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"Seth," I said.

We were lying on the beach, covered in sand and water but in each others arms. My head was resting on his chest so I could hear his fearsome heartbeat and his gentle breathing.

"Hmmm," Seth mumbled, nuzzling into me. I nuzzled him back.

"Were you different before you met me?" Seth sat up and looked at me, his chestnut eyes scanning me warily.

"I guess so, everyone is before they meet their imprint, just ask Sam. And Leah," Seth said, lying down again.

"You used to like the Cullen's."

Seth's eyes popped open, and before he could say anything I added, "Especially Edward, you were there at the wedding."

"It was different back then," Seth spoke with a note of finality. But I wasn't giving up.

"How?" I fired back.

"Edward tried to keep you from me," Seth reasoned.

"He was wary of me; I did grow up with the people who tried to kill his mate."

Seth looked at me in shock, "You're defending him."

"Seth," I shuffled closer to him. "If you give the Cullen's another chance, I'll give Rosie another chance. I'll hang out with Leah."

Seth looked at me in confusion, "Why?"

I laughed softly, "One day they will be your in-laws."

Seth smiled and lay down. Pulling me close, he closed his eyes and smiled, "I guess they will be."

"Do you know how stupid that was? You could have phased, exposing our secret," Sam had grabbed my arm, dragging me across the frosty forest, shouting at me. His rough voice echoed off the frost bitten trees as we trudged through the deep snow.

Sam looked fine if you minus the shaking, the blazing eyes and the unpleasant veins pumping out of the back of his neck.

I, however, looked awful. My hair has thick with salt and knots. My once perfect make up was ruined. My eyeliner and mascara had run down my face, leaving my eyes looking like a panda's.

In Sam's eyes I didn't have a good argument for hurting it so I just had to stand here, (not literally) and take all the shouting.

"You are just a pup, a pup with anger issues. I thought I would only have to deal with one Paul not three."

This got my attention, "Three? I know there is Paul and me but who is... The newbies!"

Sam turned around and glared at me, "Don't get all happy. I had to deal with three pups today. I have had no sleep, Leonardo has been too angry to calm down. Even when he is about to calm down he just thinks of the Cullen's and you."

I snarled, "Me? What did I ever do to him?"

"He thinks you're unnatural. You were raised by vampires, but you are part of the pack. You wouldn't kill the Cullen's if you had the choice."

"I would."

"You would not. I have seen inside your mind, Jacob, Seth and you are a liability. I would protect Renesmee but not by my own choice. She is a thing, a thing that should have died. I liked Bella when she was human and when she wasn't tormenting Jacob but when she started to protect that thing." Sam cut off mid-rant. "Jacob does knows how I feel but he doesn't know about the plan."

"What? Are you going to kill her?! An imprint?"

Sam was silent.

"No, Sam, I won't let you." I snarled, bearing my teeth and moving into a protective stance.

But Sam just stared at me with slight amusement, "You won't have a choice. Phase, now."

I glared at him and with horror I started to shake, "I knew you were bad, I just didn't know how evil you actually are."

So I phased, helplessly. My clothes gone, lying in shreds.

Stars hide your fires; let not light see my black and deep desires: The eyes wink at the hand; yet let that be which the eye fears, when it is done, to see. I spoke into the inky blackness that is my mind.

What? Paul barked.

It's a quote, from Macbeth. Someone answered, one of the newbies. It's Connor.

I always thought Sam was like Macbeth. My theory has just been proven right.

I heard Paul, Jared and someone else growl.

Jared was the first one to make a human noise, Sam is trying to protect La Push.

Renesmee hasn't done anything wrong.

Sam had just phased, Hasn't she? He opened up his mind.

It was night, the moon hung up in the sky but we could see it between the forest. We heard sobs so we ran towards the sound.
There was a thing, a thing with dark bronze hair sitting over something. Then the thing turned around, her brown eyes filled with tears but blood covered her face and hands. The something she was sitting over was a person, no a child. We moved closer to the horrific science. Blood covered the young, dead human boy and the neck was sliced open. We could hear the sobs coming from the young girl.
"Jake, I'm so sorry." The demon child sobbed. But then the 'we' became an 'I'.
"Shhh, shhh. You didn't mean it. It was a mistake," The other person cooed.
"The pack, they are going to kill me."
"They won't find out, no one will find out. They can't, you're my imprint."
Then the scene changed, I stalked towards the girl. There was a hunger deep in my stomach to kill her, to avenge the death of the young boy, to avenge the death of Bella.

STOP! Stop it now! I shouted mentally then I quietly added, Do the rest of the Cullen's know?

We think so. Sam nodded. Now listen I think we should meet in our usual meeting place, I will tell you the plans there. Kayla follow me.

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