Valley of Darkness

Sometimes reunions occur in the strangest of circumstances.


Denise Hemmingway

Chapter 1

Delphi, Caprica 52 days after the Cylon Attacks on the Colonies:

Sergeant Elaine Conner ran along the empty street of the Denver sized city. Her breathing came in huffs and puffs as she picked one foot up and sat the other down in a ground eating pace. She hit the outskirts of this city a day after being separated from her patrol. That was nearly two months ago. The last thing she remembered before her patrol shifted to the world she now was calling home was patrolling a street in a village in Khost Province then a bright flash of light blinded them temporarily.

Then a week ago, about seven weeks after they found themselves on this planet, yes planet. It had to be another planet than Earth, because the stars at night were different than any seen in either the northern or southern hemispheres. They were ambushed by a squad of seven foot tall polished chrome robots lead by a woman, a tall, blond woman that could have graced the pages of a Victoria Secrets catalog back home in the states. Over the last week since the ambush SGT Conner looked around trying to guess the location of the remnants of her Special Forces Advisory Team. She knew she was alone in this city, well there were the robots and their human controllers, but she didn't count them. Each night she would go to ground and hole up in one of the empty buildings.

From her father years before she volunteered for the United States Army she heard about neutron weapons. They were a late Cold War development of nuclear weapons that were said to kill organic life in an area, but leave the buildings, machines, etc. usable by those that would come through later and occupy the ghost towns left behind. That must have been what happened to this city, someone actually started a nuclear war here. Looking out into the night from an outdoor supply store she broke into one night she thought about this thinking that whoever did this was insane. No one on Earth would destroy their world just to wipe out and enemy, well almost no one that was.

She was trying to get ahead of another patrol of the mechanical troops she had fought twice since coming to this place. God this was bad she thought as she finally dashed into a house that would have fit in back home in Denver. Her shelter was dark because of the lack of electricity. The robots' attack on this city must have taken out the power grid along with killing the residents. She looked through the cabinets in the house's kitchen and a closet that looked to be a pantry. There where cans with writing that looked like it was in the Greek alphabet so she had to go by pictures on the labels and hope that she didn't pick a can of the local version of Crisco thinking it was a can of fried chicken or something like that.

SGT Conner took time to clean her M4A1 and her M9. She was alone, well alone until she could find the other survivors of her team. The night was quiet and she found that to be odd, the neutron weapons used on this city killed the birds and other animals too. All she found alive were the local versions of cockroaches. She didn't linger on that thought as she cleaned her weapons and ate the local analog of pork and beans from a can.

In the patrol pack she wore she had stuffed some more cans of food. From the pictures on their labels some were tuna, some were a stew and others were soups of various kinds. Long ago she had used up the MREs she packed in the rucksack she carried on patrol. She had been surviving on locally obtained food in cans and heated them up on a folding cap stove that used fuel tabs in her canteen cup. Though she had a Camelback she still took two canteens into the field. She used one for cocking water and the other for cleaning water.

Tonight though she made what her great grandpa called a cold camp. She would like to have moved at night, but her night vision goggle's batteries played out three weeks ago. She didn't have a means of recharging them nor spare batteries. One of the mission team members had those. She left her tactical radio off except for a few minutes a day and only when she wanted to try again to see if she could find the rest of her teammates. After the first week they'd all gone silent so except for the robots and there overseers trying to kill her she was all alone.

SGT Conner had been one of the first women accepted into the Special Forces and was a Medical Specialist. Lucky for her she still had her field medical kit along with her Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK). Sadly she didn't have any anti-radiation medicines. Not knowing the local language that was on just about every label she couldn't know if she was staring at such if she had found any.

These thoughts plagued her sleep as she bivouacked in the empty house. She used a compactable sleeping bag she found in the same outdoor store she found the camp stove and a small mess kit that reminded her of the ones used in the European armies a few years back. The sleeping bag was comfortable, but she shivered from the terror of her dreams, not of battles in Afghanistan, no these had been replaced by a reoccurring one of one of those tall blond human overseers beating her to death as she tried to defend herself. God she missed Earth, even Afghanistan was better than this place. How the hell did she get here she thought in her dreams?

