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"I'm going to bed and please don't mess with Naruto." Were Itachi's words before bed but Sasuke wasn't going to listen of course, he wanted to go partying and nothing was going to stop him. Sasuke walked up to the blond dobe's room door and knocked on it while looking down the hall to make sure Itachi wouldn't catch him.

"Cute." Naruto's sweet voice whispered; Sasuke cocked an eyebrow wondering what Naruto was doing, he then decided to open the door. His mouth gaped when he saw the slim blond dressed in black, looking at himself in the mirror. He quickly closed the door quietly behind him and stood there with an amused smirk spreading across his face.

"Hm? I wonder if Sasuke will like this I mean it doesn't even show off my butt," He turned to the side a little and wagged his cute little tush as he looked at himself in the mirror. "He's always talking about boys asses but mine is-"

"Ahem!" Sasuke coughed to give Naruto a hint he was here.

"Wah!" Naruto turned around and blushed a deep red when he saw a pair of onyx eyes staring at him. "S-Sasuke! Why are you in her-Mfft!" The raven quickly put his hand over the blond's mouth and Naruto cocked an eyebrow.

"It's time to go." Sasuke laughed a little and the blond nodded. "And don't be loud you'll wake Itachi." The raven warned, removing his hand from the blond's mouth.

"Right." Naruto grabbed his jacket off his bed and Sasuke opened up the window. "Let's go." Sasuke went out the window first and Naruto zipped up his jacket before gulping. 'Okay Naruto..no going back now.' He stuck one leg out and looked down at Sasuke who had already gotten down the ladder.

"Hurry up." Sasuke had an annoyed expression on his face and the blond took a deep breath before going down the ladder. His foot slipped and, "Wahh!" He closed his eyes thinking he would fall but he felt arms around him.

"Be careful." Sasuke sighed and blond nodded, putting his feet on the ground. "Come on." Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hand and pulled him towards the motorcycle.

"There you go." Sasuke put the helmet on Naruto. Sasuke then got in front of the small blond on the bike and Naruto blushed before wrapping his hands around the raven's stomach. Sasuke felt his heart jump and gulped before starting the bike up.

"Hold on." Sasuke said before pulling off and zooming down the street. Naruto tightened his grip around the raven and leaned his head on his back.

"Kyaah!" He let out a cute little scream and the raven chuckled, going faster, riding throughout the town with a smirk on his pale face.

~20 Minutes Later~


"Let's go." Sasuke got off his bike and Naruto looked around curiously. "Here?" The blond could here music blasting from inside of the big house all the way to the outside. He got off the bike and Sasuke nodded.

"Yup." He grabbed Naruto's hand and pulled him along, they walked up the steps to the house and the blond felt his heart beat quickening. He felt nervous and scared; Sasuke then knocked on the door and after a few seconds the door came open.

"Sasuke what up man!" The raven and older teen with deep blue hair fist bumped, he let Naruto and Sasuke in and the blond's blue eyes widened when he saw people dancing, playing adult games, sitting on couches smoking and some girl even took off her shirt while dancing on the table. The house was nice inside but the party goers sure messed the place up. There were white walls with framed pictures on them, lamps on wooden stands next to the couch, a flat screen tv, some stereos which is where the music was coming from and a kitchen that had beer barrels on the big table.

'Look at her go on the dance floor, She's amazing on the dance floor, When she moves, girl, I want more, Keep it going, girl, like I got an encore, You got me sayin', Go little bad girl, little bad girl, Go little bad girl, Go little bad girl...'

"Naruto let's go." The blond looked at Sasuke nervously and followed him through crowds of people. "Itai!" Naruto then bumped into someone and was now sitting on his butt.

"Oi watched it!" Some drunk guy yelled. "I-I'm sorry." Naruto bowed apologetically, getting up. The guy's eyes widened and he looked Naruto up and down.

"No it's okay I should have been watching where I was going, blondie." He smirked and Naruto looked at him confusingly.

'Oh yeah they tell me I'm a bad boy, All the ladies look at me and act coy, I just like to put my hands up in the air, I want that girl dancing over there..'

"You're hot wanna hang out?" He wrapped his arm around the slim blond. Naruto was wearing a pair of black mid-thigh shorts with a tight black shirt and boots on his feet, he also had a spiked choker around his neck and a spiked wrist band of his small wrist. There was a layer of dark eyeliner around his eyes and his blond hair was ruffled. Even with all that he still looked like an innocent little puppy.

