Chapter 1

It was another boring school day for CeCe Johns and Rocky Blue…only Rocky didn't have difficulties in school like CeCe did. After school they ether spent their time together at home over one of each other's apartments or they were kicking and grooving on the most popular dance show shake it up! CeCe and Rocky were in separable been best friends since they could remember but what happens when one of the best friends has a deep dark secret that they been keeping from the one person she trusted the most.

Rocky noticed her loveable hyper active best friend was acting differently for the past few days. She was beginning to worry even when the sparkle twins were making snide comments the red head stayed silent as if her mind wasn't here. Rocky knew something was up CeCe just wasn't herself especially when Ms. Johns came over to her congratulating her on tutoring CeCe because her grades went from D's to A's in under a short period of time. Rocky would love to take credit but she had nothing to do with it. Rocky bit her lip as she studied her friend every time she went over to CeCe at her locker she had gotten her things and never said a word and left.

Rocky decided to try again going over to the red head she noticed CeCe's clothing style changed to a very revealing wife beater that was cut off so everyone could see the bottom half of CeCe"s back. She also noticed a large gauze pad hiding something on CeCe's right side of her ribcage. Rocky finally got to CeCe's locker and was about to say something until her bothersome brother's friend Deuce popped up.

"Damn little red aren't you breaking some kind of dress code with that smoking hot attire" Rocky didn't know what she felt but she wanted to knock Deuce off his feet but she contained herself as she heard Cece slam her locker shut and turn around to face both Deuce and Rocky causing Rocky to do an over take as she just now noticed the nice two pack hard abs CeCe was sporting.

"Deuce that was the worse pick up line ever and you should stop while you're a head and I don't care if my dress code is illegal now fuck off" CeCe said before leaving two stunned people at her locker.

"Whoa…did she just cuss?" Deuce said finally shaking himself out of shock.

"Yeah…I'm so done being idle she's hiding something and I need to find out what" With that Rocky ran after her friend.

Rocky finally caught up to CeCe which didn't take long because Cece wasn't the only one in fit shape.

"CeCe wait! Where are you going we have to head to the studio" Rocky said placing her arm on her friends shoulder. Whoa… Rocky thought she could feel the muscles in her friend damn…now is so not the time to start noticing things.

Rocky didn't notice that CeCe had turned to face her but she did when she found herself staring at CeCe's chest which damn had grown.

"You're right let's get going or Gary will have a fit" CeCe said a smile that hasn't appeared in over a week which made Rocky melt a bit inside.

The duo made it to the studio when Gary greeted them but was also rushing them.

"Jesus you two you just made it in time we need to get you two dressed and ready were doing sensual dancing today" Gary ushered them but Rocky couldn't think straight sensual dancing..?

Rocky was the first to come out with a very tight fit dress on which defined her curves and breast making her look too hot to handle. Rocky was waiting for CeCe to come out and got distracted for a second until she noticed CeCe had come out turning to look at her friend she blinked. CeCe wasn't in a dress like Rocky was she was in a very slim fitted black and dark red suit that looked very good on her.

"Uh…Gary why is CeCe in a suit?" Rocky asked looking to Gary.

"Easier to dance in now get up on there CeCe knows what you guys are doing just follow her" Gary said shooing Rocky.

Rocky was still confused but she listened to the music that was beginning to play…the dance was tango…? She looked at CeCe who had pulled her close and Rocky couldn't help but keep her eyes trained on Cece's whose was unblinking and so focused…she could see the fire in her eyes. Rocky couldn't believe what was happening CeCe was such a pro at this dance holy crap Rocky thought as she was spun out and then spun back into CeCe and then was dipped. Rocky could see the sweat because her own body was heating up so fast. It was such fluid motions as if CeCe knew how to tango at birth Rocky could feel CeCe's breath against her it was hot like her… then Cece turned her head catching a rose in her mouth as someone through it as I dipped again there was a smirk on her face Rocky couldn't place but damn she looked like predator with that smirk and rose in her mouth.

