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-The Next Morning-


Sasuke turned his head and yawned; he open his eyes slowly before shaking his head a few times, his vision cleared after a few seconds. "N-Naruto?" He noticed the blond was still underneath him and cocked an eyebrow.

"Teme…too heavy…" Naruto moaned out in his sleep.

"Huh? Wait, did I fall asleep right afterwards?" Sasuke scratched his head and then his manhood twitched, his eyes trailed downwards. "I-I fell asleep like this?!" Sasuke saw that he was still inside his cute little blond. The raven shifted uncomfortably and slowly pulled out of Naruto's tight ass that he pounded into the mattress the night before.

"Oi, Dobe?" Naruto turned over and mumbled something in his sleep. "Naruto?" Sasuke poked at the blond's face and the blue eyed teen groaned.

"I want the white bunny mommy." He smiled while sleeping; Sasuke sighed and smacked the blond on the forehead.

"Itai!" Naruto rubbed his head and opened his eyes. "Wah! I'm finally free!" He cheered, sitting up; Sasuke coughed awkwardly and Naruto looked at the raven.

"Ah! Y-you're awake!" He pulled the covers over his head and hid under the sheets. "Don't look...I'm too embarrassed." Naruto mumbled.

"Sorry…I didn't mean to fall asleep." Sasuke tucked some of his black locks behind his ear and pulled his knee up.

"Huh?" Naruto poked his head out.

"I don't usually pass out after one round. Maybe I was tired?" He scowled; he couldn't remember falling asleep right afterwards.

"Itai…my bottom hurts and something's throbbing inside." Naruto rubbed his backside and the raven chuckled.

"Should we go shower together?" Sasuke asked and Naruto sat up.

"I don't know..that's kind of embarrassing," The blond looked at his lover with innocent blue eyes. "I've never taken a shower or bath with anyone but Itachi before." That sentence irked the hell out of Sasuke but he let it slide.

A smirk then spread across the raven's face; he washed Naruto once before but the Uzumaki couldn't remember anything that happened when he was drunk that one night.

"Fine. Take one when I'm done." The raven turned and placed his feet on the carpeted floor. Naruto nodded and laid back on the bed.

"Itai!" He flipped over on his stomach and whimpered. "Sasuke you did this on purpose, my bottom really hurts…teme." He seethed with tears in his eyes.

"Oh don't be such a baby, Naruto." Sasuke opened up his closet and grabbed a clean towel.

"Wait…but what's this stuff throbbing back there?" The Uzumaki raised an eyebrow. His backside not only hurt but there was an irritating throbbing deep inside his ass.

"It's my sperm." The Uchiha stated bluntly.

"Y-you're semen," Naruto's face flushed red. "But how do I get it out?"

"You have to use your finger. Stick it up there and scoop it out." Sasuke yawned and the small blond shuddered. "You did say you didn't want to shower together so you'll have to do it yourself."

"I don't know how to do that!" The pale teen ignored the blond made his way out the room.

"Ugh..I'm all sticky." The Uchiha muttered, opening the door and walking out.

"Teme!" Naruto whined, tightening his fists.

"Good morning." The raven froze after hearing that voice; he turn his head and Kyuubi was leaning up against the wall.

"Need something?"

"No but I really had no idea you were screwing my cousin." He smirked, standing up straight. "Of course I could hear you two. Aunty-Kushina got in late so by that time you two were fast asleep," The Uchiha glared at the red head. "Hm..I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want to find about your relationship with her son."

"So are you gonna tell her?" Sasuke asked.

"No. That is if you do something for me." Kyuubi yawned; he wore nothing but a tunic and looked like he just jumped out of bed but damn, he still look hot. His messy red hair draped over to the side and his slim body leaned a little as he placed his hand on his hip.

"What can I do for you?" The raven sucked his teeth and the red head grinned triumphantly.

"I noticed that Naruto loves to get in the middle of Itachi and me so just keep him out of the way, that simple."

"Whatever you say, slut." The Uchiha scoffed. Kyuubi scowled and folded his arms across his chest.

"Did you just call me a slut?"

"That is what you come off as." The Uchiha gave a palm wave and made his way down the steps.

"A slut?" The Uzumaki turned on his heels and made his way back to Naruto's room. "Well I can understand what he means, I did grabbed his package when I first met him." The boy shrugged and walked into his cousin's room.

~A Week Later~


A week has passed and Kyuubi and Itachi have gotten really close which annoyed the fuck out of Naruto Uzumaki. Not for the simple fact that Itachi was supposed to be with Deidara but Itachi was his too. He needed his alone time with his big brother but Kyuubi kept hogging him.

