Disclaimer: I don't own Rosario Vampire or any anime mentioned here, I only own most of the OCs that will appear and I don't make any money or profit from this story, this fic is from the depths of my imagination

Summary: Soshi Niji the young, cute, kind-hearted prince of the Butai-Jin race, is going to Yokai. How will his Yokai adventure go? And what happens when his older fiancée and older sister show up?

Pairing: OcxFem. OCxMoka large Harem

Warning: Shota-con: A young boy gets a harem of older girls, if you don't like this type of relationship don't read it! But don't ruin it for other people!

Chapter 1: Meeting the Vampire

A school bus was driving through a tunnel. The Driver was chuckling while smoking his pipe. "I'm surprised that a young boy like you is going to Yokai." The driver spoke.

Sitting a few rows away at a window seat was a young boy. He was very short for his age standing just 4'6. He was just 11 years old, having just turned 11 a week ago before school started. But he did have a slight impressive muscle build for his age due to his previous training. The young boy had long silvery-white hair that was tied in a ponytail, two chin length bangs framed his cute girlish looking face perfectly, he was a Bishie. His eyes were an exotic rainbow color. He had the excited child-like wonder expected from a kid his age gleaming in his eyes, but also within the childish wonder was an intelligence and maturity far beyond his physical years. He wore a green over shirt with a white undershirt, a red tie, brown pants, and black shoes (the Yokai boy's uniform), his mother had protested but Soshi assured her, that he wanted to fit in a bit better, he'd already stick out enough being only 11 years old. His name was Soshi Niji, he might look like an extraordinarily cute normal boy but he was not human. He was a Butai-Jin, a powerful alien from another planet, his race's first ancestors moved to earth during the time of the first vampires and werewolves, as their home planet had been destroyed. Soshi was no ordinary Butai-Jin either, he was a Super Butai-Jin however because of his young age, his body couldn't handle the stress of using his full powers so his mother had a friend design a seal to suppress a portion of his powers until he was a bit older. But even with his powers partially sealed, he still had quite a lot left over to defend himself and his friends/loved ones with.

Soshi had herculean strength, incredible speed and reflexes, his intelligence far exceeded his older peers, and he had an almost insatiable appetite. His most incredible powers though were his control over the elements themselves, he can either control existing elements or form the elements himself out of thin air.

Soshi smiled like the kid he was. "I know! I can't believe mom let me skip middle school all together!"

The driver chuckled. "It pays to be a prince doesn't it little one?"

Soshi blushed and laughed a little nervous. "Yeah, but I don't want my peers to know that."

"Your secret is safe with me little prince. Just be careful cause this school's a very scary place!" The driver said.

Soshi rubbed his hands together excited. "I will Mr. Driver."

The bus exited the tunnel and was now on a road-side cliff. The sky was dull and gray. There was water as red as blood.

Soshi surveyed his surroundings. "Wow it's like we came into another world!"

"Indeed kid, this is Yokai Academy." The driver replied. "Watch your step or you'll never see anything again!"

"Ok!" Soshi said as he felt the bus stop and the doors opened. The young prince walked off the bus. "Thank you for the lift Mr. Driver, I would've flown here myself but I couldn't sense anything this far yet!"

"No problem and good luck to you kiddo!" The driver said closing his doors and driving off.

"Bye!" Soshi waved as the bus vanished. He then looked ahead at the dead trees. "Wow they really need a gardener here." He studied the scarecrow. "I wonder what they use to make this scarecrow look so old?" The young boy started to walk down the path. He observed his surrroundings as he walked.

He suddenly stopped as he heard the ding of a bike.

"Look out!" A voice called behind him.

Soshi turned as a green bike with a pink-haired girl on it came barreling at him. "She looks like she's in trouble." He smiled. "Maybe she'll be my first friend at this school!" The young boy then mentally commanded the air to slow the girl's bike down.

The bike suddenly began to slow down until to it came to an abrupt stop launching it's rider off.

