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Reality of Fear:

You're not scared of the dark,

You're scared of what's in it.

You're not afraid to let go,

You're just afraid to accept the reality that it's gone.

You're not afraid to try again,

You're just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason.

You're not afraid of heights,

You're afraid of falling.

My mind burned. My mind felt like there was something trying to get out, and destroying my head in the process. The pain was sharp and although I felt fire I also felt the ice; the ice was worse then the fire. The fire was quick and painful but the ice was a slow and tortuous pain. My mind was becoming blurry or foggy; the worse part is I don't understand.

I ran but what I was running from I didn't know. I remember names Victoria and James were the easiest to remember. But I couldn't remember what they looked like. All I remember is red eyes and brilliant orange hair and pain, the same icy tortuous pain that was killing me right now.

Cullen. That was another name, a strange name with strange thoughts to go with it. I remember fire, and vengeance and the most hypnotising golden eyes you have ever seen.

My memories weren't safe. That's what Victoria said; she said I had to stop thinking. Then she told me that if anything went wrong I would stay and fight, I would take the girl, the girl with the brown eyes and the brown hair. What was her name?

I tried to but there was a wolf, a sandy coloured wolf. The wolf got in the way, I couldn't hurt the wolf. So as soon as the fire started, I ran.

Flashes of white whirled past me but I couldn't see real objects. My feet knew were to go and I was following my instinct.

My legs gave way and I fell forwards, my head landing in the snow. The ice was there, more painful than ever. It pulled me under the darkness and I tried to kick against it but the claws were ripping threw me.