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Warnings: Lemon. Time skip.

It had been a while and, of course with teenagers in the house they had no time alone. It was always 'Dad, Nao did this or 'Dad, Seiichi did that!' But now they finally had some alone time and the two were in their own world of pleasure and bliss. The kids were asleep... hopefully.

The blond whimpered as Sasuke's huge cock, slowly forced its way inside his tight ass. He bit down on his bottom lip and hissed, feeling his husband's member stretching his insides and gripped the pale man's shoulders.

"Fuck, N-Naruto. You're so tight," Sasuke groaned, gripping the blond's hips and pushing him down, forcing the rest of his cock deep inside the tight hole.

"Aaaahhh!" Naruto yelped, wriggling his hips and some blond locks stuck to his face. His blue eyes were glazed with lust as he gazed at the Uchiha, sensually. "O-oh, S-Sasuke!" His fingers clawed at the raven's neck and Sasuke inky bangs fell over his eyes.

"Tighter than usual, hmm, you must be excited." He whispered, tauntingly and Naruto blushed, tangling his slender fingers in the man's black hair.

"S-shut up, Teme." Naruto spat out and the Uchiha chuckled, deeply.

"Is it that we're in the kitchen?" A smirked curved on the man's lips and the blue eyed man moaned, unintentionally. "We could be caught, does that excite you? That our kids could catch us any minute." His deep voice sent a spark through his wife's body and Naruto's erection throbbed.

"Sasuke, shut up and- Ah!"

The raven gave a harsh thrust upwards and Naruto moaned as the man's dick spread him wider and was now hitting all his sensitive spots, mercilessly. He threw his head back and pleasure-filled moans and sighs erupted from his throat. He was riding on top of Sasuke and the smug raven had his shirt off, but his pants and boxers were unbuttoned, still on though. If they did get caught he didn't want the kids to catch them completely naked.

"Mmm, does that feel good, babe?" Sasuke's tongue lapped at the blond's neck and Naruto slammed his hips down harder onto the big cock penetrating him.

"Yesss… O-oh! God!" Naruto screeched, closing his eyes tight and Sasuke's smirk widened when he cupped the Uzumaki's ass and pounded harder into his lover. He loved how tight he was and his cries were pulling him closer and closer to his release, but he wasn't going to end it just yet.

"Ooo.. Oh! S-Sasuke- ah, right there!" He gasped out a sob and Sasuke complied, striking his prostate again and again. Naruto's body felt boneless as Sasuke rammed his engorged member deep inside him; the blond screamed, his insides coiling around the hot organ and clamping down on it, painfully, causing his husband grunt.

"Damn, Dobe.. loosen up a bit will you." He laughed a little and drool ran down the side of his wife's mouth.

"I-I can't, Ah! Aaaaaaaah!" Naruto's toes curled and some of his blond hair fell in his face, sweat slicking his body and his dripping cock rubbed up against Sasuke's stomach. "Sasuke…" The raven stared up at him with onyx orbs and Naruto cupped his face, pulling him into a lustful kiss. His tongue darted into the others mouth and their tongues slurped and twisted together blissfully. Sasuke firmly, gripped the smaller man's waist, slamming his down harder than before.

"Sasuke!" A keen cry came from the blond's throat after he pulled away from the kiss and his blue eyes rolled in pure, overwhelming ecstasy.

"Aah, Naruto." The man clenched his teeth, his dick stabbing into his dobe's sweet spot over and over. Naruto's brain scattered and he couldn't focus on anything other than the pleasure he was feeling right now.

"G-God, yes! Nng, Aaaaaaaah! Ooooh!" Naruto's fingers nails clawed at the man's back, breaking through the pale skin and Sasuke grimaced, gritting his teeth before feeling the blond bite down on his neck to suppress his loud screams.

Sasuke licked his lips, feeling the tight heat suck him in deeper and deeper, as if not wanting him to leave. He practically drooled when Naruto began thrusting against him, wantonly; his plump and slightly pink lips parted and his body quivered.

"Sa- Ah! Gah!... C-coming!" The blue eyed male stumbled over his words, seeing stars as the man's dick rammed into his sweet spot dead on each time. His cheeks were flushed red and his fingers pulled at Sasuke slightly long hair in the back.

Sasuke panted, moaning with the blond. "Together, Naruto." He dragged his tongue down the blond's collar bone and towards a perked, pink nipple before sucking and tugging at it with his teeth.

Naruto arched his back, his eyes clamping shut again and the Uchiha grinded into his prostate, causing him to spasm and scream as he came hard on his and Sasuke's chest; the pale man then gave another hard thrust and spilled his load deep inside the blond.

As their face screwed up in pleasure, Naruto cried out softly, feeling his twitching hole being filled to the brim and Sasuke grunted, riding out his orgasm. Their bodies were hot, flushed and quivered from the intense orgasm they just experienced in a while. Naruto leaned his forehead on his lover's and they gazed into each other eyes before kissing each other, slowly and the pale man laced his fingers through the Uzumaki's golden locks, pushing the hair away from his face.

"…That felt great."

Sasuke sighed, satisfyingly and the blond wrapped his arms around his neck, still in a daze and coming down from his high. He could feel the semen dripping out of his back side and probably onto his husband's pants.