Delphi, Caprica 53 days after the Cylon Attacks on the Colonies:

Dawn came blazing through the kitchen window waking Elaine up by shining on her face. "Fuck I really hate mornings. I especially hate mornings waking up alone on a ghost planet," Elaine said as she stretched and then made ready to leave. She knew to stay in one place would increase the chances of her enemies finding her. She shook out her boots first and then after using her boot blousing bands and wrapping the cuffs of her trousers with them she put on her Army issue tan rough out suede and ballistic nylon combat boots.

Then as she packed up her gear from her overnight stay she pillaged a hand operated can opener, a fork, a spoon and a steak knife. She also packed a small set of cooking knives from the drawers in the kitchen. She then glommed onto a small pot to go with the mess kit. After further searching she found matches, a flash light and batteries, and a compound bow and some arrows. She looked over the bow and the attached six-arrow quiver and a belt quiver that held another twelve arrows. All of the arrows had tri-bladed arrowheads similar to ones she's seen on Earth. Thinking that these might not down any of the robot soldiers she's seen, but if she can get into a place where wildlife still lived she could hunt without depleting her limited supply of ammunition for her carbine and pistol. So she took the bow and the arrows.

Elaine looked through the closets and dressers of the bedrooms of the house and found some clothing that fit. She packed a couple of shirts, a jacket, and a pair of hiking boots into her pack with the items she scrounged from the kitchen. As she looked through the bedrooms and closets she also found a locally made automatic similar to a Glock in about ten millimeter or .40, a couple of spare magazines and two boxes of ammunition. Here like back home the boxes were loaded with fifty rounds. These were jacketed hollow points. Further searing turned up a box of fifty full metal jacket rounds for the pistol and a pump shotgun similar to those made by Mossberg back on Earth in about twelve gauge and three boxes of what looked to be birdshot. She'd have to scrounge up some buckshot and perhaps slugs for the open choked shotgun. The pistol and shotgun she kept putting the pistol in her pack with the ammunition.

After she figured she had latched onto all she could from the house she cautiously looked out a side door for signs of the robots and their human herders. Seeing not activity she quietly slipped out of the house closing the door behind her. She made her way to an alley behind the backyard and worked her way toward what looked to be a military base and a collection of apartment complexes that serviced the base's personnel as off base housing. She had seen these from the second story of the house. Near the apartment complexes were some strip malls and stand-alone stores. She could find some more supplies there if needed.

Carefully making her way through the allies she eventually made her way onto one of the complexes. As she hid behind a concrete partition wall of one of the parking garages she heard the sound of two people, a man and a woman talking. She eased herself in to a crouching position while holding her M4A1 where she could cover the two people once she saw them. They both wore what looked like military flight suits. Their flight suits looked like the close fitting space suits the Mercury and Gemini astronauts used in the early nineteen sixties only these were brown. The woman was about her height and age with short cropped blond hair and the man was about six feet tall with a very short cut brown hair and looked to be a little older than Elaine.

The pair stood next to what resembled a Humvee. The woman said something to the man and then walked around the truck doing a visual check of it. Next like soldiers back home she did what amounted to operator pre-operation preventive maintenance checks and services. So this woman and the man with her had to be military or former military. Elaine stepped out exposing herself and taking a chance that the two wouldn't shoot her. "Hello," Elaine shouted, "Can I hop a ride?" She walked up holding her hands out from her sides letting her carbine dangle from its bungee sling.

Lieutenant Kara Thrace drew her Colonial Issue pistol and jumped over the hood of her truck. Lieutenant Karl Agathon spun around drawing his weapon as the woman in a brown to tan gradient camouflaged BDU like uniform made her appearance. She had a carbine or rifle of some kind dangling from a sling in front of her and she kept her hands out from her sides far from it or the pistol in a tactical holster on her right leg. She wasn't even reaching for the shotgun or bow slung behind her. "Kara she doesn't look like the Cylon's we've seen so far. I don't recognize the language she spoke either," Agathon said keeping SGT Conner under cover with his own pistol.

Kara Thrace looked over the woman that had walked up to about ten meters from them. She had on a ballistic helmet similar to Colonial Marines with a cloth cover that matched her uniform and the armored tactical vest she wore. She had a field back and a couple of bags in the matching camouflage pattern too. "Cover me Helo, I'm going to disarm her and we're taking her with us," Kara said as she went over cautiously to the woman about her height and build.

"Ok, Starbuck, but I'm popping her if she moves wrong," Agathon replied as Thrace crossed the ten meters to the woman. Once there Starbuck unslung the rifle, shotgun and bow, slung the weapons on her body and took the pistol from the holster and tucked into her belt. Then she went around the woman and with a small push directed her over to her Colonial Armed Forces surplus truck.

