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~A Few Weeks Later During Spring Break...~


Naruto struggled as he lifted his suitcase and put it in the trunk of the 2010 Chevrolet Silverado.

"Urgh!" Naruto tried to lift it higher to put it in the trunk but the suitcase was too heavy.

"Ah, let me!" Sasuke grabbed the suitcase from the blond and put it in the trunk; the blond blushed before turning away from the raven.

"Come on boys!" Fugaku yelled. He, Kushina and Itachi were already in the car; Naruto pushed his glasses on his nose further and then walked around the car, getting in.

"He's avoiding me for some reason." Sasuke rubbed his chin as he walked around to the other side of the car, getting in as well.

"Sasuke give me the cd so Kushina-san can put it in the cd player." Itachi sat in the middle of Naruto and Sasuke which made Naruto really happy.

"Right." Sasuke grabbed the cd from out of the back seat pouch and handed it to Itachi, then Itachi handed it to Kushina.

"Okay is everyone excited!" Fugaku asked with a smile on his face, the teens groaned, they hated when Fugaku and Kushina got so excited about trips.

"Dad do you really need to ask?" Sasuke leaned back against the seat and sighed.

"Right, right…" Fugaku started the car up and they were soon speeding down the street and got onto the express way.


'Say this one for the girls, Around the world, We gone do it like never before, Say This for my pretty girls, Around the world, Who got them looking when they hit the door, No if you wit me say "Aye", Who got there swagger game right, And wanna chill with us tonight you can...So hands up Let me see you pretty girl!'

'See I Been round the world , But see this little swag boy needs a swag girl, And girl you know what I mean , See you wearing them jeans, Got me all on you girl, Meet me on the floor, floor (Meet me on the dance floor), Cause I gotta know, know (Know just how your dance go), See girl I know you fly fasho, Sit back girl gone get comfortable, If your a pretty girl I'm looking for you..'

Sasuke and Itachi switched seats because Itachi wanted to look out the window and Naruto was very upset but he didn't show it he just leaned up against the window and listened to the radio. Sasuke was playing his PSP and clicking the buttons like crazy which was driving Naruto crazy. It's not like they never went on vacation actually the blond was used to it and this time his parents decided to go to the country side that spring.

"Could you stop." Naruto grumbled and the raven looked at him out of the corner of his eye.

"Is it really bothering you?" Sasuke asked nicely and Naruto flinched thinking something was wrong with the raven. 'That tone of voice he's never used it before…is he sick or something?' Naruto was beginning to get worried.

"Well is it?"

"Y-Yeah." Naruto replied in a low tone; Sasuke then turned off the game and put it in his pocket.

"Sorry…" Sasuke whispered in the blond ear and Naruto blushed, Sasuke smirked and leaned back against the seat humming the song that was playing on the radio.

'From L.A to Japan, We looking for you girl see no matter where we land, Be bout to take you on a whirlwind , We need some pretty girls then, So will you be my girlfriend , I see you girl with the shades on, And I see you girl with the J's On , See girl I know you fly fasho, Sit back girl gone get comfortable, If your a pretty girl I'm looking for you.'

'Where my pretty girls at?, Let me see ya…Where my pretty girls at? Let me hear ya...'

"Mom can I have something to eat?" Naruto asked.

"Sure baby." Naruto blushed, thinking Sasuke was going to tease him about his nickname but the Uchiha didn't say anything he just folded his hands behind his head and hummed, cheerfully. 'Okay there is definitely something wrong with him.' Kushina passed Naruto a bento and Naruto grinned, he opened the box and grabbed two chop sticks; Sasuke then leaned over, analyzing the blond's lunch.

"Is it okay if I have some?" Sasuke looked up at the blond innocently.

"Um…sure." Naruto handed Sasuke two chopsticks, he and the blond ate out of the same boxed lunch for the first time. Itachi looked over at the two and frowned. 'Hmm, I wonder what Sasuke is trying to pull?' Itachi always saw his baby brother being nice to people but never to the blond.

"Itachi are you hungry?" Kushina asked.

"No I'm fine." Itachi smiled and went back to looking out the window.