"Uh-huh…" Naruto gave a hesitant nod, panting and the Uchiha's body tensed when he heard a foot creak on the staircase. Oh dear lord! It was one of the kids coming down for water or something; he and Naruto were on the floor behind the kitchen island, so he was praying they wouldn't look behind it and see them. He guessed Naruto didn't hear it because he was still kind of out of it or else he would have been frantically trying to get off him by now.

"Laaa-a, laa, oooh~" Fourteen, well, almost fifteen year old Nao skipped into the kitchen. It was dark, but the light from the moon shined through the windows so he could see where he was going. He was dressed in a pair of shorts, a tank top and his Ipod ear plugs were in his ears. His dirty blonde hair and vivid green eyes shimmered from the moon light; he is now in high school and a very bubbly, book smart, but not very intelligent when it comes to common sense... he's kind of an airhead personality wise.

The teen sang to himself, opening the fridge, wriggling his hips and grabbing a carton of orange juice. "He's the sweetest kind of guy, the sweetest kind of guy. The more I get to know him, well the more I cannot hide… that he's on my mind every single day-ay, hope he never goes away! My crush has got to be the real thing, I love how good that I've been feeling, I'm dreaming head over heel~." The child opened the carton and giggled.

"I can drink out the carton without getting yelled at." He smiled, putting the opening to his lips and then filling his mouth with orangey goodness.

Sasuke's eye twitched in irritation. 'So that's who's been doing that.'

Nao glanced over at the window, admiring the moonlight and could see a shadow on the floor; he then put the carton back in the fridge and strolled over to the kitchen island, curiously. He leaned over and his eyes widened he saw his father and Sasuke on the floor and he didn't need to guess what they had been doing. Naruto's face flushed, mussed blond hair, the aroma of sex suddenly hitting his nose and his father looked at him with lust glazed eyes before realizing he was staring at him.

Nao looked like he had seen a ghost.

Sasuke figured the child had seen them, but he couldn't exactly see because he was facing the other and Naruto was that way. He could only imagine the horrid expression on his face.

Naruto stared at his child with wide blue eyes, a pale face and gaped mouth. Nao covered his mouth and blush spread across his face before he let out a girlish scream and ran off upstairs to his room and Sasuke snickered. "He caught us."

"That's not funny!" The dobe smacked him upside the head and the Uchiha didn't even feel embarrassed about what just happened. "Oh. My. God! Nao just caught us having sex?!" He shouted, feeling horrified. He could still remember the look on his son's face.

"Technically, we're finished." Naruto glared daggers at him. "He'll get over it. Now, we should get up before-"

"Seriously, he was not kidding!" Sasuke's head snapped at that voice and Ren was laughing at the married couple on the floor. "O-oh, my God, what- oh my God, this so gross!" He covered his mouth and Naruto was too embarrassed too move. How could he get off Sasuke now?

"Wow, there is a bedroom for this stuff- why where we eat?!" He shook his head, walking out the kitchen.

Naruto whimpered, letting his head fall on the raven's shoulder and Sasuke glared. "He said gross, I've said that to my parents. This is pure sexiness right here." He snarled and the blond sulked, feeling ashamed. "Wait, now that I think about it where is Seiichi, usually he'd be the first one to see this." Sasuke rubbed his chin, arching an eyebrow and Naruto sighed, heavily.

Nao cried, kicking his legs as he hid his face in a pillow. He was totally traumatized and he erase couldn't what he saw. Ren sat on the edge beside him and stroked his head, soothingly. "Babe, you okay?" He chuckled and Nao shook his head.

"Noooo!" The blonde whined and the Uchiha laughed harder. This was too funny.

Ren is 15 and until like Nao, he caught his parents long ago and more than once, so he was immune to it now; the blonde then screamed,

"My eyes burn!"

"I know." He patted his head and suddenly their room door opened. Naruto and Sasuke came trotting in after a long shower and the blue eyed man blushed up to his ears, looking at Nao who was crying.

"Nao?" His father started and the child sat up with terrified eyes.

"Ewwww~" Nao said, shaking his head of the image he saw downstairs and Naruto balled his fist.

"What do you mean ew?" He hissed, offensively and his son scrunched up his face, his body quivering as he wrapped his arms around himself.

"You two were, ugh…"

"Gross." Ren teased and his father glanced at him.

"Oi, you are not allowed to say gross, we're letting you date remember that." Sasuke folded his arms across his chest and his dark eyes narrowed.

Ren and Nao rolled their eyes, looking at the two adults and Naruto grinned. "Yeah, and that's a totally normal thing. So Nao, you should get used to that because-"

"We'll be doing that soon." The blacked haired teen wrapped his arm around his waist and Nao giggled, blushing up to his ears. It didn't sound so gross now did it?

"Lay a finger on my son, you die." Naruto warned, sternly, pointing a finger and Ren put up his hands in surrender.

"Sorry, sorry."

Sasuke then frowned. "About that," The two stared at him and he pulled out a pack of condoms from his pants pocket. "Who took a condom without asking, I forbid you two from engaging in sexual activity." He barked.

Naruto stepped forward and asked, "You two aren't doing that, right?"

"We didn't take it." Ren replied and Nao nodded.

"You sure?"

"Yes, dad." Nao tilted his head to the side, confusingly and Naruto sighed in relief.

Sasuke's dark eyes then widened. "Where's your brother?" He had a look of disbelief on his face. Seiichi couldn't have taken it, right?


"He was whisked away by unicorns." Nao informed with a serious look plastering his beautiful face and the other three looked at him oddly. "What?... He really was!" Nao screeched, getting those weird looks from everyone else.


