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"I can't see." Naruto thrashed around as he heard brutal noises and strong impacts of flesh.

"It's true I saw Sai kidnap him." Deidara and Sasori followed Itachi to third floor where the long haired blond said he saw Sai take the Naruto.

"Yeah, well I hope this isn't one of your pranks again." They reached the last step and walked down the hallway. They all gulped before Itachi opened the door and when the door opened their jaws dropped.

"Wha! What happened to Naru?!" Deidara looked at the blond that was cuffed to the bed and blind folded. Itachi and Sasori looked shocked for a second as well; Itachi then felt his anger boiling up, seeing his precious Naruto cuffed to a bed with hicky marks on him.

"You son of a bitch! You sick bastard!" Sasuke was sitting on top of his pale friend and continuously punching him in the face, he punched him so hard his knuckles were bleeding, as well as Sai's face. Not to mention Sai had passed out a few seconds ago after a punch to the jaw.

"Oh God! Deidara stop him!" Itachi ran over to the bed and took the blind fold off of Naruto's eyes.

"S-Sasuke! Stop you'll kill him!" Deidara tried to pull the raven off him but Sasuke was too angry to stop.

"I found the key." Sasori passed Itachi the key to the hand cuffs and Itachi unlocked the cuffs from around Naruto's wrists. "Naruto you okay?" The older raven asked and the blond nodded hesitantly.

"Sasori help him." The red head nodded and grabbed one of Sasuke fists.

"Come on Naruto." Itachi picked the blond up bridle style. "Wait but Sasuke.." Deidara and Sasori managed to stop the younger raven from beating his friend into a bloody pulp and Sasuke panted before turning around, meeting a pair of azure blue eyes.

"Naruto are you okay?" Sasuke reached his hand out to touch the blond but Naruto flinched and closed his eyes after seeing Sasuke's bloody hands.

"Oh..sorry.." Sasuke pulled his hand back, his raven bangs covered his cold onyx eyes as he rushed out of the room.

"So what do we do about Sai?" Deidara asked. "Did Sasuke do that?" Naruto looked up at his older-step brother who was holding him.

"Don't think about that right now okay, we just need to get you to the nurse's office." Itachi said as calmly as he could. "Him as well, pick him up Dei." Itachi stated and Deidara shuddered.

"But his face and shirt is all bloody."

"Sasori help him." Itachi walked out of the room carrying the blond in his arms.

"Shit…shit!" Sasuke washed his hands in the bathroom sink, he put soap on his hands and it stung his bruised knuckles. 'He's probably afraid of me now.'

"What the hell is the matter with me?" He then splashed some water on his pale face that had a taint of red to it because he so angry. His hair was wet and stuck to his forehead before he flipped his hair out of his face.

'Damn you Sai…I didn't want to have hurt him but when I saw Naruto laying there like that..' The raven closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he then remembered how Naruto's face looked when he tried to touch him.

"I'm such a jerk." His head hung low and he sighed.

~Later That Day At Home~


"Give me your cell phone young man." Sasuke stood in front of his angry father and handed him his cell phone.

"Naruto go upstairs and rest please." Naruto looked at Fugaku and nodded before walking up the steps.

"What the hell is the matter with you, this kid now has a concussion because of you and fractured jaw." Fugaku rubbed his temples and Sasuke looked at his father with no emotion on his face once so ever.

"But father he-" Fugaku put his hand up silencing his son and the young raven gulped.

"No matter what happened you didn't have to beat him that badly. Learn control your emotions before you act."

"Yes sir."

"Grounded. Three months." Fugaku pointed up the steps, telling Sasuke to go to his room.

"Pack up everything! Your game systems, laptop, Ipod, Ipad, and your tv!" He shouted and Sasuke grumbled a few words under his breath. 'Now I know how Naruto must have felt when he got grounded all the time.' Sasuke opened his room door and walked inside.

~That Evening~


"Naruto how are you feeling?" Itachi walked in his little brother's room and Naruto sat up from where he was laying.

"I'm fine. My wrists just hurt." The blond smiled and rubbed his bandaged wrists.

