Due to popular demand, here it is. The sequel to Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever.

I wasn't really sure where to start this one, but once I started writing, the whole chapter just flew right by, and before I even knew it, I found myself with a full chapter. I'll bet this is gonna turn out good :D

"I've gotta hand it to you," Suwako said, handing her descendant a large blue suitcase. "This is mighty mature of you, heading out to live your own life and everything."

"I'm pretty surprised neither of you are upset," the soon-to-no-longer-be miko replied, stepping through the hallways of the Moriya Shrine one more time. She was moving out to Former Hell, right near the Komeiji Hot Springs Resort. The reason was the founding of the Gensokyo Loneliness Prevention Committee, or GLPC for short. The initial building had been demolished on accident by one of the GLPC members (Flandre Scarlet) but just the other day, reconstruction had been finished, and this time it was completely indestructible. Being its founder, Sanae decided it was best to live in the building, so a second floor was built this time to act as a small apartment for her.

"It always tears me up to see another miko go on her way to live her life, like when your mom decided to become a doctor, or when your grandma went off to be a chef. Still, it's just part of the big cycle of life, and there's nothing I can really do about it. We're really gonna miss having you around here, Sanae. Be sure to come visit if you have the time!"

"I wouldn't dare try to leave you two here without anybody else," Sanae teased, hugging her ancestor goddess goodbye at the doors of the shrine. "That's the whole reason I decided to found the GLPC in the first place." With that, even if she hesitated for a second, and for a few more considered turning around and not going through with this, Sanae departed from the shrine. Deep inside every Kochiya, there was a Moriya just waiting to come out, and maybe not living with one could keep Sanae's inner Moriya locked away tight. As Sanae continued down the mountain path for the last time in a while, she turned off the road, to come face-to-face with four other people. One was a blue-haired karakasa, and Sanae's best friend in the world. The second and third were sisters, and both ran the place of her friend's employment. The last one played a big part in the crisis when Sanae's inner Moriya boiled to the surface, and showed herself again later when Sanae felt like her life was coming apart at the seams. "Alright. It's done, everybody. As of today, I'm no longer the miko at the Moriya Shrine, but instead am the founder and head of the GLPC."

"I knew you could do it," Kogasa cheered, being the first to applaud. It didn't take long for the rest of the crew to follow. "This is gonna be great, right?" As the quintet of four youkai and one goddess made their way down Youkai Mountain, Kogasa continued "I mean, here we all are, not a clue who's who just two weeks ago, and now we're about to start this whole program that's gonna keep anybody in Gensokyo from being lonely! And the list even got bigger since Flandre destroyed the building!" Kogasa held out the new list. Including Sanae, who acted as the administrator for the whole thing, and the trio of counselor-type folks that were Kogasa, Satori, and Koishi, there were eleven names in all.

GLPC Official Letter; written by Satori to Sanae six days ago


First off, Koishi has volunteered to act as a third counselor for the Gensokyo Loneliness Prevention Committee, meaning I will need to attend to my resort every day except Sunday, and let her fill in my shoes the other six days. Secondly, I've discussed the issues of finance with some experts in the field throughout Former Hell, and they all seem to agree that it would actually be most beneficial to have Okuu supply power for your building for free (which I was going to do anyway) and to set up your plumbing so that, like our own resort, your water supply comes from deep within Former Hell. In short, you'll be living here expense-free, which means we won't need to worry about the GLPC encountering future problems.

Third, as I promised, I've run a massive survey of every Gensokyo resident, and short of you, Kogasa, Koishi, and myself, seven people qualify for the GLPC and have agreed to attend the bi-daily meetings that will be held. Their names are listed below, in alphabetical order.

Byakuren Hijiri

Flandre Scarlet

Fujiwara no Mokou

Kaguya Houraisan

Medicine Melancholy

Yamame Kurodani

Yuka Kazami

I have informed them that it is mandatory to appear at the initial meeting seven days from now. Hopefully, you didn't decide to change your mind about it being mandatory while I was out and about.


Satori Komeiji

Late afternoon; Sanae's new residence, GLPC building's second floor

"I can't believe it's going to be tomorrow," Sanae said with a mixture of joy and exhaustion. The last of her things were now unpacked, much thanks to one of the GLPC members who was really doing a good job at changing her ways. "I spent four days packing, and it all got unpacked in four minutes. That duplication trick of yours is pretty neat, Yuka."

"Thank you," the flower youkai said brightly, sitting herself down at a table in the corner. "And just as I promised, I'll be by tomorrow morning to assist in preparing the food for the meeting. I may even do it every time there's a meeting~"

"I hope you do. I'm not a really great cook, and eleven people's a lot of folks to prepare for in just a couple hours. Maybe some cookies would be good for the first one? You know, keep it simple and all that." Sanae stopped herself for a second at the mention of cookies. Part of her still couldn't believe she'd fallen for Yuka's kindness act when she had Kogasa captive not too long ago. "And let's make extra sure to not put any nuts in this time."

"Hold the nuts, you've got it."

"…please don't say it like that," Sanae said, reddening a little at the cheeks. "If you'd said something like that in the outside world, people may get the wrong idea. They can get the wrong idea on just about anything out there, so maybe it's good that Gensokyo isn't like that world."

