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Chapter Twenty-Eight

"Kendra and Seth Sorenson, Warren Burgess, Vanessa Santoro, Trask, Elise and Mara. Do you wish to become immortal and live for eternity?"

Kendra nodded. "I do." Many others answered in unison.

"Please close your eyes and hold hands in a circle," Agad commanded. Kendra held hands with Seth and Warren. She felt something flowing inside of her, the blossom on fire. It began it sizzle as it's ashes blew into the wind.

"You are now immortal."

Kendra opened her eyes. She didn't feel any different. Smiling, she jumped into Bracken's arms. "Hi," she murmured.

"I love you," he whispered.

"'I love you too," she answered.

Everything had turned out okay. Even though Nisha had taken over Keala's body and had tried to kill her, even though she had to make a big decision, she was alive and happy. She could live her entire, long life with Bracken. She had won, just as the prophecy had promised.