Naruto's forehead formed a sweat drop and Ren seemed dumfounded.

The Uchiha then turned on his heels and made his way out the room. "Wait, dad." Ren got up and ran over to block the door way. Sasuke stood there with dull eyes and his son said, "Um… Otouto's not feeling well." Sasuke ignored him and moved his son aside.

"I really should go check on him then." The man walked out and into the hallway and Ren followed him with determined eyes.

"Dad, you'll catch it and won't be able to work, he's fine really." Ren paced up to the man and Sasuke raised a questioning eyebrow.

He then stared at the oldest child with stern eyes. "Where's your brother."

Ren gulped and tightened his fist. "Please tell me he's not out with Jace?" He breathed out.

"Jace? He told me he'd be with a girl tonight- wait…" Ren's onyx eyes burned with rage. Seiichi never hung out with girls, so him being out with Jace made sense, not to mention he would be in big trouble for sneaking out.

He didn't want his brother hanging out with Jace. No, he'd killed him before he let Jace lay his pervy hands on his little brother.

"Ren, do you know where he is?" Sasuke asked, letting out an audible sigh and the child shook his head. "Dammit, Jace could have him anywhere, a gang fight or-"

"I'm gonna go find him." Ren balled his hand into a fist and his father shook his head. "But, dad…"

"We don't know where he is, I'll take care of it." He pulled out his cell phone to call Kyuubi and Ren growled inwardly; if his little brother went to hang out with that delinquent and if Jace laid a single finger on him he was dead.

A car was parked between a forest, viewing over the ocean by the beach that night and the moonlight shined on the clear blue water. The Porsche had been a birthday gift and it was brand new with pristine black leather seats, tinted windows and polished paint.

In the car two teens were currently sucking off each others faces. The pale boy laid back on the backseat and the taller boy was placed between his thighs, caressing his body. "Nhn… Mmm… J-Jace." Seiichi panted into the kiss, tangling his fingers in the others red hair and Jace placed his hand on his hip, delving his tongue in the Uchiha's mouth.

Seiichi closed his eyes, his body quickly heating up and Jace leaned up, breaking the kiss and the inky haired boy had a confused look on his face before Jace pulled his shirt over his head, messing his hair and Seiichi blushed, sighting his toned body and muscles. Jace smirked and leaned down capturing the others supple lips again and the Uchiha wrapped his arms around his neck, opening his mouth more and their tongues twisted around each others.

Jace reached his hand down and cupped the younger teen's erection in his pants and Seiichi moaned, opening his legs as the redhead palmed his member. "A-aah, J-Jace- Mmh…" Seiichi's face flushed red and his inky bangs fell in his face. The Uzumaki ran his thumbs over the Uchiha's perked nipples and Seiichi mewled at the feeling, his small body arching up and the redhead kissed him once more.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle." Jace whispered in his ear after breaking the kiss and ripping the condom open with his teeth.

Seiichi pouted. "You don't have to be ya know. I can handle it."

"You say that now, but I'm sure it'll be painful. It's your first time." Jace boasted and the Uchiha pursed his lips, looking up at the seventeen year old. "And, it's a good thing you had a magnum condom.. extra lubed. It'll be a tight fit."

"Whatever." He gritted through his teeth and Jace snickered before unzipping his pants and Seiichi began taking his own pants off. He was really doing it, he was giving his first time to Jace Uzumaki, but he had a good feeling that he'd be the only person he'll ever have sex with; he didn't know why. Jace was just special and nobody understood him like he did.

He knew his father was probably pissed, but he didn't care.


Kushina, Mikoto and Hinata walked around the kitchen, cooking dinner and Kyuubi sat at the table, moping because he wanted to make dinner for his husband, but the woman barged in like they owned the place and told him to relax while they cook. "Oh and this one, isn't he so cute?" The red haired woman cooed and Mikoto blushed, gazing at the photo in her hand.

"He's adorable, a mix of Japanese and Italian, right?" She looked at Kushina and the woman nodded, smiling.

"Ooo, I want to see!" Hinata beamed, looking over their shoulder. "Whoa, even as a baby Kyuubi-kun was so beautiful. He one of those rare beauties, Itachi is so lucky." She sucked her teeth and the redhead rolled his eyes.

"Doesn't this get annoying?" Haku who sat beside the redhead, looked at his best friend and Kyuubi nodded, slouching in his seat. "Well it's your fault for being so beautiful that people can't take their eyes off you." Haku chuckled, getting up and the green eyed male whined.

"Goodnight, Call me if your husband goes into psycho mode again. I need to get home before Hidan and Issei start fighting." The brunette sighed, heavily and Kyuubi gave a nod, his green eyes wavering. A few years ago he noticed Itachi had a personality disorder and could be very scary at times, but the Uchiha didn't get that upset too often.

Actually, it turns out that the man was prone to black out and switch personalities if having alcohol in his system, that explains why he drinks alone and not with around other people.

"Have a good night, ladies!" Haku chimed, waving and the women gave their goodbyes as well. The redhead bit down on his bottom lip, thinking about it; Itachi got so mad with him once he almost hurt him, but after the incident he couldn't remember anything; he still loved him though and it took a lot to get Itachi that furious so he wasn't dangerous, just... crazy and forceful. Hell, Kyuubi kicked his ass lots of times when he was out of control.