"Get in the front miss. Helo, cover her while she gets in then get in the back as I get in the driver's side," Thrace said a she frog marched the woman to the front right passenger seat. "Come on, we don't have all day. And I don't want you down loading if you're a Cylon and letting your other models and copies knowing where we are. So we're taking you with us all the way back to the Fleet once we get a ship and bust of this rock."

Kara made sure the woman was buckled in then she took some zip-ties from the map compartment and tied her hands with them. "There I can't have you doing something stupid now can I?" Kara said afterwards. While Helo covered the woman captive Kara walked around the front of the truck and got in and sat in the driver's seat after stowing the woman's weapons in the rear driver's side passenger seat. Then Helo got in behind the woman.

SGT Conner realizing the language barrier just went along with the two local soldiers as the woman took her weapons and secured them just as she would have in a similar situation. Then she even let the woman put her in the Hummer and secure her hands. Hell she wouldn't have trusted these two back on Earth if she had caught them. After she was secured in the front passenger seat the man covered her while the woman went around the front of the Hummer and got in the driver's seat. Then the man got in the right rear passenger seat.

With everyone in the truck's passenger compartment the woman started it up and said something to the man that again Conner didn't understand, but it sounded very much like Greek to her. The man replied and sounded like he gave directions to the woman. They pulled out of the parking place in the parking structure under the apartments and drove through the complexes streets until they found one of the city streets. There the woman turned to the left and followed the street until it joined a highway that led into the mountains to the west of the city.

Elaine knew she should try to escape, but she also felt that these folks thought she was like the humans that led the robots. She couldn't speak their language so she chose to follow along and let them take her with them. Besides now she was not alone on this rock anymore. After an hour of driving and taking several side roads trying to find the place that the man, Helo had talked about with the woman, Starbuck. The names sounded to Elaine like callsigns so she thought the two might be pilots of some sort and thus were looking for some kind of air or space craft to get them off this rock.

Elaine at first didn't quite understand why the thought of a spacecraft came to mind, but after she had taken good looks at the pair's flight suits she decided that these two flew spacecraft more than aircraft. She came to think her first assessment was correct their flight suits were similar to the early space suits like the Mercury and Gemini astronauts wore in the early and mid-1960s. Only these looked to be made better and were higher tech. In fact these suits made the ones worn by today's astronauts and cosmonauts look very bulky and primitive. From her observations of these too Elaine figured this world's military had a space arm.

After all the driving around they did Elaine was now wishing that the female pilot, Starbuck had taken her pack and put it back with Elaine's weapons. She was getting a back ache from it being between her and the back of the seat. "Fuck could we at least pull over somewhere so we can get my pack and aid bags off of me and put back with my weapons?" Elaine finally said in a tone that would get the message across. Shit when she came to this world through whatever it was that brought her here her team was on a foot patrol with a platoon of Afghan infantry so they hand worn their field packs as well as their armored tactical vests. Since she was her team's medical specialist she had brought along two aid bags instead of the field pack sized field medical pack.

Those aid bags and the pack were making it hard to sit properly in the passenger seat of this planet's version of a Hummer. Because of this Elaine's back was screaming at her and thus her outburst a few seconds ago. Starbuck didn't understand Elaine's words, but Helo understood their intent, "Skέftomai ta pakέta όti ths enochloύn th Kara ths. (I think her packs are bothering her Kara.)"

Starbuck looked over her shoulder back to Helo and said, "Eίste bέbaio elikόptero; (Are you sure Helo?)" Then she pulled her truck over along the dirt road they were now on. Above them on the wooded slope was what looked like an old bunker of some kind to Elaine's eyes. As soon as they were pulled over in the shadow of the old bunker Starbuck reached over and cut the zip-ties she used to bind Elaine's hands with a lock blade knife that was not that much different than the one Elaine carried. Starbuck looked at her with a serious look on her face and point at Elaine with the knife said, "Kanέna prόblhma eseίs den akoύei! (No trouble you hear!). Then she looked back at Helo while Elaine kept her hands on the grab bar over the map compartment and said, "To elikόptero eίnai eseίs bέbaioi aytή den eίnai έna dέrma jop; (Helo are you sure she's not a skin job?)"

