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Chapter 7

The coffee place was a small café, perfect for meetings and small chit-chat with friends.

"I'm sorry Ciel" I said in my head.

"So Sebastian, I pulled all my resources" Amy told me, her perfectly manicured nails taped on the table as the sun shone off her hair.

"Okay what did you find" I asked taking a sip of my coffee. Amy took out a folder and handed it to me. I opened it and took out all of the paper work.

"Well your farther is and has been involved in some interesting and strange things, including taking and sacrificing small children and their mothers for a strange religion" she said looking down the sheet of paper that she held. By looking at the sheet, she had clearly been doing a lot of research.

My mind thought about what she had said, and ciel ran through my mind. What had he been through?

'By the time I was seven I was branded'

Tears stung in my eyes. Ciel, my ciel.

"do you think they branded the children?" I asked. I didn't want to know the answer but I needed to know, I needed to help Kiel put his mind to rest, put his past to rest. My hands where shaking in either angry or fear, I didn't know which.

"yes, erm…one moment" she was shuffling through her bag. She was concentrating hard trying to find what ever she was trying to find.

"here, they branded them with this pattern" she handed me a piece of paper with a picture on it, it was the same pattern as what was on Ciel. That bastard. I want to find him and kill him, not something I normally thought.

"Sebastian, it wasn't just for religion. The kids and there mothers, were raped and used. Many mothers worked for there kids so they were not hurt, until they couldn't carry on. The children were forced to witness the killing of there mothers. And then they were used, until they were worn out." I could see the pain in her eyes as she told me.

"Ever since the fire that took the lives of my mother and elder sister, I have tried to help these children, but finding witnesses is getting harder. All we know is what I have told you, your farther maybe involved in this" she looked down at her coffee, she drank it. As she lifted her cup I could see her hands shaking. I understood why she was doing this. I would do my best to help kids in the same position that Ciel was in.

"my partner was in a fire" I told her. I pulled out the photo of me, Ciel and Avon and showed it to her. She froze.

"Ciel" she said quietly in a shaky voice.

"You know him" I asked her frowning. Amy nodded a single tear fell down from her hazel eyes, as she touched the picture.

"I am a few years older then him, i'm 26." She smiled, she seemed slightly happier.

"My mother and sister worked for them, and I used to play with Ciel as a child. I was at my grandmothers that night. When I woke up in the morning I was told my mother had died in the fire, everyone had but they couldn't find the bodies of Ciel and Corrie. Some how I knew they were alive but people started to tell me that they where never going to come back and after a while I started to believe them." she smiled sadly. She looked at me, her eyes hopeful and handed me the photo back.

"Ciel went through this, he was taken with your sister. Your sister pretended to be his mother to try and keep him safe. Corrie gave her life for him" I told her, she held a hand over her mouth, her eyes where watering. I could see the pain already. Why did they have to go through this.

I went and payed for the coffee's

"come on, you can meet him again" I smiled, she got up and grabbed her bags.

Ciel POV

I was sat on the bottom step of our stairs. I was upset. How could he? Why would he?

I heard a car pull up, and I jumped up off the stairs. I was now angry, how dare he fool me around. I watched the front door as it opened and he appeared I began.

"Sebastian you…." I began before I was hugged by the woman. What then?

"Ciel" she cried. My eyes widened. Her voice, I knew her it was….

"A-Amy?" I hugged her, I couldn't believe it. I thought I wouldn't see her again. I stepped back from her, she looked just like her sister Coralline. The exact same eyes and soft curls.

"I never thought…." She broke down. We took her to the living room, so she could calm down.

"Amy, why don't you explain why we were meeting?" Sebastian asked her.

"y-yes of course" she pulled out all her folders from her bag and began to explain to me.

"I am going to find him and kill him" I was ragging. My anger that was for Sebastian was now pin pointed on this evil man.

"Ciel, calm down" Sebastian placed his hands on my shoulders.

"Calm down. Calm down you say? How can I fucking calm down" I was ready to explode.

