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Deidara and Kyuubi sat in the principle's office while Naruto and Sasuke sat outside the office, looking at Itachi with fierce daggers. Itachi leaned up against the wall with his hands in his pockets.

"Problem?" He mused and Naruto rolled his eyes.

"I can't believe you." Sasuke stood up and walked up to his little brother. "How could you let something like this happen? And how the hell did I not know about you two sleeping together, I heard nothing last night." He wagged his finger in his older brother's face.

The taller raven then grabbed his finger. "Oh, sorry, I don't moan ever so loudly like you and Naruto." He snorted smartly and the blond sitting down blushed; Sasuke puffed out his chest and coughed awkwardly.

"You're gonna be in so much trouble." The shorter raven teased before sitting back down. Itachi frowned, narrowing his eyes.

"I hope Deidara and Kyuu are okay. I hope they don't get expelled." Naruto stated, leaning his head on the raven's shoulder.

"Damn… they sure beat each other up good. Deidara had blood around his eye and Kyuubi had a busted mouth, I mean blood gushing everywhere." Sasuke exaggerated until Naruto glared at him with deep blue eyes.

"I'll shut up." He took that hint as to close his mouth; the blond Uzumaki sighed heavily.

The office door then opened and Deidara and Kyuubi were pushed out by a big breasted woman known as Tsunade; Naruto and Sasuke got up and the lady smiled.

"Get these two to the nurse's office, Kushina and Deidara's mother will be here later to discuss their punishment. I'd advise you to keep these two apart, hell they tried to attack each other in my office." Kyuubi began walking down the hallway, folding his arms across his chest.

"Kyuu, wait!" Naruto followed behind his cousin and Sasuke scratched the back of his head. Itachi leaned up off the wall and the principle closed her door back.

"Well," Sasuke turned to Itachi and Deidara. "Go on, he needs to be treated." The shorter raven then walked in front of the two; Deidara clenched his fist even tighter as he watched Kyuubi walking next to Naruto.

He wanted to kick his ass again and again and again. How ever many fucking times he could but he didn't want to get expelled.

"You okay?" Itachi looked at the short blond and was about to put his hand on his head. That is until Deidara swatted his hand away.

"Don't touch me with those hands you used to touch him." Deidara gritted coldly though his clenched teeth.

Itachi was some what shocked by what the blond said for a second and then sighed.

"I can't believe him, he's only known you for a week and yet he gave it up so easily," Deidara ranted. "What does that say about him, oh a lot… I'm not even sure if I want you. He might have given you something." Kyuubi could hear the long haired blond far behind him loud and clearly because he was rather loud, he then grabbed Naruto's hand and pulled him along as he sped; the blond looked over at his cousin with a saddened eyes.

"Deidara, that was rather harsh." Sasuke turned and looked at the blond; Deidara shrugged, he was too mad, he didn't care about hurting Kyuubi's feelings.

-After School-

Everyone returned from school totally exhausted. Itachi was sitting in front of his father who was fuming at the moment and Kyuubi and Deidara were in the kitchen because Kushina wanted them to talk things out but they tried to rip each other apart at least four times. Luckily the maids were there to stand between them.

"Oh don't try to sound innocent."

"Why don't you shut the fuck up!" Kyuubi shouted from the dinning room.

"Kyuubi?!" Kushina gasped out.

"Get out of my face!" Deidara yelled back.

"Boys, boys, calm down."

Itachi sat on the couch and Fugaku rubbed his temples. "I can not believe this… you… you slept with her nephew and then you cause this huge fight, but you sit there like nothing is going now. This is all because of you." The man seethed and his son lowered his head. "I'm so disappointed in you- I don't even know what to do right now." The man pulled at his hair and his son gulped.

"You know what, I can't deal with you so you will be going to your mother's tomorrow along with your brother, you haven't seen your mother in a year and I can't believe I put up with it for so long but you're going and that's final." His father stated.

"No, father!" Itachi shouted. He didn't want to be around his mother and the man she cheated on his father with.

"I never told you this but everything that happened between your mother and I was my fault and you have a little brother that you've never seen-"

"That is not my brother." Itachi replied, coldly.

Naruto and Sasuke listened from the balcony over the staircase; they could still hear Kyuubi and Deidara arguing along with Itachi who argued with his father.

"Man… I wonder what would happen to us if he found out." The blond pushed his glasses further onto his face and the raven sighed, leaning on his forearm.

"Yeah.. he'd probably separate us but the only thing we need to do is stick it out until we're eighteen, tell them about us, get married and have beautiful babies." Sasuke said, looking at his finger nails.

Naruto's head snapped towards the raven. "Did you just say married and Babies?!" The blond looked slightly confused and the Uchiha nodded. "We're guys baka! And what is this baby obsession you have?" The Uzumaki raised an eyebrow.

"I want children of course, but I'll have to find a way to get you pregnant first." The raven rubbed his chin and the blond was getting slightly freaked out.

"Okay.. even for you that's weird, I mean if you want kids that bad we could just adopt." Naruto turned around and he and Sasuke made their way to Naruto's bedroom.

