Dear all my wonderful readers,

I'm afraid this is where we part ways. The end of our journey has come, as alas all things must end, even the good things. I thank each and every one of you who made it all the way to the end, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Until we meet again,

It's Just Klaine Love

"Ohmygod, if you straighten it one more time, it's gonna fall apart" Blaine said with a playful smile and Kurt let go of his bow tie "I'm sorry, I'm just so nervous!" Kurt apologized and chewed the bottom of his lip.

"Well, that's to be expected isn't it?" Blaine asked softly and slid his hand onto Kurt's cheek who leaned into it, even after all these years of growing and becoming men together, Blaine's hands still felt the same on his skin "I just want everything to be perfect" Kurt stated and adjusted his own suit coat since he'd been forbidden to touch Blaine's tie.

"And it will be" Blaine assured him "god knows it ought to be with as much as we're paying that planner" Blaine said with big eyes "Hey she's the best" Kurt defended "So I've been told" Blaine smirked, and Kurt let out a heavy breath.

"It's really happening" he said with tears puddling in his eyes "Hey, sweetheart, you said you wouldn't cry" Blaine said softly and pulled him into a hug "I know" he said in a watery voice "I just can't help it" he sniffed.


Both their heads turned to the open doorway and the sight before them did nothing to stop Kurt's tears, there stood the most beautiful bride either of them had ever seen.

Elizabeth Grace Anderson-Hummel. Lizzy Hummel for short, had thick beautiful dark curls, naturally tan skin, and the most amazing honey colored eyes you'd ever seen, and even though she wasn't biologically related to him, she somehow had Kurt's smile.

"Oh, papa-" she said with a small smile and whisked into the room with all the grace and poise of a true princess, her perfectly fitted wedding gown flowing around her "You promised you wouldn't cry" she said softly wiping a tear from Kurt's cheek with her thumb.

"Because you know if you cry-" she looked to her side and Blaine already had tears in his eyes too "Daddy's gonna cry" she finished with a sweet smile and Blaine shrugged "I don't think it's his fault this time honey" he said with a smile "You're beautiful" he said sincerely and hugged her, careful not to mess up her makeup and hair.

"Ok, the procession is lining up, we have to go" she said with a smile "Oh, I'm so excited!" she squealed a little and danced on her tippy toes "Come on, let's go get you married" Blaine grinned and took her hand.

The back of cathedral was stifling, to Kurt at least, he was giving away his baby! Entrusting her safety and well being to someone else, and while he greatly approved of Jonathan, it still wasn't easy.

They stood at the back of the line as the music started to play and the wedding planner ushered the first group forward, Blaine was to Lizzy's right and Kurt to her left, and even separated by someone, Blaine could still feel Kurt's unease.

He walked around behind his daughter and caught Kurt by the hand making him face him, "I love you" he said with a soft smile "Everything's going to be ok, we'll always be her dads" he assured him and Kurt nodded, he couldn't not feel better when Blaine looked at him like that.

"I love you too" he answered and Blaine gave him a quick kiss before he moved back to his side and Lizzy squeezed his hand in thanks. The flower girls went out, and then they were even with the doors, and Blaine took a deep breath as he and Kurt linked their arms with Elizabeth's, and the bridal march started.

They made their way to the altar one small step at a time and released her arms carefully when they got there "Who gives this woman?" the minister asked looking and Blaine and Blaine looked passed his daughter straight into Kurt's eyes "Her father and I" he answered with great pride in voice.

Kurt didn't keep his promise, not that anyone expected him to. Tears streamed down his cheeks as the two at the altar confessed their love for one another and he gripped Blaine's hand tightly. And when they introduced Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Coltan for the first time, Blaine cried too.

At the end of the ceremony they adjourned to the grand ballroom next door for the breathtaking reception and people found their seats and soon dinner was served.

"The ceremony was wonderful sweetheart" Blaine told Elizabeth with a smile from his place next to her at the head table, "Thank you Daddy! This day is absolutely perfect" she grinned and Blaine looked at Kurt with a knowing smirk "Oh, you know you're always right anyway" Kurt giggled nudged him in the shoulder.

Sometime after desert the ballroom fell into a low rumble of casual voices and Blaine stood up, the clink of his wine glass ringing out over the crowd and when people turned to look at him he had a microphone in his hand.

"Uh, good evening everybody" he said with a grin, "I was asked to give a toast tonight and I'm not gonna pretend I'm good at this so just bear with me" he joked and the crowd laughed lightly.

"There have been four great moments in my life, uh, the first being the moment I met my future husband as a little lost boy in an old cowtown, the second would be the day that man proposed to me, at the top of the Eiffel tower and then the day we married surrounded by our family and friends. And one of the greatest moments of all" Blaine took a shaky breath "Was the day my baby girl was born, and I held her in my arms for the first time, and now I'm proud to say I have five great moments" he looked down at his beautiful daughter in her beautiful dress and smiled and she smiled back.

