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It's silk, the strip of fabric Sanji's fooling with. A dark blue, almost black, but soft and cooling to the skin. He's perched on the end of the bed, bare knees tucked under him and shirt already off, discarded somewhere on the floor. He's running the length of cloth through his hands, twining it around his wrists, then through his fingers and back again.

But his eyes are locked on Usopp, trying to gauge his reaction to the un-spoken proposal.

Usopp tries to gulp, but his mouth is dry. He cannot tear his eyes away from the piece of fabric; and as Sanji moves it, it seems to glow in the light of the small bedside lamp. It's inviting but, at the same time, it's terrifing.

So he doesn't say anything. Just watches Sanji run it over and around his hands, through fingers and across wrists - doesn't even realize that he does nothing but stare for a long time, too long of a time, until Sanji's hand grow still.

"Sorry." Sanji mutters, letting the fabric drop to his lap. "It was a stupid idea. Let's just - I don't know. Let's just go to bed or something."

He isn't irritated with Usopp, but he's emberrased that he suggested it and that comes through loud and clear in his voice; in the blush making itself known on his cheeks; in the down-cast look of his deep blue eyes. Sanji shifts, moving to pick up the fabric and toss it to the floor, but slender fingers suddenly close around his wrist.

"N-no, just - just wait a sec', okay?" rushes Usopp, and he can't seem to take his eyes off that piece of satin.

The idea's a scary one. No, a petrifying one. But it's something that Sanji is obviously interested in, and doesn't he do a lot for Usopp? Isn't he always so patient and gentle when they head to bed (or to the crows nest, or the kitchen, or his workshop)?

So, why can't he do this for him? Just this one time, to see what it's like. Just how Sanji's always exploring Usopp's body, with kisses and licks and nips, trying to find what the sniper likes.

Sanji's silent for a moment, and when he speaks Usopp realizes that he was staring again. "...you don't have too, Usopp."

"No, no! I - I want too." Usopp says, and then he offers the chef a slight smile, trying to make it seem like he's really interested in the idea. And he is, in a way. It's not something that he's thought of before, but now that the idea's there he cannot seem to shake it from his mind.

A lapse of silence, and then Sanji lifts his head slightly, letting surprised but relieved eyes land on the smaller man. "You do?"

"Well, yeah, I guess. I just - I've never done something like...that...before." Usopp finally admits, and it isn't a huge surprise because he hasn't done much of anything before. Nothing that he accepts as being real, at least, and nothing that he will even allow himself to think of. Instead he squirms about on the bed, uncomfortable because he isnt' sure what to do, and finally waves a bronzed hand at Sanji. "I just - I don't know what to do."

Sanji blinks - and he should nod or say something, he knows, but he's still surprised that Usopp has agreed to do this with him. Glad, yes, but surprised all the same. Eventually, he manages to offer the other man a slight smile, picking the silken scarf back up and once more beginning to run it through his fingers.

"It's simple." he says, and he tries to keep his words light when he speaks. "You just lay back and let me do what needs to be done."

A shiver runs up Usopp's spine, and he gives a slightly hesitant nods. Lets himself lay down on the bed, head resting on a pillow and his arms are sort of just hovering over his chest, because he isn't sure where Sanji wants him to put them. He doesn't have to wait long, because Sanji slides up beside the younger mans head, still on his knees, and slides one hand under both of Usopp's wrists.

The sniper goes limp in his grasp, which is fine because it makes it easier for Sanji to get everything set up. He pushes Usopp's wrists close together, then drapes the silken scarf over them, both ends towards the other mans face; wraps it together once, then across, and then guides the lithe arms backwards, over his head and towards the headboard. Loops the scarf there too, and his hands are shaking as he does it, trying to be gentle but make sure that the knot is a firm one. Doesn't want it to come loose in the middle of the fun, after all, but he doesn't want this to hurt. Doesn't even want it to be uncomfortable.

And Usopp can sense that, so he tries not to move around too much. Still, he cannot help the occasional twitch of his fingers, or the way his breath has suddenly become much more labored. Once Sanji's leans back, the sniper gives a gentle tug on the piece of soft cloth now binding his wrists above and behind him. It's cold against his skin, which is suddenly hot and clammy feeling, and there's a sharp jolt of pleasure down below - he tilts his head back and moans, and dear Lord, when did Sanji's hand get down there?

A slight smile flicks across the chefs face at the noise, fingers tracing Usopp's cock through his boxers. "You okay, 'sopp?"

Eyes clenched shut, Usopp gives a sharp nod. Yes, he's okay, and damn, that feels good; that's what he wants to say, but instead he just lets out a slight whimper, "I-it's really loose...", and gives another experimental tug on the silken cloth.

