...Edan can help us right? He is a cleric, he should be able to help you."

"A...cleric?" Hilal frowned, turning his cold blue eyes towards his sister, "He's...He's a cleric?"

Khayru nodded, "Quickly, we don't have much time."

With that, the Tempest gently wrapped one of her brother's arms around her shoulders before wrapping one of her own around his waist. Then, without a hint of trouble, Khayru heaved herself to her feet, watching with slight concern as Hilal's attempt to stand was disrupted as his knees collapsed, almost bringing the Elf Queen down with him as he fell back onto the hearth. After the second attempt at bringing her brother back onto his feet was successful, Khayru helped lead the way back home.


"Stop it!"

"Not until you say it!"

"Never!" Xsayara laughed as he was tickled once again, the older male towering above him as he mercilessly tickled the child.

"Come on! Say 'Shian is the Greatest Warrior", and I'll stop," Nabiha chuckled as he stopped, holding the child down easily with one hand.

"Shian, I think that is enough," Aoshiro smiled from his seat upon the couch, Xithyl once again seated upon his lap, "I mean look at him, he's all out of breath."

To prove his point, the Guardian nodded towards Xsayara who was huffing and puffing as he wiped tears from the edges of his eyes, a large grin upon his features.

"H'mmm...good point," Nabiha admitted as he lifted the boy back onto his feet, ruffling the child's hair as he did so, "but he's tough just like his-"

The sudden 'Bang' of the door swinging opponent caused everyone in the room to jump and twirl around at the entrance, only for Xithyl to leap out of the Guardian's lap.

"Father!" he cried as he ran towards the Tempest and the Saint, both of whom collapsed the instant they entered the home, "Father! Are you-"

"Xithyl," Khayru interrupted, "have you met another cleric lately? A man with hair just like you and your father?"

"You mean ? He's here." Xithyl glanced back at the Guardian before turning his attention back towards the duo, "Why do you-"

"Edan! Please!" Khayru released her grip from her brother and ran towards Aoshiro, practically ramming into him as she looked up and begged, "Please save my brother!"

Shock overwhelmed Aoshiro's expression as he gazed down at the Elf Queen, his eyes staring at her with complete confusion, "What has happened? Why do you need my-"

When the Guardian heard rapid coughs and looked up towards the Saint, he immediately understood why. Hilal was still kneeling upon the floor, wracked with coughs as his hand was placed over his chest, blood seeping through his fingers.

"Lay him down on the couch," Aoshiro spoke immediately, "quickly, before he bleeds out."

Nodding once, Khayru ran towards her fallen brother and once again heaved him onto her shoulders. However, to her surprise, Nabiha ran up and wrapped Hilal's other arm around his shoulders as well, easing her burden as they dragged the wounded Saint over to the couch. Then carefully laying Hilal down, the Tempest and the Moon Lord quickly moved out of the way as the Guardian immediately knelt down next to the wounded cleric, placed his hands over the wound and immediately went to work. A green glow engulfed Aoshiro's hands as he let them hover above the Saint's chest, his eyes narrowing in concentration as he calmly and slowly moved his hands around it.

"Father..." The younger cleric walked up and knelt down next to his father's face, tears brimming his eyes as he continued to gaze at the Saint with concern.

Recognizing the voice as his son, Hilal slowly opened his eyes and when he found his blue eyes connecting to Xithyl's, he released a comforting smile, "I'll...I'll be alright Xithyl, the Goddess has given me her blessings today."

"Don't die father," Xithyl sniffed, wiping the tears from his eyes, "please don't die. I don't want to lose you. I don't want to lose you like I lost mom."

The sudden feeling of extra weight upon his head caused the younger cleric to pause, his eyes looking up towards his father as Hilal ruffled his son's hair, turning the white locks into a light shade of red as he comforted, "Don't cry Xithyl, it makes me sad to...to see my only son...shed tears..."

"Father!" Xithyl cried as his father's hand slipped from his head, his father's arm going limp as his eyes slowly shut.

"Only if I were Priest," Aoshiro growled as the green glow around his hands increased, "Xithyl! Do you have bandages around here!?"

Jumping at the sudden call of his name, the younger cleric slowly nodded, "Grab them and bring them here and quick!"

Without another word, Xithyl ran towards one of the doorways and disappeared.

Aoshiro then turned his attention to the Tempest, "Khayru! Is there any extra blood in the Medical ward?"

"Well yes but-"

"Think up an excuse to take some," The Guardian interrupted, his expression turning determined as the green glow brighten in his hands, "you remember his blood type right?"

Khayru nodded.

"Then hurry! Hilal doesn't have much time!"

Hesitation and concern mixed in her eyes, the Tempest took several steps backwards before twirling around and making a mad dash out of the home, leaving a small breeze as she disappeared down the hall.