"Love, is a hard thing to find, and it's an even harder thing to capture" he said and slid his hand over Kurt's shoulder by his side and Kurt covered it with his own "It nearly slipped through my fingers, and I'm glad that Lizzy had the mind and strength to see it and hold onto it with all she had. But love is also not easy, there will always be times, when you can't get a job or you come home to late or you buy the wrong color of sofa" Blaine paused for everyone to giggle,

"And love will get mad, but true love is always there for you, through the hard times and the good, like when you buy your first house, or see your dreams come true. Through it all love will never abandon you, love will never run away, because it can't, that's what makes it love. As many of you know Kurt and I have been together for nearly thirty years now, and somehow I still fall in love with him a little more, every single day" Blaine felt Kurt squeeze his hand over his.

"Elizabeth Grace, Colten. I wish you and your husband every bit of love that your father and I have shared over the years and more, you are a wonderful person, and a beautiful bride, here's to you" he looked back over the crowd and raised his glass "To Lizzy and Jon, may their love live on forever" and he took as sip along with everyone else before sitting back down and looking to Kurt for affirmation.

"How are you so perfect?" Kurt asked with watery eyes and Blaine took that as a job well done, and kissed him gently "I had a good teacher"

The meal ended and people adjourned to the dance floor and to mill around after the father daughter and first dances.

"Cooper!" Blaine's face lit up when he saw his brother across the way, "Hey little brother" Cooper returned wrapping him in hug, he'd kept in touch with his brother over the years and true to his word never went home and never saw his father again. Just a little over ten years ago he'd gotten a late night call from Cooper, saying their father had passed away, Blaine didn't go to his funeral. And he assumed he would get a similar call some day, and then his mother would be gone to.

Blaine and Cooper chatted and caught up for a bit and then Kurt found him and after greeting his brother drug him out on the dance floor. They danced several dances and made their way to get some punch "Hey kiddo!" Burt was suddenly at Blaine's side "That was a great toast, well done" he complimented and slapped Blaine on the back, the Christmas Kurt had brought him home and he met Burt for the first time, Burt had adopted him "Thanks dad" Blaine grinned back, because since that day Burt was the father he'd never had.

"Kurt, I'm not even gonna think about how much you paid for this, but the wedding is absolutely lovely" he grinned at his son and Kurt nodded "That's probably a good thing, and thanks"

"Well, I'm gonna find Carole, I've been practice'n my moves" he joked and made off into the crowd. Kurt laced his fingers through Blaine's and leaned his head on his shoulder "This has been really nice hasn't it" he asked whimsically "It has" Blaine agreed and he couldn't have been happier, Kurt and Lizzy had both worked so hard on it, it was nice to see it all pay off.

"Blaine?" a quiet female voice came from somewhere in front of him, it was familiar, but much older than the last time he'd heard it and Blaine searched the crowd for its source. And then he saw her.

"Jackie..." he breathed and Kurt straightened by his side, holding his hand a little tighter, it had been almost thirty years since Blaine had seen her, her skin was wrinkled and her hair was gray, but it was her. "Hello Blaine" she said quietly and stopped in front of him with a small smile "I've missed you" she said with sincerity, and her eyes were soft and warm in a way Blaine had never seen, clearly ten years without his dad, had done her good.

"Is this your husband?" she asked without judgment, looking at Kurt "Uh, ya, this Kurt" Blaine answered slowly "It's wonderful to meet you, I'm Jackie, Blaine's mother" she said cordially and extended her hand toward him, Kurt let go of Blaine's to shake her's, but slipped his fingers right back into place when he was done.

"It's... It's good to see you mom" Blaine said with a soft smile, it had been twenty-nine years, he could give her a second chance, "There's uh, there's someone I want you to meet" he said quietly and let go of Kurt's hand so he could take hers "Excuse us for a minute hon?" he asked Kurt, who nodded but kept a close eye on them as they made their way through the crowd.

"Lizzy" Blaine addressed his daughter who had just finished shaking someone's hand "I want you to meet somebody" he said and moved to stand by her and turned to look at Jackie "This is Elizabeth Grace, my daughter" he said and looked back at Elizabeth "Lizzy, this is your grandmother" he said quietly and watched his daughters eyes get a little wider "I am truly happy to make your acquaintance" she said with a large smile, she always assumed this would be a grandparent she would never meet.

"You make a beautiful bride" Jackie complemented with shining eyes "And you look so much like your father" she said looking at Blaine "Both of them" she added.

They heard Cooper call her through the crowd and she excused herself to go say hello.

"Well, that was unexpected" Lizzy commented looking at her dad carefully "Ya" he agreed "But in a good way" he determined and Lizzy smiled. She was soon swept away by someone else wanting to congratulate her and Kurt was by Blaine's side before he even realized it.

"Dance with me?" Blaine asked looking over at his husband "Always" Kurt replied with a smile, and just as they stepped onto the dance floor the DJ started Find Yourself, the same song they'd danced to all those years ago on the cold streets of Telluride, and then again at their own wedding.

"Our song" Kurt mumbled as he sank deep into Blaine's embrace and started into slow even movements around the dance floor "Thank you for loving me Kurt" Blaine whispered in his ear as they moved "Thank you for letting me" Kurt replied in a matching tone and Blaine held him tighter, taking comfort in the fact he would never have to let him go again.

They owned their own cabin in Colorado now, and they visited every year. Because they knew, they would always owe everything to that little bar, in that little mountain town, of Telluride.