Only Naruto could tell but Sasuke was sulking at the moment; the blond thought it was kind of cute how someone like Sasuke really wanted kids. "Wait, did you just agree to marry me?" He perked up and Naruto walked into his room with Sasuke right behind him who closed the door and locked it.

"Not exactly." Naruto turned and faced the Uchiha. The Uzumaki wore black short-suspenders with a tight white shirt underneath it.

Sasuke then grabbed the blond's hand and placed his hand on his hip. "C'mon Naruto can't you imagine it," He began formal dancing as if music were playing. "Us dancing at our wedding party and you wearing a beautiful, white wedding dress." The blond then looked down at his feet nervously, he didn't want to step on the raven's fast moving feet.

"I guess… I could." The Uzumaki muttered.

"One, two, one, two and twirl," Naruto twirled and the raven smiled; the blond was glad he was the only who knew this side of Sasuke Uchiha. "And dip." The blond tried to but ended falling, pulling Sasuke down with him; luckily they landed on the bed.

"So what do you say, wanna marry me?" The raven looked down at the blond who was sprawled out on the bed.

"Sasuke isn't it a little early to be thinking so far ahead in the future?" Naruto pouted, he just hoped he would make it out of high school first.

"Is it?" The raven questioned.

"Well, yeah, how do you even know we'll last that long?"

"Yeah… I guess you don't wanna be with me in the future." Sasuke sat up and scratched the back of his head.

Naruto then sat up too. "I didn't mean that.. we're only fifteen. Not all couples last that long and if they do good for them but I do want to be with you in the future." Sasuke's onyx eyes narrowed and he snatched the blond's glasses off his face.

"Oi! Oi! Teme, I can't see!" Naruto moved around blindly, trying to locate the raven's arm but everything was blurry to him.

Sasuke smirked and put on his blond dobe's glasses. "Everything looks bigger." He then got up and looked in the mirror; little did he know Naruto was getting off the bed.

"Sasuke seriously, I can't see." The blond whimpered and the raven shrugged. "I'm sorry for saying what I said, so can I please have my glasses back.. please– Urgh!" The Uzumaki fell off the bed, smacking face first into the carpeted floor.

The Uchiha turned around and sighed, heavily when he heard Naruto whining. "Itai… that hurt.." Sasuke felt bad and decided to go help the blond up.

"Sorry." He ruffled Naruto's golden locks and the blond rubbed his eyes. "I didn't think you would hurt yourself." He kissed his forehead before giving the blond his glasses.

"I do want to marry you but I don't know if you'll break up with me or something." He sniffled and the raven smirked.

"I love you Naruto, you're the first and last person I'll ever give my heart to." He tilted the blond's head back. "Now can I have a smooch?" He made the puppy dog face and the blond stood on his tiptoes to reach the raven's lips and gave him a peck on his soft lips.

"My face hurts." Naruto muttered, putting on his glassed and rubbing his face.

"Why are you so clumsy?" Sasuke laid the blond on the sheet covered bed.

"I don't know." Naruto rested his head on his pillow and the raven laid down next to him, Naruto then got under the covers and the raven soon crawled under the covers with his dobe.

"S-Sasuke, stop." The raven kissed down the blond's neck and Naruto moved around under the sheets. He moaned a little and the raven caressed his thighs; from the movements of the sheets the raven had gotten on top of the blond. "That tickles hehe!" Naruto giggled as the Uchiha tickled his ribs.

"T-Teme, I can't breath.. ahaaaha s-stop!" Naruto kicked his legs.

"Fine." Sasuke pried the blond's legs apart and pressed his body against the Uzumaki's before grinding his hips against him playfully.

"Ah! Don't do that teme." There was a hint of laughter in the blond's voice.

"You're sensitive, right?" The Uchiha rolled his hips against Naruto and the blond gasped; he could feel his member stiffening and sighed lustfully under the sheets. He then wrapped his legs around the raven's waist as Sasuke continued to dry hump him.

Naruto was letting out all kinds of breathy sighs and silent moans; being under the sheets with Sasuke was defiantly dangerous because the raven was a pervert.

"Sasuke don't take that off." Naruto muffled and the raven rolled his eyes.

"Kiss me." The raven leaned down and the blond captured his lips; Naruto kissed him, wantonly before letting his tongue slip in the raven's mouth after wrapping his arms around the Uchiha's neck.

"Mnn… Nh! Aaah… Sasuke, Mmm.." Naruto tangled his fingers in the raven's silky locks and the Uchiha's tongue ravished his mouth, their tongues slurped in each others mouths not to mention they were starting to feel really horny but that was bad because they couldn't have sex with the parents downstairs.

Naruto moaned into the other's mouth, bucking his hips but the raven needed more friction, he needed to be inside Naruto's tight ass.

Sasuke undid one of the buttons on the blond's suspenders and the Uzumaki was so lost in Sasuke's tongue, body and heat that he hadn't noticed Sasuke started taking off his clothes.

