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You should have realized this sooner, before it completely corrupted.

You should have realized that when he said they could be brothers, he really meant brothers. Brothers, and brothers only.

You should have realized that when he changed the subject when it came between you and him, he did that only to stop from crying and running away.

You should have realized that when he let you hold his hand and when he wrapped his arms around your body, he was doing things that he did with a friend, a mere friend.

You should have realized that the things he taught you were from sheer kindness.

You shoud have realized that he would smile that heart warming smile to everyone, not just you and you alone.

You should have realized that the loving words he would always tell you, whisper to you, conffess to you were not out of love, but for mere pity.

You should have realized that he fell in love with someone who was his actual age, and the opposite gender of you.

You should have realized that there was no place for you in his heart, at all. Friends didn't deserve such importance.

You, who was so, very naive to think he actually loved you in the littlest bit, actually got emotionally hurt. You were so pathetic, thinking someone could ever love you. You actually let your gaurds down for months while you were with him. You, who was so desperate, clung on to that last piece of thread, not knowing it was worthless.

When you found out he never really loved you, you were heart broken.

'How could someone be heart broken if they don't have a heart to begin with?' You asked yourself.

You actually sobbed after he left.

You actually cared that you would be all alone.

You actually loved him.

But he didn't and doesn't love you like that.

It actually hurt you, when he didn't even glance back. When he smiled. He was happy he was leaving you.

... You should have realized that you have truly failed, once again.

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