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General POV

Elena walked out of her bathroom wearing pajama shorts and a tank top. Her injuries from earlier were healed, but she was still a little sore. Damon was sitting on the seat by her window, holding a necklace.
"Cute PJ's." He said. She stopped and looked at him.
"I'm tired, Damon." Elena said, trying to avoid looking at him.
"I brought you this." She looked at saw that he was holding the necklace that Stefan had given her. Damon stood from the window seat and started to walk closer to Elena.
"I thought that was gone." Elena looked up at Damon. "Thank you." She reached out to grab it but he pulled it away from her. "Please give it back." She said to him.
"I just have to say something." Damon said with slight un-sureness in his voice. There was sadness in his eyes that Elena couldn't see at the moment.
"Why do you have to say it with my necklace?" She asked, taking a small step backwards from Damon. Elena slightly feared what he could tell her. She didn't have her necklace, which meant he could compel her. He couldn't help but notice her heart beating faster, which made him slightly regret doing what he decided to do.
"Well, because what I'm about to say is…" Damon looked at Elena ", probably the most selfish thing I have ever said in my life."
"Damon, don't go there." She said, trying to look away from Damon. Her eyes wouldn't move from his face. She took a step back, hoping that Damon wouldn't do it, but a part of her knew that it was useless.
"No, I just have to say it once." Damon took a step closer to Elena, still holding her necklace. "You just need to hear it. I love you, Elena," She let out a breath. This was the first time she heard those words from him. She heard that he loved her from Isobel, but never straight from Damon's mouth. She never really expected to hear those words from Damon ", and it's because I love you that… I can't be selfish with you." Elena noticed tears that were starting to form in his eyes. "Why you can't know this." Elena knew what he was going to do, but she knew it wouldn't change what she felt. Tears were starting to form in her eyes. "I don't deserve you but my brother does." She wanted to step backwards, so she could try and let him know. Damon stepped towards her and gently kissed her on the forehead.
"God, I wish you didn't have to forget this," Damon quietly said and he looked into her eyes ", but you do." A tear escaped from Damon's eyes. Damon slowly put the necklace around Elena's neck before using his vampire speed to escape.

Elena's POV

I just stood there, replaying the whole event in my head. 'I love you Elena.' Damon wanted me to forget, but I couldn't. After Bonnie left, one of the first things I did was drink vervain tea. I reached for my necklace, that he had brought back to me. 'Damon'' I thought as I looked at the window that he left from. There was still a slight scent of his cologne, which made the internal battle worse.

I slowly made my way to the window and just looked outside. There was a second where I expected him to appear outside, but he didn't. I let out a sigh before closing the window. 'He shouldn't have done it' I thought before slowly moving towards my bed.

I couldn't help but think of both Salvatores as I slipped into the bed. I've always felt safe around Stefan. He has always been there for me when I needed him. I love Stefan, I know I do. There is something with Damon though. It seems like I'm drawn to him in some way. He surprises me with everything he does. I know I should be upset that he had killed Jeremy, not knowing he had the ring, and that he turned my birth mother... but there was something deep inside me that forgave him for that. Him compelling me, or at least trying to, was different. That was him trying to take away a memory, something that could change everything.

Ever since Damon left earlier, he never left my thoughts. 'What if he did make me forget?'I asked myself. 'Would my feelings have changed?' I let out a sigh, trying to push everything to the back of my head. I slowly closed my eyes and tried to sleep.
"I love you to." I said in whisper to the emptiness of my room. It wasn't something I realized before. I'm not sure he should know. That's when I reluctantly decided not to tell anyone. I'm in love with Damon Salvatore.

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