The things heĀ“ll never say!

This is from Denmark's side first, then Norway's.

Disclaimer: We don't know Hetalia, sadly...

1. The moments he actually smiles I melt on the spot.

2. I love it when he plays with my hair.

3. I think it's cute how he clings onto me to make me get him coffee in the morning.

4. It's adorable how he fixes his hair in the morning.

5. The look in his eyes when I do something stupid.

6. The touch of his hands.

7. I absolutely love it when he speaks Danish.

8. The way he acts while drunk is really sexy.

9. It's a piece of heaven when he says my name.

10. I have always loved him and I always will.

1. Mathias' eyes are extremy sexy, and my body reacts to his gaze.

2. You make me overcome all my fears.

3. Your the reason my mind is afloat.

4. When we fight, all the harsh words that Mathias has said stay in my head. And they will do so until the day I disappear from this world.

5. A lot of times I wonder just what Mathias and Sweden have done together. And I lose all my confidence.

6. I never understand why Den loves me. And I probably never will, either.

7. Sometimes I wish that I was Sweden.

8. There is a reason why I don't talk much around everyone. A reason not even Den knows.

9. I wish I were a better person, someone like Den.

10. Denmark is the only one who can satisfy me, in mind, body, and soul.

Hope you like it. I (Den) had this lying around on my computer.