Soshi brought his arms out and caught the girl bridal-style, it was easy with his great strength. He then asked. "Are you okay nee-chan?"

The girl had long pink hair and wore the female's version of the same outfit he wore, he also noticed the black choker around her neck with a small silver chain from which dangled a large silver cross with a red jewel in the middle. She opened beautiful emerald-green eyes and looked at a pair of big adorable rainbow colored eyes. The girl blushed. 'Aw how kawaii! He's so cute!' "Did you save me little guy? Thank you so much!"

Soshi smiled. "You're welcome nee-chan!"

"Um you can put me down now." The girl was blushing from being held by such a young boy.

Soshi noticed he was still holding her and blushed too. "Oh I'm sorry." He gently placed her on her feet.

"Thank you for helping me..." She suddenly swayed and dropped to her hands and knees.

Soshi looked concerned. "Are you ok nee-chan?"

"Y-Yes it's just I have a little anemia." The girl replied smiling.

"Anemia?" Soshi blinked. "Isn't that when you have a reduced number of red blood cells?"

"Yes..." The girl suddenly froze and smelled a strange scent. "This scent...I can't..."

"What's wrong nee-chan?" Soshi asked, he then blushed as the older girl crawled over to him and gently pushed him against a tree.

'What is she doing?' the flustered young boy wondered, his face getting more flustered as the girl got closer until they were face to face.

"I'm sorry but I'm a vampire." The girl whispered and then brought her lips to his neck.


Soshi felt her teeth puncturing his skin. 'Vampire? You mean like Karin onee-chan?'

The girl drank Soshi's blood and it was just divine! It was so rich and full of life for such a young boy! She stopped after drinking just above a teaspoon full. She gasped horrified on what she had done and to a child no less. "Oh I'm so sorry! I couldn't help it! Your blood it was just so tasty! I didn't even take that much! Please don't hate me!" For some unexplained reason, the girl didn't want such a sweet and adorable young boy to hate her, her heart clenched with fear and pain at the very thought of him hating her.

"It's ok it didn't really hurt that much, Aniki's training was more painful." Soshi assured her with a kind and warm smile, he rubbed his neck and when he took his hand off there were no marks on his neck.

The girl smiled back relieved he didn't hate her. "Oh thank goodness! Again I'm sorry for taking some blood without asking, my name is Moka Akashiya! What's yours?"

Soshi smiled. "I'm Soshi Niji! Nice to meet you Moka nee-chan!"

Moka hugged the boy. "It's nice to meet you too Soshi-kun!" she then released him and the two walked the path towards the giant castle-like school building together, Moka pushed her bike along.

"So Soshi-kun, what brings you here?"

Soshi smiled. "I'm starting my first semester of high-school here at Yokai!"

Moka was stunned. "Really?! you're going to school here Soshi-kun?!"

"Yes! My mom gave me an IQ test a month ago and I passed it with flying colors! My IQ is over 280!" Soshi stated proudly.

Moka was even more shocked. 'His IQ is nearly 300?! At his age?!' "How amazing Soshi-kun! You're so smart for one so young!"

Soshi beamed happily. "Thank you Moka nee-chan!"

Moka and Soshi stopped when they hit the end of the path.

Moka hugged Soshi pouting. "Aw I don't want to leave you Soshi-kun, but I have to go to the ceremony! Let's talk more after the ceremony ok?"

"Sure nee-chan!" Soshi replied smiling.

"Bye Soshi-kun! See you later!" Moka waved and jetted off on her bike.

Soshi waved and then walked alone now towards the school. He got into the shadow and looked up at the building. "Wow! It's just as mom told me how it looked!" He clenched his little fists determined. "I'll do my best to graduate mom! I'll be the youngest high school graduate in history!" The little prince then entered the building and looked around getting an enormous amount of female attention as he walked around the halls, he managed to avoid the stampeding fangirl mob now looking for him. Soshi found his classroom and entered it.