"S-Sasuke, okay that's enough!" Naruto crawled from out of the sheets, fixing his glasses; Sasuke groaned and came out as well.

Their hair was slightly spiked up from the being under the sheets.

"Let's go on date today." Sasuke stated and the blond nodded.

"Ooo a picnic!" The blond sat up, turning to put his feet on the floor.

Sasuke sucked his teeth and sighed. "Fine.. I did pick last time." The raven got up and Naruto fixed his clothes.

"I'll ask one of the maids to make us a picnic basket." The Uzumaki chimed before running out of the room. Sasuke stretched and yawned, he couldn't help but feel like his old ways were slipping away since he's been with Naruto; he hadn't partied in a while but it didn't bother him.

He then sat up with a smile on his face. 'I guess I should go get changed.' The Uchiha looked down at his clothes and nodded to himself. He then got up and made his way out of the Uzumaki's bedroom.

"Have a good time boys!" Kushina waved and her son nodded, carrying the straw picnic basket in his hands. Deidara and Kyuubi were still in the dinning room arguing so she thought it would be a good idea for Sasuke and Naruto to go out.

Fugaku eyed the two and raised an eyebrow.

Sasuke slipped on his shoes and Naruto opened up the front door before walking out and running down the steps. "Slow down, dobe." The raven stretched his arms after walking out of the house.

He wore a pair of perfect fitting jeans, a short sleeve lace up shirt with a pair of black converse on his feet; Naruto wore his black short-suspenders, a white shirt underneath and black and red converse high-tops on his feet.

The limo driver opened up the door for the couple and they climbed inside. Of course the limo driver knew about their relationship but he was sworn to secrecy.

Soon they arrived at the park and the limo parked, Naruto and Sasuke got out and the blond carried the picnic basket in his hands. "Ah, it's so nice out!" Naruto stretched and the raven walking beside him chewed on some bubble gum.

He then saw a flash and covered his eyes. 'What the hell?' Sasuke stopped in his tracks while Naruto kept walking; he looked around and then shrugged.

"Teme! C'mon!" The Uchiha sprinted over to the blond who had taken a seat on the clean grass; the park was nice and quiet.

"Hurry up, I'm hungry." Sasuke sat down next to the blond under a tree that shaded them.

Naruto then opened the basket and took out their bentos; Sasuke grabbed his and began eating a freshly made rice ball. "Hearing all that yelling can be tiresome." The raven leaned back on his propped up arm, chewing the rice ball in his other hand.

"Uh huh!" Naruto grinned, eating some fruit.

After they finished eating the two played around a bit and played games like tag and hide and go seek which was Naruto's idea, Sasuke would never play such a game on his own at his age.

"Aahaha!" Naruto had been running away from the raven but the Uchiha wrapped his arms around the blond and they both tumbled onto the grass; people walked their pets and children roamed the park with their parents that sunny late afternoon.

Sasuke then sat up and happened to look over at a near by tree, his eyes narrowed when he saw a man wearing a crisp suit and hat. 'I'm pretty sure that guy… works for my father.' He thought to himself, he raised an eyebrow when he noticed the guy holding a camera.

'Oh, so that's how it is old man.' He tightened his fists; those must have been the flashes he saw earlier that day.

"Teme?" The blond plucked the back of the raven's head for the second time and the Uchiha grabbed the Uzumaki's hand before leaning over.

"Naruto, we need to pretend we're not on a date." Naruto then raised an eyebrow.


"I'll explain later." He stated, trying not to look obvious.

Naruto rolled his eyes and pouted his lips.

The Uzumaki then patted himself down and sucked his teeth. "I left my cell in the limo."

"I'll go get it." The Uchiha got up and brushed himself off before running off.

'I wonder why he said that." Naruto yawned, stretching his arms up high.

Sasuke stood on the curb, waiting for all the cars to pass by when suddenly a child with a ball ran passed him. "Oi kid!" He ran after the child and the boy giggled.

"Stop kid!" The raven ran out into the street and then heard a loud horn honk.

"Watch out!" The raven pushed the child out the way and the car seemed to slow down a little but not enough.

"Sasuke?!" The Uchiha heard Naruto called out to him but his body was in shock; his eyes were wide when he saw the car coming straight for him and everything went black after the car hit him.

His body felt numb, he felt his finger twitch and he could see his life flashing before his eyes.

"Somebody call an ambulance!" He could hear people shouting and saw shadows crowding around him.

"Sasuke!" Naruto shook his body and he wanted to speak so badly but he couldn't; Naruto was crying and his face looked pale. "Please wake up! Sasuke!" The blond cried out.

He touched the raven's head and his finger got stained with blood; Sasuke's jet-black hair was drenched with blood. His pale body didn't move and he had bruises covering him from head to toe.

Naruto's body trembled as he looked at the almost lifeless body that was Sasuke Uchiha.

After that all Naruto could remember was a policeman pulling him away from his brother and him screaming out for Sasuke; he saw some people put the Uchiha on a stretcher before loading him onto the ambulance and his heart sank in shock...



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