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A month has gone by since Damon's compulsion on Elena didn't work. Since then, she had confessed her feelings for him and reluctantly let go of her past relationship with Stefan.

The night after he got trapped in the tomb with Katherine, Elena made a deal with Elijah to get him out of it. When he arrived at her house that night, he was ready to get back together with her. She had to tell him that they couldn't, because of what she felt for Damon. The next day, Elena had confessed her feelings to Damon… even though Rose was dying from Jules biting her the night before. Elena had spent the whole day with her and was more sure about her decision about Damon before the night ended.

After the arrival of John and Isobel… things were a little rocky with Damon and Elena, but they didn't break up. Damon even denied Andie when she started to flirt with him. He had Elena and he didn't want to screw it up. Elena was glad that she had chosen to take a chance with Damon because he was making her happy. She even stayed at his house for a weekend to try and ignore John, which wasn't too easy when Damon had a dinner party.

By the time the next full moon came around, they had found out that Klaus was in town. Damon immediately began to be more protective of Elena and couldn't help but bring up the option of her turning. She had always been against being turned into a vampire, but it was different with Damon than it was with Stefan. Elena knew that she wouldn't be able to have children of her own, but that didn't mean she could never have children. If she really ever wanted any, there was always the option of adoption or helping her brother raise his future children.

Two days before the full moon, Elena woke up Elijah. He told Elena and the others the truth about the sun and the moon curse, the fact that it was really just a curse place on his brother Klaus. Damon became more protective of Elena, if that was even possible. He brought up her turning once again so she couldn't be killed by Klaus. Elena said she would turn for Damon… but only if he fed her his blood before Klaus killed her. He didn't completely understand why, but after Elena told him what Katherine told her… he was okay with her decision.

The day of the full moon, Damon had learned that Klaus was going to use Tyler and Caroline as the vampire and the werewolf. He knew how Elena would react, so he tried to rescue them… only for Tyler to bite him in the attempt. He was well enough to get Elena after Klaus killed her and she successfully turned.

Two days past after Elena had turned and Damon had tried to keep the werewolf bite hidden from her. It was hard and he thought he had kept it a secret, but she knew. Elena had tried her best to be brave while she talked to Bonnie about trying to find a cure. Bonnie told both Elena and Stefan that Klaus might have something to do with a cure. Although Stefan wasn't over his feelings for Elena, he made her stay with Damon and help him while he went to Klaus. Elena talked with Damon the whole night, even through the hallucinations. When she thought Damon was dead, Katherine arrived with the cure, which happened to be Klaus's blood. It was then that Elena learned about what Stefan did. Stefan had given up the life he had in Mystic Falls to save his brother.

After Damon was completely healed, he helped Elena cope with being a vampire before they both worked together to search for Stefan.

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