All activity stopped.

The boys and the girls all stared surprised at the little boy standing in the doorway wearing the school uniform.

The boy was really small only 4'6 and looked to be 11 years old. He had long flowing silver-white hair tied in a ponytail with two chin-length bangs on each side framing his face perfectly, his adorable rainbow colored eyes shined with the child-like wonder as expected of a boy his age, but surprisingly they also saw an intelligence and maturity far beyond his years also present. They noted he has a slight muscular build for an 11 year old. But it only made him even more desirable.

The girls were barely resisting the urge to shout 'kawaii' and mob the poor child.

"Hello, sorry for interrupting but is this homeroom 193?" the boy asked in a cute and polite tone.

Their teacher was a blonde woman with part of her hair resembled cat-ears, she wore a white coat, orange shirt, and black skirt. her eyes looked like slits and she wore glasses. "Yes and you must be one of the new students Soshi Niji right?" She too could barely resist the urge to mob the cute little boy and smother him against her chest

Soshi nodded. "Yes and you are?"

"Shizuka Nekonome, your homeroom teacher Soshi-kun, please sit down in any empty desk you want." Shizuka replied blushing at the boy's cuteness.

Several girls quickly began to clamor and pushed each other trying to make a empty seat next to them for the little boy.

"Soshi-kun! Sit next to me!" A red-haired girl cried out.

A brunette shoved her away. "No Soshi-kun sit with me!"

A blonde yelled. "No with me!"

A black-haired girl interrupted and spoke calmly. "You don't want to be around those idiots Soshi-kun, just stick with a more dignified lady like myself!"

the girls all clamored louder glaring at each other.

Soshi sweatdropped. 'Why do girls act so weird around me? Mom claims it's something to do with hormones, but I thought only older boys had that effect on girls.'

The boys looked jealous.

"Where'd that little twerp come from?!"

"Who does he think he is coming in here and getting all the girls' attention?!"

"Yeah shouldn't he be in primary school?"

Shizuka said. "Soshi-kun, why don't you tell the class 'And me .' (She thought in her mind) about yourself?"

Soshi smiled causing all the girls to squeal 'Kawaii'. "Sure sensei!" He went to the front of the class and then bowed formally. "Hi everyone! My name is Soshi Niji, I'm only 11 years old but my IQ is 285, so my mom allowed me to skip middle school and come straight to high school! I hope we have a good semester together, so please take good care of me."

The girls swooned and squealed, each of them wanting to take care of the cute little boy. The boys gritted their teeth in envy.

'That little brat!' Where the boys' thoughts.

'He's got cute looks and brains! I wonder if I could get him to tutor me?' where the girls' thoughts.

Shizuka announced. "Ok everyone leave Soshi-kun alone for now, I have to make my announcement."

Soshi sat in a desk in the middle row with many girls sitting around him.

The girls were all paying more attention to Soshi than to Shizuka.

"Welcome everyone, to yokai academy, as I've told you my name already I don't need to repeat myself. As you all know Yokai is a school for monsters!" Shizuka exclaimed cheerfully.

Soshi listened to her closely.

Shizuka used her stick to point to the board. "Now! like it or not, humans rule the world! For us monster to survive, we must learn to coexist peacefully with them! And that's our academy's goal! Living peacefully in the human word!"

Soshi smiled brightly he could do this with his eyes closed! He was a Butai-Jin and their lifestyles weren't all that different from humans.

Shizuka continued. "Which brings up rule#1! You will retain your human form! Does every oneunderstand? The first key to survival among humans is to be able to disguse yourself as one of them! To practice the art of disguise, please don't reveal your true form-even to your fellow students!"

Soshi nodded. Again easy, as he was already in his true form, he did have a transfomation but it was currently sealed up, but he didn't need it. He had fought well without it once before, he could do it again.

"But ma'am." A tall ugly boy with piercings on his mouth interrupted. "Can't we simply eat the humans? I could start with all the cute girls."

