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In the early afternoon, under a gray sky… Ib and her parents were on their way to an art gallery…

"Do you remember everything Ib?" Ib's mother asked Ib. "Oh, do you have your handkerchief? You know, the one you got for your birthday? Keep it safe in your pocket, okay,? Don't lose it!

Ib walked into the museum with her parents. A rush of cold, air-conditioned air breezed through her silky brown hair, watering her ruby-red eyes slightly.

"Well, we're here." Ib's mother said. Ib looked up at her mother. Her mother had silky brown hair reaching her shoulders. Ib's hair however, went past her shoulders and stopped in the end of her back.

"This is your first time in an art gallery, right, Ib? We're here today to see an exhibition of works by an artist named Guertena. And they don't have just paintings, but sculptures as well! And all other kinds of amazing creations!" she told Ib.

With a smile, Ib's mother said to her, "I don't doubt that you'll even enjoy it, Ib."

Ib's father turned to both Ib and Ib's mother, "Should we get to the reception desk?" Ib's father was a tall man with brown hair and dark brown eyes. Ib got his facial features from him.

The family walked up to the reception desk and Ib's father began to ask about the schedule and exhibits. Ib looked up and saw white announcement speakers and little black speakers in corners of the museum. Ib heard soft, soothing classical music coming from the speakers.

Ib then asked her mother, "Mom, can I go ahead and look around a bit?"

"Well… Ib's mother started saying. "I don't see a problem with it!", Ib's mother said with a smile. "Just be quiet in the gallery and don't cause the other visitors any trouble now!"

Ib went ahead to go see the main exhibit. Ib saw a large crowd gathered around to see it.

"? of the Deep" was the name. Ib didn't know the first word.

Moving closer, Ib saw that is was a big fish with dark eyes in the dark, blue ocean water. Looking up, she saw a notice and read it. She couldn't make some words out: "Welcome to the World of Guertena. We truly thank you for ? today. We're currently holding an ? for the great artist Weiss Guertena. We hope you deeply enjoy the art of the late Guertena, whose creations carry such mystery and beauty both."

Next to the notice was a very large painting. It consisted of of a red woman scolding a blue child. The seemed blue child seemed to be on a piano. Ib read the plaque next to it and read the name. It was called "A Well Meaning ?" Ib wished that she knew all the works she didn't know.

Ib continued further down the hall and came across a large sculpture of a giant red rose. "? of Spirit the plaque read.

Next to it was a notice. "Beautiful at a glance, but if you get too close, it will ? pain. It can only bloom in ? bodies." Ib didn't know what the words are. Ib examined the sculpture and saw the petals on the ground. Ib had the urge to collect the giant petals and attach them back to the rose sculpture.

Ib shook that urge off and continued down the hall. As she was moving away from the rose sculpture, Ib noticed she almost missed a painting. Ib faced towards it. "The Coughing Man" the plaque read. "It's really simple." Ib thought to herself.

She continued down the hall. Ib saw another painting and another one. It was titled "Selfless Guard". It had a black background and had a white bird flying in the dark night sky. Ib observed that most of these paintings were very simple.

Ib stopped at the first one, "? of ? and Stars" was the title. "It's not that clear…" Ib said to herself. "? Spirit" was the next one. It was very messy. Ib look and squinted hoping to see something. Nothing. Ib saw a man on the next picture and continued on.

"Glass of ?" To Ib, the dark liquid looked like hot chocolate. "Beach ?" "This place looks pretty…" Ib said to herself. The "? Beach" looked very peaceful and calm.

Noticing that she saw all the paintings in the area, Ib proceeded back to the main entrance.

At the main entrance, Ib didn't see her parents.

"They must be looking at the paintings already." Ib thought. Ib went upstairs to explore some more. Ib saw and noticed an exhibit with three statues all the same, but different colored dresses. Red , blue and yellow.

Ib walked up to the exhibit and read the name, "Death of the Individual". The man next to Ib said, "In my opinion, what Guertena is saying here is that 'the individual' lies in one's expression . Which is why the figures don't have heads, see? Don't you think so?"

It seemed that the man wanted to say this to someone, giving that question a little bit of thought. Ib didn't know how to answer that question and just agreed with him.

"I guess so." Ib replied.

The man seemed happy with Ib's answer. He exclaimed in surprise, "Ah, I'm glad you understand! Yes, I'm sure that's it." He turned back to the sculptures and looked at it some more. He had a small smile on his face, a look showed that he understood of the meaning of the exhibit.

Ib moved on to the next exhibit. A white couch with red marks on. It's name was "Reserved Seat".

Ib turned and saw another exhibit. It consisted of a man sleeping, sitting. The man was wearing a dark green hoodie. it was covering his face and hair. He seemed to wear a giant poofy backpack.

Ib looked at the exhibit oddly. "Death of the Individual" and "Reserved Seat" had ropes around it and this one didn't.

Ib searched for a plaque and couldn't find one. Then, the man moved and made a soft noise. Ib was startled and jumped, realizing that the exhibit was actually a bench with a man sitting on it. Ib went past "Death of the Individual" and toward the paintings.

"The Lady Taking the Newspaper" was first. "Really simple like 'The Coughing Man' " Ib said to herself.

On the right, a painting looked like a hanged man with a rope on his foot. Ib couldn't see the title clearly because a strange man with purple hair wearing a ragged dark blue coat was staring at it, intensely.

Ib saw that the man had his thumb under his chin. He was thinking hard about something.

Ib moved quickly by other paintings. "? Towers", "Worry", "? on Table" and "? Diamond"

Ib passed the paintings and one caught her eye. A man was staring at it, admiring it.

"The Lady in Red" the plaque read. The woman had ruby-red eyes and a beautiful smile. "The Lady in Red" was wearing a beautiful red dress, the painting reminded of her mother.

The man next to Ib had a little bit of something to say too. "What a beautiful woman…" the man said. "But I wonder if she was someone real? They say that Guertena didn't typically paint real people."

The next thing the man said had hope and a little hint of desperation. He had a strained face when he said it. "But, there's always a chance, you know? This girl could be out there somewhere… Wow!" The man finished talking and directed his attention back at the painting, his expressed softened a little bit, his face relaxed. He seemed to be glad for that to be out.

Ib continued on to the next painting, "Bitter Fruit". And an odd exhibit caught her eyes. A giant pink ball with swords in it.

Next was "The Taste-Cleansing Tree" a woman nearby muttered something about eating it. The next one was a figure melting into the ground. The next one was a painting, a painting of a cat. A mother and her daughter were admiring it.

The last painting was an eye. "Enlightment" was the name.

She continued down and saw a giant painting. It had many colors on the painting. The plaque read "? World". Ib didn't know what the first word was. The lights flickered.

The classical music slowly downed into silence. Ib got nervous and her palms started to sweat. Ib didn't like the feeling even more as it went quieter.

She wanted to leave quick. She made her way to the main entrance in dead silence and dimmed, flickery darkness.

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