Everyone step out the car and looked around, the place was every familiar to the blond him; he, Kushina and his father always came there on the breaks when he was little; There was a big road, some wooden light posts going down a row on each side of the street and some big fields for farming; Naruto stretched and breathed in the fresh country air; Sasuke took out his cell phone and tried to call his friends but no reception.

"Aw…are you got to kidding me, no service out here." Sasuke growled and looked at Naruto; Naruto flinched thinking the raven was going to hit him but Sasuke just smiled and instead he hit Itachi.

"Ow, what the hell Sasuke?" Itachi rubbed his arm and Sasuke smirked.

"Sorry, my hand slipped." Sasuke put his hands in his pockets and whistled; Itachi's eyes narrowed and he pushed Sasuke onto the ground.

"Ow…Itachi that hurt!" Sasuke rubbed his leg and the blond laughed, he then glared at Naruto.

"Come on boys." Kushina and Fugaku grabbed the luggage and began walking to the condo.

"Come on Naruto." Itachi grabbed the blond's hand and pulled him towards the house.

"Tsk…how dare he touch my Naruto." Sasuke got up and dusted himself off.


Naruto and Itachi walked up the steps to the condo and grinned, Fugaku and Kushina set the bags down on the floor and smiled; Itachi and Naruto walked into the house and looked around the spacious condo.

"Well like you boys asked, here's the keys to the guest house." Fugaku tossed Itachi the keys and yawned.

"Thanks dad." Itachi grabbed Naruto's hand and walked out the condo back door that lead to house across the street, which was the guest house.

"And the fridge is fully stocked so you don't need to go to the store!" Kushina yelled.

Naruto and Itachi walked up to the house and Sasuke was already waiting on the porch. 'He must have walked around.' Itachi thought as he and the blond began walking up the steps.

"You don't have to hold his hand like he's a kid." Sasuke scoffed and Itachi glared.

"I know, I'm holding it because I want to." Itachi stated, he then let go of the blond's hand and began opening up the house door.

"Itachi do you think we could go horse back riding?" Naruto asked and tucked some of his blond hair behind his ear.

"Sure, anything you want." Itachi smiled and they walked into the house.

"I'm going too." Sasuke shouted. 'There's no way I'm letting him have Naruto to himself.'

"B-But you don't even like horses or any animals really." Itachi put the key on the stand by the front door and they all kicked off their shoes.

"Yeah…the first time you went horse back riding you cussed out your horse." Naruto stated.

"Well I want to try it again, it that okay with you?" Sasuke leaned in close to the blond's face with a smiled spreading across his pale face.

"Um, sure." Naruto laughed nervously and looked away from the raven. 'Geez why does he have get so close.' Sasuke looked at the blond curiously and then sighed, rubbing the back of his head.

"If you don't like me being so close to you, you should say so." Sasuke ruffled the blond's hair. 'Huh? That's the first time he's ever touched me like that.' Naruto blushed looking at the raven.

"N-No I didn't say…I didn't like it." Naruto smiled and chuckled a little.

"Well I could tell by the look on your face." Sasuke yawned and walked into the living room, flopping down on the couch. The house was pretty big, there was white furniture, a few lamps and a big flat screen tv on a stand by the wall complete with a golden chandelier; The kitchen was right across form the living room and there was an upstairs.

"Naruto go get changed and well go." Itachi said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Okay." Naruto ran upstairs to get changed and Sasuke picked up the remote, turning on the tv.

"Sasuke what are you planning?" Itachi asked.

"What do you mean?" Sasuke turned around and looked at his older brother.

"You're being nice to my Naruto." Itachi poured himself some juice and took a sip.

"I'm just trying to win the blondie's heart nothing that should concern you." Sasuke glared at his older brother.

"W-What…you do know he's our step brother, you can't date him." Itachi was shocked, he knew if his Kushina and Fugaku found out about this they would be fuming mad.

"So, you like him too right." Sasuke ran his fingers through his raven strands.

"N-No!" Itachi blushed.

"Don't lie, so Kushina and dad would probably be mad at you too." Sasuke shrugged his shoulders and turned back towards the tv.

