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~Saturday, Night~


'Can somebody explain to me, Why everybody is trying to be, Living like a celebrity, Doing what they see on MTV. Ice is cool but I am looking for more, simple things is what my heart beats for.'

Naruto looked around at all the rides and lights. He could hear loud screams, shots and dings of people trying their luck at various booths, loud music often conflicting with the music from just across the way, people trying to shout over the noise. He wore a pair of jean shorts, a black shirt that had a red skull on the front with red chucks of his feet and a spiked bracelet on his wrist. His blond hair was ruffled and he had that goofy grin on his face.

"Tsk." Itachi had an irritated expression plastering his face, he absolutely hated the fact that Naruto made him come to a carnival and Kushina practically had to dress him because the Uchiha refused to leave the house. Itachi wore a pair of denim jeans and a black wife beater with a chain around his neck. He had Nikes on his feet and his hair was in a low pony tail.

'Cause that's me , I don't ask for much, Baby, Having you is enough...'

"Ooo let's get on something!" Deidara beamed, latching onto Itachi's arm. The raven looked down at the blond and Deidara quickly removed himself from Itachi after seeing his cold glare. He moved closer to Naruto and sulked.

"Itachi! Let Deidara lock arms with you!" He demanded, pointing his finger at the raven while furrowing his brows. Itachi sighed in defeat and Deidara latched onto him again.

"Hehe!" Naruto grinned at his success.

'You ain't got to buy nothing, It's not what I want, Baby it's You, We don't have to go nowhere, Its not what I want, Baby it's you...'

"Aww! Naruto you look so cute!" Sakura hugged the blond and Naruto groaned, he couldn't come to the carnival and not invite his friends.

"Sakura-chan please let go." He pushed the pink haired girl away and she pouted. Naruto was so adorable in the clothes Sasuke bought for him she couldn't resist.

"Hinata." Kiba grabbed the timid girl's hand and she looked up at him curiously. "Let's hold hands!" He grinned and she blushed before nodding. Naruto cocked his eyebrow and circled around the two, they looked at him oddly and he shouted.

"Are two dating?!" He looked shocked.

"It's not like that, Neji asked me to look after her since he couldn't come." Kiba blushed slightly and Hinata nodded. Kiba wore a gray v-neck shirt and a pair of jeans with a pair of high tops on his feet. Hinata wore a pair of shorts with a tight purple shirt and a pair of sandals on her feet.

"Where's Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked, walking up to the short blond. She wore a bright pink shirt that had flowers on it with a mini skirt and white sandals on her feet.

"That doesn't matter. All that matters is making Itachi fall in love with Deidara." He smirked. He had a strong feeling he could do it too. It wouldn't be that hard right?

"Now let's get going!" Naruto cheered. They all followed behind the blond as he looked around for 'couple' rides to get on.

'It's not for what you got , I know you got a lot , No matter what you do, You always gettin Hot, It's You, It's You, Baby all I want is You Yeah...'

~An Hour Later~


'(That you're a star, a superstar...That you're a star, a superstar)'

"Aah!" Naruto opened up his mouth wide and Sakura fed him a chocolate banana, he grinned, happily munching down with sprinkles around his mouth. Kids ran around laughing and some crying because they had to leave. Couples walked around with each other holding hands and some people came with friends. If anything the place was loud but Naruto was having a good time.

'Oh no, it's on tonight, Here we go, To the beginning of this crazy night, So, baby, we can let it go, go, go, Hey-ey-ey
You're shining like a star, I wanna be where you are, are...Oh no, oh no, Let's take over this club, You're shining bright in the dark, dark, You light up the night...'

"Naruto I thought you said you were gonna get Itachi and Deidara together?" Kiba tapped the blond's shoulder and Naruto who was now stuffing his face with cotton candy looked over at Itachi and Deidara. The long haired blond was standing next to the Uchiha looking nervous and Itachi yawned, feeling slightly bored. Itachi Uchiha wasn't one for carnivals so he had no idea what to do.

"Oh! I forgot!" He handed Kiba the cotton candy and ran off. Kiba looked at the pink fluffy treat in his hands; it had dark pink bit marks on it from Naruto drooling while eating. He shrugged and began eating it. He and Naruto always ate off of each other anyway so a little spit wouldn't hurt him.