Rocky was dipped and then spun out again and the music changed from tango to something else with a bit more beat and had lyrics pouring through but Rocky was lost in CeCe who moved back and began to dance/strip on stage Rocky couldn't help but be in a trance how her friend moved and danced it was like she was born of sex the way she moved. Rocky couldn't process what had happened but CeCe tie was off and her shirt was unbuttoned and her belt was gone along with her shoes and socks.

Rocky couldn't process anything as Cece took her again her movements more sensual as she could feel Cece's and run up her thigh as she was dipped again Rocky didn't know what she was doing but she moved her hands into Cece's hair brushing away the strands of hair from her face…Rocky wasn't thinking straight but god Cece was sex defined. The music stopped playing as Rocky was spun out and spun back into her friend who placed the rose into Rocky's mouth they stayed into that pose until Gary gave the cue.

"That was amazing girl's literally amazing you two were great especially you Cece you were born for sensual dancing.

Cece looked to Gary smirking slightly as her and Rocky broke apart running a hand in her hair before shaking it out running her tongue along her bottom lip which didn't go unnoticed by Rocky who was blushing and shivering at the same time.

"Thanks" CeCe shrugged out of the dress shirt and picked up the cloths before walking to get changed.

"Wow…I never knew CeCe could do that…" Rocky said still amazed…but more of the fact she's getting weird feelings in herself over CeCe.

Rocky and CeCe left after they changed but it was pretty silent way home….Rocky didn't like that usually her friend was very talkative.

Once they reached CeCe's room Rocky was done with the silence she sat down on CeCe's bed.

"CeCe what is up with you…you're not you" Rocky said before she saw her friend taking off her shirt and grabbing a pair of loose fit jeans putting them on as she looked to Rocky.

"Nothing's up Rock I just been lost in myself for a bit don't worry about me silly" Cece smiled but Rocky's eyes were trained on the gauze pad covering something.

"CeCe what is under that gauze pad..?" Rocky asked reaching out running her fingers over the gauze pad.

Rocky saw Cece's face and her expression her eyes were distant before she looked to Rocky biting her bottom lip thinking before sighing.

"It's nothing to be concerned about" CeCe dismissed it before walking out of her room with still no shirt on. Rocky opened and closed her mouth following after CeCe who was greeted by her brother.

"Ah! My eyes!" Flynn yelled covering his eyes.

"Flynn that's not nice…your sister is smoking hot" Rocky said before she knew what she said her eyes going wide as she covered her mouth.

"Whoa…I am so out of here now" Flynn fled the room and left the apartment leaving Rocky and CeCe alone together with a very shocked Rocky and a devilish CeCe that turned around with her hand on her hip raising a brow a smirk that soon to become her trademark.

"Did you really mean that?" CeCe asked not moving from her spot as she watched Rocky.

"Of course I did Cece…" Rocky looked away a faint blush on her face she doesn't know why but with the way CeCe was staring at her gave her a weird feeling inside her.

"I'm going take out some ice cream want some?" CeCe asked as she wnet into the freezer getting the ice cream out.

"Sure…" Rocky said now both of them sitting on the couch eating their ice cream watching whatever they could find…but the silence was deafening.

Rocky set her bowl down letting out a sigh which caused Cece too at her before leaning in close Rocky froze slightly as how close got until she felt Cece's thumb wipe her lips before she stuck her thumb in her mouth smirking.

"mmm sweet.. You had some ice cream left on the corner of your lip." Rocky was blushing dark red before she looked away and mumbled "Thanks"

"Rocky look at me" Rocky didn't know why but she looked to Cece before she felt her lip against CeCe's….CeCe was kissing her! And she was kissing back!

Rocky felt CeCe's tongue swipe against the bottom of her lip asking for entrance she didn't know why but she granted it her hand's moving through the fiery red hair as their tongue's battled for dominance.

Making out was getting heated fast Rocky couldn't explain but her body was on fire and those weird feelings were back but the moment was broken as soon as Ms. Johns came through the door luckily she couldn't see what was going on with the two because the groceries were blocking her view.

"hey kiddo come help me with these" CeCe got up smirking at Rocky before going off to help her mother while Rocky just sat there her fingers on her lips.

"Oh Rocky I didn't know you were here" Rocky smiled softly to CeCe mother.