Elaine looked at the pair and then said, "I think we'd be better off if we knew each other's names. What do you think? I'm Sergeant Elaine Conner." The last she said pointing to herself with her left thumb while looking at the two local humans. She didn't know their language which to her still sounded like a form of Earth's Greek, but she was going to try to communicate with them. She was damn sure they didn't speak English, Farsi, or Pashtun. To make sure the other two were catching on she pointed to herself and said her name three more times.

Helo figured out what the woman was trying to say when he heard, "I'm Sergeant Elaine Conner," for the third time. "Starbuck, skέftomai όti lέei to όnomά ths eίnai h Elaine Conner kai όti eίnai lochίas. (Starbuck, I think she's saying her name is Elaine Conner and that she's a Sergeant.)" Helo said catching what sounded like the old Tauron word for her rank. The Tauron spoke a different language, but followed roughly the same religion as the rest of the Colonies. Helo had served with Fleet Aviators and before that, Marines from Tauron and knew some of their language.

"Milώ kάpoio Tauron kai milά mia glώssa poy ws merikέs lέxeis Tauron se to Starbuck. (I speak some Tauron and she's speaking a language that as some Tauron words in it Starbuck.)" Helo said as Starbuck stared at Elaine. Then Helo pointed to himself and said, "Eίmai o Karl Agathon. Eίmai ypolochagόs ston apoikiakό stόlo. To shmάdi klήshs moy eίnai elikόptero. (I'm Karl Agathon. I'm a Lieutenant in the Colonial Fleet. My call sign is Helo.)" Helo then said to Elaine. With his eyes he as good as said to Starbuck, "your turn."

Starbuck looked at the woman next to her still wondering where all this was going, but she said, "Eίmai h Kara Thrace, eίmai ypolochagόs ston apoikiakό stόlo kai to shmάdi klήshs moy eίnai Starbuck. (I'm Kara Thrace, I'm a Lieutenant in the Colonial Fleet and my call sign is Starbuck.)" Elaine nodded at them.

Then Elaine said, "I'm with the United States Army. I'm a Medic in the Special Forces." She wondered if she should say she's from Earth and that she has no clue as to how she got to whatever planet this is. She saw they looked confused at her until she showed them the symbol on one of her field aid bags and then she patted herself on the chest. Then the two of them understood. She was telling them that she was a Medic of some kind. They saw the symbol for Asclepius on her field medical bags and understood what she was trying to tell them.

"Elaine poia apoikίa eίnai to spίti sas; (Elaine what colony is your home?)" Helo asked looking at her. Elaine looked back at him confused. Then from his a pocket on the leg of his flight suit he took a small spiral note pad and a pen. Then he drew twelve circles on it and their symbols next to them. Next he drew a house like a kid would draw. Then repeating his question he pointed at each of the circles saying their names in alphabetical order as he did, Aerilon, Aquaria, Canceron, Caprica, Gemenon, Leonis, Libran, Picon, Sagittaron, Scorpia, Tauron, and Virgon. Each time he named one of the twelve he pointed from her to the circle to the house.

Elaine understood now and took his pad and pen from him and drew a thirteenth circle and the symbol for Earth a circle with a cross over it next to the first circle. Then she wrote Earth under the circle and pointing from it to the house, back to her and said, "Earth." The other two heard Earth clear as day and with shocked expressions looked at her wondering if she knew the way to Earth from here. Whatever happened now this woman had to come with them back to the Fleet Starbuck thought looking at the woman that as good as said she was from Earth.

For an hour they sat in Starbuck's truck filling up page after page of Helo's note book with crude drawings, but slowly Helo and Starbuck began to understand that SGT Conner hadn't a clue as to how she got from Earth to Caprica. The three of them did come to an understanding that Elaine had been on a patrol back home when some sort of explosion occurred. When Elaine and the members of her team awoke afterwards they found themselves in Delphi. Elaine and her team had been found by the Cylons and hunted down until as far as Elaine knew she was the only one left. Elaine showed by tic marks on one page that she had been here fifty three days so far. She drew ten groups of four with a slashing one through them and one group of three.

A look of concern came over Helo's face. Then on another page he drew their symbol for radioactive danger, which Elaine recognized as it was similar to the radiological symbol she knew. Next he drew a stick figure of a person puking and another with his hair falling out. Elaine's eyes went wide with recognition at this. He was in his own way asking if she felt sick from radiation. So far she had washed off her hands before eating and had used her ceramic field filtration bag to filter water for her canteens and Camelback. But she did point to the stick figure of the person puking and nodded. She'd been tossing up some of what she ate for a couple of weeks now.