"Why are you wearing two shirts?" Itachi sat down on the bed next to Naruto. "Cause…I have those marks on my chest." He blushed.

"I know why Sai probably did that to you," Naruto tilted his head to the side and looked at the raven curiously. "It's because he's had a crush on Sasuke since they were kids." Itachi stated and Naruto's eyes widened.

"O-Oh." He stammered. Naruto then layed his head in Itachi's lap and let out a yawn. "Thanks for today." The blond muttered and Itachi stroked his head.

"What are big brothers for ahaha!" The older raven laughed and Naruto grinned. 'Sasuke probably feels worst then I do.' He thought, listening to Itachi whistling a cheerful little tune.

"Is mom at work?" The blond asked and Itachi nodded.

"Dad is as well so what do you want for dinner?" The older raven asked.

"Ramen!" Naruto cheered and Itachi chuckled. "Ramen it is then."

~Later That Night~


Sasuke turned over and looked at his closet, his black bangs fell over his eyes and he felt horrible. 'Why did I do that, he was my best friend?'

-Flash Back-

"S-Sasuke! Let's play in the sand box!" The small paler boy walked up to his best friend Sasuke Uchiha.

"No that's boring, let's go hang out in that alley." The raven chewed on a tooth pick and had a pissed look on his face.

"Anything you want." Sai followed behind the Sasuke's every move, that was how much he looked up to him and liked him.

-End Of Flash Back-

'We were ten then and he never did anything to make me angry but now he's a total dick.' There was a knock at his door that broke him out of his train of thought.


"S-Sasuke..it me." He heard Naruto's voice on the other side of the door and sat up quickly.

"Come in."

"Oh...Hi." The blond peeked his head in before walking in all the way and closing the door behind him.

"What do you want Naruto?" The raven asked harshly and the blond gulped.

"Um, I wanted to see how you were doing." He walked over to Sasuke's bed and looked around aimlessly. "Sit." Sasuke moved over and Naruto nodded before sitting down nervously.

"How's your hands?"

"Fine just a little bruised." Sasuke replied and Naruto sighed in relief.

"Naruto are you scared of me?" The raven asked honestly. "N-No." The blond turned and looked Sasuke.

"But I-"

"It's okay cause you did it for me." The blond grabbed Sasuke's bandaged hand and kissed it. Sasuke's eyes widened and Naruto smiled softly at him.

"I admit I was a little shocked seeing Sai bloody on the ground though but when I looked into your eyes I could see you were only trying to protect me." Naruto rubbed his hands and Sasuke blushed slightly.

"I don't really like acting tough and that gives people a chance to take advantage of me…sorry." Naruto's blond bangs covered his eyes; Sasuke then pushed his blond bangs back.

"Naruto it's fine as long as you stick close to me I'll protect you." Sasuke kissed his forehead and Naruto blushed an even deeper shade of red.

"Also why are you wearing two shirts?" There was a hint of laughter in the raven's voice as he pulled on Naruto's shirt collar and the blushing blond turned away from him.

"B-Because I have those marks on me." He stuttered.

"Naruto go lock the door." Sasuke ordered and the blond nodded, getting up off the bed and walking over to the door. "It's locked." He turned around after locking the door and looked at Sasuke.

"Now come back over here." Sasuke gestured his finger, telling the blond to come back over to him and Naruto moved his legs nervously, his heart felt like it would jump out of his chest. He hesitantly walked back over to the bed and Sasuke pulled him onto the bed.

"-Wait!" Sasuke began taking off the Naruto's shirts and the blond gasped.

"Don't worry it won't hurt." Sasuke pulled Naruto's shirts all the way off, showing his flawless tanned skin.

"Wait S-Sasuke! I can't. My butt can't stretch that far, you can't put it in!" Naruto shouted and the raven over top of him looked at him oddly for a second.

"Pffft!..Mph!" Sasuke layed down beside the blond and hid his face in the mattress.

"Eh!" Naruto blushed up to his ears and Sasuke's body twitched as he hit his hand on the mattress. "Hahahahaha! That's a good one haha!" Sasuke lifted his head up and wiped the corner of his eye.