"It's fine Ms. Johns." Rocky rubbed the back of her neck.

"Well since you're here I will tell you both the great news" Ms. Johns smiled.

"What?" Cece asked after putting everything away.

"We as in us and the blues are going on vacation to visit some old family relatives" Ms. Johns said excitedly.

"That's cool mom" is all Cece said.

"Um when is this vacation happening?" Flynn asked as he came into the apartment.

"In about two weeks we will be on vacation for four weeks" Ms. Johns said smiling.

"Cool!" Flynn said before he went off to tell his friends or something.

"Mom I am going to my room now …Rocky come with me" CeCe spoke walking away and her mother was about to say something as she noticed the gauze pad as well until todays shake it up Chicago! Came up onto the TV revealing today's show.

Uh oh…Rocky thought as her eyes turned to the TV where it was shown sensual dancing and stripping….Rocky counted down and once she hit 3 Ms. Johns voice rang through.

"Celia Johns! What is the meaning of this!" As it came to the part of CeCe stripping and dancing at the same time Rocky had to swallow…as she watched but she had to get away from the TV she was getting the feeling she had when she made out with CeCe. Rocky grabbed Cece's hand dragging both attention of Ms. Johns and cece who had a trademark smirk on and Rocky could have sworn Cece's eye color was different…it was like fire.

"Ms. Johns it was just for this week's episodes sometimes …sex can be defined in dance…and Cece has a…she's a she's like sex defined…she so talented in dance its um…she uh" Rocky was becoming tongue tied and swallowed and just excused herself to Cece's room.

"It was only for the show mom don't get bent out of shape over it alright..?" CeCe patted her mom's arm before leaving to go into her room where she found Rocky face down in her bed.

CeCe smirked moving silently she got on top of her best friend startling Rocky as she squirmed.

"Cece get off me!" Cece giggled but did as so laying down on her left side looking at Rocky.

"Thank you…" Rocky looked to her best friend who was lying on her left side still smirking.

"What are you staring at CeCe…" Rocky asked her friend looked deep in thought.

"I am staring at you" CeCe reached out brushing away the loose strands of hair that had fallen on Rocky's face.

"Oh…" Rocky blushed and looked away.

"mmm...Rocky look at me" CeCe asked still playing with Rocky's hair….Rocky obeyed and looked to her best friend before closing her eyes as CeCe crashed her lips against hers and the make out session began.

CeCe ended up on top of Rocky as their tongues battled for dominance Cece's hands moved under Rocky's shirt running up her hips all the way to her bra while Rocky's hands were entangled in Cece's hair.

But again the moment was ruined as Cece's door was flung open but Cece moved like lighting off or Rocky falling to the floor causing Ty and Deuce to give weird looks.

Rocky was still in a haze and couldn't fathom anything at the moment but Cece which caused Cece to have that now trademark smirk on her face as she got up from the floor.

"What do you two dumb ass's want?" CeCe asked as she checked to see if her gauze pad was coming off.

"Uh..I uh…" Deuce and Ty were speechless as they were too focused on CeCe's chest.

Rocky came back to earth and noticed it hoping off the bed she cleared her throats.

"Hey pervs eyes up here not down there" Rocky snapped she didn't know where this jealousy was coming from but she liked it.

"Ah yeah sorry…uh it's time to come home mom said and deuce is here because he wanted to ask you a question Rocky" Ty moved back he could feel her sister's anger although he didn't know why she was angry.

"Well deuce what is it?" Rocky crossed her arms over her chest raising a brow.

"Will you go out with me?" Deuce asked and the air had to turn tensed and cold…because there was an aura in the closing that was fuming strong from Cece.

Rocky shifted her eyes to her brother and could tell this was a favor for him…everyone knew Deuce had trouble with the ladies.

"Sure…" Rocky said with a sigh knowing her brother owed her big time.

"Seriously?! Awesome I'll pick you up after school we can go see a movie" Deuce had a stupid grin on his face as he hit Ty on the shoulder before running off.

"Thanks sis" Ty said before running off after his friend.

Rocky rolled her eyes before looking to CeCe who didn't have such a nice expression on her face.