The Uzumaki tapped his fingers on the table, crossing his legs before Mikoto's cell started ringing. He watched the woman talking on the phone and chuckled, she was a good liar; she was talking to Sasuke who had been calling non-stop for a few hours now.

"Yes, they're right here eating dinner!" The pale woman gleamed. "No, I'm telling the truth."

"Mother, let me talk to Seiichi." He demanded and the woman laughed before hanging the phone up.

"Covering for them?" Kyuubi asked, knowingly and Mikoto grinned.

"I think he's overreacting, Seiichi will be fine with Jace and the next time he calls hopefully they will be here." Mikoto shrugged and the redhead laced his fingers through his hair.

"I have no problem with those two dating, but Sasuke just won't have it." Hinata pouted her lips, shaking her head and Kushina nodded.

"I agree. Let the boys be teenagers."

Kyuubi's green eyes widened and he stared at them. "I have no problem with Jace having sex as long as he's responsible." The man stated and Hinata smiled, walking over to the table and placing a bowl of salad on it.

"That's my take on it as well. If Seiichi wants to have sex then I'm not going to stop him, as long as he's sure and safe about it." The woman blushed, slightly.

"Yeah. It's better than him sneaking around doing it." Kushina added and Mikoto placed some cups on the table.

"I felt the same way when Sasuke started having sex, he was fourteen. Of course I made sure I properly educated him and Souji did the same, Toshi went through the same thing and I had no problem with it."

Kyuubi rolled his eyes. "Okay why weren't my parents like you guys?" He grumbled and the girls giggled, blushing.

"Oh, Kyuu-chan, Itachi's birthday is in a few days. What'll you two be doing?" The Uchiha's mother asked.

"I don't know."

"Ooo, we have the perfect present! I know he'll love it, we'll tell before we leave!" Kushina and Mikoto gushed and Kyuubi gave them an odd look, cocking his head to the side.


"Also, Kyuu-chan, when did you lose your virginity?" Mikoto stared at him with excited eyes and he furrowed his brows at that questioned. "Oh come on, tell me. I really want to know?" She pleaded, clasping her hands together and the redhead sighed.

"I… um… had just turned twelve.. I guess."

"Oh, so you were still a little boy. Were you sure when you did it?" Mikoto had a concerned tone in her voice. Usually when children started having sex that young was because they were sexually abused, neglected or hurt. The man scratched the back of his head.

"No… I was kind of pressured into it, but of course as a kid you fall for sweet words and all that." He muttered, fiddling with his fingers and Mikoto's eyes saddened.

"Did it hurt?"

Hinata and Kushina continued cooking while Mikoto took a seat at the table to talk to Kyuubi.

"Um… yeah, it hurt a lot. It wasn't good at all with the first guy, but after a few times it got better and then started feeling really good. It was my comfort zone I guess, it made me feel loved for a night or a few hours and then after it was time to face reality." He frowned, looking up from his hands and Mikoto had tears dripping down her face.

"A-are you okay, Mikoto-chan?" He panicked, standing up and the woman let her head fall on the table.

"That's soooooo sad!" She cried and Kyuubi moved some stray locks away from his face.

"No, it's not really." He reassured and Mikoto sniffled, raising her head.

"Mikoto, please stop with the over dramatics and come help with dinner." Kushina grabbed her arm, pulled her up and away from the table.


"I know."

Kyuubi heard the doorbell ring and walked out of the kitchen and through the living room to get it. He grabbed the door knob and pulled it open, revealing to teenagers with flushed faces, hickies covering their necks and mussed hair. "You have to hide me!" Seiichi hugged the man and Kyuubi smiled.

His green eyes then glanced at Jace. "Did you two…"

Jace pushed his hair away from his face. "Yeah."

Kyuubi sighed and let them in the house. "My father is going to kill me and Nao probably did a horrible job trying to cover for me."

"He did, uh, he said you were whisked away by u-unicorns a-ahaha!" The man laughed and Jace cocked an eyebrow, looking at the Uchiha.

"What the hell is wrong with your brother?"

"I… I don't know man." He huffed. "He's your cousin."

"It's fine, your grandmother covered for you." Kyuubi boasted and the pale boy smiled.


"Yeah, she's in the kitchen, so is your mother." He targeted his thumb towards the kitchen and Seiichi took off to thank his loving grandmother and say hello to his mother.

"Is dinner ready?" Jace asked, tossing his jacket aside and his father placed his hand on his hip.

"Go get him and take a shower, then you can eat." The man ruffled his son's hair and Jace gave a nod, walking passed the man. "You didn't go downtown today did you?" Kyuubi closed the door and his son shook his head.

"No, sir."

"That's great."

"But I'll have to tomorrow night, there's a shit load of stuff I have to take care of and the boss needs me." He stated and Kyuubi scowled. Jace was already too deep into the Yakuza, so there was no way out; the only way to keep him safe was to let him do what he needed to do and Jace said he loved what he was doing, not to mention the pay.

"Fine." The redhead mumbled and Jace made his way into the kitchen.


The next morning after Itachi dropped Seiichi off, the child got away with sneaking out and having sex thanks to Kyuubi and Itachi lying their asses off. They were the best uncles ever, he loved them so much.

Seiichi laid on his bed with his arms folded behind his head, looking up at the ceiling and when his room door suddenly opened he didn't bother to look at who ever entered his room. "So, where were you last night?" Ren glared at his brother and Seiichi rolled his eyes.

"None of your business."