"Aoshiro, what should I do?" Nabiha asked, concern clear in his eyes as he eyed his older and younger brother.

"Careful where you speak my name," The Guardian warned, "especially here."

Slowly realizing what he had done, Nabiha slowly twirled around, only to suddenly halt as he made eye contact with another pair of eyes, "...I think it's too late for that, Shiro."

"What do you-" Aoshiro stopped as he turned his head, his blue eyes sighting Xsayara in the middle of the room, his blue eyes wide while Xithyl stood in the middle of the doorway, his arms full of bandages, his eyes also full of shock.

"...That's why I told you to be careful," The Guardian sighed as he turned his attention back towards the injured Saint, his lips tightening into a thin line, "Shian, you handle it."

"Eh? Why me?!"

"If you can't tell, I'm busy right now."

Heaving out a sigh of defeat and reluctance, Nabiha turned and slowly trudged his way towards Xsayara before kneeling down and motioning for Xithyl to approach. Hesitant, the child slowly made his way towards Aoshiro first, dropping the bandages down next to the man's feet before turning around and slowly made his way back towards the Moon Lord.

"Xsayara, Xithyl, listen, do not tell your parents what you had heard today," Nabiha warned as he placed a hand on each child's shoulder,"If you do, it might cause trouble for my brother and I."

"But..." Xithyl paused for a second, "But that's...that's Uncle Aoshiro isn't it? And you...you're Uncle Nabiha right?"

Nabiha stayed quiet for a moment, pondering upon his answer before he nodded once, "Yes, I am..."

"...Dad?" Xsayara whispered, his blue eyes making contact with the Moon Lord's.

When Nabiha once again nodded once, the warrior suddenly found himself nearly falling over backwards, somehow keeping his balance after recovering from the sudden tackle hug from the blonde child.

"I always wanted to know what kind of man my father was," came Xsayara's muffled voice as he buried his face into the Moon Lord's chest, "I wondered if he was a strong man and kind-hearted just like my mother would tell me or if he was the exact oppsoite," He then looked up, a large grin plastered upon his features as tears fell from his eyes, "but now, I can see that my father is exactly what my mother says he is."

With that, Xsayara once again flung himself onto the warrior, burying his head deeper into the man's chest. Clueless on what to do, Nabiha blinked several times before slowly he wrapped his arms around the child. Then slowly, Nabiha hugged the blonde child tighter, a smile appearing onto his lips as he closed his eyes. A son. Another child. Another wish that had came true for the Moon Lord.


"He's safe," Aoshiro released a sigh of relief as he wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, "we moved fast enough to safe his life." He then turned to Khayru and gave her a smile, "Especially you, Lady Khalil."

"O-oh, it's nothing," Khayru's face drained red, "I was in full panic mode, it even surprised me that I was able to get some blood and return here in mere minutes."

"Well, that panic mode just saved his life," the Guardian turned his eyes back towards the unconscious Saint, the slow rhythm of his breathing showing that he was alright, "for now, we should let him rest."

"O-Of course," Khayru nodded her head once before turning and spoke to her son whom responded in the same words, confusing Nabiha as the child turned and grabbed him by the hand.

"Come on, mom want us to show you around," With that, Xsayara started to pull on the Moon Lord, slowly leading him towards one of the doors with his mother following not too far behind, a soft smile upon her features.

As soon as they were gone, Xithyl walked up and peered at his father's face with concern clear in his eyes, "You sure that he is going to alright?"

Turning his eyes so that they made eye contact with the younger cleric, Aoshiro smiled as he ruffled the child's hair, "Of course, like your father said, the Goddess had blessed him today."

He removed his hand from the child's head, "Now go ahead and wash up, your hair is almost pink from the blood."

Nodding his head once, Xithyl turned and ran out of the room.

"It seems you already made an attachment with my son."

Startled, Aoshiro snapped his head towards the source of the voice only to smile as his eyes made eye contact with the Saint's, "I see that you're awake now. Tell me, how are you feeling?"

"Well one thing's for sure, not well enough to stand," Hilal muttered, recieving a chuckle as a response, "But since I am a live, I guess all is well."

"That's good to hear," Aoshiro said as he stood up, stretching as he did so, "that way, it makes hours of kneeling down worth saving your life."

A smile flashed onto the Saint's face, "Well, sitting on your knees like that does make it slightly uncomfortable. Unless, you're a Cleric that is."

Both men chuckled at the fact.

"For a man who almost died, you seem a bit lively," Aoshiro commented, "guess that's a good thing in time of war."

Hilal nodded, "That reminds me Edan, I have something to say to you..."

The Guardian nodded his head once in compliance, however his blue eyes widen as Hilal continued to speak, "Or should I say, Shiro."


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