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And now… The twist…

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own the PJO or HP series.

Brothers of Destiny, ruled by prophecies,

Broken chains, gained by tearless eyes,

What one lacks, the other receives,

Born from when innocence dies.

Only rebirth shall set them free,

Breaking the strength of lies,

United by Love so deep,

By the hand of Life.

Sally screamed. She woke up from the ground clutching her head as the images disappeared from her mind's eyes. Her throat raw, she opened her eyes bleakly to see herself in an unfamiliar spot.

She choked as she slowly got up from the uneven dirt. Her jeans and shirt were soiled and it was close to pitch dark if not for the waning moon shining through the clouds.

Where am I? She thought. Her bone joints ached as if she had been in a stiff position for hours. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, her heart started to beat very fast. She had no idea where she was.

It was a barren land. Hill like structures rose on all sides and she felt like she had been standing in a flat-ish valley. She reached back to get her dagger, but it wasn't there. No, instead, there was something on her hand. Above the elbow of her left hand was a bright bronze bracelet. It glinted faintly in the moonlight.

The metal felt hot against her cold skin. It had several pendants hanging from it. A Cross, small embedded sceneries and others which looked like eroded charms. It felt impure.

Sally tried to remove the bracelet but to her shock, she couldn't. The bracelet was stuck to her skin. She'd never felt something like this. The closest was when some Percy had spilt super glue over the carpet and the fingers were nearly ripped off while pricing them away, but this?

It hit her like a train. Percy! Harry! Where were they? Sally spun around and ran towards the small hedges hoping she'd find them safe and sound. But she couldn't find them.

She felt like screaming. She was in an unknown place. No weapon, no money, a strange bracelet and no clue as to how she got there. She closed her eyes, tight and tried to think back.

It had been ten in the night. Harry was sleeping over because the Dursleys were attending a late-night function. Sally had tucked in the two boys and went into her room.

What happened then?

"Damn it! Think, woman! Try and remember how you got here!" Sally muttered. There was a sudden rustling from the hedges. Sally felt cautious. Hadn't she just checked them?

The leaves suddenly gave way to scores of bats, which flew into the night sky.

"Bats?" She asked herself. None of this made any sense unless…

"I'm dreaming. No, I'm nightmaring. Wake up! You've got the early shift tomorrow. You better not miss it if you want to spend Halloween with Pepe and Pumpkin." Sally pinched her skin hard. She let out a yell and stared at the skin on her forearm. It was turning dark. Suddenly she realized that her skin seemed rather pale. Too pale. It was a ghostly white in colour. They had just come back from the beach a few weeks ago. She had gotten a good tan. Where did that disappear off to?

This was the worst, most realistic nightmare, ever.

Sally decided that she should at least get somewhere safer from this place. She looked up at one of the hills and her eyes were able to squint at the ending of a tarred road. Had that been there before? He climbed towards the upper level and came onto a small road. This small sign of urbanization gave her a bit of hope. She started walking in the downward direction as that was where her gut was telling her to go.

It took hours. She knew that it took hours because she felt very tired, hungry, thirsty and her instincts were screaming at her to run. She was already exhausted and when the Sun had started to rise up from the horizon on her left, she finally spotted a settlement of a sort.

It was a farm. A broken, run-down farm. But there were two old women sitting on an even older bench throwing what looked like bread crumbs to the chicken around.

Sally almost cried in relief. Summoning up the rest of her strength, she ran towards them.

One of them looked up at her. The old lady's expression made Sally stop about three feet away from them.

It was the eyes that froze her. She couldn't tell the colour. She couldn't tell you if they were eyes or not. It could have been two tiny crystal globes which reflected the World's secrets. Every ancient magic, spell, curse and power lay in the eyes of that old woman.

Sally couldn't run away. Her body wouldn't respond to her brain.

From behind what looked like the ruins of a tractor, another withering lady walked slowly towards her companions and sat down. The three of them looked at the mortal in front of them. Sally legs suddenly gave way and she fell on a chair that had apparently appeared right behind her. She tried not to show fear, when she realized who she was facing.

We bring them from Death's doors to you. Make the best of it. A voice echoed in her head.

It reverberated so badly that she clamped her hands over her ears and shut her eyes to make it go away. But this only increased the pain and dizziness it caused. When the throbbing disappeared, Sally opened her eyes slowly.

