Percy's POV

I was walking toward the love of my life Annabeth Chase. We have been friends like forever and I couldn't see myself with anyone else. So there I was walking like my life depended on (well love life at less)

So I walk even faster so fast I almost bump into her. (Yeah that would suck)

"Sup seaweed brain" She said with a smile that melted every logically thing in my brain.

"Um um um um hey" (stupid, stupid, stupid) See I told you melted

"Well if you are with your um can we hurry up I have thing to do"

"What yeah I just wanted to ask you something or you're too busy"

"Oh….. I can make some time" she said with a blush

"I was wondering if you wan-"

"ANNABETH" I heard a voice call I mentally face palm myself

"WHAT!' she screamed toward the voice that belonged to Leo Valdez

"I did your help" Leo screamed

"I got to go talk to you later Kay"

"Kay "was all I could say before she run off (must kill Leo) was all I could think about.

Annabeth POV

This better be good if I'm right( which I'm usually am) Percy was about to ask me out but no Leo had to call me right then and there gggggrrrrr I really hate that kid sometimes.

"What do you want Leo" I screamed as I walk into the forge where he was working.

"Can you hand me that ranch it too far" Leo said with a smirk I just look at him grab the ranch and start beating him with it. 10 min later

"Don't ever do that again or this ranch is going up your-"

"Hi Annabeth" My best friend Thalia said walking in look like she always does in punk out clothes

"Hey thals" I said how it going

"It going good Annie "she said with a smirk "just came here to make sure you didn't kill Leo, Percy told me" she said after she saw my confused face

"Oh thank, speaking of Percy I got to go find him any way cya around" I said before I left

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Leo-"why would they"

Annabeth- "shut up Leo before I hurt you again"

Leo" shutting up counties star"

"I didn't tell them my name yet whatever stays bright