"Um..I can't, I should find-"

"Oh come on. I just want to make it up to you." He said slyly, pulling Naruto closer to him.

"O-Okay." The spiky haired blond nodded and the guy pulled him by his hand. 'I hope Sasuke hasn't gotten too far.' Naruto had a worriedly look on his face as they entered the kitchen which was surprisingly empty; the guy picked up a red plastic cup and filled it with alcohol, then held it out to Naruto.

"W-What's this?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow. "It's juice, something to help you loosen up." The guy had a friendly smile on his face and Naruto grabbed the cup, he sniffed it a little and then took a sip. "Um! Fruit punch!" Naruto beamed and the guy nodded; the blond drunk down his juice really fast before licking his lips. "Can I have some more?" Naruto stepped forward; the guy took the cup and refilled it before handing it back to the blond.

Itachi walked down the hallway after using the bathroom, he looked at Sasuke's room door and heard the tv on. 'He must be sleeping.' Itachi always knew his little brother was one to sleep with the tv on at night. So he just shrugged it off and continued walking down the hall to his room.

"Haaa!" He yawned and opened his room door. "Ugh! O-Okay I'm almost in just a little more Sasori." Deidara whispered with his leg half in through Itachi's window and his other leg still being pushed up by his red headed friend. He finally got all the way in the raven's room and panted.

"Alright I'm in, Sasuke was right the windows on this place are totally easy to climb through." Deidara grinned and frozen after he saw the long haired Uchiha looking at him.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Itachi closed his room door and looked at the blond shockingly. "Oh. Hey Itachi I came to sleep with you." Deidara walked up to the raven with a grin on his face.

"What! And why the hell did you break in here in the middle of the night?" Itachi glared at the blond, he was still half asleep and didn't want to deal with Deidara at the moment.

"Well remember at mall when I told you I am madly in love with you."

"Yes." Itachi stated flatly.

"Remember when you told me 'only in my dreams'." Deidara held his hands on hips.


"Well I thought that if I slept here with you then I could get the full effect of seeing you in my dreams." Deidara nodded at his own stupid idea.

"I could call the cops you know." Itachi pushed passed the blond and crawled in his bed.

"Ow!" Deidara fall onto the Uchiha's bed and Itachi groaned. "What's wrong?" He sat up and looked at the blond annoyingly.

"I have a cramp in leg I can't possibly get home like this." Deidara whimpered.

"You can sleep here," Itachi grunted and layed back down; Deidara clapped his hands together and smiled. "But if hear a peep out of you. I'll hurt you." Itachi warned and the long haired blond gulped.

"R-Right hahaha!" Deidara began taking off his shoes until he heard a knock at the window. He looked up and saw Sasori, holding his night bag.

"Oh." He ran over to the window and opened it, letting a cold breeze.

"Deidara!" Itachi shouted when he felt the cold air come into his room. "S-Sorry just give me one sec." Deidara pleaded, looking at the drowsy raven.

"Here dude you forgot your bag." Sasori whispered and the blond thanked him, grabbing the bag from his friend's hands.

"Get home safe buddy." Deidara tapped Sasori's shoulder and the red head nodded, going down the ladder. Deidara closed the window quietly and finished taking off his clothes.

"Why do you have a bag?" Itachi asked, facing the other way. "I can't sleep without my blanky, snoppy pjs or Tachi-san." He replied cheerfully.

"Who's Tachi-san?" His head snapped and Deidara screamed. "I'm changing you perv!" He blushed a deep red and Itachi scowled.

"Deidara…" The pale teen groaned and turned back around. "And Tachi-san happens to be my stuffed bunny. I named him after you." Deidara muttered, puffing out his cheeks cutely.

"Don't name you stuff animals after me!" Itachi shouted and the blued eyed teen pouted.

~A Few Hours Later~


"Where the hell is he?" Sasuke looked around the house and pushed passed people as he did so. He had been looking for Naruto for an a few hours now.

'Talkin bout my baby, Cause we always breaking the mold, Talkin bout my baby, We don't need no secret code, The way you love me down, Got me goin around, I think, I think, I think I'm losin control, The way you love me down, Got me goin around, I think, I think, I think I'm losin control, The way you love me, The way you love me, The way you, love me, I think, I think, I think I'm losin control...'

"Wooh, hot blond." Some guy whistled and the raven's head snapped when he heard blond, he looked into the living room and saw Naruto dancing with some guy wildly and pulling at the other guy's clothes as they grinded on each other. "Ahhh!" He stormed over to the two and grabbed the slim blond.