They were all sitting at the dinning table silently while eating that Monday morning.

"Kyuu-chan are you nervous about attending school here in Japan?" Kushina asked while using the rice scooper to put steamy white rice in Naruto's bowl. Fugaku was still working at the company so it was only her, Kyuubi, Naruto, Sasuke and Itachi.

"Thank you mommy!" The blond began stuffing his face.

"Thank you mommy." Kyuubi mimicked, frowning at his blond haired cousin.

"Shut up Kyuu!" Naruto spat out.

"Shut up Kyuu." Kyuubi mimicked again causing the blond to groan in irritation.

"Ugghhh hhhhh gnnnnnnn!" Kyuubi and Naruto began making weird, loud, obnoxious noises at each other. Sasuke and Itachi stared at the two purely amazed by the childishness.

"Okay. Enough." Kushina slapped her hand over Naruto's mouth and Kyuubi smiled in triumph. "Try not to act like this at school boys." The woman sighed.

"Don't worry, I'll keep an eye in them." Itachi smiled and his little brother rolled his eyes. For some reason Fugaku and Kushina always thought Itachi was the more responsible and his older brother loved pleasing his parents.

"Thank you." Kushina smiled softly.

"I can't believe you're staying longer and just because aunty-Mito needed a longer break from such a wild child." Naruto pouted, getting up from the table.

"Leaving?" Kushina asked.

"Yes. Kyuubi be outside in five minutes or the limo will leave without you." The blue eyed teen stuck his tongue out and made his way out the dinning room.

"He's been very moody lately." His mother looked at Itachi who shrugged. She figured he would know what was going on with Naruto.

"Oh he's just mad because Itachi has been so kind as to make sure I've been a good time all week and he hasn't spent any time with him." Kyuubi pushed his chair back. "He's simply childish." The greened eyed teen put his napkin down and made his way out of the dinning room.

"I hope those two don't end up fighting." Kushina sighed and the boys nodded in agreement; soon the two Uchihas finished their breakfast and went to get ready for school.

Kyuubi walked out of the house wearing his white Gakuran uniform, he pulled at the stiff collar and let out a yawn. After closing the house door behind him he saw a long limo parked in front of the house. "Wow! Sweeet!" He ran down the steps and the driver opened the door for him.

"Even a driver…cool!" He crawled in and Naruto groaned. "Naruto!" He jumped on the blond, making him fall backwards onto the seat.

"Urgh…K-Kyuu, get off me." He mumbled; Kyuubi propped himself up on his arms and looked down at the blond.

"Why have you been so angry?" The red head got off his cousin and sat down beside him.

"I'm not angry." Naruto spat out, turning his head towards the window.


"I'm not Kyuu!" He sucked his teeth and his cousin sighed.

"So tired!" Sasuke got into the limo and stretched his arms, he then covered his mouth before yawning. "Dobe, you left your bag." The raven tossed Naruto his backpack. Kyuubi blushed seeing Sasuke in his black Gakuran uniform; he was in a lower grade than Kyuubi so he and Naruto wore black Gakuran uniforms.

"Thanks." He grinned widely with blush spreading across his face.

Itachi then opened up the limo door and got inside. "Ooo Itachi sit next to me!" Naruto beamed almost jumping up and down in his seat.

"Right." He moved down towards the hype blond and the blue eyed teen latched onto him.

"It's not like I care." Kyuubi muttered; Naruto scowled at his cousin before sticking his tongue out.

The rest of the ride was quiet; Naruto and Kyuubi just scowled at each other and the Uchihas looked out the window until they arrived at school which only took about twenty minutes.

Everyone got out the limo and headed into school. Sasuke and Naruto walked off to first period and Kyuubi noticed everyone's eyes were on him; not because he was weird or anything but because he looked so damn hot in their school uniform, he made his way down the hallway and heard whistles and perverted boys saying little comments. Some girls even stopped him for his phone number and of course he gladly gave it to them.

He made it to the school's office and walked up to the front desk. "Ah, Kyuubi Uzumaki, right? Kushina-san said to look out for a red head." The lady at the front desk smiled and he nodded.

"Here's your schedule and locker number." She handed him a paper and the code to his locker. He smiled and bowed before leaving the office.

"Hm? So where to now?" He looked around and then opened the paper the lady gave him. He looked at it but while he was doing that he hadn't been watching where he was going and smacked into someone's chest.

