A/N: Just something that I decided to write today. Little smut with a dash of fluff at the end. For one of my favorite OTP's, no less! Hope you all enjoy and I'm always looking for reviews!

"S-sanji..." The word came out in a shaking, shuddering breath of air, Usopp tilting his head backwards and slipping his eyes shut. His hands hovered over Sanji's bare back for a moment, then just dropped, like he couldn't hold them up any more, couldn't not touch the man above him, couldn't do anything else with them but drape them there, over Sanji's shoulder and upper back.

He could feel the man moving over him. Slender but so-very-there muscles moving beneath skin, flexing with each dip of a slender neck, causing dips where it had just been hard and taut. Sanji's lips were leaving wet, sloppy kisses along Usopp's bare chest; tongue flicking out and swirling over each patch of skin; teeth grazing here and there not nipping but being felt and being acknowledged with soft breaths and sharp movements of the sniper's chest.

Then, without warning, Sanji lunged - soft, pink lips curling around a dark nipple. His tongue traced the pert nub, flicking the very tip of it. Usopp gave a shuddering breath and let out a soft noise - but it wasn't quite a moan, noted Sanji, not yet at least.

The blond swirled his tongue around and over the nipple, licking it and sucking it, and then he bit down and Usopp's hands were scrabbling at his back, not quite sure whether to push Sanji away or ask him to do that again. His body was trembling now, bronze skin coated in a light sweat, eyes clenched shut.

Usopp let out a whimper, and Sanji bathed the now bruised nipple in kisses. Soft, sweet, a perfect counter for the nip he'd just given.

It was an odd thing, discovering his timid partners kinks. Figureing out just exactly what Usopp enjoyed, what he wanted. What he needed.

Most of the people Sanji had been with in the past, men or women, they were all brash. People like Nami, who weren't afraid to demand they be given only the best treatment. Only the proper kisses and the right fondling and the same-kind of fucks, over and over again. And Usopp was the complete opposite of that.

The sniper was almost shy in his sexual preferences. Turned bright red and stuttered whenever Sanji brought it up, even if they had just fucked and were still naked, pressed against each other, bodies showing exactly what had just taken place. Usopp just didn't like talking about it but, while he wasn't picky, Sanji was quickly discovering everything and anything about the younger mans body.

Like how the small, starburst shaped scar on Usopp's left shoulder must have been sensitive to the touch.

That was where Sanji moved too, after letting go of the brunnette's nipple with a wet 'pop'. Dragging his body over top of the youngers, grinding their still clothed erections against each other and relishing in the loud moan that Usopp gave. Then he pressed his lips against the marred flesh, in a kiss that was firm and simple and felt so very right.

Usopp positively quivered under the chef's administrations. He gave a soft whimper, left hand beginning to trail up and down Sanji's back, right hand still draped over the taller mans shoulders.

Sanji's tongue crept out from between his lips, just barely touching the raised skin. He didn't know what had caused it (had asked once, a while ago back when they first got together, but Usopp had wilted and muttered about not wanting to talk about it and then retreated to his workshop for the rest of the day), but he knew that Usopp liked it being touched.

Maybe it felt good?

Maybe it was just something in the other mans mind?

Either way, Sanji raised his mouth away from the scar. Let his hot breath dance across Usopp's skin, enjoying just watching it all but ripple in pleasure. And then he lowered his mouth and licked and plastered it in kisses; watched as saliva began to coat the small patch of skin and listned as Usopp mewled beneath him.

"Nng...San-ji..." gasped Usopp, and he drawled out the second part of the chef's name - half-lidded eyes happily taking in the shudder it sent down his partner's spine. His left hand swept first up Sanji's back, then down and kept going further, dancing across the blonds hips and then coming to a rest on his boxer covered ass.

A second shudder swept through Sanji when a soft and barely there squeeze was given - and that was something else that he liked about Usopp, even if he didn't understand why. The other man was just so damn careful about everything he did, like he was afraid if he did something wrong Sanji would just up and leave.

But sometimes, a lot of times, those feather-light touches felt better then anything rough and forceful.

In return, Sanji brought his crotch down onto Usopp's again. It was a rough motion, and he found himself gasping at the feel of his cotton briefs running against his cock; of Usopp's own hardness pressing back against him, hips lifting slightly in an attempt to get more of that feeling; of the fact that, oh damn, he was so fucking hard right then.

