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~Later That Day~


"Haa, how did I end up here?" Sasuke had on a pair of glasses and a hat to hide who he was. Here he was stalking and looking like some creep. Oh the things people do when they're in love.

"Tsk, he's touching him." Sasuke hid behind a bush that was outside the ice cream shop, he looked at his brother and lover who were sitting at a table laughing.

~In The Shop~

"Naruto you have ice cream on your face." Itachi wiped the blond's cute face with a napkin; Naruto giggled and blushed slightly.

"Aw aren't they the most adorable couple." Two women blushed, looking at the blond and raven. "Yeah totally kawaii!" The other women squealed, making the two boys blush.

"Ahem! Come on let's go for a walk." Itachi grabbed the blond's hand after he coughed, trying to break the awkwardness. "O-Okay." Naruto followed behind the taller raven and sighed, holding his ice cream cone in his other hand. Naruto wore a pair of tight jeans, a white shirt with a jean jacket over top and a pair of red chucks on his feet. His hair was ruffled cutely and he had a necklace around his neck.

"They're on the move." Sasuke ducked lower, following them towards the park. He dashed behind trees and big poles like he was on a mission or a mad man.

~At The Park 1:00pm~

Trees stood tall, people walked their dogs and children were riding their bikes. It was sunny that afternoon and a light breeze blew. Naruto and Itachi then walked passed a food stand. "Wait Itachi could we get one?" The blond pulled on the hand he that was holding.

"I don't really like-"

"You don't really like sweets. I know so can I get one?" The raven's eyes widened, he had no idea the blond knew him so well. "Sure." He walked over to the stand and asked the man for a strawberry crape which he knew was Naruto's favorite. A few minutes later Itachi walked back over to the blond who was sitting on a bench in the park and gave him his treat.

"Thank you!" Naruto beamed, getting up and Itachi grabbed his hand. 'How dare he. That should be me holding Naruto's hand!' Sasuke hid behind a little boy's bike and the child looked at him oddly. The raven then looked up at the pair of innocent eyes that looked down at him confusingly.

"What are you looking brat!" He shouted, angrily. The boy then got off his bike and, "Mommy!" Ran away crying.

"Tsk, children." Sasuke continued following his brother and Naruto throughout the park.

"Yo! Naru!" Deidara ran up to the two; Sasuke's eyes then widened. "What the hell is Deidara doing here?!" Sasuke hid behind a tree.

"Deidara, what are you doing here?" Itachi cocked an eyebrow and looked at the long haired blond curiously. Deidara wore a pair of tight jeans that had little rips in them and a tight black shirt with a black rockstar like wrist band on his wrist. His hair was in a low pony tail and his bang swayed over his left eye like usual.

"Deidara wait up!" Sasori wore the same rockstar like attire and his red silky locks were ruffled. He stopped in front of the Deidara panting, resting his hands on his knees. As soon as Deidara saw Itachi he had took off leaving the red head behind.

"You're here too? Where's Utakata?" Naruto asked. "He's grounded!" Deidara pouted.

"Anyway we were just playing around here today. Are you two like on a date?" Deidara gripped Naruto's shirt collar, making the bright blue eyed teen gulp. Naruto pushed his glasses further onto his face and fidgeted, nervously.

"No we're just out together." Itachi grabbed the long haired blond's hand and took it off of his precious Naruto.

"Oh. That's good." Deidara sighed, feeling relieved. "So are you going to tell him or what?" Sasori whispered in his friend's ear; Deidara blushed.

"I will." He hissed back. "What's wrong with you two?" The raven asked.

"N-Nothing. Let's walk!" Deidara grabbed Sasori's hand, pulling him along as they walked beside Naruto and Itachi. 'I have to wait for the right time..' Deidara thought to himself as he bit his finger nail, nervously.

"Itachi we should go to the mall later." Naruto looked up at his brother with excited ocean blue eyes.

"Sure anything you want." Itachi nodded. "I'll go with you!" Deidara shouted, his face flushed red. Naruto and Itachi then looked at him oddly.

