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Naruto: Sasuke you better not flirt with my cousin *glares*

Sasuke: Well he is hot. *smirks*

Naruto: Sasuke!

Sasuke: I'm joking dobe.

Warnings: AU. Mature. Yaoi. Uke Bullying. Innocent Naruto. Smutty.

~Two Weeks Later~


Naruto sat on the living room couch, biting down on his bottom lip. He was nervous about his cousin Kyuubi coming and what worried him more is that he knew Kyuubi liked boys and if Sasuke is there then…then…

The door bell rang and Kushina rushed to answer it, she opened then opened the door and met the face of her nephew.

"Kyuu-chan! Welcome." Naruto's mother hugged the red head and he smiled. The teen has crimson-red, feathery, shoulder length hair and whisker like birth marks, three on each cheek. His eyes are emerald green and he is fair-skinned.

He wore a pair of skinny leg jeans with a formal white shirt and a black sweater vest over top and a pair of black boots on his feet. He has a slim body and his jeans hugged his cute little ass in all the right places.

"Aunty, I've missed you so much!" He beamed, pulling back and walking into the house with his bags in his hands. The woman closed the door behind him and led him into the living room.

"Naruto!" The blond turned his head, hearing that voice and his red headed cousin jumped on him, he groaned as Kyuubi plastered him with kisses and Kushina giggled.

"Kyuu I can't breathe." Naruto panted; Kyuubi stop the kisses and pulled his blond haired cousin up off the couch before setting his bags down on the floor.

"I've missed you soooo much, did you miss me?" Kyuubi slung his arm on Naruto's shoulder and the blond fixed his glasses.

"I wouldn't say 'missed'." Naruto mumbled, moving away from his cousin.

"Naruto come-" Sasuke stopped on the steps when he saw a red headed teen, standing very close to his Naruto. The raven wore a dress shirt with a pair of jeans and his hair was damp due to his shower that he had taken earlier.

"Whoa, who's that?" Kyuubi whispered and the blond frowned.

"Kyuu-chan, this is Sasuke Uchiha. My step-son." Kushina smiled, waving the raven over; Sasuke walked down the stairs and over to the three.

"Sasuke-kun this is Kyuubi Uzumaki, my nephew and Naruto's cousin." Naruto's mother smiled and the raven nodded.

"It's very nice to meet you." Kyuubi spoke in an alluring tone, holding his hand out, waiting for the raven to shake it. Naruto eyed his cousin before rolling his eyes.

"Why is it I've never met you before?" The Uchiha cocked an eyebrow.

"Ah, well that's because I live in America so I don't get to visit that often." The red head replied with a smirk on his face.

"Oh, anyway Naruto," Sauske grabbed the blond's hand. "Let's go." He smiled; Kyuubi looked at the two suspiciously before snorting smartly.

"Wait." The red head grabbed the Uchiha by his pale hand; Sasuke looked back at the teen with a questionable look on his face. "You didn't shake my hand or give me a hug." The boy explained. Sasuke looked at Kushina and the woman nodded in agreement.

"Fine." He let go of the blond's hand and hugged the red head.

Kyuubi smirked and then groped the Uchiha's clothed member but Kushina couldn't see that movement from where she was standing; Sasuke's body tensed in shock before eying Naruto who looked very pissed, of course he was. He could see what his cousin was doing.

"Wow you're so big." The red head whispered before the raven pushed him away and grabbed Naruto's hand.

"Naruto I need you for something." The raven pulled the blond along and the blond scowled, following the raven up the steps.

"Kyuu-chan get comfortable. I'm going out for a little while oh if you need anything ask Naruto." Kushina put her jacket on before grabbing her purse.

"Right." Kyuubi picked up his bags and made his way up the steps. He soon heard the door close indicating his aunt left. He walked down the hallway, looking around in awe. The house is big but there only three room doors. 'I wonder who else lives here?' Kyubbi looked confused, he had know idea where to go.

"Why do we have to study now?" Naruto asked, sitting down at the desk in his step-brother's room.

"Exams are coming up soon and the summer break. You don't want summer school, right?" Sasuke sat down next to golden blond haired teen and Naruto nodded.

"Yosh! Let's do this." Naruto opened up his history text book; the raven grabbed the blue eyed teen by his collar and pulled him into a kiss.

"Mmn…S-Sasuke.." He stammered against the pale teen's lips. Sasuke then pushed the blond's glasses up so he could kiss his lover better. Naruto melted, feeling those sweet lips against his; he brought his hands up to the raven's locks, tangling his fingers in them.

"Naruto!" The blond pulled back when he heard his cousin calling his name.

"I guess I should go handle that." Naruto blushed, getting up from the table.

"He looks like you." Sasuke mumbled.

The blond stopped in his tracks and turned. "Huh?" He looked at the raven.

"I said, he looks like you."

"He may look cute and innocent but he's bad. Not to mention he loves sticking close to me." The blond stated, puffing out his cheeks cutely.

"Naruto, nobody's cuter than you." Sasuke had a serious look on his face.

"Kyuubi is hotter than me." The blond said and the raven looked at him shockingly. He knew Naruto had that low self of steam and it was starting to show. Sasuke sighed, getting up from the chair; he walked up to the blond and Naruto looked up at him.