'You wanna wild out, then wild out, All eyes on you, It's going down, down, right now, You can't lose, You wanna wild out, then wild out, That's what you do, Talk of the town now, And you already know that you're a star, A superstar, That you're a star, a superstar, That you're a star, And you already know...'

"Sakura should we get go on a ride?" Hinata smiled at her friend and Sakura nodded.

"Stay with Naruto, Kiba!" Sakura waved as she and Hinata made their way towards the farris wheel. The browned haired teen nodded and walked towards the blond.

"Naruto what are we doing next?" Kiba asked when he approached the blond.

"Hm? Ooo let's go to the house of mirrors hehe!" Naruto snickered. 'That will be perfect because Deidara will freak and latched onto Itachi for protection.' He grabbed Deidara's and Itachi's hand and tried to make them lock fingers but Itachi was putting up at fight.

"Urgh! Come on Itachi!" Naruto whined. The raven looked at the spiky haired blond that was trying so hard and gave up, he and Deidara then locked fingers. Deidara blushed and Itachi felt his heart skip a beat.

'What the hell was that?' He looked at the long haired blond curiously.

"Yay! Okay let's go!" He grabbed his browned haired friend's hand and pulled him along; Kiba groaned, still eating down the cotton candy.

"Dude! That was mine!" Naruto grabbed the last little bit that was left and stuffed it in his mouth. Kiba pouted before sucking his teeth.

'You wanna wild out, then wild out, All eyes on you, It's going down, down, right now, You can't lose, You wanna wild out, then wild out. That's what you do, Talk of the town now, And you already know that you're a star, A superstar, That you're a star, a superstar, That you're a star, and you already now.'

~Mikoto's House~


'I'm more than just an option (Hey hey hey) Refuse to be forgotten (Hey hey hey) I took a chance with my heart (Hey hey hey) And I feel it taking over…'

Sasuke had the music blasting in his room with the door open. Toshi stood on his older brother's bed dancing with him.

"I'd better find your lovin I'd better find your heart. I'd better find your lovin I'd better find your heart," Toshi and Sasuke sung along. The Uchiha had his fingers locked with his little brother's as they rocked from side to side. "I'd better find your lovin I'd better find your heart."

"I's bets if I give all my love then nothing's gonna tear us apart!" Toshi grinned and his older brother twirled him around.

"Come on spin baby!" Sasuke cooed and his little brother dipped.

"Hahaha!" He laughed and Toshi giggled. Souji walked into the room and smiled.

"What's going on?" He walked over to the bed and Toshi jumped on him.

"I's was dancing withs Sasu-nii!" He exclaimed, throwing his hands up.

"Oh really. Well how about we stop dancing with the prince and go eat dinner?" Souji chuckled and the raven frowned.

"Haha, very funny. Not!" Sasuke turned the radio off and walked out of the room. Souji looked at his son and they both shrugged.

"Is it good?" Mikoto asked at the dinner table. Sasuke nodded, chowing down his momma's food. Souji had Toshi on his lap and the boy ate off his plate.

"I'm dating someone." Sasuke confessed, looking at his mother.

"Oh honey you didn't have to tell me that." She said before rolling her eyes. Of course she already knew.

"And it's a guy." He finished. Mikoto's face turned a deep shade of red. She didn't have a problem with her son dating a guy but she was one to have a very wild imagination.

"I thought you wanted kids?" Souji looked at the Uchiha confusingly. Toshi for one had no idea what they talking about and continued eating.

"I do, that's the problem." Sasuke sighed, scratching the back of his head. He never brought it up to Naruto but he did want kids.

"Mom are you listening?" He looked at his mother who looked dazed.

Sasuke gritted his teeth and shouted, "Mom!" She snapped out of he daze and looked at her son surprisingly.

"Are you the seme or uke?" She asked in rushed tone, leaning forward.

"Mikoto!" Souji blushed slightly. Mikoto was a bit of a fan of boys love, she loved it since she was a teenager and that hadn't really changed much. She still loved it.