"Yeah you should come too Sasori!" Naruto grinned at the two. "Okay we'll all go." Itachi stated.

"ITA!" Sasuke tripped over a bush as he followed the four, they all turned around when they heard that familiar voice scream out. "S-Sasuke?!" Naruto's face lit up with happiness and Sasuke blushed before picking himself up.

"Um…I was just…going for a walk." Sasuke brushed himself off. "Why are you wearing weird glasses?" His older brother asked.

"Um because um I was- look I can't answer that fuckin question!" Sasuke seethed through his teeth. "Young man?!" An old lady looked at him shockingly because of his bad language.

"Oh keep it moving lady!" He barked. The lady hurriedly walked away and the four teens foreheads formed a sweat drop. "Sasuke come with us! We can both share this too!" Naruto ran up to the raven with a red blush spreading across his face.

"One minute." Sasuke quickly stripped out of the clothes that were over top of his normal clothes. Naruto blushed when he saw the raven's outfit. Sasuke wore a pair of tight black pants, a black tang top with a black sleeveless vest over top and a pair of black leather ankle boots on his feet. He took off his glasses and there was black eyeliner under his eyes and his ear was pierced with a diamond stud. He had on black fingerless gloves and his brothers spotted a Mangekyō Sharingan tattoo a little below his collar bone.

"What the hell?!" Itachi's mouth gaped open and Sasuke looked at him confusingly.

"Whoa cool! Sasuke do you have any spare eyeliner!" Deidara and Sasori ran up to him and he nodded, handing them two sticks of eyeliner that was in his pocket.

"Sasuke does father know you came out of the house like that?" Itachi half shouted. Ladies and teen girls started gawking and blushing, staring at the young Uchiha.

"No of course not." There was a hint of laughter in the younger raven's voice.

"Wow Sasuke you look cooler than usual!" The blond blushed before quickly covering his mouth. 'Oh no I just said that out loud!'

"Why thank you Naruto." Sasuke kissed the blond's cheek, making Naruto blush a deeper shade of red. "T-That tattoo?!" Itachi's eye twitched in irritation.

"Oh yeah I got it yesterday night, cool right?" He snorted with a smirk.

"No! It's not cool, your skin!" His older brother sulked, covering his eyes. He couldn't stand to see his little brother like this. The truth is Sasuke did this on purpose. The two Uchihas never got along but in truth Itachi is very protective of his brother's body as weird as it sounds. He always made sure Sasuke was never hurt and always stopped him from drinking beer or any kind of liquor really.

"W-Why are you dressed like this?" Itachi walked up to his brother, placing his hands on the younger Uchiha's shoulders.

"Today is the debut of Fire Nation's newest album of course everyone has to dress down." Sasuke replied in a smart tone. "Yeah that's why we're dressed like this as well!" Deidara and Sasori grin with their hands on their hips.

"But did you really have to go to the extreme?!" Over dramatic tears flowed down Itachi's face. "Yeah because I know how much it bugs you Nii-san." Sasuke said slyly in his brother's ear before walking around him.

"Let's go Naruto." Sasuke put his arm around the blond. "I want to dress down too." Naruto puffed out his cheeks cutely.

"Really? Then you can when we sneak out on firday." The raven whispered hotly in his ear. "No stay away from him!" Itachi pulled Naruto towards him and Sasuke sucked his teeth.

"Come on let's hurry to the mall!" Sasori and Deidara walked beside the three brothers.

"I'll call for the limo." Sasuke pulled out his cell phone and Itachi sighed. 'I have to keep Naruto away from him or he'll corrupt his innocents.' The older raven had a determined look on his face.

"Itachi what's a high school party like?" The innocent blond looked up at him cutely. "Why?" He cocked an eyebrow.

"Um, never mind." Naruto looked away from the long haired raven, not wanting to worry him anymore than he already was. 'I wonder what parties for teens are like? I've never been to one.' Nauto thought as they all walked.


~To Be Continued~

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