Soshi frowned. "You are disgusting."

The girls all agreed with the little boy.

"What was that brat?" The brunette boy growled out.

"You are disgusting for even suggesting that." The little prince repeated himself, not even scared of the much taller and stronger (Or so they think) older boy.

The girls all swooned. 'Soshi-kun is so brave!'

The boys were surprised. 'That little guy's got some real guts talking to him that way!'

The bully was about to say something else but Shizuka's next speech interrupted him, as she explained. "Silly! you don't need to worry about running into any humans here! All the faculty and staff are monsters just like you! An since the academy is located inside the secret 'Border-Lands'...No human has ever even seen it. At least-Not seen it and lived!"

the brutnette boy glared at Soshi. 'You're dead meat you little twerp!'

Soshi was unfazed by the glare and just looked at the older boy neturally.

Just then the door opened again stopping the tension between the two, as everyone turned to face the newcomer.

"Oh...! I'm sorrry!" As a familiar girl came into the room. "I got lost in the halls after the ceremony and...Sorry I'm late!"

Shizuka replied. "It's all right. Just take any empty seat."

"Thanks!" It was none other than Moka Akashiya.

All the other boys gasped at the sight of her. Soshi was both surprised and overjoyed to see a familiar face.

"Who is she?! That silky hair! Those huge eyes!" Some boys stuttered.

"So pretty...It can't be a disguise...She's just too...too.."

"Beautiful!" All of the other boys except Soshi and Saizo cried out in joy. "My entire life is suddenly worthwhile!"

"Moka nee-chan!" Soshi called.

Moka looked shocked. "Huh? Soshi-kun?" She suddenly crossed the distance betwen herself and Soshi in a heartbeat hugging him happily. "Soshi-kun! It's you!"

The entire class looked jealous at the scene even Shizuka.

The boys protested angrily.

"Damn that runt!"

"How come she hugs the kid?!"

"Why does he know her?!"

The girls protested Moka hugging Soshi.

"That slut, who does she think she is hugging Soshi-kun like that?!"

"Yeah I want to hug him like that!"

"It's no fair!"

The same bully looked at the pink haired girl. "Hmm." He licked his lips.

Later Moka dragged Soshi around the school. She couldn't help it, he was so cute and kind, not to mention his blood was simply divine in taste and he was her only friend here at the school. She was feeling a bit possessive. Also memories of Soshi at just 4 years old kept popping up in her mind and she saw herself before she was sealed at 9 years old, they were laughing and playing together. She felt really close to the little boy.

"Wow! Look! Isn't this a great hall?!" Moka asked Soshi happily.

"Yeah! It's cool Moka nee-chan!" Soshi replied equally excited.

Several boys were shocked at the pair.

"Whoa...Did you just see that girl?!"

"What girl?"

"There! Look there!"

"Gyawp! Hot! Never seen...So hot!"

"Must...date her!"

They saw Soshi on Moka's arm and snarled angrily not even caring that he was a child.

"But what's with that runt?!"

"Who cares?!"

"If that twerp gets in my way...He's dinner!"

"They're right, you know..." Said a familar voice and a footsteps stopped right behind the pair.

Soshi and Moka turned and saw none other than the same tall boy from earlier.

the brunette boy winked at Moka. "You are cute. Moka, isn't it? My name's Saizo Komiya. Remember it."

The crowd gasped.

Saizo grabbed Soshi and lifted him into the air. "What I want to know is...What's a girl like you doing with a twerp like this?"

Soshi was not fazed by his current situation.

"Soshi-kun!" Moka was scared for her friend.

People commeted.

"Saizo Komiya! I've heard of him!"

"They say he's a real monster masher, ha, ha!"

"He's always chasing girls-Human girls."

"He caused so much trouble in the human world they sent him here-kinda like reform school!"

Saizo dropped Soshi, but he didn't notice the boy now hovering a few inches above the ground on his own.

