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"Baby, when I'm yellin' at you,
It's not your fault It's not your fault, yeah and
Baby cuz I'm crazy for you,
It's not your fault It's not your fault, yeah
Maybe I'm a little confused,
It's not your fault It's not your fault, yeah and
Baby, it a wonderful news.
It's not your fault It's not your fault, yeah

Oh, it's not that you should care.
I just wanted you to know."- AWOLNATION, Not Your Fault

Kari, why has it been so long since we've seen each other? I'm so excited for tomorrow!

Agreed. And you know why. I was really upset, TK. You really hurt me with that back and forth thing. We needed the time apart from talking and since we started again, you've lived on one side of the country and I the other. We should just be happy we finally get to see each other.

I know, I know. I just feel like its been a lifetime instead of only a few years.

I know. I'll see you in the morning though, ok? *night

I'm holding you to that, you know. ;) Have sweet dreams.

I silenced my phone and rolled over, hoping to get some shut eye before I saw my best male friend. After a disagreement about whether or not we were going to have a future together (and he was going to leave his girlfriend), we had parted ways. He got married and moved to the other side of the country, I got a boyfriend and then we began talking again, a little over a year later. My boyfriend, Kato, had had a child a year ago after a lot of trying and a little help and had gotten engaged not long ago. Takeru had been a great help in getting me through the ups and downs of conception and had been just as happy as I was when I had conceived. It had now been been four years since we had had the argument and we were finally able to see each other. Takeru had gotten a deal on his book and had a signing near where Kato and I lived. Unfortunately, Kato had already promised to bring our son, Noa, to see his parents out of town. We didn't get along, so I had stayed behind to keep the peace.

It was going to be weird seeing him again. It had been so long that I wondered if I wondered if I would recognize him. We hadn't seen each other for almost two years before our falling out due to the distance of our colleges. We had been nineteen back then. We were twenty-five now and a lot had changed in my appearance as I had taken on a more adult edge. I cuddled closer into my pillow. There would be time to wonder these things in the morning.

My stomach was in a knot. It had been so long since I had seen Takeru that I wasn't sure what to expect. Even though we had been talking again for years, it didn't mean that I wasn't nervous about seeing him, especially with what was going to happen on our last almost-visit. That was ancient history now though, wasn't it? Takeru and I talked about everything, and I mean everything. It wasn't long after we started talking again before sex, threesomes and all sorts of other minks and the like had come up. That's just how we always had been. We could tell each other anything. It made Cato jealous sometimes, but it just came from knowing each other for so long.

I glanced around, looking for my blonde friend. It was five after and he had arrived yet. I continued to look until I saw a mop of blonde running in my general direction. My body warmed at the sight. He was right, it had been too long.

Takeru and I had spent all day together. Once we left the coffee shop, we wandered around town, going to the park and stopping at one of my favorite places for dinner. We had come back to my place and had watched a movie, but the movie had ended and now we were sitting around and having a drink while talking. It was getting late, but neither of us cared. Takeru's signing wasn't until two and I had no plans.

"You know," Takeru said, suddenly switching gears from our light hearted talk about the movie and getting serious. "I still always have wondered what would have happened if we had managed to stay together."

My heart ground to a stop. I still couldn't stop myself from answering, "Me either."

"We could be married with a kid by now."

"Yeah," I said, a touch of sorrow seeping in to my voice. "We could." Sometimes I did regret breaking up with Takeru. I had been sixteen and stupid. We had tried to get back together a few times, but it had just never worked out. Everything had turned out decently though. I had Kato and Noa and he had Ai.

"If we could just have one day..." I paused at his words. I had heard that line before. If we could just have one day where we were free to ne together, it would be amazing to see what we could do.

"We can't do this again, Takeru. Last time we didn't speak for a year."

"What?" Takeru looked genuinely surprised. He hadn't expected such a response. I had always played the game. This was new.

"I love you. I've always loved you. I will always love you. I'm not going to let you hurt me again like this though. I have a son that counts on me now."

Takeru leaned forward, placing his hand on my face. "Isn't this what we always do, Kari? What we're supposed to do? I don't know how else to deal with us. This what we're meant to do. It's our destiny."

Takeru leaned in, pressing his lips to mine. The kiss was soft and sweet and it felt like home. It just felt right. Nothing else could be said of it. I wanted more. Still, I broke it off and backed-up.

"You need to leave. Now."

Takeru nodded, his eyes filled with grief. "Yeah, sure."

He stood up and let himself out the front. As he walked away, I felt how, wet tears burn down my face.

I was so confused.