Sanji lets out an agreeable noise, sliding himself ontop of the sniper's chest. He's straddeling Usopp's stomach, hands fluttering across his chest, his shoulders, then curl into Usopp's hair. Just for a moment though, when he swoops down and presses a quick, chaste kiss to the mans dark lips.

"I know..." he whispers, breath ghosting across Usopp's face; Usopp's ghosting across his. "But it doesn't have to be tight. Right?"

He doesn't wait for an answer, doesn't want one, before he presses their lips together again. It's all tongue and teeth and burning passion, and after just a moment Sanji can feel Usopp shift. Muscles strain as, without thinking, the sniper tries to move his hands, tries to curl them in Sanji's hair or drape them over his back or do something with them. But he can't and the realization of that draws a slight whine from him.

Sanji's smile turns into a smirk. He doesn't say anything, just scoots down his lover's body. For a brief moment their cocks touch and Sanji presses down, long fingers dancing across Usopp's chest then dragging blunt nails along the other mans side, and Usopp arches into his touch with a slight whine.

"Heh..." the chef breathes, and then he dips his head to nuzzle Usopp through his boxers. Again, Usopp lets out one of those delicious whines of his and the sound goes straight to Sanji's dick; which is throbbing and hard and, God, the idea that he could do whatever he wanted to Usopp was just fucking thrilling.

It only takes a few seconds and one swift moment for Sanji to tug down the light green briefs the other man is wearing, which is all that he is wearing and the rush of cold air that hits Usopp brings forth a gasp and a shudder, and takes a moment to eye up his prize. It has always surprised Sanji how long Usopp is; not thick, but long and a deep hue of red, veins pulsing and just a bit of pre-cum dripping from the top, sliding down the shaft and towards the tuft of curly, dark brown hair at his base. Just as Usopp is lifting his head up to see what's going on, the blond dips his head and presses his tongue to the base of Usopp's shaft.

The younger man tastes salty, and the curls tickle Sanji's chin. Only for a moment though, because then he's dragging his tongue up and up, along his shaft and then up to the underside of his mushroomed tip. Beneath him, the sniper shudders and he lets out a mewl. Goes to move his arms and is hit by the silk scarf, wrists bound to the headboard of the bed.

Again, Sanji drags his tongue from the base to the tip. Slowly. Teasingly. Enjoying the pathetic and suddenly desperate noises his partner is making.

"Hhhng...Sa-san-ji..." he groans, head pressing back into the pillow. Dragging out the last part of the blonds name, just like he always does; without even thinking about, but knowing that it does something else to Sanji, something brilliant.

A shudder runs down the blonds spine, and he shifts his weight. Finishes his course up to Usopp's head, then drags his tongue across the tip. Sanji settles himself in between Usopp's legs, and then lowers his head, just as slowly as he had moved his tongue. Wraps his lips around the warmth - and then just holds them there, as the sniper writhes before him, trying hard to get more from Sanji.

Placing a hand on the tan hip that's trying to push its way up, Sanji uses the other to reach below and dance his fingers over the other mans balls; slides his lips down, ever so slightly; ever so slowly; and takes in just a little more of the man.

"Nngh...San-ji...Hn-mo-more!" whines Usopp, vainly trying to accentuate the request with a feeble thrust. The large hand on his hip stops him before he can even start, the cold ties around his wrist binds him in place.

Sanji listens anyway though, and suddenly drops his head. Gets a little past half-way down, then jerks his head back up, tongue swirling and sliding the entire way. He can already feel the drool start to pool at the bottom of his mouth, coating the pulsing shaft in his mouth as he moves. Uses his free hand to play with the part of dick he cannot take in, squeezing and rubbing and fondling it.

Usopp moans and clenches his eyes shut, entire body tense. There's a tight coil of pressure, first in his stomach, then at the base of his cock. Manages to pant out Sanji's name, trying once more to push into the warmth because Sanji is just going so slow.

The chef doesn't speed up, but he smirks against the piece of flesh in his mouth. Gives a soft hum and an extra bob, not even taking him in half-way that time. Curls his tongue as much as he can - and there's saliva everywhere now, making it an easier trip down, a wetter trip up. He can feel the younger man tensing up. Knows that it won't be much longer.

And just keeps up the slow, steady pace. Taunting, yet not.

When that powerful shudder sweeps through Usopp, Sanji has to tighten his grip on his hip to make sure that the sniper cannot move it; doesn't move his head, and just takes in every drop of warm, viscous cum.

It's salty and comes in bursts, as Usopp moans and writhes and calls out Sanji's name, dragging out the 'gee' part like he always does.

And, damn, if Sanji isn't hard.