Helo's eyes widened then he nodded and reached for a Colonial Armed Forces Field Medical Kit he salvaged before he and Starbuck met up. From it he took an auto-injector pen. He took the cap from it and through gestures and drawings he hoped he told Elaine that this would help to protect her from further radiation exposure and may help to flush what radiation she's ingested already. Elaine nodded, but she later mimed that they should teach her their language so that she could speak with them better.

Starbuck caught a brief glimpse of movement near the bunker above them and held up her hand gesturing the other two to be still. Again as she looked up through the trees at the old bunker she saw something move. She gestured to Helo to grab what to Elaine looked like an Uzi submachine gun as Starbuck took a pair of what looked to be Czech Scorpian machine pistols. As Starbuck and Helo got out of the truck, Starbuck gestured to Elaine to stay in the truck.

Elaine saw the two Capricans cautiously make their way up the slope of the hill the bunker was on. The bunker itself reminded her of the now over seventy year old bunkers she'd seen on trips to Hawaii, California, and Normandy, France when she was younger and her father was in the Marines. They would go look at the old coastal defense bunkers in Hawaii and California or the German beach defenses at Normandy because like her father, Elaine was fascinated by World War Two.

As she watched the pair work their way up to the top of the hill Elaine saw movement and slowly gathered up her M4 and her M9. Then she took both of her field medical bags. She carefully backed out of the truck took each bag and slung them by their straps so she had one on her left and the other on her right. Elaine holstered her M9 and slung the M4 by its bungee sling around her neck so it hung in front of her within easy reach.

She slung her medical bags one to each side and crouched down behind the Hummer. She reached across the seat where the man whom she learned was called Helo sat before they left to check out the bunker on the hill. The stock of her carbine was close to the edge of Helo's seat and she grabbed it, and slid her M4 toward her. That was when she felt the cold metal of a weapon's muzzle against the nape of her neck. The person said something in the local Greek like language and ripped her carbine from her hand. The coldness of the muzzle left her and someone's hands grabbed her shoulder and flipped her around.

Elaine hit the side of the Hummer hard and blinked once as a sharp pain radiated across her back. "Ouch that fucking hurt, be careful next time will you!" she blurted out only to be answered by someone's fist hitting her across her mouth and saying something in the local language that must have meant shut up bitch. Recovering from the shock of the pain caused by the punch her eyes focused on those around her. She saw a half dozen or so heavily armed people wearing an assortment of civilian and military clothing. They all had on the local version of an armored tactical vest. Most were pointing shotguns, military carbines, or sporting rifles at her.

Elaine just looked at each face defiantly while thinking that her day couldn't get any worse. Again she found herself trussed up only this time these people tied her in the local version of being hog-tied. They dumped her and her gear in the small pick-up bed portion of Starbuck's Hummer and four of their number got in up front and three of them got in the back with her. These people could give a rip about her she figured just from their actions and the roughness of their handling her so far. At least Starbuck and Helo had given her the benefit of the doubt. The hummer was being driven deeper into the forested mountains west of the ruined city and then the people turned off and drove up a hairpin curve that took them back towards the direction of the bunker that Helo and Starbuck had got out to investigate.

After fifteen minutes of travel Elaine felt the truck stop. One of the marauders hauled her up into a kneeling position in the bed of the cargo area of the truck. At that point Elaine could see the top of the bunker system Helo and Starbuck had got out of the truck to scout for hostiles. She saw Starbuck holding her small Scorpian like machine pistols on a tall dark-haired man to her right and on a black woman to her left. The tall dark-haired man had a military carbine that resembled the HK G36C from Earth. He held that on Helo who in turn held his Uzi like submachine gun on someone below him out of her line of sight.

All Elaine could do in her situation was to think that these folks had a lot of the same weapons her people had. Perhaps there was a sort of parallel development here as to that on Earth, but Earth's nations especially the powerful ones didn't have robot soldiers built like a cross between NBA players and NFL defensive linemen. She had been dodging those for weeks now and she wasn't sure if any of her people made it out of the hell that was the city down in the valley. On the contrary she thought for sure that she was the only one left of her Special Forces Team and the Afghan police platoon they were working with. If any of her people had been captured by the robots she was sure they were worse off than her at this time.