"Ciel just sit down. I will get you some cake alright. Would you like some Amy?" Sebastian looked stressed.

"Erm... yes please" Amy looked back and forth between us both. I sat down in my chair. Cake would help. Cake is nice. Sebastian disappeared to the kitchen to get three slices.

"Ciel, we will find him" Amy looked at me.

"I know" I looked down at my family ring.

"Wow" Amy smiled at the photos. After cake Sebastian suggested we catch up and things, so we did. I got out the photos and we were having a good laugh.

"Does she like hide and seek?" Amy's eyes where bright.

"She does" I smiled. Thinking back I remembered all the things we used to do. I let my mind wonder to a memories, like the ones I tried to forget.

Flash back.

"Amy, coming ready or not" I was little. We were in the gardens playing hide and seek. Corrie was sat reading with my mother. My father was at work. I saw a movement behind the tree with the apple's and a giggle. I giggled myself and ran. I was running pretty fast for a young age, but I didn't see the rabbit hole. I tripped a fell.

"Ow" I started to pout. There was a course of ciel. My mother stood up as well as corrie.

"Ciel" Amy ran towards me, she was young too.

"Are you okay?" she asked. She looked panicked. Her pink ribbon in her hair caught my eyes. I nodded and reached up and picked out the leaf that had caught in her hair.

"I will be Miss Amy" I smiled.

"Please don't worry me again" she giggled.

"Is he okay?" my mother shouted over.

"Yes, miss Phantomhive." Amy shouted back.

End of flash back.

Thinking of my mother's voice, made my eyes water.

"Ciel?" Amy looked at me worriedly.

"I'm fine. Just thinking".

Aloise POV

"Unca" I was laughing. Claude had become a horse for little Avon. She was having a great time. I tried to smile, but it was clear. I was worried about Ciel, and it was the day I lost my parents and I missed them dearly.

"Aloise, erm do you think we should take her back now?" Claude, asked me. I nodded.

"Let me just call ahead" I got up and went to the phone. I sighed and called Ciel.

"Hello?" Ciel was on the other end. I leaned against the wall.

"It's me. We are going to bring Avon back." I could hear my own voice breaking.

"Aloise, come here. We will talk" Ciel told me over the phone.

"Okay. See you soon" I hung up

We drove Avon home. The weather wasn't looking promising. Avon fell asleep in her car seat. I looked out the window. I remember the driving journeys we had. Luka and I singing while mother and father tried to understand us.

"Aloise" Sebastian greeted us and took a sleeping Ava off our hands it was late and it looked like a storm was getting closer.

"Aloise want to stay and talk?" Ciel asked from the stairs. He knew. As soon as he heard me, he knew.

"Yes please" I thanked him. I needed someone to talk to and Ciel new my pain.

"I will go and keep Claude Company" Sebastian told us. Ciel nodded and lead me to his study.

"Sit talk" ciel demanded. I sat down and the tears began to form.

"It's that day" I tried not to cry but I didn't know how well I would hold them back. Ciel came and sat next to me. He handed me the tissues.

"It's okay to cry, let it out" he told me. And I let it go. I cried. My parents, Luka I missed them all. And wanted them back. But I didn't know how I would ever cope without them. It was hard. I didn't want to be without them. Pull yourself together Aloise.

"It's hard I know. But think about all the good you have" Ciel's voice was soft. He hesitantly put his hand on my arm. Trying to comfort me. I nodded and took in what he said. I had to think, I had Claude now. Our family, Ciel, Sebastian, Grell, William, Lizzy, undertaker, Avon and Lizzie's kids. Our family and they weren't going to leave me. Not now.

"Now stay for the night yes? Travel tomorrow?" Ciel offered.

"Please" I answered. I needed the rest and Ciel was always there for me. We didn't always get on but hey what friends didn't fall out every so often.

"Come on we have a rough weeks coming up. Remember its Lizzy's wedding in three weeks."

Ciel reminded me.

"I know." I smiled.

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