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It had been months after Cassa had unleashed the slew of Kulong children into the Special Zone. Months since the entire situation was resolved.

So why are we here? Mimiko thought as she, Jiro, and Kotaro stood in front of a building. By the looks of it, it was a club—a sleazy-looking club with neon letters spelling XSTACY. "Explain why we're here again?" Mimiko said, crossing her arms.

"To aid an old friend," replied Jiro as he strode forward and pushed the club's door opened, with a giggling Kotaro on his heels. Mimiko followed the two brothers inside the club. It was dimly lit, but it was well kept, she decided. The floors were polished so clean that she could see her own reflection. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling, their glow soft and almost enticing. A woman with long red hair appeared, dressed in a corseted top and black jeans. Her feet were in heeled pumps.

"Ah, Ji-chan~" she greeted, her arms outstretched in greeting. "So, so good to see you again. Still looking as handsome as ever, I see!"

"Ms. Dupree," Jiro greeted in a formal tone, not minding the fact that the female compromiser with him was wondering who this woman was and his brother staring with wide, blue eyes.

"I thought I told you to drop that formality, silly! Call me Scarlett," Scarlett smiled, crossing her arms before her eyes flickered to Kotaru and Mimiko. "And you brought your little brother and the compromiser."

"How do you and Jiro know each other?" Mimiko asked, coming to Jiro's side. Scarlett placed a finger against her cheek. "We go way back, Ms. Mimiko. Yes, I know who you are," she added, seeing Mimiko's shocked expression, "and to add, Jiro and I used to guard the sage with little Cassa."

"Scarlett is an Old Blood. Even older than I," Jiro told Mimiko. Kotaro grinned happily. "So you're my brother's friend, right, Miss Scarlett?"

"I sure am, Kotaro," Scarlett said, her smile widening. Mimiko could see the woman's fangs.

"Ne, Ettchi, you didn't say we'd be having guests…" came a sleepy voice, belonging to a dark-haired female.

"Oh God, Jiro, you have a twin!" Mimiko gasped. Jiro could only stare. The girl did resemble him somewhat, only her skin was darker and her eyes were a penetrating brown. She wore a cropped, black top that bared several inches of her abdomen, black shorts, and black, knee-high socks.

"Oh, this is Olive. Ollie dear, this is my old friend Jiro Mochizuki and his brother Kotaro and their compromiser friend, Mimiko," Scarlett told the girl, now dubbed as Olive. Olive tilted her head, her bangs swishing to the left. Her expression was indifferent. "I don't like him," she declared.

"What do you mean-" Mimiko was cut off from shock when Olive hugged Scarlett in a way that conveyed more than friendship. "I don't like that a man I never met knows my Ettchi well," Olive said, a slight pout on her face. "Ettchi, why didn't you tell me you knew the Silver Blade?"

"You know who I am?" asked Jiro, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course; Ettchi talks about you all the time," said Olive, brushing back a rogue strand of her dark hair. "You're obviously good friends, maybe even close friends, but let me say something: I don't like sharing."

Mimiko stepped forward. "You're being awfully rude when you both just met!" she exclaimed, indignantly. "Aren't Black Bloods supposed to be more courteous?"

Olive and Scarlett exchanged winged glances to each other. "Olive, why don't you go and get our guests something to drink?" Scarlett cooed. Olive released Scarlett from her hold with a slight nod and disappeared elsewhere.

"Ms. Katsuragi," Scarlett said in a slow, deliberate tone that made the Compromiser shudder, "I don't think you understand, but I'm sure the Mochizuki brothers do. Olive is a Red Blood, as in human."

"Human? Her? But she's here with you!" Kotaro flailed.

"Of her own free will, I'll assure you of that," Scarlett sighed.

"Then what is that girl to you, Scarlett? Dinner?" asked Jiro, crossing his arms. Scarlett smiled. "Why, Jiro, how straightforward as usual. She's my lover."

"LOVER?!" Mimiko and Jiro practically fell over from the shock.

"Are you really-?! With a human?!" Jiro exclaimed, his face a tad red from the possible scandalous images in his mind. Scarlett laughed. "Of course! I mean, yes, she is also a dancer for my club, but more or less, she's the 'look, don't touch' dancer—as in she is mine and no one except someone I trust is allowed to handle her."

"Someone like Jiro, right?" Mimiko asked, a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"Correct~" Scarlett grinned. "Now, you're here to help me with my problem, yes?"

"That is why you called me here," Jiro said. "What is the issue?"

"Well, as you know, Ji-chan, I run this strip club. Olive is my star dancer. Recently, she's been alerting me of a Black Blood that appeared to be following her," Scarlett said. "I had tried to find this vampire, but to no avail. I figure aid from the Silver Blade would help," Scarlett said.

"So Olichan is being followed by a vampire?" Kotaro asked with wide eyes. Scarlett nodded. "Yes, Kotaro. Olive's had a bad run-in with vampires before. It took me a while for her to open up to me; I don't want her to endure one more minute of this. It may not show on her face, but she is scared."

Jiro noticed the look in his old friend's eyes. It was a look of worry; he himself had never seen the look in her eyes before. He obviously realized something: the human girl was important to his old friend. Jiro shut his eyes. "All right, Scarlett. You'd like me to be the girl's bodyguard. I can do that."

Scarlett beamed. "Oh Jiro, thank you! I'm grateful!" she exclaimed. Jiro smiled a little. "Only paying back a debt," he replied. Mimiko looked at the Old Blood. Debt?

"Even so, you have my thanks. Make sure my Olive is safe, Jiro, or-" Scarlett bared her fangs, "-I won't forgive you."

"I am aware. Miss Dupree, we will take our leave," Jiro said, before turning and walking to the door. Mimiko and Kotaru went after him.

"It was nice seeing you, Jiro Mochizuki," Scarlett's voice cooed when Jiro's hand was on the door handle. Jiro gave a curt nod before opening the door and walking out with his brother and human friend in tow.

"What debt was she talking about?" Mimiko asked Jiro once they started moving away from the building. Jiro looked at Mimiko. "…Scarlett Dupree saved my life at one point," he answered. "I owe her a great debt. The least I can do is protect that human girl she cares for."

Kotaro looked at his brother. "But…Olichan doesn't seem to like us…" he mumbled.

Jiro smiled at his brother. "I'm sure she will come around."

"I'm still wondering why a Black Blood has a Red Blood around and not feed off of her…" Mimiko muttered before trailing off. Jiro didn't dwell on that. It was odd for Scarlett to keep a human as a companion despite the girl's history. It was another to protect someone who has a bad blood with Black Bloods who are not friends with the Old Blood she stayed near. Either way, he realized, he had his work cut out for him.

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