"I'm ready Itachi!" Naruto ran down the steps and into the kitchen, where Itachi was eating a snack.

"O-Okay…" Itachi almost choked seeing the blond's outfit.

"What's wrong is this outfit a little weird, it probably is but mom wanted me to wear it-"

"No!" Naruto looked at the older Uchiha oddly.

"I mean it's perfect since it's so hot out here." Itachi finished up his snack and he and the blond went to put their shoes on. Sasuke was laying on the couch with hands folded behind his head, watching tv.

"Hey, don't forget about me." Sasuke hopped over the back of the couch and ran over to the door to put his shoes.

"Come on Naruto." Itachi pushed the blond out the door before Sasuke could see him.

"W-Wait." Sasuke ran out of the house behind Itachi and Naruto; Itachi suddenly hugged the blond.

"I-Itachi what's wrong?" Naruto looked up at the raven. 'I'm trying to cover you from that pervert but I can't tell Naruto that.'

"I-Itachi what are you doing?" Sasuke walked ahead of the two and turned around, he then saw Naruto's outfit. 'Ah, I feel a nose bleed coming.' Itachi then let go of the blond and the blond looked at Sasuke.

"Come on, hurry up." Naruto walked passed the raven; both Itachi and Sasuke felt like they would have a nose bleed. Naruto was wearing a pair of jean thigh shorts, a tight short sleeve white t shirt with a sleeveless jean jacket and pair of red chuck high tops, he also had one of his ears pierced.

"I'm so glad mom gave me contacts now I don't have to wear my glasses!" Naruto stretched his arms up high.

"When did Naruto get his ear pierced?" Sasuke whispered, walking with his hands in his pockets.

"A few days ago when I took him to the mall." Itachi stated, running up next to the blond. 'Haa, I could walk behind him all day…he has such a tight looking ass, it's so cute.' Sasuke licked his lips watching the blond's hips sway back and forth while he was walking.

"Haha…yeah that was funny!" Naruto laughed as he and Itachi were walking and talking.

"Tsk…he never laughs like that with me." Sasuke began to get irritated because Itachi and Naruto were so close.

"Yay, were here!" Naruto jumped over the horse ranch wooden gate and boy was Sasuke the loving the view of the blond's ass.

"Naruto, wait!" Itachi and Sasuke jumped over the fence and ran behind the blond; A red horse came running up to Naruto and the blond backed up in surprise.

"Haha, it's Kurama." Naruto grinned and rubbed the horse's face, smiling brightly. Sasuke stared at the blond, he'd never seen the blond smile like that before.

"He's always the happiest when he's with his horse." Itachi smiled; Sasuke looked over at his brother. 'He knows so much about Naruto.' Sasuke ran his fingers through his hair.

"Hey boy…did you miss me." Naruto rubbed the horse's back. Naruto's horse was red and had a white strip going down its back.

"Ew…it smells like a farm." Sasuke covered his nose and frowned.

"Itachi could you help me?" Naruto tried to get on the horse but he was too short; Itachi nodded, he grabbed the blond's waist and then lifted him up his hands then moved to the blond's bottom, pushing him all the way up. Sasuke felt so unlucky because Itachi's could freely touch the boy's ass and Naruto wouldn't get mad.

"Haa, okay boy." Naruto sat on his horse with each leg on either side of the horse's back, he then leaned forward, grabbing some of the horse's long hair.

"Why'd you name him Kurama?" Sasuke asked walking up to the horse and then looking up at the blond.

"Well at first his name was Kyuubi but when I got older I changed it." Naruto grinned. Kyuubi is also the name of Naruto's cousin who lives in America.

"Come on Kurama." The blond tapped Kurama on his side and the horse began running forward.

"Waoh boy…" Naruto gripped the horse's hair as the horse ran through the field. Sasuke looked at the blond riding the horse and actually smiled, the blond was so beautiful when he was riding, the wind blowing through his hair the bright smile on his face, his ocean blue eyes shimmering from the sun's reflection.

"Sasuke are you getting on a horse?" Itachi asked walking away from brother.

"Um…yeah." Sasuke ran behind his big brother over to the stables.