She was still in the back of Starbuck's Hummer when the tension lessened. The civilians lowered their weapons and the dark-haired man came over to the Hummer with Starbuck and Helo. Starbuck said something to the woman that drove the truck up the mountain and when the African American looking woman failed to respond promptly she just whipped out her hand and snatched her keys from the black woman with reflexes that would have made an Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake proud. Then Starbuck said something to the woman that was insulting to the other woman and the dark-haired man had to put himself between them.

At that time Helo took a combat knife and cut Elaine free saying something that sounded like an apology to her. She just smiled saying, "Thank you Helo." Helo looked like he didn't understand her exact words, but did make out her meaning and smiled at her. Elaine used that time to take of her MICH helmet and using her left hand she combed through her short cropped honey blond hair. She also took her goggles she had on the whole time and lowered them to around her neck. It was then that Helo and everyone except Starbuck noticed that she could be the female Colonial Fleet pilot's twin sister. Helo said something to Starbuck that must have brought Starbuck's attention to her. Starbuck came over smiled that deadly smile of hers and with a gentle touch that was unexpected took hold of Elaine's chin and moved her head from one side to another examining her.

"Eίste swstό elikόptero poy koitάzei kάti san egώ, schedόn pάra polύ όpws egώ. (You're right Helo she looks something like me, almost too much like me.)" Starbuck said to Helo as she looked over Elaine now that she removed her helmet. Then turning to the tall dark-haired man saying, "O Anders synantά th Elaine Conner, den eίnai apό gύrw apό thn. Den milά akόmh kai Caprican. (Anders meet Elaine Conner, she's not from around her. She doesn't even speak Caprican.)" Then Starbuck went back to looking over Elaine. "Έtsi eίmaste Cylons, ή eίnai emeίs akribώs dύo άnthrwpoi apό toys diaforetikoύs kόsmoys poy symbaίnoyn apό kάpoio tέchnasma ths fύshs na fanoύn tόso megάlo mέros ίdia; (So are we Cylons, or are we just two people from different worlds that happen to by some trick of nature to look so much alike?)" Elaine just stared at Starbuck confused not knowing what she said to her. But from the facial expressions she figured it was some question about the fact that Starbuck kind of looked like her though a lighter shade of blond.

Hours later after Starbuck, the tall dark-haired man called Anders, and Helo had decided that it was best not to linger at this site they all pulled into what looked like an old school campus of some kind. The people guarding Elaine had her follow them into the basement of the building and in some weird way she thought of scenes from the television series Falling Skies when she saw this place and the other people milling around and through it. She was taken down to an area where a tall kind faced black man with a shaved head and hazel eyes examined her medically. He said some to her that she couldn't understand and she just cocked her head looking at him confused.

Simon looked at the human woman the Resistance Fighters had brought him. She looked to be healthy to some degree, but also suffering some from radiation poisoning. The mission, his mission had shifted from trying to slowly kill these people to actually trying to keep them alive so that the Cylons could study them. One of the Cavil's even let himself be rescued from one of the burn pits in order to infiltrate this cell. That operation had temporarily cost the Cylons several copies of Model Five, but it wasn't truly a great loss since Fives are worse than Eights.

Using calming tones and some hand gestures Simon was able to get the stranger to understand him. She let him treat her injuries and even begin treating her for her radiation sickness. She had been exposed for several days to the levels that Delphi gave off. It was only when the Colonial pilot Lt. Kara Thrace came in to check on the female soldier who through gestures and him telling his name to her and her sharing that hers was Elaine that he noticed the strong resemblance between Elaine and Thrace.

After he had Elaine resting in one of the dormitories Simon took Cavil aside to talk. "One did you notice the female soldier they brought in?"

Cavil looked at him and nodded, "Yes I did Four. It's odd that she resembles Kara Thrace so well isn't it?"

Four looked at him, in fact he actually glared at the senior Cylon and said, "Did our parents make another model we don't know about?"

A pensive look crossed over Cavil's face and he looked back at Simon shrugging and saying, "I just don't know. If they did it was before my brother killed them, boxed them, and then resurrected them with false memories. You being the original Four are the only one outside the Ones that knows the truth because we needed your help to complete that first phase of John's plan."

Simon looked back at him nodding as he said, "Well we'll have to observe her and Thrace then. I think I will take it upon myself to teach her Caprican as she doesn't speak it. I find traces of Tauron, Piconese, Caprican, and some of the other local languages of the Colonies in her speech, but there are other sources of words to that I don't recognize."

