WARNING! Possible season 2 Spoiler! I warned You! Why are you still reading! Okay go ahead! Season 2 ending spoiler: Aichi fought in another stage, Defeated AL-4, defeated Chris, and Daigo. Then Leon (Aqua force user) told Daigo, that he's Leon's father, and that Leon is from another dimension. The reason why Daigo didn't merry Leon's mothers in his own universe was that She used Shadow Paladins and Daigo didn't like her. In Leon's Universe, they two used Gold paladins, and they made a lovely couple. The season ended by making 2 universes fusing. When Aichi had to choose what deck to use, he chose Gold Paladins. Ren chose Shadow. Daigo stayed at royal. And Kai started using Narukami. I said not to read!

"Aichi come, the countries that are near Baltic sea, made a tournament! It's the final fight! Team Sparta has one victory, and Team Hell has one victory Too! This will decide who's the winner!" Shin shouted by making Aichi's mind to do hard working to understand what manager said.

"Take my wrath" a teen boy with brown hair shouted. He stood his units and drew a card.

His field was like this:

Gallatin, Pendragon, Gordon,

Wingal brave, wingal, Marron (Royal paladins)

"LIMIT BREAK" the boy shouted by taking top five cards to hand, and looking at them.

"I Ride Soul Saver Dragon. Activating skill! Soul blast 5!" he took 5 cards from under of vanguard and placed to drop zone.


"Brave boosts, Gallatin attacks your vanguard with 20 000" he pointed a finger at opponents field, that looked like this:

Red-eye, CEO, Goddess of full moon

Gemini, Gemini, Dark cat (Oracle think tank)

"I guard with lozenge magus, and intercept with Red eye!" A 20 year old man shouted too.

"Now, Wingal boosts, and Dragon attacks CEO with 24 000!"

"Perfect Guard with Chocolate!" the man dropped the last card from hand to drop zone.

"TWIN DRIVE" The boy shouted by looking at opponent's damage zone that had 4 cards.

The first card was Elaine, a heal trigger. The power was added to Gordon, and by healing left the boy's damage at 4.

The second checked was Epona, a critical trigger, that made boy's hand to have 4 cards. Everything was given to Gordon.

"Marron boosts, and Gordon attacks your vanguard with 31 000! And double critical!"

"Damage check" The first card was crescent moon. And the second was Lozenge Magus, Heal trigger.

"YES! I heal And start my turn!" the man cheered.

"I call CEO!" he called a g3 to the unfilled spot. Then he counted the cards under his vanguard. And smiled.

"Now, Cat boosts and Tsuyukomi attacks Saver! Power 15 000!"

"Damage check" boy took a card and added to his damage zone. It was a draw trigger, margal.

"Adding power to vanguard, and draw" he drew a card.

"damn…. Ceo attacks with a boost from Gemini , power 18 000!"

"Gordon intercepts, using skill, 10 000 shield. And Wingal guards me too. That makes no pass for your attack."

"TWIN DRIVE" The first card was wiseman, and the second CEO.

"only 5 000 to guard next turn for you" The boy smiled.

"DAMN! CEO attacks with boost from Gemini! Power 18000!"

"Guard with Epona!" the boy smiled again. He stood his units and drew a card.

"FINAL FURRY!" boy shouted.

"Final furry? You meant final turn?" The man asked.

"Nah. Final turn can fail, but final furry never fails!"

Boy took a card from his hand and place on vanguard circle.

"CROSSRIDE! I RIDE LIFE SAVE DRAGON!" (my card, a soul saver dragon crossride- life saver dragon.)

"Personal blast!" he counter blasted 2 cards in damage and threw another life saver dragon from hand.

"All units in attack phase will gain +5 000, but I lose twin drive! And Again! Personal Blast!" he did the same again. Then he called Alfred early to a empty rearguard circle.

"Wingal boost, Life Saver attacks CEO with power of 29 000!"

"Damn! No guard!"

"Drive check!" He took the first card from his deck and showed it. It was Wingal.

"damage check…" Opponent took a card from his deck and showed it. It was chocolate.

"Damn I lost!" boy's opponent shouted and ran crying out of the room.

"Congratulations! Team Sparta won!" A announcers voice appeared in the screen.

"Let's Congratulate our Team: Luke, Dovis, and Ragy!" 3 teens appeared in the screen and the brown hair boy was standing in the middle.

"Team Sparta will go To Olympics! Till Then!" announcer said and Shin turned TV off.

"Olympics?" Misaki said behind Aichi. Kamui was here too.

"Here's a invitation for you!" Shin was holding a letter in his hands.

"The tournament contains 16 teams from all world! That's why I showed this to you! Team Sparta is the last team in Olympics!"

"why should we go?" Kamui asked.

"Yeah, why? We are the strongest" Misaki smiled.

"Team New Al-4 will be there" Shin said smiling. And in one second, Team Q-4 was ready to go.

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