"Haa..my side hurts ahaha from laughing so hard." The raven took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair, he then looked at Naruto and smiled.

"Y-You were just teasing me?!" Naruto put his hands on his face to hide his embarrassment.

"No, you just got the wrong idea." Sasuke grinned and ruffled the blond's hair; Naruto puffed out his cheeks cutely.

"I was going to do something perverted to you though." The raven pushed Naruto onto the bed and Naruto tried to cover his chest with his hands.

"Don't. It's okay." Sasuke removed Naruto's small hands out of the way and licked his chest.

"Ah! S-Sasuke?!" Sasuke looked up at him with lustful onyx eyes and Naruto closed his eyes.

"They're pretty red." Sasuke said biting down on Naruto's pecked nipple gently.

"No matter how hard I wash myself they wouldn't go away." Naruto sulked and Sasuke snickered.

"What's so funny?" The blond looked at the raven with a clueless expression on his face.

"You're really sensitive, your hips are trembling." Sasuke gripped Naruto's small hips.

"Don't. It's embarrassing." The blond breathed out; Sasuke then sucked on the pink bud, making Naruto shriek.

"No..Ahh…Nhh.." Naruto bit his knuckle and had the most seductive expression on his face. 'This dobe really does have a natural sexual aura around him..no wonder he's such easy prey.'

"Mmm…S-Sasuke…" Sasuke's hands roamed his chest and he bit his bottom lip.

"You like this?" Sasuke's slender fingers rolled the pink nipple between his fingers, making Naruto's breath hitch.

"Mmn! What are you doing?" Sasuke bit down on the marks that Sai left on his blond and replaced them with his own.

"I'm getting rid of these marks." The raven flicked his tongue over Naruto's small nipple.

"Annh…" Naruto gripped the raven's black locks and stifled a moan. Sasuke continued to work down the tanned stomach and Naruto's eyes widened when he felt Sasuke tug at his pants.

"Wahh! Don't," Sasuke looked at him with an annoyed expression on his face. "When you suck me I feel really strange." Naruto said shyly.

"Fine I'll stop here." Sasuke sat up and Naruto's face was flustered. He put his shirt on and Sasuke smirked.

"But anytime you want to make love don't hesitate to come to me." He ruffled Naruto's hair and Naruto's small ears felt like they were on fire because he was blushing so much.

"O-Okay." He finished, putting on his shirt.

"Did you just say okay?" Sasuke looked at the small blond quizzically.

"Yes but only when I'm ready." Naruto got up off the bed and rushed over to the door. When he grabbed the door knob he felt hands wrap around him and spin him around.

"I'll hold you to that." Sasuke placed his hand on the blond's chin and kissed him lustfully. He licked Naruto's bottom lip and the blond opened up his mouth, letting Sasuke slip his tongue in.

"Nmhn…Ung.." He licked the roof of Naruto's mouth and ran his tongue along Naruto's pearly white teeth. Naruto kissed back and wrapped his hands around the tall teen's neck; Sasuke placed his leg between the blond's thighs and rubbed his knee against him. Their tongues twisted around each others and saliva dripped down the corner of their mouths.

"Ahhn..Hnnh…" The blond's knees were giving out and his member was getting hard from Sasuke's knee rubbing against him.

"Uhhnn?!" Sasuke picked up the blond and Naruto wrapped his legs around his waist. Sasuke then groped his ass and Naruto yelped into the kiss.

"...W-Wait!" Naruto broke the kiss and a string of saliva connected from their lips.

"I need to help you get rid of this now." Sasuke smirked and Naruto thrashed around as the raven carried him over to the bed.

"No! Don't!" Sasuke threw him on the bed and crawled over top of him. Naruto blushed and Sasuke whispered in his ear. "Don't worry I won't go all the way, I'll just suck you like I did last time.' He said hotly before biting down Naruto's ear and then licking it.

"You baka…pervert!" Naruto kicked his legs wildly and Sasuke nipped at his neck before grabbing his small wrists.

"WAAAAAHHHH! ITACHI!" Naruto screamed out for his older brother...


~To Be Continued~

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