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"Another day, another chance to save the world," Tony said as he fired a blast toward the horde of robots surrounding Captain America. He had to admit, he was pretty impressed by the robots, by their self-defense mechanisms, by their ability to adapt to their opponents' attacks and use it against them. It was really quite brilliant. It was almost something as good as something he could have built if he went all evil genius. Unfortunately, it was making things more difficult for the Avengers.

"Agent Romanoff, tell me you're in the facility," Steve said, ducking as a robot Hulk tossed flew over his head. "Hulk, watch where you're tossing those things, would ya!"

"Going in now, Captain," Natasha replied as she and Clint arrived at the doors of the building. "Watch my back?" she asked, turning to Clint.

"Always. Be careful," Clint replied, firing an explosive arrow at the robots that were approaching the building. 'God I love these new arrows,' he thought. 'Gotta remember to thank Tony and Bruce again.' Clint's job was simple: don't let anyone or anything into the building while Natasha tried to shut down the robots. 'Simple enough,' he thought, firing off another round of arrows.

"These creatures resemble the Destroyer my brother once sent after me; this battle shall be spoken of for years to come," Thor said as he swung his hammer, connecting with a robot's head.

"We've got enough stories as it is," Steve laughed.

"How far are you from the mainframe, Widow?" Tony asked as a robot clamped onto his arm. "I just repainted this!"

"I'm almost there," Natasha replied, the blueprint of the building flashing through her mind. She only had to take down a handful of security personal since she step foot into the building; the place was filled with civilian scientists who ran about as alarms blared overhead, slowing her progress through the building. Finally she reached the security room she needed, kicking in the door. "Holy shit," she muttered as she looked at the computers that lined the walls. "There's way more computers than I planned for. Stark, how do I turn this thing off?" Natasha asked.

"Ah, the infamous Black Widow," a voice said through the overhead speakers. "I am honored S.H.I.E.L.D sent you out to play with me and my army."

"More like take your army down," Natasha replied.

"Unfortunately, if I must lose, then so will you."

"What the-" Natasha muttered as she saw a milky gas begin to pour into the room through the air vents. "He's releasing some toxin into the air."

"Just shoot the computers and get the hell out, Romanoff," Clint said, knowing Natasha didn't have a gas mask with her.

"Birdboy's plan sounds good to me, Red," Tony replied. "Fire off a few rounds and get out."

Natasha fired her gun until all the screens were broken, making sure everything was destroyed before sprinting out of the room. 'Shit,' she thought as she saw the hall was filled with the mysterious gas, bodies scattered across the floor. She cursed again as she felt her muscles begin to seize up, burning with pain as she forced herself to move forward. 'What the hell is this stuff?' she wondered as she rushed down the hallway. The closest exit was the window over the staircase she came up, which was still several yards away from her, the light from the window blurred through the gas. "Hey Barton, do you remember that mission in South Africa a few years ago?" Natasha asked hoarsely, feeling as if someone was squeezing her lungs.

"How could I forget?" Clint replied, smirking slightly.

"What happened in South Africa?" Tony asked curiously.

"She forgot black widows don't fly," Clint said, laughing slightly. "Why do you ask?"

"North side of the building, forty seconds, repeat performance," Natasha replied, her vision blurring. She could feel the strain her body was under and knew she wasn't gonna last much longer. If she didn't make it to the window soon, she wasn't going to make it at all. Whatever was in the air was getting to her. She wondered momentarily if she was going to survive. 'The infamous Black Widow killed off by a gas,' she thought dryly. "Ready, Clint?" she said softly, her voice barely reaching him through his earpiece.

Clint's heart clenched slightly as Natasha called him by his first name. She never used his first name when they were on missions; she always called him Barton or Hawkeye, but never Clint. "I've got you," he replied.

Natasha used her last bit of energy to propel herself forward and out the window. 'Good thing Clint's a good catch,' she thought as she crashed through the window pane, her world going dark almost immediately.

Clint's eyes widened slightly as Natasha came crashing through the second floor window. He could tell something was wrong by the uncontrolled way she fell; Natasha never did anything uncontrolled. He rolled as he caught her, attempting to lessen the force on both of them. "Shit," he gasped as his head banged into the ground, feeling a gush of blood from his head. "Romanoff," he said, getting up from the floor and rushing over to her. Her skin was ashen, her breathing ragged. "Romanoff, talk to me," he called as he pressed his fingertips against her neck, searching for a pulse. His stomach dropped as he could barely detect the slow beat of her heart. "This is Agent Barton, requesting an immediate med evac. Agent Romanoff is down; she has been exposed to an unknown toxin."

"Loud and clear, Agent Barton. ETA one minute," a voice replied.

The other Avengers felt their hearts clench as they rushed toward the building, listening to Clint's slightly panicked voice. "Don't give up on me, Nat. Help's coming, so hold on," Clint said, gripping one of her hands tightly between his.

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