'I have a bad day, I don't act right, Get up under your skin, I know it ain't right, How I ask you, To give up everything
Boy just stop what you're doin and come and follow me around, Baby, thank you for the second chances And everything you did to help advance at this You put up with my shit How can you be my best? Boy you really got it goin on...'

"T-Teme~ what's you doing?" Drunken hiccups escaped Naruto's mouth and Sasuke's mouth gaped. "Aye bro I was dancing with him." The guy slurred and the raven gave him the finger before throwing Naruto over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"Oi! What are you doing?!" The blond thrashed around and Sasuke made his way to the front door.

"Damn I can't believe the whole time I was looking for you, you were getting drunk." Sasuke walked out of the house and closed the door behind him. 'Now how exactly do I get this dobe home with him so drunk?'

"I told you to always stick close to me." Sasuke muttered and Naruto grumbled a few words well more like drunken slurs. He made his way to his bike carrying the dobe over his shoulder. He stood in front of his bike and put Naruto on it.

"Woah." Naruto's body swayed back and forth and the raven groaned.

'Ugh stay up.' He put his hands on Naruto's shoulders and the blond stop moving, looking around with drunken blush on his face.

"Okay." Sasuke sat on his bike and the blond giggled. The Uchiha turned and look at him before grabbing his arms and wrapping them around his body.

"Hold on tight and don't let go!" Sasuke said sternly. "B-But where are we going?" Another hiccup escaped his mouth and Sasuke sighed. "Home, it was a bad idea to bring you here in the first place." He started up the bike and the blond held on tight as he speeded down the street.

~An Hour Later, After They Arrived home~


"Naruto sit still!" Sasuke had the shower head water on warm, sitting on a stool and sprayed the blond with water after scrubbing soap on him. Naruto sat down on the steam shower floor with his legs closed, giggling like an idiot. "S-Sasuke I don't like it, stop." The blond started to stand up but his was off balance.

"Baka, sit down." The raven caught Naruto before he could fall and the blond rested his head on Sasuke's shoulder, wetting Sasuke's shirt. "I don't want to sit." He whined.

"Narut-Mhn?!" Naruto had gripped the back of the Uchiha neck and pulled him into a fruit punch flavored kiss. Sasuke of course couldn't pull away from that and wrapped his arms around Naruto's wet body. The blond slipped his tongue in the raven's mouth and Sasuke moaned at the taste.

"Un..Hnn Mmm…" The blond maoned into the kissed and Sasuke's eyes widened. 'Is he horny?' The raven thought to himself. Naruto then pushed the raven down, making him sit back down on the stool. The blond trailed his hands down to the raven's crotch area and Sasuke gasped.

"Whoa, whoa hold up Naruto." The raven looked down at the blond and Naruto look up at him with lusty blue eyes as he pulled the raven's zipper down with his teeth. 'Where the hell did he learn that?!' Sasuke blushed slightly. He was so hard just from that kiss not to mention he hadn't had sex in a while. Well more like months.

"Enough we're going to my room." Sasuke stood up and grabbed Naruto by his arm.

"I'm dizzy." The blond looked around and the bathroom was spinning. (At least to him it was.)

"I'll carry you." Sasuke reached over and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around the blond. He turned off the shower water and picked Naruto up before walking out of the bathroom. He closed the bathroom door quietly and looked around to make sure there were no surprises like Itachi sneaking up on him. "Okay." He walked up the steps carrying the blond in his arms.

"Ooo look at that!" Naruto looked up at the ceiling fan and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Naruto keep it down Itachi is sleeping." The raven whispered, walking down that hallway.

"Itachi! Where is he I want to see him?" Naruto had drunken blush covering his face and hiccuped once again. The raven ignored the blond and walked into his room, closing and locking the door behind him.

"Now don't move." Sasuke put the blond down on the bed and walked over to his dresser and open it. He moved things around and smirked when he found what he was looking for.

"I'm so hot." Naruto looked up at the ceiling and rubbed his head. "Naruto what do you say we have sex tonight?" Sasuke got on the bed and crawled over top of the blond.

"I...Don't care." He mumbled, closing his eyes.

'Yes! He gave me permission!' Sasuke began taking off his clothes.

After he was done stripping out of everything he look down at Naruto with a pleased smirked spreading across his face. Naruto's wet body was dripping with water and he smelled like strawberries from the soap.

Sasuke kissed the blond and Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck, kissing him hungrily. The raven slipped the towel off of the blond and threw it on the floor; Naruto shivered at the feeling of the cold air, hitting his skin.

