Rebecca: "Yes. My two favorite colors. You know, I was thinking do you really have your heart set on this "some place special" you want to take me?"

Punk: "I'm always up for some spontaneous adventures. What's on your mind?"

He sits on the corner of her bed and notices how soft and comfortable the mattress is. It felt really good after the day he had. He didn't dare lean back. His insomnia was bound to catch up to him and force him into an unplanned nap. He couldn't see what Rebecca was doing in the closet, but he could hear her moving stuff around. He assumed she was packing. She could be laying on the closet floor for all he knew.

Rebecca: "I was thinking I'd treat you to an evening in."

She is standing in the doorway of the closet in a black lace negligee and black silk robe.

Punk: "Wow. You look absolutely gorgeous. I like your plans better."

She smiles and he gets up and puts his arms around her.

Back to the present day,

I stand naked before you now

No walls to hide behind

So here am I

You see all of my scars

Still here you are

I bare my soul and I'm not afraid

Not afraid

I am beautiful with you

Even in the darkest part of me

I am beautiful with you

Making me feel the way it's supposed to be

You are here with me

Show me this and I'll believe

I am beautiful with you

I've been the strong one for so long

But I was wrong

Doesn't make you weak if you're needing some one

I'm not holding back anything with anyone

I am beautiful with you

I am beautiful with you

You want me for myself

You get me like no one else

I am beautiful with you

A loud knocking on his front door pulls him back into reality and he hits pause on the IPOD and gets up to answer the door. Rebecca is standing there in his grey hoodie.

Rebecca: "Hey there sexy."

She kisses him and comes inside. He shuts the door.

Punk: "Hey yourself, gorgeous. I was just thinking about you and the first time I ever kissed you."

Rebecca: "Was it something like this?"

She kisses him and he puts his arms around her and kisses her back.

Punk: "I may be a little cloudy on the exact memory. You're just going to have to remind me of the small details."

Rebecca: "Very funny, Phil."

He starts laughing and kisses her with passion and they fall lightly onto the living room couch and begin to make out in the afternoon setting sunlight that beamed in through the window.

The End