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Slight AU due to difference in Time. Gabe had Sally and Percy move to London with a

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Sally Jackson pushed her sweaty hair out of her face and plopped down onto the ground. The mud caked her old jeans but she didn't mind. She had just finished planting three saplings in the front garden of their new house. Her mind reeled. She still couldn't believe that Gabe had won an all expense cruise trip across the Atlantic. She couldn't believe that he had actually bought a raffle ticket instead of spending the money on useless drinks. She couldn't believe that Gabe would think of moving to London. To No. 3, Privet Drive, Surrey. She couldn't believe that he accidently lost the return tickets. She couldn't help but think of sulfurous thoughts of that… creature. No way would he ever do anything like that.

She looked up and thought, Poseidon. (No. 3, Privet Drive. That is no coincidence.)

He would've wanted her to move across the ocean after the last monster attack on Percy. Percy wasn't even two and she was quite tired. I small chuckle escaped her lips. She craned to see Percy on the porch of the house. He kept scribbling with crayons on a piece of paper. He was simply adorable. Large dark blue-green eyes that shined bright, black hair that seemed to obey only his blue baby brush and that charming, heart melting grin of his he would give her everyday as if saying Thank you.

Who would want to hurt someone so little? He didn't do anything offensive to anyone except to Gabe when he made that glass of wine shatter in his hand, months ago. Or when he caused the fountain to explode onto one of the monsters a few months ago.

He was too powerful. She was pretty sure that England didn't hold many dangers as America did. A few years of calm and normal lives before they had to go back. They would have to. It was his destiny.

Darn Fates!

Sally pushed her small spade into the ground with more force than necessary. The blade hit one of her saplings and she heard a gasp behind her. She spun around whipping out a knife which glinted in a royal brown shade to face… a toddler?

For a moment, Sally thought that it was Percy. But why would Percy wear old, loose clothes? Percy most certainly did not have his hair sticking up everywhere and he absolutely did not have bright green eyes. Sally blinked and realized it was someone else.

"Oh! Hello." She said smiling. She dropped her spade and wiped her hands on her old shirt. The boy looked at her almost fearful. His eyes told her that he viewed her like a predator.

"It's alright. I won't hurt you." Sally said slowly. The boy looked at the broken sapling and then back at her. He looked at Percy scratching away on the paper and then back to Sally, eyes darting as if which situation to assess. The plant in need, the stranger woman or the weird boy doing something with no fruit. He decided to go with the first.

The boy inched forward, keeping his eyes trained on Sally's face locking her gaze with his. For a baby, the intensity was shocking. Sally tried to remember to breathe. This boy was no ordinary being. But he most certainly wasn't a monster.

He child kneeled on the moist ground and cupped his tiny palms around the base of the chopped plant. A space of a heart-beat passed and then the plant shivered. The leaves raised by themselves, the plant grew two inches in height and then drooped to the ground wriggling around a bit. An orange bud-like thing appeared atthe base of one of the stems and it grew into a large orange fruit about the size of the child's head. A pumpkin. The boy immediately snatched his hands away and then stared at Sally as if waiting for her verdict.

Sally was in no condition to give one. She stared at the now four feet long plant, the fruit that grew in no less than ten seconds and then at the boy. She realized with a jolt that he was waiting for her response in fear.

"Thank you." She whispered after going through many possibilities of what to say to calm him down. It worked. His tense shoulders relaxed and he let out a breathe.

Alright. Maybe he's a son of a Plant God? That seemed stupid in her head for some reason. There was Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest. There was Pompona, the Goddess of Plenty. Neither of them seemed like the mother of the child in front of her.

"Mama?" A small voice said behind her. She turned her head and saw Percy. Her son was holding the paper he had used. He stared at the boy and smiled. The boy didn't smile back. Percy looked at the fruit on the ground and then back at the boy. Sally took the paper he was holding and saw a very rough sketch of an abstract painting. Colours thrown everywhere across the paper. There wasn't a spot of off-white the paper had been previously.

"It's lovely." Sally said looking at Percy. But he stared at the boy who was six feet across from them and said, "Pumki."

Sally blinked. The boy didn't react.

"What did you say, Pepe?" Sally asked her son touching his shoulder. Percy pointed at the boy and then at the fruit and said again, "Pumki."

That cleared everything up.

Sally giggled and then looked at the boy, "So, what's your name?" the boy didn't answer. She leaned forward and said, "Can you hear me?" She wondered if the boy was deaf. He was so silent. It made her helpless to look at him and realize that he might not be able to listen to sounds of everything around him.

The boy nodded. Okay, he wasn't deaf.

"Can you speak? What's your name?" The boy looked at her, cocked his head and said, "Pumki."

His accent had a bit of formality to it. She hadn't realized that even children could pull off the accents of their countries. He most certainly was British. And for some reason, she understood what he said.

"Pumpkin?" She asked. The boy and Percy both said at the same time, "Pumki!"

"Well, if you're not going to say your name, I'll call you Pumpkin." She said. When she said things like that to Percy, she got whatever he was hiding from her, by making him laugh. It was simple. Say something incomprehensible or outrageous that the other party can't understand. Works every time.

The boy's eyes grew large. His lips twitched and he giggled. Two dimples appeared on his cheeks as his lips widened. Sally felt proud. 'Pumpkin' walked forward and smiled at Sally and Percy. She held out her hand, took his softly and shook it. 'Pumpkin felt confused at first and looked at his hand as if she had given him something. Percy laughed and shook his hand too, "Hi Pumki! Me Pepe!"

The child looked at Percy, almost amused and repeated, "Pepe." Sally couldn't help but smile. Our first friend.

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