"It is my business." The older brother snarled and Seiichi tsked.

"No. It's really not."

"You better not have been with Jace." He spat out and Seiichi smirked.

"And if I was?"

"I'm gonna kill him." He gritted through his teeth and his little brother chuckled. "He's seventeen."


Ren then leaned over the lying raven and placed his lips on his. "Stop." He pushed his older brother away and Ren smirked.

"I'm in love with you."

Seiichi leaned up, propping himself up on his elbows. "Kidding. Did you like the kiss?" He teased, sticking his tongue out; Seiichi then frowned and got up.

"Dad! Ren's being a sick pervert!" He yelled and his older brother laughed, walking out the room. "I'm telling dad." He stomped out the room and Ren had an annoyance expression on his face. Seiichi grimaced, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he blushed a little.

"Ren, come here!" He heard his father shouting a few seconds later and strolled down the hallway and towards the stairs.

"I was joking." The inky haired teen stated, bluntly on the staircase.

"Don't joke around like that and get down here for breakfast." His father ordered and he exhaled his breath before coming down the steps.

Seiichi stuck his tongue out and Ren nudged his head, walking passed him. Seiichi kicked him and the oldest turned around before punching him on the arm and the youngest winced, clutching his arm.

They kept fighting until they entered the kitchen where Nao, their father and Naruto were eating at the table. "Sit down and stop fighting." Naruto said, sternly but the twins kept hitting each other.

"Seiichi, stop." Ren pushed him and Seiichi grabbed a piece of bread off the table before throwing it at Ren's head.

"Bitch, don't touch me again!"

Naruto rubbed his temples and Sasuke grunted in annoyance. "Do you want to be grounded?"

"Dad, he hit me first." Seiichi retorted, pointing his finger accusingly and Ren smirked, haughtily. "You fucking bum, I'm gonna punch you in your face next time." Seiichi sneered and Nao started laughing.

"He called him a bum a-aahaa! That's so funny!" Nao giggled.

"Oh shut up, sissy." His older brother took a seat next to Naruto and the blond turned his gaze to Sasuke.

"You see, they take after you." Naruto murmured and Sasuke felt a vein throbbed in annoyance.

"Your mom."

The pale man had a dumbfounded look on his face, watching his sons.

"We have the same mother, dumb ass."

"No we don't, you're adopted." Seiichi replied, bitterly.

"You're a fucking moron."

"Enough! The both of you!" Sasuke shouted, slamming his hand down on the table and Seiichi took a seat at the dinning table.



"SHUT. UP! If I hear another word come out your damn mouths I'm grounding you!" Their father warned and they glared at each other. "Hurry up and eat so you can get your asses to school." He finished, sighing and the boys started eating.

"Nao, give me my bacon." Seiichi noticed the blonde snagged some bacon off his plate.

"I didn't steal it."

"Dude, give me my fuckin food, or I'm gonna punch your lights out." The Uchiha tightened his fist and the Uzumaki shook his head.

"Fuck you! This is my bacon!" Nao glared at him and Seiichi clenched his teeth.

"Geez, everyday it's an argument." Naruto said and Sasuke nodded, his eye twitching in irritation as the twins began fighting over a piece or fruit. It was going to be a long day.


The school hallways were bustling with students chatting and goofing off. Boys to be exact. Konoha Arts all boys' school, related to Konoha high which Naruto, Sasuke and Itachi attended; the boys were livid about going to an all boys' school, but soon adjusted to the idea. Their parents figured they'd get in less trouble going to a school with strict rules and what not. But what sucked the most is school started early, meaning during the end of summer.

Their school was different from the normal. It's a high school for young adults with special talents or not so special talents that are hoping to become a singer, actor, dancer, model, producer, ect. or their parents made them attend.

Nao trotted down the hallway, glancing around after school and spotted Ren talking with his friends. He was dressed clad in a black Gakuran uniform and white shoes with his backpack slung over his shoulder, his blonde hair messy and a few locks fell in his face. Some guys stared at the Uzumaki wishing they could have a piece of that ass and others simply admired how beautiful he was.

"Ren!" He ran up to the teen and his friends and the Uchiha smiled. "Are you ready to leave?" Nao asked, tilting his head to the side, his bangs falling in his face and Ren nodded.

"I'll call you guys later." He said to his friends, giving a palm wave and the guys grinned, watching the two walk off.

"See ya, Ren-kun!"

"Have fun with your little boy toy!"

The Uchiha turned on his heels and flipped them off.

Seiichi put his books in his locker, humming and tucked some of his hair behind his ear. When he finished putting all his things away, he closed his locker and was startled when he saw Jace leaning up against another locker besides his, smirking.

His Gakuran jacket was unbuttoned, exposing the white dress shirt underneath and his tie hung loosely around the collar. His black pants had chains hanging from the pockets and his school bag hang off his shoulder. Three earrings adorned his ear and his messy red hair swayed over his aqua eyes.

"Ah, geez, don't scare me like that." He placed his hand on his chest and the redhead laughed.

"Feeling okay today?" Jace asked, concerned and the Uchiha blushed, walking away from his locker. The seventeen year old paced up to him and folded his hands behind his neck.

"I feel fine." Seiichi yawned. "I want a burger though." He said to no one particularly.

"Me too."

The pale teen looked at Jace. "Did you pass your test?" He suddenly asked and Jace's grin faltered.