"Mom!" Sasuke looked down at his food and tried to ignore her. "Why is that important?" He huffed his breath, picking at his food.

"I just want to know if you're top or bottom?" She whined.

"Mikoto we're at the dinner table." Souji choked out a gasp and his wife pouted.

"Fine but telling by your body type you're probably top," She muttered and her son smirked. "But then again you do have a very girly face." Mikoto shook her head. It was true that Sasuke took after her looks which made it really hard for her to tell if he was top or bottom.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and looked at his step-father. "Maybe your lover could have babies." His head snapped, hearing his mother's words.

"Honey. Do you really have to go that far?" Souji put Toshi down on the floor; his son looked up at him and cocked an eyebrow. "Go watch tv while we talk." Souji stated and the child nodded, running out of the dinning room.

"Are you being serious?" Sasuke looked at his mother with shocked onyx eyes.

"No Sasuke she's joking. Men can't have babies." There was a hint of laughter in Souji's voice. He couldn't believe Sasuke was really about to get his hopes up and believe what just came out of his mother's mouth.

"Hahaha! I know but I just wanted to see the look on his face." Mikoto giggled and Sasuke slapped his hand on his forehead. Of course men couldn't have babies what the hell was he thinking. 'I thought mom was being serious.' He picked up his chopsticks and his eyes narrowed.

"Mom that wasn't funny." He seethed.

"I'm sorry but did you think I was serious. I didn't think that you of all people would believe me." She half giggled before taking a sip of juice.

"You could just adopt." His mother stated.

"But I want my own kids not someone else's." Sasuke grumbled, tucking some of his black silky locks behind his ear. He sure did wish Naruto could have babies, they would probably be so adorable but back to reality men can't have babies.

"Ooo maybe you could get a lady pregnant." Mikoto chimed, clasping her hands together.

"No mom. I want Naruto to be the mother of my childre-" He slapped his hand over his mouth after realizing what he just said. Oh no. His tongue slipped.

"What! Your step-brother Naruto is your boyfriend?!" Mikoto stood up after dropping her chopsticks, she was shocked but then again it wasn't that bad. It's not like it's incest but still. How did Fugaku not know about their relationship?

"Oh so your are on top." She beamed, sitting down. "I knew it, Naruto is totally the bottom type." Mikoto looked up and her son's and husband's mouths were gaped.


"Is that seriously the only thing on your mind?" Souji's eyes narrowed and Mikoto shrugged.

"Mom you have to keep-"

"I know I have to keep it a secret." His mother winked and he sighed in relief. He was glad his mother was kind of weird when came to dating situations. If it was any other adult they would have called up his father and told him everything.

"I want to ask you guys something and please be honest because I'm not joking." The two adults nodded. "How do you loosen up someone who's just too tight?" His mother's eyes widened and Souji coughed awkwardly; Sasuke was always so straight when it came to sex so Souji was used to him asking these types of questions.

"A vibrator." Souji stated calmly.

"Souji!" Mikoto punched him on the arm.

"Itai, what? I'm only giving him good advice." The greened eyed man pouted, rubbing his arm.

"Okay. I'll try that." Sasuke nodded, rubbing his chin; his mother looked at him disbelievingly.

"What mom? I have one I just never used it on anyone." He snorted smartly; Mikoto blushed, running her fingers through her long hair.

"Anyway back onto the subject, does Naruto know you want kids?" Souji asked.

"No. I never brought it up to him." Sasuke leaned back in the chair and looked up at the ceiling. He did want his own kids one day but how would he be able to have kids if he would be with Naruto 'Wait? Will I still be with Naruto in the future? I'm so in love with that dobe I can't imagine my future without him.' Sasuke smiled and looked at the two adults that were looking at him oddly.

"What?" He looked astonished.

"Aww, you're gushing!" They both exclaimed with a grins on their faces.

"No I'm not." He got up from the table and stormed up the steps. They flinched when they heard Sasuke's room door slam shut.

"Isn't he cute. He wants Naruto to be the mother of his kids." Mikoto placed her hands on her cheeks and shook her head.

"Sounds kind of weird to me. Also Mikoto men can't have babies so stop putting that in his head." He folded his arms across his chest and his wife pouted her lips.

