For Your Happiness

Chapter 1

Fifteen-year-old Tsukino Usagi stared thoughtfully out her bedroom window. Everyone in the house had fallen asleep hours ago, including Chibiusa and Usagi's cat guardian, Luna. Usagi, however, could not find the will to even think about sleeping. There was just too much running through her head, especially after today's events. Usagi sighed, it had started out as such a normal day and she had been hoping against hope that it would stay like that. Unfortunately, the powers that be had either not heard her wish for normalcy or had chosen to ignore it.

She had been in a toy store trying to figure out which stuffed animal she had wanted to purchase with what was left of her allowance. She had thought she had made immense progress, having narrowed her choice down from an entire basket filled with various animals down to only two. It was the decision between these two plushies that had occupied her when Chibiusa had entered the store in a panic. The younger girl had quickly voiced her concerns about one of Usagi's boyfriend's classmates. Usagi had been introduced to Mamo-chan's classmate Saori just the day before and, unbeknownst to Chibiusa, had also taken note of the older girl's attraction to Mamoru. However, she had been comforted by the fact that Mamoru had not seemed the least bit interested in Saori.

Usagi had quickly brushed off Chibiusa's concern and went back to her plushie dilemma. Unfortunately, Chibiusa's fear for her own continued existence drove the younger girl to pull the older girl out of the store and drag her to Mamoru and Saori's location. Upon their arrival, both girls had been shocked to see one of the Amazon Trio, the current enemy of the Sailor Senshi, attacking Saori while Mamoru was pinned to a set of bleachers by at least twenty throwing knives which had been embedded in the outer edges of his clothing.

Seeing Mamoru in danger, both Usagi and Chibiusa had wasted no time in transforming into their Sailor Senshi alter-egos, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon, respectively. They quickly jumped into battle against the Remless, Puko. The giant blue and red balloon woman had initially attempted to suffocate Chibi-Moon but had decided the small girl was not a good enough target. Throwing off Sailor Moon who had been attempting to rescue Chibi-Moon, the Remless had turned its attention toward the prone form of Saori who was lying nearby still recovering from her recent attack. Mamoru had shouted, in an attempt to warn his classmate only to succeed in drawing the Puko's attention towards himself. As the balloon girl raced downward towards him, Sailor Moon wasted no time in throwing herself between her enemy and the man she loved. The blonde senshi would have suffocated to death had Mamoru not managed to escape the knives holding him down and proceed to use one to pop the balloon holding her.

Once free and able to breathe again, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon wasted no time in destroying Puko and rushing to help Mamoru free himself completely. Saori was also checked on and found to be a bit shaken up but otherwise unharmed. Mamoru had volunteered to walk her home, but Saori had politely declined and left the trio behind. Usagi had spent the walk home with Chibiusa and Mamoru in her usual manner, arguing with Chibiusa and engaging her in a tug-of-war with Mamoru as the rope, the latter seeming extremely grateful when he was finally able to detach his female hangers-on and deposit them at the front door of their house.

After this point, the day had returned to normal again. The two girls had dinner with their family and had reported the day's not-so-normal events to Luna. After working on homework and playing a few video games, Chibiusa had finally said goodnight and gone to bed. Luna also fell asleep not long afterward, leaving Usagi able to finally drop the act she had been keeping up since yesterday.

The normally bouncy teenager hated feeling this way. She hated having to pretend that nothing bothered her and that, even if something did, she would get over it in a few seconds. Most of the time, she did get over things relatively quickly. Unfortunately, this would not be one of those times. These thoughts that now kept her awake had been keeping her awake for many nights throughout the last few months. Mulling a thought over for so long will inevitably lead to an idea on how to eliminate that thought and Usagi's case was no exception.

Finally deciding to take action, Usagi quickly and silently got dressed. She grabbed her transformation brooch off the bedside table and proceeded to sneak out of her house and onto the deserted streets of Tokyo's Juuban district. It took her several minutes of walking to eventually find herself standing before a large apartment complex. Since it was well after midnight, the front doors of the building had been locked but tenants could still gain access by punching a specific code into a keypad near one of the doors. Usagi had learned this code by heart long ago and quickly punched it in. The door made an electronic buzzing sound as the lock disengaged and the teenager did not hesitate to pull the door open and enter the building.

The blonde girl was not at all surprised to see the reception desk in the front lobby standing empty. While it was always occupied during the day, the building manager had deemed it unnecessary to hire a night time receptionist, especially when all the doors would be locked. Usagi made her way to the lobby's elevator and pushed the button for the floor she wanted. She stood in exited immediately when the doors opened before her.

Like the streets and the lobby downstairs, the hallway she found herself in was deserted. Her journey so far had been relatively easy to make but as she drew within a few meters of her destination, her feet began to feel like lead and a dark sense of foreboding weighed on her heart. Nevertheless, Usagi was determined to see this through to the end. Her determination gave her the power to move her feet and walk the last few steps to stand before the apartment door. She stared at the unassuming door for several minutes, steeling her resolve, before finally ringing the doorbell.