"Relax Naruto." Sasuke said smoothly after breaking the kiss and the blond haired, blue eyed teen nodded as Sasuke kissed down his neck. He giggled at the ticklish feeling and Sasuke snickered. He kissed down further and further until he reached the boy's crotch; Naruto gasped when Sasuke kissed the tip of his hard member and his body twitched.

"Mnn…w-what are you doing?" Naruto looked down at the pale teen and Sasuke winked before he engulfed him whole. "-Ahhhhh!" Naruto came hard before the raven even got started; Sasuke looked surprised before gulping everything down. "Wow you really are drunk." Sasuke chuckled and the blond panted.

"Okay then lets get to it." Sasuke grabbed the lube and opened it up, he poured the sticky substance onto his slender fingers and Naruto looked at him with hazy eyes. He didn't understand what was going on and everything was made him dizzy. Sasuke opened his legs up some more and rubbed his sticky finger against Naruto's tight hole.

"Ah-T-Teme…Unh!" Sasuke smirked and pushed one of his fingers into the tight heat, sending a jolt of pain through Naruto's body. "Itai!" The blond squirmed around and the raven pushed in another finger.

"It's okay Naruto, it will get better." Sasuke said soothingly and the blond shook his head, biting his bottom lip. Sasuke stretched him with two fingers for a few minutes and then added a third one; Naruto didn't really respond to that one so Sasuke thrusted his fingers in and out of the tight heat.

"UH! Ah! P-Please don't…ahh!" Naruto's eyes widened at the sudden action and he tried to grab Sasuke's wrists to stop his hands from moving. Naruto's voice was so lusty and hot Sasuke couldn't control himself, he pulled his fingers out harshly and aligned his cock with the tight hole.

"Wah! What's that?!" Naruto thrashed around; Sasuke grabbed his legs and put them over his shoulders; the blond blushed a deep red and the raven pushed in slowly.

"Itai! Itai! Stop it hurts-Ngh!" Sasuke's huge cock stretched the opening of the tight heat. The blued eye teen was in so much pain he clawed at the raven's pale arm almost ripping the skin off with his nails.

"Naruto calm down and relax God, you're so fuckin tight." Sasuke tried to push in more but Naruto wouldn't relax his muscles.

"Sasuke! Stop please Unn..Wahhh!" Naruto started crying and tears dripped down from his blue orbs. Sasuke then remembered something and stopped for a second.

"When I have my first time I want to remember it hehe!" Naruto blushed, scratching the back of his head and smiling sheepishly.

"Why does it matter?" Sasuke asked, watching tv.

"Because if it's with the person I love it'll be special." The blond looked at him with innocent blue eyes.

"Wahh…" Naruto covered his eyes and Sasuke sighed. He pulled out and the blond whimpered.

"Naruto stop crying I won't go any further." The raven pushed some of the blond's wet golden hair out of his face and Naruto removed his hands from his face. "Y-You won't?" He sniffled.

"No just go to sleep." Sasuke pulled the covers back and Naruto crawled under the sheets. "It really hurt, I hate that feeling." The blond whimpered and Sasuke got under the covers as well. He pulled Naruto next to him and the blond rested his head on the Uchiha's chest.

"Sorry." Sasuke kissed his forehead and the blond nodded, soon drifting to sleep.

~The Next Morning~


"Nhh…" Naruto turned over and his eyes open lazily and hazily after just waking up, he looked at the night stand for a few seconds and then shook his head a few times.

"Good morning babe." Sasuke hummed and the blond propped himself up on his arms, he blushed a deep red and pulled the covers up to his face.

"W-What-why am I in you're room?!" Naruto shouted, looking at the pale, shirtless teen beside him. Sasuke smiled and Naruto looked around confusingly.

"Itai! My head." Naruto flopped back down on the bed as his hangover began to kick in. He didn't remember anything that happened last night, everything was a blur.

"Hurts bad doesn't it?" Sasuke teased and Naruto groaned. "Not only my head but my bottom is aching too." Naruto mumbled, he then jumped up after connecting the dots and glared at Sasuke.

"Y-You did that to me!" Sasuke's onyx eyes widened.

"Do you seriously not remember anything from last night?" Sasuke leaned in closer to Naruto's face.

"All I remember was some guy giving me fruit punch and then um- I don't know everything went black after that." Naruto turned over on his stomach because his bottom hurt like hell.