"I know but Naruto is a really adorable child. I wonder if he wants kids?" Mikoto taped her finger on her chin.

"Achoo!" Naruto sneezed and sniffled.

"Catching a cold bro?" Kiba asked, walking beside the blond; Naruto shook his head and yawned. Getting Itachi and Deidara together was hard work. They were now standing in line for a Carousel ride; Itachi and Deidara were standing in front of Naruto and Kiba. It was finally their turn so Naruto had to make this work.

They stepped forward but were stopped after Itachi and Deidara went passed the rope. Naruto looked up and a man smiled at him, he had dirty-blond hair and a slim figure with beautiful golden eyes.

"Two at a time." He said in a cheerful tone.

"Do they get on one?" Naruto whispered and the man shook his head.

"One per person." He stated.

"I'm sure you can make an exception for the son of Fugaku Uchiha!" Naruto beamed and the man tensed up.

"Um yes sir!" He turned and looked at Itachi and Deidara. "Please share one horse you two." He said sternly.

"But you said one per-"

"Just get on the damn horse Deidara!" He growled, slightly hinting at what he was doing; the long haired blond then started catching on.

"Oh. OH! I get it, okay!" He grinned. Deidara made his way over to the ride when suddenly his weight was lifted and he was put on a fake horse, he looked back and Itachi sighed climbing on behind him. 'Oh God! We're so close!' Deidara felt his palms getting sweating as he gripped the pole in front of him.


The ride began rotating and carousel music started playing. Naruto smiled at his accomplished plan, he finally got the two close together but he did feel bad for threatening the man with the Uchiha family name. He hummed the musical tune that played with a grin on his face, he heard little dings and some children screaming with joy.

Deidara kept his eyes ahead of him and nervously moved around. Itachi was so close he could feel the raven's clothed crotch rubbing up against his bottom.

"Sorry." Itachi mumbled.

"About what?" Deidara asked, not looking at the Uchiha.

"About saying you're annoying. I didn't mean it and you're not annoying." Itachi ruffled the blond's hair and Deidara blushed a deep shade of red.

"Also Naruto has been watching us like a hawk for a few hours now." He whispered, looking at the spiky haired blond that had a goofy grin on his face. "It's creeping me out." He stated.

"-Hahaha!" Deidara covered his mouth as he laughed.

Naruto smiled happy to see his plan was working but he couldn't help but feel they were laughing at him. He kept noticing Itachi looking at him and then whispering in Deidara's ear, making him laugh.

"I think they're laughing at you." Kiba grinned; Naruto then punched Kiba on the arm.

"Itai…" Kiba whimpered. "Wait, why haven't Sakura and Hinata returned?" The browned hair teen looked around and then his phone started vibrating. He reached into his pocket and flipped his phone open.

"Is that from them?" Naruto stood on his tipytoes, trying to read Kiba's text message. Kiba frowned and let out an irritated groan. "What?" Naruto cocked an eyebrow.

"They ditched us and ran off to the Spa!" Kiba threw his hands up in the air, looking very pissed. Neji was going to kill him if anything happened to Hinata.

"Naruto let's have a sleep over next weekend at your house." Kiba looked at his friend pleadingly. It had been a while since they all hung out together and plus Kushina never minded if the guys and girls had a sleep over together.

"Okay! Hehe, I'll invite Gaara and the other guys Ooo tell the girls to come as well!" Naruto hit Kiba on the chest playfully and browned haired boy nodded with a grin spreading across his face.

The best part about Naruto's sleep overs was that he and his friends messed with Sasuke Uchiha all night long. You would hear laughs and giggles the whole night through when they slept over.

The one thing that made them laugh was when they would play around and keep knocking on Sasuke's room door and then quickly ran back into Naruto's room. They would always hear the raven getting frustrated cause he didn't know who was knocking until he finally cracks and they all end up in a violent pillow fight with the Uchiha. Even though Sasuke was mean to Naruto back then he always made their sleepovers so much fun.

"Yay! It will be so much fun! Plus Sasuke will be home so we can totally prank him and get him angry!" Naruto jumped up and down feeling excited, he and Kiba then bumped fists.



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