"Lost?" He rubbed his nose and looked up; a pair of onyx eyes looked down at him and he blushed.

"Itachi?" He back up and nodded his head.

"We have first period together, let's go together." He turned and began walking down the hallway.

"Okay." Kyuubi followed behind him. "I didn't know we were in the same year." The red head stated.

"Hn." Was the raven's reply and the Uzumaki puffed out his cheeks. The raven sure didn't talk much but in a way he knew the Uchiha was being nice.

They finally reached the classroom and Itachi opened the door. "Ah, welcome Itachi." The teacher, Kisame Hoshigaki smiled, showing his shark like teeth.

The Uchiha nodded and made his way to his seat; Kyuubi walked and in everyone who had been making noise went silent. The teen was a beauty; he had feathered shoulder-length blood-red hair, green eyes and a slim figure with a pretty face. Kyuubi stood in the front of the classroom with a smile on his face.

"This is our transfer student Kyuubi Uzumaki, please make him feel welcomed." Kisame Hoshigaki stated.

"It's very nice to meet everyone, please take of care me." The red head bowed and the students gasped.

"Kyuubi you can take a seat right next to Konan." The teacher pointed to a girl with that had blue hair, grey eyes, lavender eye shadow and a labret piercing. He nodded and made his way back to his seat.

He pulled his chair back and sat down; the girl, Konan looked at him and then asked, "You're related to Naruto Uzumaki, right?" The red head looked at her before nodding his head hesitantly.

"Oh. It must suck being related to an idiot." She muttered but the red head heard her.

"Look bitch, please don't speak about my cousin that way or I'll be forced to punch your teeth out." He spat out and her eyes widened; he was defiantly different from his cousin, she knew she couldn't run all over him.

"Whatever." She mumbled, turning to face the front; the Uzuamki tightened his fists. He hated when people talked bad about Naruto, he didn't care if the blond was stupid, he felt he was the only one allowed to make fun of his cousin; no one else and every time they did he would beat the crap out of them.

The bell then rang and some people who were standing around and goofing off sat down.

"Sorry I'm late!" Deidara came through the classroom door panting.

"Deidara, please take your seat." Hoshigaki-san groaned and the blond nodded, making his way to his seat. Itachi looked at the blond and that said blond made a beeline straight for Itachi's lap; he sat down and some of his classmates snickered. Kyuubi looked at the two and growled inwardly.

"Deidara go to 'your' seat." Kisame Hoshigaki repeated.

"But this is my seat. He's my husband, I can't be separated from him." Deidara hooked his arms around the Uchiha's neck and Itachi said nothing.

"Fine." The shark man decided to just start the class; Kyuubi turned and looked out the window. He propped his elbow up on the desk and leaned his chin in the palm of his hand.

'Japan is a nice place…I wonder if mom would be okay with me staying here, at least until I graduate from high school.' The red head looked out at the gym field and sighed.

"Okay let's see." Kakashi-sensei pulled a paper out of an envelope and his students sat in their seat with hopeful looks on their faces.

He looked over the paper and then stated, "Sasuke Uchiha passed, the rest of you failed." The white haired man smiled under his mask and the teens sulked; Sasuke didn't really care but when he looked over at the sulking Naruto, he felt bad.

The blond covered his face and felt like crying, he did all that studying but got no where. "No. Wait." Everyone looked up and Naruto sniffled.

"Naruto Uzumaki came in second to Sasuke, he got an A minus?!" Everyone's head snapped and they looked at the blond; Naruto's head shot up and he ran up to the teacher's desk.

"Wah? Naruto passed?" Kiba sulked.

"I failed and he passed?" Sakura choked out and the Uzumaki's other friends groaned. Naruto snatched the paper away from his teacher and Kakashi let the blond have his moment.

"Ahhh! I can't believe it," He ran down the middle of the classroom and stood in front of his step-brother, Sasuke Uchiha. "Look Sasuke I passed! I got an A minus," He then rolled his eyes in the cutest way, "Okay there's nothing special about the minus but the A that's new for me!" He beamed; Sasuke looked stunned by the blond's excitement.

"That's great. I'll give you a reward when we get home." Sasuke smirked and Naruto blushed.

"Okay, can you please take your seat, Naruto?" The teacher asked and the blond quickly sat down after noticing everyone's eyes were on him.

"Sorry." He mumbled, putting the paper in his desk.

"Let's get on with the lesson then." Kakashi opened the text book on his desk and his students groaned; Naruto looked at Sasuke who greeted him a smile, he blushed and turned to face the front where his teacher stood.