Usopp was panting, and when Sanji lifted his hips to pull away, Usopp lifted his own and pressed back, grinding against the chef and letting out a pathetic groan.

"Hnnnn - pl-please, Sanji..." he groaned, and tilted his head back as far as he could. It hung off the edge of the kitchen table, and if he were more aware he would have noticed the kink starting to form in his neck. But he wasn't and he didn't - and dear Lord, why did they both still have their boxers on?

Sanji gave a groan of his own, and he wasn't sure if it was because how damn good Usopp's cock had felt, straining against the briefs, or if was from the noise his partner had made. But when Usopp's hands both moved to the waistband of his boxers, he found himself jerking out of the soft grasp and grinding down, forcing their cocks to rub together once again.

"G-gah!" Usopp pressed into Sanji's needy touch, and his fingers ended up just curling up in the dark blue fabric covering the chefs toned ass.

It was a flurry of motions then. Sanji placed a hand on either side of Usopp's shoulders, lowered his face and captured Usopp's mouth in a kiss (and that was something else about the sniper, his kisses and how amazing they felt, how different it was from kissing anyone else), and he decided right then and there that he didn't want to just fuck Usopp. Not like they normally did, anyway.

He wanted something different and he wanted it then - and so what if there were still boxers covering their dicks? Sanji didn't care. Just moved his mouth against Usopp's, and ground their cocks together for all it was worth; relished in the way he had not just another mans hardness beneath him, but the added friction of both of their boxers.

It only took a moment for their movements to settle into a pace, fast and harsh, rubbing and grinding against each other. Tongues battling for dominance that they both knew Sanji would win. Elbows holding up Sanji as he moved his hands, one cupping Usopp's cheek and the other curling in tangled hair - and then Usopp was shuddering and moaning and so was Sanji and they were both clambering for me, struggling to get closer to each other and feel more of each other, and their hips never stopped moving.

Usopp's left hand stayed resting on Sanji's ass, but the right hand dipped beneath the thin fabric of his boxers. Long, deft fingers ghosted down Sanji's rear, in between his ass-cheeks and glancing across something that he hadn't touched before, taunting the blonds tight entrance - and then he was cradling Sanji's balls in his hand and Sanji hissed, thrusting himself harder against Usopp; rubbing faster and rotating his hips each time their cocks met.

Then Usopp was arching up, head hanging off the edge of the table, mouth open in a low and gutteral moan as pleasure coarsed through him. Sanji could feel the sudden wet patch on the other mans light green briefs, as Usopp's orgasm wracked through him. If he'd been looking there, he'd see how the light green was no stained dark in spots, bits of white seeping through around the waist band.

But he wasn't.

He was watching Usopp's face, contorting as sheer pleasure over took him.

Sanji couldn't help but be proud over the fact that he'd caused that.

That thought was too much, and a sudden coil of warmth dropped into his groan. He brought his hips down again, and there was a surprisingly pleasent wet noise when they met; just adding to the delicious friction, making it all seem so much dirtier.

When Sanji came, it was with an almost silent groan, fingers curling tight in Usopp's hair in a way that must have been painful but only brought a gentle grunt from his partner. He could feel his own cum splash agains tthe unabsorbent fabric of his boxers, sliding down his shaft as he rocked himself against Usopp a few more times - then just collapsed on top him, both panting and sweating and, damn, why hadn't they done this earlier in the day?

"Nngh...San-ji?" asked Usopp, and the way he said his name sent a shiver up the chefs spine. Sanji could feel his softening cock jerk, rising back to life, but he didn't do anything more then nuzzle the sniper.

"N'yeah?" he muttered, words muffled against dark skin.

Usopp gave a content sigh, sliding his hands up to rest lightly on Sanji's back. They seemed comfortable there this time, Sanji noted, not like any other time.

"Love you..." whispered Usopp - and he sounded almost afraid to say it, like the words would bring something out of Sanji, like he was waiting to be shoved away.

For a moment, Usopp thought that his fears were right, because Sanji rolled off of his lover and onto his left side. Then he was tugging Usopp closer to him until their still heaving chests were touching, draping his arm over Usopp's waist.

"Love you too...'Sopp." he whispered, and then they were silent and content and warm.