"I'll see you later and don't worry about the Deuce thing" After that was said Rocky ran off to get her brother and go home.

The following day Rocky noticed that CeCe was on edge and slightly avoiding her...makes sense since she goes from making out with CeCe to saying yes to Deuce.

The day went by pretty fast and CeCe was no were in sight after the school end bell rang but Rocky did find Deuce waiting for. Sighing Rocky put on a smile and went up to Deuce knowing she was going endure something stupid.

"Hey Deuce have you seen CeCe?" Rocky asked hoping he would know.

"Ah yeah…that Gary dude called her she was arguing with him then said something about she will be at the studio in five" Deuce said.

"That's odd…" Rocky frowned that didn't make sense.

"Yeah but our date awaits I decided we would get food then a movie" Deuce said tugging Rocky with him.

Rocky was already was bored with the date because Deuce wouldn't shut up and she wasn't really hungry but something Deuce said caught her attention as he pointed to the TV.

Rocky's eyes as she saw CeCe on shake it up Chicago in a very revealing outfit those black tight leather pants defiantly…looked good on her and especially with that ripped up white tang top she looked….like sex. Rocky was getting that weird feeling again as she heard the lyrics from the song

I got my mad rad hair

tease it out there's just do much flair!

My hair is better than yours

so fuck me on the dance floor

just fuck me on the...

This song defiantly worked for Cece god the way Cece's body moved to the music the way she could bet Cece's breathing was ragged and heavy probably hot…she could tell the way CeCe moved that she had to have sweat dripping off her….her red hair was like fire the way it fell on her face and how Cece moved her hands through it amplified the look as if she was in a sex scene.

"Ah…Deuce let's go see that movie" Rocky got up her body was on fire she tossed money down and grabbed Deuce and headed to the movies.

Rocky was now bored again and avoiding Deuce's offer of popcorn as they watched some stupid action horror film….Rocky's mind was on Cece who she wished was here right now.

As if her wish came true Cece appeared landing in Rocky's lap as she did some moves over the chairs smirking at Rocky before looking at Deuce who was startled. The lights were on in the movie theater and everyone noticed that all of CeCe's upper body was covered with bandage wrapping well just her whole right side ribcage and the right of her back and shoulder.

"Sorry Deucy but I am cutting this date short Rocky's coming with me" Cece got off Rocky's lap smirking before grabbing Rocky pulling he rout of the seat.

"Oh look it's the inseparable ones" Rocky knew that voice and turned to glare at the sparkle twins.

"You know what Gunther and Tinka your right we are in separable I rather be with Rocky everywhere and anywhere with any of the likes of you" Whoa everyone stared at Cece stunned at her coldness.

"So you know what fuck off ok sparkle fucks" Cece flipped them off before looking at Rocky smirking.

"You can stay with these people or you can come with me but I'm about to go" Cece said looking to Deuce who was still staring just as the theater security came in asking what was up.

"Mam the dress code states you have to wear cloths before entering" one of the men said to Cece.

"Yeah well I'm about to leave anyway" Cece shrugged then winced.

"Deuce! Don't fucking touch the bandages" Cece snapped moving away from anyone touching the bandages.

"Why?" Deuce got up and as stupid as he was his curiosity was at the worse timing as he tried to take off the bandages.

"Deuce leave her alone!" Rocky snapped but it was too late Rocky didn't know why Cece didn't kick his ass but it probably because Deuce was just an idiot but as the bandages fell off everyone gasped.

Cece growled as the large black and dark red scaled dragon was visible on Cece's body.

"You jackass" Cece snapped before leaving.

"Whoa…when did red get such sweet ink done…." Deuce said watching the red head leave.

"Dammit Deuce I don't know but you should have left her alone" Rocky ran after her friend and knew that she wouldn't be anywhere near public anywhere so the last place she would be is her room.

Rocky made it into the apartment finding Flynn on the couch.

"Have you seen your sister?" Rocky stared at the boy.

"Yeah she ran so fast to her room I could barely see her" Flynn said before looking back to his show.