"No. failed." He scoffed. After getting kicked out of his old school two years ago, this was the last choice he had; he had been attending this school for two years now and it was actually fun unlike is old high school.

"You should take your studies more seriously." The shorter boy scolded and Jace scowled.

"And you should stop telling me what to do." He rolled his eyes and Jace gave in. "Fine, tutor me and I'll really try next time."

Seiichi smiled in triumph. "Okay."


"Uncle-Itachi, you're so funny!"

Four teenagers sat in the back seat of a BMW, chowing down on cheese burgers Kyuubi ordered from the drive-thru; the long haired raven sat in the passenger's side and Kyuubi drove the car. The car then stopped at a red light and Kyuubi grabbed his cheese burger, taking a huge, slow bite, knowing how much it ticked his husband.

They had to pick the kids up because Sasuke was still working and Naruto had an extra shift at the hospital.

Itachi was clad dressed in a muscle tank top and jean-shorts with his long hair tied into a pony tail at his nape neck. Kyuubi was dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, which his husband thought looked delicious on him, a white dress shirt and his long red hair cascaded over his shoulders, beautifully.

Itachi frowned in disgust. How could they put such greasy and fat foods into their bodies? "You're gonna get fat." He mused and Kyuubi smiled, tauntingly.

"You'll still love me."

"Ugh, do you know much calories are in that?" The redhead shrugged, not really caring.

Jace then shouted with a mouth full. "We're trying to eat, not hear a lecture from a woman!" He muffled and the stoic male furrowed his brows.

"Yeah, Uncle-Itachi, you should try it." Ren and Seiichi said, sipping on soda and Nao licked his lips.

The burger looked good, but he didn't want to eat something so... fattening and unhealthy.

Kyuubi stepped on the peddle and the vehicle sped down the street. He then reached over and grabbed some French fries out the paper bag near the cup holder before stuffing a few in his mouth.

"No thank you, I'd rather not- Mh!" His eyes widened when he realized his wife had placed the burger between his teeth.

Kyuubi puffed out his cheeks. "Oh come on, try it." He coaxed and the man glared at him with dark eyes. "It's good~." The redhead chimed and the teens in the backseat stared at him with daring eyes.

"Oh come on, don't be a puss and eat it." Jace leered and the pale man hesitantly took a bite out of the delicious, hot burger. Kyuubi glanced at him and Itachi's cold face faltered as he continued to chew.


He snatched the burger out of Kyuubi's hand and munched down happily. Why had he never eaten this?!

The others smirked and the man started, throwing fries into his mouth. His taste buds were dancing and his mind was only focused on this FUCKING BURGER! His mouth watered and Kyuubi cocked an eyebrow, wondering if the man was okay.

"This is the most delicious thing ever." He said, chewing and his wife passed him his soda, which he gladly took a sip of. "I love you." He slurred and Kyuubi giggled.

"I know, I know."

"So… um Kyuu-nii," The redhead looked at Nao through the mirror. "I heard a little rumor that... when you're really excited in bed you start screaming in Italian hehe~."

Kyuubi quirked an eyebrow, red spreading across his cheeks. "Who told you that?"

"Jace." The teens replied in unison and the child looked at his father.


The man gave him that 'you're so dead look' and he scoffed out, "It came up in a conversation and my bedroom is right next to yours, so sorry if I hear stuff." Kyuubi tucked some of his long hair behind his ears, groaning.

Nao then asked, "...So is it true?"

"Yes." Itachi stated, bluntly and Kyuubi's mouth gaped before he punched him on the shoulder and had one hand on the steering wheel.

"Shut up!" He shrieked.

The long hair Uchiha smirked. "It's true, and when we're done, of course right after his orgasm, he'll say, É stato stupendo. Ora mi sleghi per favore?"

"Ooo, what does that mean?" Seiichi had an excited look on his face, leaning forward.

Kyuubi blushed, furiously, glaring at the Uchiha. "Say it and you die." He warned, but his husband took that chance.

"That was amazing. Will you please untie me now?"

The teens started laughing and Nao blushed up to his ears and Kyuubi punched the man repeatedly.

"Oh my God. I have to come over your house during those times, that's too funny!" Seiichi clutched his stomach, hunching over from laughing so hard.

"Damn. That sounds so hot." Ren smirked and Nao pouted his lips, hearing that.

"Kyuu-niii! Can you teach me how to be hot?" He asked, bashfully.

"Nao, that's so cute."

Ren laughed at him and he blushed up to his ears. "That's so disrespectful." He said, absentmindedly.

Itachi chuckled and the redhead's shoulders slumped. "You're not funny." He sneered and his husband laughed. The teens continued to make jokes and goof around in the backseat, well, except for Nao. He jealous at the moment.

-Later, That night-

Naruto came into the room, drying his blond hair with a towel and Sasuke sat on the bed watching TV. The blue eyed man then snapped his finger, trying to get the man's attention. "Teme!" He yelled and the pale man turned his head to look at him.

"What, dobe?" He asked in annoyance.

"Nao wants to know if you have an Italian dictionary." He said, grinning and Sasuke arched an eyebrow.

"Yeah. Why?"

Naruto shrugged. "He said he wants to learn another language to help him later in life-"

"Bullshit." The man spat out and the Uzumaki scowled.


"That's bullshit, what kid says that."

"…But he might be serious." Naruto puffed out his cheeks, twirling some locks around his finger.

