"Now we tumble down a hill to a fire with a crowd
The flicker becomes thicker as we bottom out
The residents don't even notice the sudden shouts

When your eyes can adjust and you see what's in view
Discolored and distempered smiles that seen you
Do you realize we were all once like you?

I have a feeling you might
Feeling you might

Somebody somewhere
Will clean out your wounds
With dirty fingers We'll bury the lie

Somebody somewhere
Will clean out your wounds
We'll bury the lie
Bury the lie

No, no
No one comes
No one goes
No, no
No one comes
No one goes

You recognize my noise and you heard about the Pit
Been told to be afraid of everything that comes within

We can talk about it later
But I think you've given in
We can talk about it later
But I think you've given in

I had a feeling you might
Bury the lie" -The Pit, Silversun Pickups

Cato's alarm went off, the jingle unpleasantly jarring me from my sleep. I groaned and turned over. I didn't want to get up, but if Cato was getting up then I was going to have to get ready for work too.

Cato sat up and my heart stopped as I realized my mistake. It wasn't Cato that had been sleeping next to, but Takeru, who was crawling out from under the sheets.

I watched as the fabric slid off of his body, leaving me a clear view of his nude features. The view didn't last very long though as he dressed quickly.

"Do you have time for coffee, or do you have to leave right away?" I asked. I wasn't really sure if I wanted him to stay or not. What had happened yesterday had completely changed our relationship and I had no idea how to talk about what had happened.

"Yeah, of course. Do you have some here or do you want to go somewhere?" he asked. I shivered, but I wasn't sure if it was because of the lack of his body heat to keep me warm or if it was because he had spoken. The fact that I had to even consider the latter confused me. Yesterday had been a one time deal. It couldn't happen again. We had made a deal with each other and, more importantly, ourselves. That still hadn't stopped me from ogling him as he dressed or him from staring at my uncovered chest as we spoke.

I considered covering my body from his view and shooing him from the room as I got dressed, but technically our day wasn't over and after what had happened the night before, it wasn't as if there was any mystery. I pulled the covers off of me instead and grabbed some clothes from the drawer, panties, some jeans and a sweat shirt. It wasn't anything particularly sexy, but it wasn't bad seeing as I had just woken up.

The two of us walked down the hall into my kitchen where I began making coffee. Takeru slid up behind me, wrapping his arm around my waist as he leaned down and kissed my neck, reminding me of all that had happened the night before.

"Takeru," I said, the word somewhere between a sigh and a moan. Nothing in me could decide what I wanted, even my voice.

"Technically our day isn't over, Kari," he whispered in my ear before attaching his lips to it and gently nibbling and sucking. It was enough to break my resolve. I spun around, grabbing him roughly and pulling him to me. The break had been swift and complete, allowing my lust to take over and all it wanted was his body as close to mine as it could be.

He seemed to feel much the same, pressing me hard into the counter. Somewhere my mind was telling me that this hurt, but I was so wrapped up in the intoxication that was Takeru that I completely blocked out the pain.

It wasn't long before we had lost control of the situation, Takeru's head between my thighs as I struggled to keep from falling off the counter top from how hard I was shaking in ecstacy.

I held off as long as possible, but Takeru was just too good, throwing me over the edge, where I melted in a pool of bliss. Letting me ride out my orgasm, he poured himself a cup of the now done coffee and sat at the table, watching me as he sipped the hot, bitter liquid.

I came down off of my high and jumped off of the counter, putting the clothing that Takeru had managed to strip off of me back on as he watched.

"Why are you watching me so closely?" I asked. I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down in front of him.

"I only have one day to remember for the rest of my life, I feel like I should do everything I can to remember it. Maybe I'll even write a short story about it, changing the circumstances of course," he said. I blushed. His words were making the fact that this was going to be the end of this even more difficult on me. I was about to chide him on the fact when the door open and Cato walked through it, Noa asleep on his shoulder.

I jumped up, surprised by his appearance. He wasn't supposed to be home for another two days.

"Surprise!" he said, a goofy grin spreading across his face. Normally such a gesture would put me at ease, but this time it did just the opposite. Ten minutes earlier and Cato would have come home to Takeru eating breakfast.

I quickly changed my face from one of horror to one of happiness. He couldn't find out about what had happened.

"Cato! What are you doing home this early?" I asked as I ran up to him and pulled him close. I glanced at the counter, checking to make sure that there was no sign of what Takeru and I had been up to. Luckily the area was dry.

"You know how a visit home can be. Noa was missing you pretty badly too. I drove through the night to get us away from that ball of crazy. Am I safe to assume that it's Takeru at out table?" I released Cato and turned to face my lover from the night before.

"It sure is. I thought I'd drop by for a cup of coffee before I went home," he said. He placed his coffee down standing up and offering his hand.
Cato passed Noa to me and shook.

Noa wiggled in my arms, waking up from the tricky transfer. He looked up at me and smiled. "Mama?"

"Hey baby," I said, smiling back at him gently. I could hear Takeru and Cato talking in the background and knew that this had to be as awkward for him as for me, so as soon as there was a pause, I interrupted. "Takeru, come meet my son."

Takeru manuvered around the table, coming to stand next to me and the sleepy boy.

"Takeru, this is Noa. Noa, this is your Uncle Takeru. Can you say Takeru, Noa?" Noa looked at me for a moment, trying to decipher whether or not he should try before he decided he should.

"Ru?" he said, questioning. Takeru laughed.

"Good enough buddy. I can definitely go by Ru. Now, I hate to drink your coffee and run, but I should head out," he said.

"You don't have to leave just because I got here Takeru," Cato said, not wanting him to feel like he was getting thrown out.

"I actually have to leave either way. I've got to get to the airport. It was really great to meet you and Noa, Cato. Kari talks about you guys all the time. Ai and I will have to try and make it out here some time and see you guys again. Take care of yourselves." With that, Takeru ducked out and went to his car.

As he left, the nervousness of having both of them in the same room faded away and made me realize that an emotion that should have been present in force was suspiciously absent. I had no guilt for what had happened and that surprised me, but there was one thing that surprised me even more.

I wouldn't hesitate if he asked me to go out again.

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