She was alone, sitting on the grass, wet with dew-drops. There was no farm or tractor. None of the powerful Fates lingered behind. The area was desolated except for Sally and a brown paper bag beside her. She had half a mind to grab it and throw up but she realized just in time that it wasn't empty.

There were two apples and a small bottle of water in it. There was a small pouch which had some pounds and change. There was also a piece of paper with the words, 'A mile straight and towards East – LakeWorth Diner.'

The apples and water lasted exactly one mile when Sally reached a resort like diner. The people were shock to hear her moderated ordeal of surviving a car-crash in the middle of the night. They got her help and told her that she was 18 miles away from the city. 12 miles away from Cristy beach where she and her sons would go vacationing every summer and 21 miles from Surrey.

It took them more than two hours to let her go by herself into the city. After much persuasion and a bag of free clothing, food and water, she was able to escape them and soon found herself at Magnolia Crescent where the early morning bus stopped.

She walked over Crescent Bridge. The bridge was above a large river whose source came from somewhere in the forest.

Sally felt her muscles exerted. She walked down the familiar road looking at all the Halloween decorations the houses had put up. Their house was the odd one out. She opened the gate and stopped herself.

For the past few months, there had been a shield very much like the one around the Dursley's house. Weaker than them, but it had been there. She couldn't feel anything now. As if the protection never existed.

A chill descended upon her. She rushed towards the door and took the extra key from below the wilting potted plant. Sally stared at it. Why was the plant close to drying up?

Before she could put the key into the hole, the door swung upon to reveal…

Sally's eyes widened as she stumbled back, the bag falling from her grasp. The boy standing at the door…it couldn't be…

Harry stared at his mother who obviously looked at him in fear. He didn't feel scared. In fact, he didn't feel anything. He knew that she was looking at his skin. His white skin. His dull, haunted eyes which looked like it could deliver death. He was glad that he wasn't her real son. It might have given her a heart attack. Although, she might get one if she saw Percy…

"Mommy!" A voice cried behind him and a small figure jumped onto Sally. She gripped Percy in shock and stumbled. But she steadied herself and looked at her youngest son. He looked almost like Harry's opposite. His eyes were wide and bright. He looked positively hyper at seeing her as if she had gone missing for weeks. It had felt like it. Percy's skin had the same dull white appearance as his elder brother and mother. But he didn't seem to care about that.

"Look, Mommy! We got bracelets!" Percy showed his left hand were there was a bronze bracelet, exactly like the one Sally had. She stared at it.

"We can't remove them." Harry said staring at her keenly to see how much she had changed.

Sally's head reeled. She sat down on the ground and Harry closed the door behind her.

"What happened?" She whispered.

Percy shrugged and said, "Weird dream. Don't rem…remy…uh… forgot everythin'! Woke up in the river! It was cool!"

"The forest has a river. Percy got up from that and I was sitting on the branch of a… tree." Harry explained.

Sally started, "You woke up in the forest? How did you come back?"

"The gate." Percy said like it was no big deal.

"What gate?"

"We'll show you later." Harry said dully.

Sally stared at them. They were five years old. How were they talking so…properly? Like an older person? They looked back at her in an almost calm fashion.

At least, it was Harry who was calm. Percy looked like he had consumed an entire jar of sugar.

The words of the Fates rang through her head.

We bring them from Death's doors to you. Make the best of it.

They couldn't have been talking about the boys in front of her? What had happened to them? What had brought them to Death's doors? Apparently they were brought back to her.

Sally gulped. Why would the Fates care about them? Was it because Percy was liable to be the child of the Prophecy? What was Harry's role in this? There had to be a catch. They owed the Fates, now.

Sally felt like crying, but no tears came. Harry and Percy would have to sacrifice their lives for the treacherous journey ahead of them. She had no idea what was coming, but she'd be damned if she had no say in it.

She was going to train them. She would get them into fighting techniques, defending themselves, tactic builders, back-up plans for every possible and impossible situations.

She reached back and found her dagger. Pulling it out of its sheath, she showed it to them. They didn't shy away from it. She looked at them steadily in the eyes and said with conviction, "You are going to live. I will make sure of that."

Confused! It was a bit dramatic. But this is the end of this story. I've started the sequel which will come next weekend. So…

Stay tuned!