-Lunch Time-

Naruto sat down next to his friends who questioned him about how he passed and he grinned like an idiot the whole time; he was proud of himself, he got his first A in Kakashi Hatake's class which was hard to do.

"You must be smart to come in behind Sasuke." Sakura pouted and poked at her food.

"Yeah well Sasuke actually helped me out a lot." The blond replied, picking up his chopsticks.

"Aww I wish I had a smart step-brother." Hinata pouted and Neji ruffled her hair.

"You know our teacher is always hard on us, I didn't get a good grade either." The brunette stated and Kiba yawned.

Ino looked around and noticed Kyuubi sitting by himself; she had no idea why though, he looked so cool and she could see girls trying to decide if they would go sit next to him.

"Naruto, why is Kyuubi sitting alone?" The blond haired girl look at the blue eyed teen; Naruto looked over at his cousin and sighed.

"Maybe he's not fitting in." Naruto muttered; Kyuubi never sat by himself but maybe something wasn't going well. He always made friends on the first day.

Kyuubi poked at his food and laced his fingers through his red hair; he looked over at Itachi's table which Deidara, Sasori, Pein and Hidan sat at.

And of course Deidara was still planted in Itachi's lap, Kyuubi sighed; he noticed another red head at the table but he couldn't see his face. He put some rice in his mouth and then someone sat down next to him.

"What do you want, Naruto?" He rolled his eyes and the blond grinned.

"You looked lonely." The blond stated and the red head shrugged.

"No friends on the first day?"

"None of your business." Kyuubi glared with fierce emerald green eyes.

"Fine then, be that way." Naruto got up and made his way back over to his table; Kyuubi didn't mean to sound so rude but the fact that Deidara and Itachi were so close irritated him.

"Sasuke!" Naruto spotted the raven getting his lunch and waved him over; the teen made his way over to the blond with Shikamaru right behind him.

"I have no friends." Kyuubi sulked and got up from the table; Itachi spotted him and watched him out the corner of his eye; he couldn't help but watch the red head, he was sexy and looking at his cute, little ass while he walked couldn't be helped either. Not to mention Kyuubi in that Gakuran uniform was so exciting.

"Dude, that's not how it goes." Deidara took his pony tail out, letting his silky blond hair fall passed his shoulders; Itachi played with the blond's hair and Deidara blushed.

"What do we have after this?" Sasori asked.

"Gym." Hidan sucked his teeth; he looked Itachi who always seemed to kick his ass at basketball and every other sport.

"I can't wait to watch Tachi play!" Deidara grinned and laced his finger through the pale teen's hair.

"Hn." Itachi picked up a rice ball and ate it down.



Everyone had just exited the locker rooms wearing their gym uniforms. Which was a pair of blue shorts, a white shirt along with a pair of white sneakers. Kyuubi's shorts came to his mid thighs and his hair was held back in a ponytail with layered bangs in the front; Deidara had his hair in a high pony tail and his short came to his thighs too.

"Where's pretty boy?" Hidan walked up to Deidara who sat on the bench next to Kyuubi.

"He skipped." The long haired blond replied.

"Fuck, I should have done the same." Hidan made his way onto the court; Gai sensei gave them free time so they could play basketball the whole time.

"Where's Itachi?" Kyuubi turned and looked at the blue eyed teen; Deidara opened his mouth to answer but Itachi had already emerged from the locker room. They both blushed and Itachi walked onto the inside basketball court.

He wore a white wife beater, blue shorts and his hair was in a low pony tail. His nicely toned muscles were amazing and they flexed when he stretched; Kyuubi's mouth gaped.

"I'm gonna go play!" Deidara got up and ran towards the Uchiha; Itachi turned and looked at the blond that called his name.

"Heads up!" Hidan passed Itachi the ball and the raven smirked.

"Enjoy the game youths!" Gai-sensei shouted and some students groaned in irritation; the man was simply annoying sometimes.

Itachi dribbled the ball down the court and threw it into the basket after using the heels of his feet to push himself up. The ball fell through the net and Deidara caught it and looked at the Uchiha as if to challenge him; Itachi nodded and the long haired blond made his way to the middle of the court.

"Dei, don't cry if I beat you." Itachi snorted smartly and the blond tsked.

Deidara dribbled the ball between his legs and Itachi's onyx eyes followed the ball that the blond teased him with; Deidara spun around and ran around the Uchiha that blocked his front, he made it to the basket and jumped to throw the ball through the net but it disappeared from his hands.

