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The foster home: Avon.

Chapter 1

"Here we go," I said to Avon. She was the newest part of my family. You see I had been abandoned and I went to live at a place called the Foster Home, well that's what we called it. I had met many friends and someone special, Ciel Phantomhive. I graduated from the school we went to at the home, when you graduated we could leave. And so I left and got married to Ciel; we live a nice life. We still keep in contact with our friends. It was the reunion and we were looking forward to it, but we didn't expect Lizzy to go into labor. That was a surprise, and so I had to deliver the baby. With that Ciel wanted one so we adopted and that's how we got Avon. She had black hair like me and wide blue eyes the same as Ciel. She was a mix between us. She had a fair completion, in-between mine and Ciel's; she also had temper on her that ranged between mine and Ciel's.

"Sebastian, have you got all the things out of the car?" Ciel shouted to me. We had just brought her home, and we were excited to be parents.

"Not everything, can you grab the rest?" I called back to Ciel.

"Sure," he replied. Our house was nice; it was a five bedroom house with a nice back garden.

"Well, this is going to be fun," Ciel said setting down Avon's things.

3 months later

"Avon," Ciel called for her, he clapped his hands.

"You want to go to papa?" I asked her. I looked at Ciel as I gave him Avon. He looked so happy. I just wanted to squeeze them both. Our house had been remodeled into a ten bedroom house. Ciel liked big things, no pun intended.

"What?" Ciel asked me.

"Nothing, you just look so peaceful and beautiful," I smiled and got up to get Avon her teddy from her aunty Lizzy.

"Here you go, Avon," I said giving her the pink bunny rabbit.

"She really does love you, you know," I whispered, stroking Avon's cheek, her eyes were glued on me.

"She loves you too," Ciel said.

"How are we going to do this, what is she going to call us?" Ciel asked.

"Well, how about, your papa and I'm daddy seems as we already call you papa?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I like that and it won't confuse her. How do we explain everything to her?" he looked worried.

"We will figure that out when the time comes. Right now she seems to be falling to sleep," I chuckled at Avon trying to keep her eyes open.

"Night, Ava," Ciel said to her. She was still small for her age and she was beautiful.

"Do you think she will be intelligent?" Ciel asked.

"Yes, now stop thinking about the future, and think about now," I said kissing the top of his head.

"I am going to go put Avon to bed," Ciel said getting up.

She was still in our room for now. Ciel had bought a Victorian style cot for her. She was very lucky.

"Come," I said to him. Ciel set the baby monitor and followed me down stairs.

"Here," I said as we sat in the kitchen, I passed him a cake special made by Lizzy. She was thinking about starting a business; we think she should, her cakes are brilliant.

"What's this for?" Ciel question me.

"Well today is six years since we stared going out," I laughed.

"Oh I forgot," he looked embarrassed.

"No need, as long as you remember the wedding anniversary, I'm okay," I laughed.

"Hmm, three years this year," he said putting a spoon of cream in his mouth.

"Yep," I said putting some cream onto my finger.

"Well I would suggest something, since we haven't done anything since we got Avon," Ciel complained.

"I kiss you," I argued.

"Yes, but nothing intimate," he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Ciel, what do you want?" I asked him.

"Ah, ah it's not what I want but what do you want?" he asked me getting up and walking to me.

"Well, I don't know what can you offer me?" I asked him.

"I can do a lot," he said softly, he rubbed his hands on my chest and whispered in to my ear.

"Hmm, sounds nice," I breathed and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Well, what would you like?" he looked at me. I closed my eyes slowly and swallowed. I reopened my eyes.

"I am yours, do what you will," I told him. He giggled and slowly slid his hands down my front till he reached my waist line. He slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers. He pulled them down just enough to release my throbbing manhood. When he got down onto his knees I leant back against the side and paced my hands on the edge. He slowly started to pull my boxers down and…

We heard crying.

"Really Avon?" Ciel whined.

"I guess nothing for us tonight," I laughed. Ciel went to go and check on her, while I sorted myself out. I was getting stressed, I wanted his body so bad, and I knew he was in need to, but Avon comes first.

"Well, you're going to have to lets us have fun sometime, Ava," I said to myself.

"Well, that was absolutely divine," Ciel said stretching as he came out of the bathroom. Avon was a sleep in her cot and I was reading a book. I placed the book onto the bedside table.

"Sebastian, I really need you," Ciel whined, crawling up to me. I looked over at Avon.

"You get the stuff we need and meet me in the guest bedroom, I will sort out Ava," I said slapping his backside as we got up. Ciel got the things we needed and went to the door.

"Which bedroom?" I asked, sorting out the baby monitor.

"You will just have to find me," Ciel giggled as he left. I made sure Ava was tucked in and safe, I checked the windows and the monitor. I ran downstairs to grab the other monitor. I was on my way up the stairs when I heard a shout. I ran towards the shout only to be knocked down by a frightened Ciel.

"What's wrong?" I asked panicked

"It was huge," Ciel said pulling on my shirt. I looked at him strangely while we were on the floor, the cat ran past us. Ciel got up and followed the cat.

"Alright then," I said to myself. I followed Ciel to one of the bedrooms. He was standing in the doorway watching the cat.

"That is not huge, it's tiny," I laughed staring at the small spider being chased by the cat.

"What are you on about? It's massive." Ciel looked at me.

"Look Ciel, it's just a spider, it's not like it's going to bite you and kill you," I laughed and then stopped when I saw the panic in his eyes. Shit!

"Ciel, it wouldn't," I tried to explain.

"It's fine, I'm feeling tired, I'm just going to head to bed." Ciel left. Why does it always happen to me? I sighed and gabbed one of the glasses Ciel had brought. I put the glass over the spider and slipped a piece of paper underneath. I took it down stairs and out the back.

"Thank you for interrupting, what was surely going to be a very good night, Mr. Spider," I told the spider and lifted the glass. I shook the paper and went back inside. I locked the back door and headed up to bed. I will be impaling the sweet tight ass, again soon. I hope.

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