"Fine." Sasuke pointed to the dresser and a thick, but small book was on top of it. "He can use it, but it probably has something to do with the bastard." He grounded out and Naruto walked over and grabbed the book before flipping through it.

"You mean Itachi?"

"Uh-huh. Seiichi told me about it, he even told me Nii-san was way more fun than me." He seethed and Naruto sighed, heavily, walking out the room. "Hn, Nao, trying to seduce my son with Italian words, now that's hot." A smirked curved on the man's lips as he folded his hands behind his head.

"Would you like me to talk like that?" The blond suddenly peeked his head back in the room and Sasuke had a dumbfounded expression on his face. "I'm fluent in Italian, ya know." The Uzumaki pouted, blush spreading across his face.

"Naruto, you're hot no matter what language you speak," Sasuke smiled and Naruto grinned with big blue eyes. "But," The blond perked up and the raven smirked. "I…" The man trailed off when he saw Nao walk into the room with watery green eyes.

Naruto had an odd look on his face and Sasuke went into his daddy's-little-boy-mode. "Nao, come here." He reached his arms out and the blonde ran over to the bed before jumping in his arms. "What's wrong, sunshine?" He stroked the child's head and Naruto frowned. Sasuke loved to baby him because was just like Naruto, so innocent, so... kawaii!

"Ren he..."

"Aw… what did that little bastard do?" He asked, harshly and Naruto rolled his eyes, walking out the room.

"He said I wasn't hot… he said I still look like a boy." He cried, rubbing his puffy, red eyes and Sasuke growled inwardly.

"That's not true, you're so," Nao looked up at him with big, adorable green eyes and he lost it. "You're soooooo cute!" He hugged him tight and Nao whimpered. He hated being cute! He didn't want to be cute! "You remind me so much of Naruto, so adorable!" Sasuke was freaking out now and the child sobbed on his shirt.

Ren then came strolling into the room and sighed, scratching the back of his head with dull eyes. "Nao, let's talk." He stated, firmly and Sasuke glared at him.

"No! He's with daddy right now, get out." He hissed and Ren's onyx eyes narrowed as he turned on his heels and headed out the room.

"Weirdo." He grumbled under his breath and Sasuke frowned.

"Daddy~ can I go talk to Ren-"

"No. Stay." The man patted his head like he was a pet and he blushed, pouting.

Kyuubi walked down the steps, wearing a pair of shorts and a v-neck shirt; he saw Jace and Itachi in the living room, playing video games and smiled. He liked seeing the two of them bond, it was cute.

"Dude." Jace was shirtless, but wearing boxers, Itachi too. The two never got dressed when they had nothing going on. "I'm getting in the car."

"You can't do that, Jace. I'm your partner."

"Fuck hand to hand combat, hand to car combat, bitch. All y'all mothefuckers dying tonight." The redhead smirked.

"Okay, you wanna play dirty, boy."

"No, no," Jace glared at the tv screen, pushing buttons. How the hell was Itachi kicking his ass when he picked a character that looked older than 80. "C'mon, bitch. You're old as shit too, how the hell you whoopin' my ass? What the fuck, no, no, no, I hit the button!"

"Ha! In your face!" Itachi boasted, getting up and doing his manly victory dance; the teen stared at him with a blank look on his face. Could he be more egoistic, conceited and arrogant? Itachi had this impression that everyone and everything is beneath him. "You're mad! You lost, you dickhead aha, I won, kneel before me-" He turned around and Kyuubi was glaring at him with his arms folded across his chest.

"Hey babe, we're just playing. Harmless fun." He smirked and Kyuubi plopped down on the sofa.

"I worry about you." The redhead sighed.

Itachi blinked a few times. "...What?"

"Harmless? You're taking this too seriously, this is why I would rather play with Deidara!" Jace got up and threw the controller on the floor before walking away to get a snack out the kitchen.

Itachi sucked his teeth. "Don't be a puss, Jace. I'll let you win... like I have been all these year!" He pumped his fist in the air and Kyuubi rubbed his temples. This Uchiha had too much of an ego to let Jace win for once.


A few days had passed and today was Itachi's birthday. Mikoto told him to do this, but he wasn't so sure; what if he didn't like it? He heard the keys fiddling with the door and walked into the kitchen to light the candles on the deluxe cake he got while he was out that day.

"I'm home!" He heard a deep voice announce and he gulped, running his hands down his hips and over the silky material.

"I'm in the kitchen!" Kyuubi voiced from said place and he could hear the foot steps trotting closer and closer. He turned around, facing the other way, feeling very nervous and then he heard someone pushed through the two white kitchen doors. His breathing stopped and he could feel those fierce eyes gazing so hard it burned.

He gathered up the courage to turn around and did just that. Itachi covered his mouth and snickered; Kyuubi blushed furiously, balling his fist. "What the hell is so funny?!" He yelled, placing his hands on his hips and the man composed himself before responding.

"I thought you said you'd never put on a dress again, hn?" He teased and Kyuubi's green eyes wavered.

"…Well …it's for you… so…" He rubbed his forearm nervously and the taller man stepped forward. "You don't like it?" Kyuubi pouted and Itachi shook his head.

"I love it, you look beautiful." He said in a smooth voice and the redhead smiled, softly, looking up at him.

His body was dressed in a red Chinese Mandarin dress that stopped a little passed his thighs, hugging his body tight and his red hair was in a messy bun with two chopsticks holding it in place, his bang falling in his face beautifully.