"Naruto I really hate this part of you, stop comparing yourself to others and just be yourself. You're the hottest boyfriend I've ever had and that's the truth." Sasuke pulled him into a hug and Naruto smiled, blushing; the pale teen then kissed his forehead.

Kyuubi walked down the hallway and stopped in front of the last door at the end of the hall. He stood there for a minute and then decided to go inside, he gripped the handle and opened the door.

"Naruto what have I told you about knocking?" Itachi had jeans on but no shirt; Kyuubi stood there with a gaped mouth, staring at the beauty. He saw pale skin, toned muscles and long hair before the Uchiha pulled a shirt over his head.

The tall raven turned around only to see an unfamiliar red head gazing at him. "Who are you?" Itachi made his way towards the door, looking at the short teen curiously.

"Oh sorry. I was looking for Naruto." The red head bowed apologetically.

"Naruto? Are you his friend?" Itachi leaned on the door frame fluently, making a red dusk spread across the Uzumaki's face.

"No, I'm his cousin." Kyuubi smirked, staring at the raven with the most alluring green eyes.

"You're Kyuubi then. It's nice to meet you, I'm Itachi Uchiha Naruto's older step-brother." The raven held his hand out and Kyuubi reached his hand out to shake it. When their hands met there was an instant jolt between the two, Kyuubi's heart beat sped up and his palm got sweaty. That had never happened to him before, this was the first time someone made him feel like this.

"There's two of you? Wow you Uchihas sure are sexy." Kyuubi stated; Itachi's eyes widened and then he smiled, he had never met anyone so direct, well besides Deidara.

"Thank you."

"Kyuubi?" Naruto and Sasuke walked out of the room and the blond spotted his cousin talking to Itachi down the hall. He could see him scratching the back of his head and laughing with the raven which is a very bad sign meaning, 'I want to fuck you.' At least that's what Kyuubi does when he really likes someone or is attracted to someone.

He rushed down the hallway and Sasuke cocked an eyebrow. Naruto ran in between the two and Kyuubi stepped back.

"Stay back." The blond stated.

"What?" Kyuubi looked stunned.

"Naruto, what's wrong?" The raven teen asked.

"Um..we need to talk." The blond pushed Itachi into the room and then locked the door. Kyuubi felt jealous already and he had just met the Uchiha.

He turned on his heels and saw Sasuke standing there; the raven hurriedly turned to avoid the red head. "Oi!" Kyuubi shouted and the raven stopped.

"That's your brother right? How close are he and my cousin?" The greened eyed boy asked.

"Close enough to be sleeping in the same bed every now and then." Sasuke replied.

"You have to stay away from him." Naruto warned, pointing his finger sternly.

"Why, he seems nice?" Itachi sat down on his bed.

"No he's not nice and you have Deidara, you don't need anything getting in the middle of your relationship." The blond explained, stepping forward.

"Who said Deidara and I are in a relationship?" The raven stood up and Naruto pouted.

"You're not…but I-"

"Deidara's my friend Naruto. I don't feel that way about him." The Uchiha stated coldly before grabbing his jacket and putting it on.

"Where are you going?" The blond asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Deidara wants to go out today-" The raven slapped his hand over his mouth and the blue eyed teen smirked.

"Ha! I was right, you do like him hehe!" Naruto grinned. The stoic Uchiha blushed and looked away from the blond. "You're blushing aw!" The blond gushed.

"I'm not!-" Itachi stepped back after Naruto placed a finger on his lips.

"Now remember what I told you. Don't touch, hang out or be anywhere near my cousin." His eyes narrowed and the raven nodded. The Uchiha then made his towards the door before opening it.

"Oh great now he's talking to Sasuke." The blond muttered, following Itachi out the room.

"Naruto what do you want for dinner?" Itachi asked.

"Ramen is fine." The blond beamed; Kyuubi looked at the two and Sasuke yawned before walking back into his room.

"Itachi, right?" Kyuubi held his hands on his hips, looking at his cousin and the Uchiha coming down the hallway.

"Yes?" The raven looked at the hot red head.

"Um...I was wondering-"

"Ah, Itachi you should hurry. You've got somewhere to be." The blond pulled the raven by his hand down the steps and Kyuubi glared, following behind the two.

"Hurry up." Naruto rushed the Uchiha who was putting his shoes on. Itachi stood up after he finished tying them and sighed.

"Go." The blond shooed the raven out of the house.

"Okay okay." He opened up the front door, walking outside and Deidara pulled up in his car; Itachi smiled and made his way over to the car.

"Hi." Deidara blushed, pouting his lips. Itachi smirked and got in the passenger side before buckling himself in.

"You look red, are you okay?" The raven placed his hand on the blond's forehead, pushing his bang back. The blue eyed teen blushed an even deeper shade of red.

"Oi, no lovey dovey crap, I'm back here." Sasori sat in the back seat, playing his psp.

"Oh shut up." Deidara muttered, stepping on the gas peddle. The car then went speeding down the street and Naruto sighed in relief.

Kyuubi had been looking out the window and saw how that long haired blond blushed when he saw Itachi. 'So that's how it is..' He puffed out his cheeks.

"Kyuu let's go put your stuff in my room." Naruto said after closing the front door; his cousin nodded and followed him up the steps.

'Don't worry Naruto, three weeks will pass quickly.' The blond tightened his fists, he absolutely couldn't have Kyuubi messing up anything while he stayed there.



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