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"I don't fucking care what it was, the point is what it looked like" Blaine's father said pointedly staring him down from the other side of the island in the kitchen "So, what? I can't have friends at all now?" Blaine asked furrowing his brow, he had been at a little coffee shop with one of his, very straight, friends and a colleague of his fathers had spotted them. And now, of course, his father was blowing it way out of proportion "I never said that, you can have as many female friends as you want" his dad returned, over emphasizing the word 'female'.

"Dad." Blaine sighed in frustration "Wes is 100% straight! He just got dumped by his girlfriend" Blaines voice raised a little and his hand gestures got wider "And how the fuck am I supposed to know if your even telling me the truth?" his fathers words dripped with condescension and Blaine's mouth hung open slightly "Because I have no reason to lie to you!" Blaine's words were taking on an edge of anger as he took a step closer to his dad "You know who I am, I'm PROUD of who I am! Why the fuck would I lie to you!" Blaine was nearly shouting now "Because you're a fag." Mr. Anderson answered in voice so calm and deadpan that it knocked the wind out of Blaine, he opened his mouth to say something but closed it again and his father decided to fill the silence "You will behave appropriately."

"And what is 'appropriate' behavior for me dad?" Blaine snapped finally find his voice, he knew his mother could probably hear them over her tv program in the living room and he knew she would never come and defend him, she would sit there and pretend nothing was happening, nothing was wrong. "You damn well know boy" he dad slammed the palm of his hand down on the counter, making Blaine jump slightly at the loud dull thud it incited "And what about when I DO get a boyfriend, huh? I'm not gonna be single for ever dad!" Blaine gritted his teeth, he was just so tired of this same damn argument and right now, he was so, so, angry.

"Fuck who ever you want! But NOT in public Blaine, I will not have you smearing this name or ruining my business!" his dad stared straight into his eyes, clearly trying to assert his dominance but Blaine wasn't backing down, not this time "So I'll never be allowed to go on date? I'll never get to hold my boyfriend's hand as we walk down the street? Or even have a conversation over coffee?" the tone of Blaine's words pointed out their absurdity, but his dad didn't seem to notice "YOU ARE AN ANDERSON!" he roared as if it was supposed to mean something.

"Maybe I don't want to be an Anderson!" Blaine viciously quipped back "If it means I can never be happy! If it means I'm expected to waste my life away! If it means you will control ever aspect of it! As if MY LIFE is just a big game to you!"

"Your life?" Mr Anderson chuckled, like simply saying it was a joke "Let me tell you about your life... Your life, you are going to find a nice girl, that you at least get along with, you're going to marry her and you're going to have a couple kids, you're going to take over the company and up hold its good name, and if you wanna take it up the ass to close a deal now and then... Than so be it" at the end of his speech his face held a self satisfied smirk that made Blaine's stomach wrench.

Blaine looked at him with determination, but didn't say another word, he turned on his heel and left the kitchen, his heavy footfalls meeting the steps soon after.

Blaine slammed the door to his room and went straight for his closet, he reached inside and pulled out a decent sized zipper bag and flung it onto his bed. He tore around the room grabbing clothes, and other small items and shoving them into the bag, he stopped and looked around the room once the bag was bulging, there was really nothing else he wanted. "My whole fucking life fits in one bag" he scoffed.

Blaine stalked over to his closet one last time, reaching up to the top shelf he pulled out a small box that had the word "keepsakes" scrawled across the side in black maker, and flipped it upside down over the bed sending the contents flying. He pulled out its fake bottom and grabbed out the wad of cash, he was in to big of a hurry to count it, but last time he checked it was just under two hundred and fifty dollars. He shoved it all in his pocket.

He grabbed his bag off the bed and through the door open, not caring that it hit the wall with a solid thud and probably left a sizable dent. With his face locked in a hard unreadable expression, he set a quick pace down the stairs and didn't let up when he passed through the living room, right in front of his parents "Blaine?" his mother's voice hit his ears but it didn't slow him down and she stood up to follow him.

This wasn't Blaine going to Wes' house for a few days to cool down, this wasn't a threat, this was different, this was real, and he was serious.

Blaine paused in the foyer to snatch his keys off the hook, and walked out the door, not bothering to close it behind him. "BLAINE!" his mother sprinted out the door, stopping at the edge of the step, and he finally stopped to look back at her, "Where will you go?" concern, her voice was filled with concern, and her eyes pleaded with him to talk to her, but it was about nineteen years to late "Oh, just let him go... Little faggots always run back to their mommies in the end." His fathers cold voice came from the door way behind her and Blaine's face set in a hard glare.

He stormed back toward the house working his keys in his hands, and came to a stop just in front of the porch, he held up a single silver key and looked his father straight in the eye "I wash my hands of you" he said in a deep snarl and threw the key as his father, he spun around resuming the walk to his car, not even waiting to see where it landed, he would never need it, why would he need a key to a house he would never see again? His mother called his name one last time as he yanked his car door open and roughly thrust the bag inside, he slid in and slammed the door before driving away to the sound of gravel whipping out from under his tires.

About fifteen minutes out of town he grabbed his cell phone with a shaky hand, "Hello?" thank god he picked up "I left" was all Blaine said, the words coming out in a rush and tasting foreign on his tongue "You what?" came the confused reply "I left Wes! Me and my dad got in another fight and.. And I just left!" Blaine shook his head as though he couldn't believe it himself "Ok, well, come over here" he could practically hear his friend shrug "No.. No, not like that, I mean, I left... I'm never going back Wes" there was silence over the line "But, how? What are you gonna do? How are you gonna live?" Wes' voice was quiet now "I'm nineteen, I'm an adult. That means, I can do what ever I want... and all I know, is that I don't want to be there"

"Ok, well, still come over here. We'll figure this out" he offered and Blaine shook his head "No, I... I'm already out of town, I know where I'm going" he let out a deep breath to try and calm himself "And where is that?" Wes was almost afraid to ask "California." Blaine replied and braced himself for his friends out burst "CALIFONIA! That's over two thousand miles away! Do you even have enough money for the gas to get you out there!?" Wes shrieked thinking his friend had clearly lost his mind "No. But I'll go as far as I can, and work it out from there" Blaine replied, in all honesty it sounded a lot less crazy in his head.

"Please, please just come see me" Wes begged "Let me help you" and Blaine sighed, Wes really was his dear friend and this was hard, but it had to be done "No.. No, I can't. I have to get out of here Wes, out of this town, out of this state. I just want to get as far away from him as I can, and that's California" more silence "You've been, a great friend to me Wes" Blaine's voice got emotional and he heard a string of quiet teary 'no's on Wes' end of the line "I'm so sorry... I really am... Good-Bye Wes" Blaine hung up the phone before his friend got a chance to reply and quickly turned it off, tossing it into the seat next to him and settling in. He had a long drive ahead.

Blaine drove.

He drove and he drove and he only stopped when he had to get gas. He just kept driving. He thought at some point he would have to stop and sleep, but he never got tired, he didn't want to quit, he just wanted to keep going. It was near three in the morning somewhere in the middle of Colorado, when his gas gauge showed a quarter of a tank, and he pulled open his glove compartment, three dollars... That's all he had left.

He reached up and zoomed out on his GPS, it looked like the closest town was up a small windy mountain road, so he took it. His car climbed up and up as the road went higher and higher on the mountain and the air got thinner and cooler. Eventually he found himself approaching the edge of town, and slowed down as his headlights illuminated a rectangular green sign with silver block letters.

Population 2,261

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