Hello, everyone! Welcome back to the Twin Trilogy, the story of Angel and what happens when someone from his past comes around and uncovers some old secrets and blah, blah, blah. Anyway, the first four stories of this explain the beginning and everything (if you can't find them all, try looking on my profile), and there will be a recap and trailer and everything a couple stories from now in case you wanna save yourself some reading. But I would appreciate if you'd read this anyway. So, since the first four stories took place in the middles of the the first four seasons of Angel (as specified in the author's notes in the first chapters), this one takes place almost directly after "Not Fade Away" and so on as the time cards specify. So go ahead, enjoy!

Chapter 1: Prologue


Angel dug a sword deep into his victim's heart and then kicked it back, knocking away the body but leaving the blood on his blade.

Meanwhile, Illyria snapped a guy's neck and punched another in the nose, kicking him in the gut at the same time.

Gunn and Spike stood back-to-back guarding each other as they kept punching and kicking as many as came along.

Angel was about to make his way over to Illyria to help her when a demon came up behind him and stuck a sword through his stomach.

"Angel!" Spike cried out. He was about to run over to help his "buddy" stand up and keep fighting, but another demon came along and he had to keep fighting by himself to cover Gunn.

Angel nearly blacked out when he felt something lift his head up.

"Angel, drink," said a soft female voice. It wasn't Illyria's. Angel would recognize the deep voice. This one was gentler…and very familiar.

Angel held his hand up and felt an arm. He put on his game face and bit into it. When he had regained strength, he stopped feeding and opened his eyes. His vision was clearing up and his wound was healing. "What?" He looked up to see who he had fed off of and saw a brunette girl of about his height with blue eyes licking the blood off of her injured arm. "Angela?"

Angel's twin sister smiled at him as she showed him that the bite marks were healing. "I came over to see how you were doing and saw this mess in the back alley. Thought I'd come to help."

"Where's Evelyn?" Angel asked as his sister helped him to stand up.

"I had her wait in the hotel," Angela answered, "She's probably up on the top floor watching us through the window. So…need some help?"

Angel smiled. "As much as we can get."

Angela smiled. "Count me in." They both turned back to the fight. "Let's take these guys down." She Vamped out.

Angel Vamped out, too.

Meanwhile, Evelyn Morris was in a room with boarded windows on the first floor of the Hyperion Hotel. She looked out one of the windows to see the three boys and two girls on the other side fighting the hoard of demons and other creatures. She gasped at the enormity of the army coming for them. She turned to the door to make sure no one was in the building and then held out her hands at the boards on the windows, tucking her teddy bear under her arm. She closed her eyes and her hands started to glow. She opened her eyes and the irises had turned completely red and the pupils disappeared. She punched her palms into the planks of wood and they broke off, flying everywhere but at her. She held her hands out even more and the window panes broke, launching bits of glass everywhere in the room and outside.

Her teddy bear turned its head to look at her. "Do you really think you have enough power at the age of 10 to help them like this?"

"Shut up!" Evelyn scolded, "I can do this!" She leaned forward and held her hands through the open windows, dropping her bear on the floor.

The bear stood up and jumped onto the sill. "I know you can do it…but do you think you can survive it?"

"I've been dead for 4 years now, Teddy, I can handle myself, sire or no." She held her hands out further and the whites of her eyes turned red, too. Just when she thought she was getting weak, she felt her power come back. She turned to see her teddy's arm on her shoulder and smiled. She pulled her arms back and threw them back out. This time, a blindingly bright white light emerged that sent all the demons running.

Angel, Angela, Spike, and Illyria all stood back and had Gunn shield them from the light.

The light then disappeared to reveal Evelyn. Evelyn grabbed her bear and jumped out the window into the street, landing firmly on her feet.

"Evelyn, what are you doing?" asked Angela.

"Saving your lives, you're welcome," Evelyn said.

"I see your little nibblet's matured," said Spike.

Angela gave him a look and went over to Evelyn.

As soon as the two girls were standing right next to each other, Angel realized how much taller Evelyn had gotten. Last time he'd seen her, the teddy-hugging girl was only just above Angela's waist. This time, she was almost to her shoulder. He didn't think Vampires matured. He had always assumed Evelyn would be eternally youthful. I guess being the Defender and Destroyer has its perks.

"Evelyn, I told you to stay put and stay out of it," Angela said.

"Oh, please," Evelyn said, "If I hadn't stepped in, three of you would be dust!"

Angela sighed. "You're right."

Illyria came out from her hiding place. "This child is yours?"

"Technically speaking," Angela said, "I thought you knew that, Fred. And not that I haven't always liked the color blue, but…you're looking a little freaky right now."

"Uh…Angela…" Angel went over to his sister. "Actually, this is Illyria. It's kind of a long story."

"Long story short, Fred's dead," Spike said.

Angela was shocked. She looked around. "Where are Wesley and Lorne?"

"Wesley's dead, too," Angel said, "And Lorne skipped out."

Evelyn was shocked. "Teddy had said you would lose most of your group…I didn't expect Wesley would be one of them."

Angela buried her head in her hands and then realized how beaten up Gunn was. "Gunn…"

"It's OK, it's just a flesh wound."

"OK, usually, that would be funny. That's not a flesh wound, that's a mortal wound." An idea hit her. She took Angel's blood-stained sword and cut her hand open. "Gunn, drink this."

"What?!" Gunn said.

"Trust me on this."

Gunn sighed and grabbed her hand. As soon as his tongue touched the wound, he spit most of the blood out, but he had taken enough blood to heal his wound.

Illyria watched this occurrence. "You should have come sooner. You could have saved Wesley."

"There was traffic in San Diego and we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque," Angela explained.

Angel smiled.

Angela turned to face him. "So how's Buffy doing?"

Angel's smile disappeared.