Cavil looked at Simon nodding and said, "Do that while I continue to observe Papa Sam to see if he's learned the lessons that my brother thought he should learn. I'm thinking that John like always didn't think this through. He has always been way to emotional for a machine, not that he's not calculating enough. It's that he's never really looked at the faultiness of his logic." Simon just nodded knowing his brothers for as long as he had. It was this Cavil that in fact saved him from the fate of the other original copies of the first eight Cylon biological models.

"Ok One, I'll keep an eye on Elaine. From what I could see she's from another world and a slightly different culture. For example I looked through her wallet. Her people don't cut the corners of their cards, pictures, or other documents. They all are squared off in either squares or rectangles. Then her dog tags are white metal oblong ovals with her name, a blood type, a birth date, a serial number and a religion imprinted into the metal. Her clothing she's wearing is in a camouflaged pattern not used anywhere in the Colonies."

"You have a dilemma there Four, but I'm sure with your analytical mind you'll find the answers to your and our questions about her. Now I have to go talk to Papa Sam and see if I can lighten his spiritual burdens some." After that Cavil just left Simon to go about his business. In a way Simon was happier that he was actually doing something to extend the lives of these humans who didn't know that they were part of the Cylon's small collection of pet humans. In the entire known Galaxy there were but a few tens of thousand humans left out of several tens of billions prior to the attack on the Colonies. At least that was what Simon and most any other Cylon biological unit thought that was involved in the project here to create humans that were more manageable by the Cylons than the billions and billions that existed before.

These wild humans and those few tens of thousands surviving in that fleet of refugees that escaped under the escort of the Battlestar Galactica and those couple of thousand aboard the Battlestar Pegasus were actually all the free humans left and there were Cylon operatives in each population monitoring them. Only in the Galactica's fleet the original Number One, John Cavil was working to destroy that population, because he was locked into destroying the entirety of the human race at any cost. Simon shrugged off those thoughts as he turned to go back into the old high school and went to his newest patient.

269 days after the Cylon attack on the Colonies, 215 Days after the Elaine joined the Resistance, location the Resistance Stronghold in the mountains outside Delphi, Caprica:

Elaine had been given an area of an old class room that was being used to house some of the women here at this former school. She stayed behind when Starbuck, Helo, and the Cylon called Sharon left to find the fleet of survivors trying to find Earth, her Earth. Now in a small corner which she had partitioned off she had set up her home away from home. Well to tell the truth it was to be her home from here on until Starbuck made it back to rescue the resistance.

Currently Elaine was practicing writing Caprican. She was learning the language and could by now speak it pretty clearly for everyday usage and even express more complex ideas concerning military and medical necessities to Anders and Simon. Elaine wasn't just learning to speak the Greek dialect spoken on Caprica she was learning to read and write it as well. It actually used a script similar to the Latin script English and many other Earth languages used.

In her small corner of this dying world she had amassed a small library of books on trauma medicine, military skills and tactics, and some local fiction and non-fiction. A dozen books weren't much and she kept a few really important and useful ones in a satchel bag she scavenged on one of the raids she went out as a medic on. They had spent the last five months hitting the Farms the Cylons ran using mostly copies of Simon to run. It was after rescuing Starbuck from one of these Farms that they learned Simon was one of the Cylon models.

When Jean came back to kill their Simon it was Elaine despite the then language barrier that saved him from being killed. She took responsibility for him and he taught her Caprican and about the source of the Cylon-Human troubles in this part of the Galaxy. In exchange she taught him English and about the Earth she knew. The Colonials left her and Simon pretty much alone after that first failed attempt to kill him. She and he began to grow closer since then. Now she kept her small arsenal with her in her cubical and went about armed at all times just like in Afghanistan.

Earth and Afghanistan seemed to be far away paradises now. So much time had passed since her displacement by whatever intervention from there to here that she thought that by now everyone though that entire mission became a total blood bath. This long after their disappearance she was sure she had gone from missing in action to being listed as killed in action. Back on Earth she had few living relatives so no one was there that missed her. What kept her going here was the growing relationship with Simon and her desire to help these survivors make it to the time that Starbuck would come back and rescue them.