Rocky smiled and went to see her best friend but wasn't expecting to see what she saw when she opened the door. CeCe was just in underwear her red hair a mess strands had fallen on her face she was sitting on her bed staring at the wall Rocky could fully see the tattoo that was wrapped around her ribcage and up but it looks like it spread taking up Cece's whole back.

"Rocks you should know it's not polite to stare" Cece turned smirking at her friend knowing she was trying to be stealthy.

"Uh…um…sorry" Rocky moved getting on the bed with her friend who lay down on her side to run her hand through Rocky's hair.

"You're so beautiful" Is all Cece said before smiling at Rocky.

"I could say the same about you…you know your mom's going flip about today's episode on shake it up." Rocky smiled as her friend giggled.

"Oh well she will live" Rocky felt her lips against CeCe's but it was a slow passionate loving kiss that made her feel weird but in her chest weird.

Cece and Rocky broke apart again as there was a knock on the door it was Flynn saying Ty and Mom want Rocky and CeCe.

"God dammit…it seems we are always interrupted" Cece said smirking before she got up and off the bed tossing on a shirt before opening the door holding it open for Rocky.

"Yeah yeah…let's go see what my brother and your mom wants" Rocky and Cece came into the living room.

"Well what's up mom?" Cece asked her hand on her hip.

"I heard you were walking around shirtless in public" Ms. Johns said giving her daughter a stern look.

"No I wasn't shirtless I had bandage wrapping on and a bra…geeze and I was only out to get Rocky back" CeCe said running a hand through her hair.

"Deuce told me you ditched him for Cece you couldn't last what a day without being with each other?" Ty said looking to his sister.

"You know what Ty just because your fucking friend is desperate does not mean you can pawn Rocky off on him. I am going to tell you what I told everyone else I rather be around Rocky everyday all day every hour then be with you fucking pieces of shit" Cece stunned everyone again and flipped Ty off and left to her room.

"Whoa…I never heard my own sister curse before wow she must be really ticked…" Flynn said blinking.

"Ty you stupid big mouthed asshole I was doing you a favor if I left to chase after Cece that's my damn business Cece means A LOT to me more than your stupid friend Deuce is alright but I have no problem being glued to CeCe so just go home" Rocky said both hands on her hips with a scowl on her face.

"Well now goodie Rocky Blue's cussing I must be a bad influence on you" Everyone's attention was back on Cece who came out of her room as Rocky was cussing.

"Rocky…maybe you should come home with me CeCe being a bad influence on you" Ty said still shocked at his own sister.

"No." Rocky flat out said.

"What?" Ty couldn't believe this.

"Ok…well Rocky your welcome to stay but CeCe no foul mouth and no stripping." Ms. Johns said smiling softly to her daughter.

"…I see I'm not going win this so I am just going go see you at home sis" Ty left he couldn't focus he was still startled the look Cece gave him was cold and just abnormal as if she was planning to shred him apart.

"On another note girls I moved our vacation up more so in one week we will be on vacation for four weeks" Ms. Johns said as she went on about to cook.

"Hmm….alright Mom" CeCe grabbed Rocky and tugged her into her room.

Rocky landed on CeCe's bed with a "uumfph" before she could sit up Cece was ontop of her tossing off her shirt smirking down at Rocky.

"Such foul mouth from such a pretty mouth" CeCe rested her forehead against Rocky's smirking still.

"Oh shush not like your mouth is any better" Rocky was the first to institute the kiss running her tongue along CeCe's bottom lip.

"Naughty" Cece gave Rocky's tongue access as their tongue's battled for dominance while Rocky's hands found Cece's bra unhooking it as Cece broke the kiss nipping Rocky's bottom lip.

"Want to have some fun my sexy vixen" CeCe whispered into Rocky's ear knowing it would make her blush and shiver under her.

"Long as it's with you" is the only words Rocky could say before Cece's kisses became full of lust and love for her only.

*****This is my first shake it up fan fiction and I shall leave it off here yes or no if I should continue this or not. This will have a mix of supernatural in it but a lot of dancing and very M rated topics and such ;) so be careful and the song used in this was blood on the dance floor: Mad rad hair but do review and tell me what you think and or send me a pm which ever!***