Sasuke struggled to get on his horse and fell off for the forth time; Itachi had already left him a few minutes ago and he was riding his horse like a pro.

"Damn you horse, let me ride you!" Sasuke gritted his teeth and growled at the horse. "O-Okay boy come on just let me sit on you." Sasuke panted and put his legs on either side of the horse's back.

"Ha…ha I did it-UGH!" The horse bucked the raven off and ran through the field.

"You know what, FUCK YOU HORSE!" Sasuke gave the horse the finger and dusted himself off, the horse then came back around and ran around the raven.

"Ah! Ah! Please I'm sorry don't run me over!" Sasuke ducked and covered in the high grass.

"It looks like Sasuke is not having a good time." Naruto sighed and Itachi held out his hands waiting for the blond to jump down.

"Ugh, yeah he's not fond of animals." Itachi put the blond on the ground and laughed at how his little brother was panicking, thinking the horse was going to kill him.

"Should we go help him?" The blond had a worried look on his face.

"Nope the horse won't hurt him it's just trying scare him, you know horses can hear. He probably feels angry because of what Sasuke said."

"R-Really I had no idea."

"I know while he's being attacked let's go to the river." Naruto nodded then he and Itachi ran off into the woods.

"Waoh boy…" The trainer calmed the horse down and Sauske sighed in relief.

"Sorry Sasuke-sama I don't know what's gotten into him." The trainer bowed.

"No…it's okay." Sasuke dusted himself off and looked over, he noticed Naruto and Itachi weren't there anymore.

"Did you see where my brothers went?" Sasuke asked.

"Yes, they went in the direction of the river." Sasuke then nodded and ran off.

"Yay!" Naruto took off his shoes and jacket; Itachi took off his shirt showing his bare pale chest; Naruto looked away and blushed, he still wasn't used to seeing Itachi shirtless even when they slept together.

"I think it's pretty tight." Itachi pulled on the rope swing to make sure it wouldn't break.

"Okay I'm going first." Naruto climbed up the rock and onto the cliff; The river was really deep it was also connected to a water fall. Naruto grabbed onto the rope tight, he pulled the rope back and then ran forward.

"WAH!" The blond went up into the air and then splashed into the cold water.

"Naruto, I'm coming." Itachi saw the blond come up out of the water, wiping the water out of his face and shaking his wet blond hair that stuck to his face a little.

"Okay." Naruto gave the raven a thumb's up and Itachi nodded, he pulled the rope back and ran forward,

"WOOH!" Itachi splashed into the water next to the blond.

"Hahaha!" Naruto began swimming back to the rocks and Itachi came up out of the water his raven hair dripping wet; Naruto got out and twisted the end of his shirt with his hands, making all the water drip out.

"Itachi together this time!" Naruto yelled and the raven swam back to the rocks.

"Alright." Itachi got out of the water, his pale skin dripping wet and his long hair soaked. Itachi walked passed the blond and got up on the cliff, he then reached his hand down waiting for the blond to grab it; Naruto shook his hair one last time and grabbed hold of the raven's hand; Itachi pulled Naruto up onto the cliff and smiled.

"Get on." Itachi had a tight grip on the rope and Naruto hooked his hands around the raven's neck, Itachi pulled the rope back and ran forward.

"Ha…ha those damn trees!" Sasuke struggled to get out of a bush and panted when he reached his destination.


"W-What are they doing?" Sasuke stood there, he saw Naruto and Itachi splash into the water and frowned up his face. 'Tsk…I should be swimming with that hot blond.' Sasuke walked over to the rocks.

"Hahaha…that was fun!" Naruto ran his fingers through his blond hair flipping it out of his face; Sasuke stood there practically drooling; Naruto swam back over to the rocks and noticed the raven standing there.

"S-Sasuke you're not coming in?" Naruto asked, cutely.

"No I'm fine right here." Sasuke blushed and looked away from the blond.

"Okay." Naruto got out of the water dripping wet and shook his head, his blond hair flinging water everywhere.

"Aren't you hot Sasuke?"

"Oh yeah I'm hot but not from the sun." Sasuke gulped as the blond got closer to him.