"What's on your mind now Elaine," Simon asked as he came into her cubical to talk with her. He looked around at what she had done to make the place more livable for her. She had made drawings and hung them with push pins on the walls of the office cubical partition walls they found on a foraging expedition recently. They were scenes from Caprica and from her home back on Earth. He smiled as Elaine was an accomplished artist besides a skilled medic. In fact he was teaching her to be more of a doctor so that when the time came that he was killed and no longer around these people would still have a skilled doctor with them.

Elaine looked back at him and said, "Just thinking that everyone on Earth thinks I'm dead by now. I miss home Simon, I want so much to go back. Here I may not be a stranger anymore, but I am the only one of my people amongst the remnants of humanity here. I taught you my language so that out here wherever here is in relationship to Earth English won't be a dead language." She then ran her hands over the growing swell of her belly. Simon knew that sometime during their shared lessons he had fallen in love with her and smiled as he saw the product of that love growing with in her. Then he began to let his mind wonder as he took stock in what he had learned from her. He no longer was the cold analytical engine of a Cylon that most of his model was seen as by their siblings, he was learning to be more human and Elaine was teaching him.

Elaine had taught him so much in the six months since she came here. She was different from the Colonials. Her passion was different too and he could talk about his belief in God to her and have a common believer talking to him. Her faith wasn't exactly his, but she did believe in just one god that created all the universe and all that lived in it. Of the Fours he was a believer, maybe not as passionate in his belief as say a Two, a Three, or a Six, but he believed just the same. Elaine taught him about different doctors from her world's history and about the oath they all took went they became doctors in her country.

Elaine had taught him about her being a medical student back home and having to put that on hold for a year while her National Guard Special Forces unit was deployed to a country called Afghanistan half a world away from her home in Colorado. She told him about the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado, the United States, and Earth. By now when she was talking about her home many of the survivors and resistance fighters would gather around and listen to her talk of her homeworld. She would draw pictures of the places she's seen and these scenes would illustrate her stories. Simon found that the survivors were again accepting him within their ranks and for some reason he and Cavil had stopped sending reports to the Cylon council in charge of Caprica.

270 days since the Cylon destruction of the Colonies and 216 days since Elaine joined the Resistance:

The Cylons had found their base while Anders had taken a special assault group into the city. Elaine, Simon, and Brother Cavil had managed to get those that survived the attack to a safe place to wait for Anders and the survivors' of his raid return. Elaine had taken to using a Colonial Armed Forces issue assault carbine along with a Colonial Armed Forces 10mm pistol with an underbarrel grenade launcher used for firing anti-armor rounds. The Colonial's small arms ammo was designed to defeat the armor of the War of Independence Centurions, but the newer ones had better armor and sometimes only the 12.5 mm anti-material rifles, the 8mm assault rifles and 8mm Magnum hunting rifles were the only weapons effective against them when the Centurions came. There were limited quantities of the CAF anti-armor rounds so only the best shots got the pistols equipped with their launchers. Elaine was actually the best shot in the entire group.

In her job as Simon's assistant she was responsible for protecting the wounded as they came to her at the new aid station. She had trained a small squad of medics within their group to do battlefield trauma medicine and get the people wounded back to the aid station so that they could receive better life saving medicine. Now toward the end of the 216th day of her being with them and her 281st day of being on the planet itself she was weary of War and wanted so much for Starbuck to return. There were but fifty of the group left and that counted Anders' assault party.

They had walked through the woods managing to finally avoid the army of Centurions following them. As long as they kept mobile the Cylons weren't able to find them so well. At first the others thought that Simon was still working with his people, but then Elaine said, "Get real people how many times had we all come and gone from the high school leaving and returning using the same routes. We got stupid people and they just had to track us back to our hideout." The others after having that discussion at one of their rest breaks nodded at agreeing with her logic and several apologized to Simon for doubting him. Simon smiled at her and hugged her warmly afterward. Then they got the walking wounded moving and had the litter bound ones carried by those able to work, but not willing to fight.

It was growing towards night and the shadows were getting longer. One of the things that help them to save so many of their group was Elaine's wilderness survival skills. Though the planet was different, Caprica was enough like Earth that the area between Delphi and Caprica City was much like the Cascades near Seattle in Washington back on Earth. In fact someone must have gathered seeds and such from Earth and planted them here as the plant life here was the same as in the Olympia Forest near Fort Lewis where she trained sometimes prior to her last deployment to Afghanistan. Strangely so were the insect, reptile, amphibian, and mammalian life. She didn't take time to do more than observe that for now. She had people to save and ground to put behind them.