"Oh, dear. I'd hate to cause a misunderstanding~"

"I can't tell if you really mean that or not."

"Just the way I want it, Sanae." Making herself comfy by sitting down on Sanae's bed, the flower youkai looked around at this apartment she helped set up. Then she stopped on a picture. Unlike the ones in that tengu's newspaper, this photo was in color. Sanae was in it, standing in front of a taller woman who looked a lot like her. Sanae's mother, perhaps? Picking up the photo, Yuka asked "Hey, who's this?"

"Her? Oh, she's my mother…"

"I thought so. You two look a lot alike. And, why isn't she in Gensokyo with her child?"

"…I'd rather not talk about that, if it's okay."

"Of course."

The following afternoon; GLPC building's first floor

"Great to see all of you could make it," Sanae said happily. Outside of GLPC meetings, she was the girl running the whole thing, but in those meetings, she was just one more in the circle of steel folding chairs that added up to eleven in all. "Like Satori told you, this is the Gensokyo Loneliness Prevention Committee, and we're dedicated to making sure nobody, and I mean nobody is alone here in the wonderful world of Gensokyo." The ex-miko then proceeded to reach behind her seat, and bring forth a red rubber ball. "I figured today would be all about getting to know each other, so whoever has the ball will introduce themselves, what our names are and why we were picked for the GLPC, then pass it to somebody else. I'll go first. My name is Sanae Kochiya, and I founded the GLPC because back in the outside world, I had no real friends, and for a short moment, I thought my one friend in Gensokyo at the time had turned her back on me." Looking around at the crowd, seeing quite a few faces Sanae had seen before (though some she wished she hadn't) her eyes stopped on a blonde-haired youkai, with blue eyes. "You're up next," Sanae said, passing her the ball.

The youkai caught the ball, though she seemed to get thrown back a little by the ball. Perhaps physical strength wasn't something she had much of. "I'm Medicine. Medicine Melancholy. I'm not really sure why I'm here…maybe because back in the outside world, I was abandoned and thrown away as a doll, and waited for a whole century before becoming a youkai." Medicine's brief explanation seemed to catch a particular look from one heterochromatic youkai among the bunch. Seemingly at random, Medicine passed the ball to the next person she laid eyes on.

"Fujiwara no Mokou," the phoenix-possessed girl said, trying her best not to leap onto and maul the person sitting right next to her. "Probably, I'm here because I've got but one friend in Gensokyo, and unlike myself, she's mortal and could die sometime in the future. At that point, I'd have nobody left." Mokou's gaze seemed to purposely look at people away from the Lunarian to her left; Mokou clearly had no intention of passing her the ball. "Oi, the girl in the plaid." Tossing the mentioned youkai the ball, Mokou said "You're up."

The ball was caught. The ball nearly popped in Yuka's grip, but she loosened up just in time to save the piece of rubber. "The one and only Yuka Kazami, at your humble service." The mention of her name seemed to raise a few silenced murmurs among the crowd. Yuka looked irritated. Perhaps she'd let her reputation get the best of her. "Yes, yes, say what you will, but my days of infamy are coming to an end with this whole GLPC thing. My infamy is exactly what brought me here, since it keeps everybody quite a ways away from my reach. Any of you who may fear me don't need to any longer; there will no longer be a flower-loving boogeyman waiting around the corner to kidnap and toy with you." Yuka recognized a few of the faces here. Some were involved in that Moriya crisis, and that was why Yuka's choice was one of Sanae's go-to gals during that incident. "Your turn, Youchrist."

"It's Byakuren," the Youchrist replied as the ball landed in her hands. "Byakuren Hijiri. I know I'm never alone any longer, but the reason Satori had asked me to join the GLPC is because I probably know more about true loneliness than anybody else here. Quite a long time ago, I became immortal through powerful magic, but the humans in the outside world feared me because of it. As a result, I was locked away to Hokkai, where I waited completely alone for centuries on end. Indeed, the first human I saw after my sealing was our own Sanae Kochiya, when she had set out to solve the so-called incident of the Palanquin Ship soaring through Gensokyo's skies." Placing the ball in her right hand and holding it out, Byakuren said to the youkai next to her "I don't believe anybody's even noticed your presence yet, little one. Perhaps you would like to go next."

"Sure," the green-haired youkai happily said. "My name is Koishi Komeiji, and I'll be working as a GLPC counselor six days a week. Big sister Satori can read people's minds, and I used to do that too, but people were always afraid to come near me because of it. That's why I'm here! Because I used to have the problem big sister probably has to this very day!"

"Please don't be so upfront about that," Satori said. "And try not to smile when you call it a problem…"

Hahaha, Koishi is so adorable.

It's because of youkai like her and Remilia that I became a lolicon. Though, that's sort of inevitable for any Touhou fans, as well as having an armpit fetish. All those folks who treat it like a joke? It happens, bro.

Being the daily gamer I (usually) am for Touhou, anything that inevitably happens to all Touhou fans someday has probably happened to me by now. Failed runs on Easy mode, swift obliteration on Lunatic, unlocking an extra stage, not playing lower than Normal because of your pride as a Touhou player…

I had a friend who played Touhou but one time, because I'd invited him to try it out. He played Perfect Cherry Blossom, and his first run got him to the start of Stage 3 on Lunatic while a little tipsy.

He used all his continues to get there, but still.