"Really are you sick?" Naruto put his wet hand on the raven's forehead; Sasuke felt his heart beat increasing.

"Okay, enough." Sasuke swatted the blond's hand away; Itachi then got out the water.

"You finally made it city boy." Itachi laughed and the younger raven glared at him.

"Shut it Itachi!" Sasuke spat out.

"Come on, we should get back for dinner." Itachi picked up his shirt and put it on.

"Yeah I'm pretty hungry." Naruto and Itachi put on their shoes; Naruto then picked up his jacket and carried it in his hands.

"Whatever." Sasuke tsked and began walking ahead of the two.

"He's still mad about the horse attack." Itachi whispered to the blond as they walked behind the raven.

"Pfft!" Naruto covered his mouth, trying to hold in his laugh; Sasuke turned around and looked at the two,

"Is something funny?" Sasuke asked in an annoyed tone; Itachi and Naruto shook their heads.

"Ugh!" Sasuke tripped over a twig and fell into a puddle of mud.

"Hahahaha!" Itachi and Naruto laughed at the raven and Sasuke groaned. 'Today has been hell.' Sasuke thought to himself.

~Later That Night...~


Naruto dried his head with a towel as he walked down the steps, he had just got out of the shower and he felt so refreshed; Sasuke for one was still scrubbing himself clean and Itachi went straight to sleep after they ate dinner with Fugaku and Kushina.

"It's still so hot." Naruto walked into the kitchen and grabbed a red popsicle, he closed the freezer back and walked into the living room.

"Haa…" Naruto sighed as he sat down on the couch, he kicked his feet up and then Sasuke came down the steps.

"What are you doing Naruto?" Sasuke asked as he took a seat next to the blond.

"Nothing." Naruto replied unwrapping the popsicle and putting into his mouth.

"So, did you pass your last test?" Sasuke asked not looking at the blond; Naruto licked the popsicle and sucked on it.

"Yeah…but there's still a few things I don't understand." Naruto sighed.

"That's good, that means the tutoring is going good." Sasuke ruffled the blond's hair; Naruto looked at the raven who watching tv.

"W-Why are you being nice to me?" Naruto stopped licking his popsicle.

"Do you not like me being nice to you?" Sasuke leaned back against the couch.

"No, I didn't mean it that way it's just weird cause you're always mean to me." Naruto smiled softly.



"About all the stuff I used to do to you." Sasuke moved closer to the blond and rubbed his head.

"Oh." Naruto began licking his popsicle again. 'What kind of reaction was that?' Sasuke sulked, hoping the blond would forgive him. 'B-But who would forgive me that easily.'

"So I was wondering maybe you could tell me things about yourself." Sasuke rubbed the back of his neck.

"Why?" Naruto asked, looking at the tv.

"B-Because I-I I want to know everything about you, you know like the things you like or what makes you happy, mad or sad." Sasuke replied and Naruto blushed.

"I want us to feel like real brothers." Naruto felt his heart tighten hearing those words and he felt a little disappointed. 'What is this feeling I mean this is what I wanted right…for us to be just brothers..' Naruto ate down the rest of his popsicle.

"Well I like ramen and my favorite sport is…" Naruto blond began telling the raven everything about himself.


"Haha…that's really funny!" Naruto laughed what Sasuke told him and Sasuke smiled. 'Haa…I finally made him smile like brother does.' Sasuke was now in love with Naruto's smile. They had been talking for a while and it was now midnight.

"Hey let's go out the back there's a lake back there." Naruto suggested, getting up off the couch.

"Sounds like fun." Sasuke got up off the couch and followed the blond out the back door of the house.

Naruto and Sasuke walked through the grass until they came a small but deep lake, the moon shined beautifully that night and reflected on the clean lake water; the crickets chirped and fireflies lit up the grass; Naruto stood on the dirt and began to get undressed,

"You really have no problem jumping in water do you?" Sasuke scoffed.

"No, I like swimming." Naruto took off his shoes and was now only in his shorts.

"How come you didn't take your shirt off earlier today." Naruto blushed and covered himself.