"Looking for this?" He turned around and the ball spun around on Itachi's finger; the Uchiha had an amused smirk on his face and Deidara stomped his foot.

"No fair, you're taller than me!" He whined; Kyuubi looked at the raven with amazed eyes.

'He's so cool!' He watched Itachi play ball the whole time and the raven looked sexy doing it; sweat dripped down his muscles and his long hair was slightly damp for him sweating.

Itachi faked out the great Hidan and ran passed him with almost inhuman speed. He dunked the ball in the basket and everyone groaned in irritation, he kicked their asses and looked good while doing it.

"Good game!" Pein cheered and he and Itachi fist bumped; Hidan was on Deidara's team and they lost.

"Damn it Dei!" Hidan's eyes narrowed.

"Sorry." The blond frowned; he then noticed Itachi and Pein making their way towards the locker rooms and grinned. "Tachi, let's bathe together!" Everyone looked at the blond and Itachi rolled his eyes.

"Dude!" They looked grossed out. Well not the girls, they would love to help Itachi Uchiha wash.

"Bro. That was uncalled for." Hidan rested his hand on Deidara's shoulder.

The blue eyed teen shrugged and ran up to the Uchiha. "Tachi!" He jumped on his back; Itachi looked back at the teen that wrapped his arms around his neck. "I love your sweaty scent." The blond whispered in his ear.

"Dei, don't be a weirdo." Itachi muttered and the blond hugged him tightly while being carried by his love. Kyuubi got up off the bench and decided to go get changed, he didn't need a shower because he hadn't done anything. Also there were some guys looking at him with creepy, perverted eyes.

~After School~


The red head had changed back into his Gakuran uniform and walked down the school hallway. He spotted Itachi and called out to him.

"Kyuubi, have you made any friends yet?" The Uchiha asked; he felt bad because no one wanted to be friends with a know it all. Kyuubi corrected the teacher so many times that the students ended up getting annoyed with him; the Uzumaki couldn't help it, he hated when people were wrong.

"Who needs friends, right?" He laughed nervously and the Uchiha ruffled his hair.

"Maybe if you didn't yap so much people wouldn't feel intimidated." Itachi smirked and the red head rolled his eyes.

"I didn't do anything wrong." The Uzumaki folded his arms across his chest and the raven poked his forehead with a stoic look on his face.

"This is wrong when it comes to dealing with people." Itachi was talking about his brain of course; Kyuubi swatted his hand away and rubbed his forehead.

"So school's over, what do I do now?"

"Well the limo should be here in about," Itachi looked at his wrist watch. "Five minutes." He smiled and Kyuubi felt butterflies in his stomach.

"Um…Itachi I was wondering-"

"Tachi!" Deidara rounded a corner and spotted Kyuubi talking to Itachi; the green eyed teen rolled his eyes and clenched his teeth. The Uchiha looked up and the blond waved; the raven nodded and was about to walk over to Deidara but Kyuubi grabbed him by his uniform collar.

"Kyuubi what's wrong?" The raven looked down at him; Kyuubi's face was a deep shade of red and Itachi blushed seeing that cute face. The Uzumaki's cheeks were red and his eyes looked lust filled along with his pouty lips.

"Kyuu-" The red head stood on his tippy toes and locked lips with the taller teen. Deidara's eyes widened and he felt his blood boiling; Itachi forgot about the blond and kissed back, he couldn't help it. Those lips felt so good against his, he then felt Kyuubi's tongue run across his teeth and opened his mouth to let that tempting tongue in.

"Mhm…" Kyuubi deepened their kiss and tangled his fingers the raven's silky locks. Luckily the halls were empty because they would have really made a scene.

Deidara cussed under his breath and then stormed away, he would deal with Itachi later. Kyuubi pulled back and tucked some of his hair behind his ear before looking up at the Uchiha with shimmering green eyes. "I-I really like you Itachi, I just wanted you to know that." He stated before walking away not even giving the Uchiha a chance to respond.

Itachi Uchiha stood there in awe; he felt like he was floating on air, his nerves felt like they were on fire. He felt like he needed more Kyuubi Uzumaki but when Naruto kissed him he felt the same way too. 'Urgh! These damn Uzumakis!' He pulled at his hair in frustration; it was like he drawn to Uzumakis and they always had him twisted around their finger, first it was Naruto and now Kyuubi.

"Damn, Dei." He made his way down the hallway to find Deidara and try to explain things before the blond got the wrong idea.



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