"Yeah, you decided to get a little freaky last night and then we came back home and-"

"And we did it?!" Naruto sat up and punched the raven on his chest repeatedly but it didn't hurt very much. "Give it back! Give it back! Sasuke I want my virginity back you teme!" Sasuke grabbed his arms and covered his mouth.

"Look I wouldn't consider what we did sex. I only got the tip in and you started crying." Sasuke sighed and Naruto blushed up to his ears.


"Yeah and plus I remember you saying how important it was to you and stuff so I couldn't got through with it." Sasuke blushed slightly, letting go of the blond's arms.

"Oh. Um…sorry." Naruto put his head under the covers and his face felt like it was on fire. "What are you doing?"

"I'm too embarrassed to show you my face." Naruto muttered and the raven smiled. "Look there's no reason to hide and also I wanted to show you how much I really care about you by stopping myself last night." Naruto flipped the covers up and looked at the raven.

"Really?" He looked at the raven suspiciously, cocking an eyebrow. He was sure that if the offer for sex was put out there for Sasuke Uchiha the Uchiha would take it.

"Uh huh." Sasuke nodded. "Thank you." Naruto smiled softly and Sasuke blushed.

"B-But that was a one time thing. If something like that happens again I'm defiantly taking the chance." Sasuke stammered trying to sound like the bad boy he was.

"Okay." Naruto scanned the room for a towel with his eyes but everything was blurry because he didn't have his contacts in anymore. Which Sasuke probably took out. "What are you doing?

"Um..looking for a towel so I can go bathe and eat. I'm really hungry!" Naruto whined in the cutest voice. "You don't have to, look!" Sasuke reached over on his side and grabbed a tray of breakfast off the night stand. Naruto's eyes sparkled when he saw pancakes, bacon, raspberry jam, strawberries and orange juice.

"You made this for me?" The blond beamed, leaning forward. "No, well actually the maid made it for you, I tried but screwed up a bunch. I knew that your ass would probably be hurting you so I tried to make you breakfast in bed." Sasuke explained, scratching the back of his head nervously.

"I wish I could've did it myself but-" The blond kissed the raven's pale cheek and Sasuke was now swooning.

"Thank you very much Sasuke." Naruto grinned and the raven looked away, trying to fight his blush.

"Here." Sasuke handed him the remote and the blond looked confused. "Y-You can watch tv if you want too."

"How did you get your tv back I thought you were grounded?"

"Hn. I wasn't going to let the old man keep my stuff, I have my sources." Sasuke scoffed with a smirk spreading across his face.

"You begged my mother didn't you." Naruto frowned. "How'd you know?"

"I'm the master of crocodile tears and mother falls for it all the time." Naruto said cockily.

"Oh really?" The Uchiha coughed nervously.

"You tried to make yourself cry didn't you?" Naruto teased, poking Sasuke's arm.

"No." Sasuke turned away from the blond. "Damn how'd he figure that out?" He mumbled under his breath.

"Oi Sasuke?" Deidara opened up the raven's room door and saw Naruto and the Uchiha naked.

"Yay! You two did it!" Deidara cheered and Sasuke gave him a thumb's up even though he didn't actually go through with it. Naruto blushed and pulled the covers up to his face.

"Deidara?" Itachi walked up behind the blond. "Ahhhhh N-Naruto!" Itachi's eyes widened when he saw the two in bed together. "Good morning Itachi, did you have a good sleep?" Naruto asked nervously.

"You, why, Ugh, together?!" Itachi couldn't get his words together and was highly upset at the moment. "Yeah they did it isn't that great now we just have to get there." Deidara turned around and grabbed the taller teen's hand.

"Take care you two love birds." Sasuke stuck his tongue out at his brother and Itachi's mouth gaped. "Come on Tachi, I'll be here all week so we'll have lots of chances to have sex hehe!" Deidara pulled the Uchiha out of the room and Itachi's eye twitched.

"Wait, What all week?!" Itachi sulked, being dragged down the hallway by his friend.

"Well that was embarrassing." Naruto had a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach and looked around.

"Sasuke I need a bu..bu..buc…" Naruto looked at the raven with watery blue eyes and Sasuke cocked an eyebrow.

"A what?"

"Bu..bu…" The blond's tanned face started turning green.

"Bucket!" Sasuke hurried and grabbed the small bucket off his night stand and passed it to the blond, he knew Naruto would probably feel the effects of his hangover so he put one there just in case.

"Urgh!...Grh!" The blond puked in the bucket and the raven frowned in disgust. "Ew…That's so gross." He looked away and Naruto continued to barf in the bucket. "Urrgh…Ergh!"


~To Be Continued~

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