"Happy birthday, Itachi." Kyuubi muttered and the Uchiha wrapped his arms around the redhead.

"Thank you, kitten."

The Uzumaki snorted, smartly and stepped away from the man. "You have to make a wish."

The long haired Uchiha sighed, walking up to the table and thought for a second before he blew out the candles on his cake. Kyuubi smiled, sticking his finger in the cake and licking the icing off. "Hn, I've made my wish, so now it's time to enjoy my present." He grasped the slim man by his waist and sat him on the table.

"Fine." He breathed out and Itachi placed himself between his thighs, capturing his lips and Kyuubi wrapped his arms around his neck. Their lips meshed together and the pale man delved his tongue into his mouth, keenly.

"Nnn…" Itachi placed his hand on the others lower back and pulled him closer to him as his other hand trailed under the hem of the dress. Kyuubi moaned when he felt a hand grope his ass, harshly and opened his mouth wider, so his tongue could play with Itachi's.

The two didn't even notice when Jace came into the kitchen to get a snack from the fridge. Itachi heard murmuring and pulled away from the kiss, a string of saliva connecting from their lips as he did so.

Jace grabbed his snacks and turned around with a peach between his teeth because his hands were full with other sweets. "Oh, don't mind me, give it to him good." He gave the Uchiha a thumb's up before running out the kitchen and the two adults started laughing. Jace was too used to this.

"Teme, where are the kids?" Naruto came walking into the kitchen and Sasuke took a bite of his sandwich.

"Pool." He replied, munching and the blond perked up.

"Ooo, let's go too!" He beamed, grabbing the man by his arm and Sasuke scrunched up his face.

"But... I'm eating."

"You can still eat." He pulled the raven along and the pale man continued to eat his sandwich. They had an indoor pool that was separate from the house and stationed in a summer house across from the backyard.

Naruto and Sasuke walked into the spacious area their kids were playing around in the pool. The sun light from the windows reflected off the water and their voices echoed as they spoke.

"Seiichi, don't do that!" Nao's dirty blonde hair was soaked and slicking to his face.

"Ren made me ahaha!" Seiichi chuckled, treading water and Nao glared at the Uchiha beside Seiichi; he was still mad at him. They were all in the 10 feet side of the built in pool and the diving board was viewing over it.

Naruto grinned and ran over to the diving board ladder. "Dobe don't run, you'll fall!" Sasuke yelled, but the Uzumaki ignored him, climbing up the white ladder.

"I'm coming in, guys!" The teens swam out the way and Naruto kicked off his pants before pulling his shirt over his head, now only in his boxers. Seiichi and Ren blushed, sighting the blond's beautiful body and Nao gave his father a nod.

Naruto steadied himself on the diving board and back flipped off, splashing into the cold water. Sasuke seemed stunned and amazed the way Naruto did that so gracefully and perfectly; the blond came up out the water and grinned, his blond locks falling in his face and sticking to his neck.

"Come on, Sasuke!" He beamed, flipping his hair out his face and the pale man blushed slightly.

"Fine." Sasuke took off his shirt and pulled his pants down, kicking them off; he then ran forward and jumped in the water next to Seiichi and Ren. The water splashed on the teens and they closed their eyes.

"Dude." They frowned, flipping their hair out their face and the man stuck his tongue out. Seiichi and Ren then started splashed their father with water and Sasuke frowned as his inky hair fell in his face.

"Dead." He said, chillingly and the two started swimming away, but the Uchiha chased them.

Nao held onto the side of the pool and Naruto smiled. "What's wrong?"

"Dad, you and Sasuke have been together for a long time, right? Since teenagers?" He tilted his head to the side and the blond nodded.

"Do you think everybody lasts that long?"

"If you're talking about you and Ren, you'll be fine." He stated, watching Sasuke and his sons fighting in the pool and Nao smiled, softly.

"I hope me and Ren love each other for a really long time." Naruto ruffled his hair and his son pushed his wet locks away from his face.

"I'm sure you will. But not all love lasts, some is special and never dies, but for others it doesn't last long." His father replied, honestly and Nao gulped.

"Nao, don't think about love right now… have fun being a teenager and then when you're ready, you'll know." Nao tapped his finger on his chin and hesitantly nodded.


"No problem buddy." Naruto stared at Sasuke who was now dunking Seiichi in the pool.

They had been through a lot together and he still loved him, even after leaving; he couldn't forget about Sasuke Uchiha. His egoistic, playboy, asshole and former step-brother, where would his life be without him?

"Dobe, stop spacing out!" Sasuke swam in front of him and Naruto blushed.

"S-Sorry." He stammered out and the Uchiha gave him a peck on the lips.

"If you do that again, I might rape you in here. And you wouldn't want that, would you?" He purred in the blond's ear and Naruto scrunched up his cute nose.

"Pervert." He murmured, puffing out his cheeks.

Sasuke smirked and Naruto grinned, gazing at the Uchiha. "I love you, Sasuke." He said, meaningfully and the raven cocked an eyebrow in confusion before smiling.

"I love you too, Dobe." He kissed the blond again and Naruto wrapped his arms around his neck.

"Aw, come on~"

They heard their kids groan, but ignored them. "We swim here." Ren grunted in annoyance, lacing his fingers through his inky hair.

"Ugh, adults." Seiichi rolled his eyes and Nao blew bubbles in the water as he blushed. Their parents could be so embarrassing sometimes and now they were making out right front of them. He guessed their love was eternal.



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