"You're the first person that has seen me without my shirt on well besides my mother so don't make fun of me." Naruto pouted; well Itachi has seen without a shirt too. When they take baths together but he still felt shy even around Itachi, and most of the time covered himself in the showers that he took with his older brother.

"I won't, don't worry there's nothing to make fun of." Sasuke smirked looking at Naruto's flawless skin; Sasuke then took off his shirt and shoes.

"Waah…it's cold." Naruto put his feet in the water first before lowering himself into the deep blue water; Sasuke got in the water as well and Naruto blushed seeing the raven's bare chest; it was different then when he saw Itachi, Sasuke made him feel excited.

"Haa…the cold water feels good on my skin." Sasuke swam to the middle of the lake and dived under the water; the blond swam over towards the raven and watched as the raven came up out of the water. 'Wha! He's so sexy.' Naruto looked at raven lustfully.

"Oi, Naruto?" Sasuke flicked the blond on his forehead and waved his hand in front of his eyes.

"Huh?" Naruto snapped out of his trance and looked at the raven.

"You were spacing out." Sasuke's raven hair stuck to his forehead and water dripped down his creamy pale face; Naruto then shook his head and dived under the water.

Sasuke looked up at the beautiful night sky and the blond came back up, shaking his wet blond hair, his hair shined from the moon light's reflection and his blue eyes shimmered; Sasuke couldn't help but stare.

"S-Sasuke?" Naruto backed up as the raven began swimming closer to him, his onyx eyes looked sexy and his stare was piercing the blond's heart.

"Naruto…" Sasuke grabbed the back of the blond's head and pulled him into a heated kiss, Naruto's eyes widened and his heart beat increased. Sasuke licked Naruto's bottom lip and Naruto didn't hesitate to open his mouth for the raven.

"Hnm…mmh.." Naruto wrapped his arms around the raven's neck and Sasuke pulled their bodies closer together; Naruto backed up into the wall that surrounded the lake and wrapped his legs around the raven's waist, he felt so hot. Their bodies dripping wet and the friction between them.

"Ah…S-Sasuke no." Sasuke grinded his hips against the blond's and Naruto broke the kiss, gasping at how good it felt when their clothed erections rubbed up against each other; Sasuke kissed the blond's neck and bit down on his sensitive spot.

"Ah, S-Sasuke wait I feel weird." Naruto's eyes looked lustful and his body felt like it was on fire; Sasuke then pinched one of Naruto's nipple making the blond mewl, he pressed his finger on the pink bud and flicked it with his fingers. "Uhh…no not there.." Naruto felt his member getting harder as the raven continued to dry hump him.

"N-Naruto…I want to be inside you." Sasuke whispered in the blond's ear.

"What do you mean?" Sasuke looked at the blond with an amused smirk spreading across his face. 'I've never met a teenager that doesn't know about sex…so innocent and cute, it'd be a shame to take away his innocent.' Sasuke licked the shell of the blond's ear and bit down.

"Nhh…" Naruto bit his bottom lip.

"I mean I want to put my dick in here." Sasuke used his other hand to grope Naruto's ass and the blond buck his hips forward.

"N-No, we can't…not until…" Naruto tried to get his words together but Sasuke's humping was making lose his train of thought.

"Not until what?" Sasuke nipped at the blond's neck and rolled the pink nipple between his two slender fingers.

"Not until…I know that you really love me and it's no just lust." Naruto stated; Sasuke stopped his movements and lifted the blond's chin to look into his blue pools of lust.

"If that's all it takes then I'll show you that I really love within two weeks." Sasuke had a determined look in his eyes as he stared into the blond's eyes.

"If you can prove it then I'll become your boyfriend." Naruto meant what he said but only if Sasuke could prove that he truly loved him.

"But I thought you wanted us to be like real brothers?" Sasuke teased.

"I thought so too but I don't think I want it to be that way anymore...I want us to be more than that." Naruto placed his hands on the raven's face and smiled softly.

"Ha, well that makes me very happy…" Sasuke kissed the blond on his slightly pink lips and slipped his tongue inside the wet cavern.


~To Be Continued…~

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