Soshi frowned. 'I don't like him.'

Moka was stunned by that ability. 'Soshi-kun can levitate?!'

Saizo continue his courting. "Or maybe you just haven't had much to compare him to yet. He is just a kid. You need to experience something better-Like me." He then leaned down looking at Moka. "When should I pick you up?"

"Eep!" Moka shivered in fear.

"Hey leave Moka nee-chan alone!" Soshi yelled and thrust his palm out striking Saizo in the gut.

Saizo was sent skidding back several feet holding his stomach, with a little blood dribbling from his mouth.

Moka was surprised. "Soshi-kun?"

The normally mild-mannered boy had a serious look on his face, his palm was still out.

Saizo growled. "You are going to regret that runt!"

"I only regret that I didn't do it sooner you jerk!" Soshi replied venomously. "Now leave Moka nee-chan alone or you'll have to deal with me!" He declared thumbing to himself with a serious protective look in his eyes.

Moka blushed flattered by his declaration. 'Soshi-kun.' She felt some malicious intent from the other girls.

Saizo smirked. "Ooh you're a little tough guy aren't ya?"

The young boy and older boy looked serious at each other about to fight.

Moka suddenly grabbed Soshi. "Sorry but I'm with Soshi-kun now!"

"Huh? Moka nee-chan!" Soshi protested.

Moka ran off carrying the little boy, the other girls were yelling obscenities at her.

Saizo stood watching. "Are you? Well...Enjoy him...While he lasts!" He held up his hand which bulged with venis growing bigger.

Once the two were far enough Moka stopped running and the two took a chance to catch their breath.

"Whoo! That was kinda scary wasn't it?" Moka said.

"Moka nee-chan? Why'd you pull me away?" Soshi asked.

"I got worried for you Soshi-kun." Moka replied. "I was scared that you might get hurt."

Soshi blinked. "Really?"

Moka nodded. "Yes, you're my first friend! I didn't want anything to happen to you Soshi-kun! You're so young!"

"I know Moka nee-chan, but don't worry." Soshi placed his smaller hand in Moka's slimmer larger hand. "I will always protect you even with my life."

"Soshi-kun." Moka blushed. "Thank you for letting me suck your blood, even though I took it without asking."

"Sure um? Moka nee-chan? You want some more?" Soshi asked.

Moka gasped. "You would let me drink your blood again Soshi-kun?"

"Sure, I won't let you starve." Soshi replied.

"Thank you Soshi-kun." Moka knelt down as Soshi was much shorter than her. She then bit his neck and drank some blood.


Again Moka didn't need more than a teaspoon full. She released Soshi and hugged him. "Thank you Soshi-kun."

Soshi replied with a smile. "You're welcome Nee-chan."

Moka blushed. 'Soshi-kun is so cute I'm surprised no one else has claimed him yet! I know it's wrong but he's so mature for his age!'

Elsewhere in the human world

A very beautiful girl with long reddish pink hair (one of Akasha's parents had to have red hair to mix with white to get her pink) and green slitted eyes punched another boy in the face and beat him black and blue, as he had groped her ass. "Hands off human!" She wore a black shirt with a red bat on it and black jeans that hugged her curvy hips and round supple ass perfectly. Her breasts were large double F cups (only a cup smaller than Kurumu). She was around 16 years old and stood 6' feet.

The scared boys picked up their beaten friend and run as if their lives depended on it, which ironically they did!

The girl brushed a hand frustrated through her reddish pink hair. "Damn perverted humans! Touching a girl who's already got a boyfriend." She wore a silver necklace with a cross-shaped locket on the middle and opened it, revealing a picture of Soshi in the locket. "Oh my sweet little Soshi-kun, I hope you're doing ok sweetie." She stroked the picture affectionately. 'I don't like being away from Soshi-kun for any length of time, he's so cute and innocent that other girls might try to snatch him from me using their wicked ways! I should've gone with him to that school! He's mine damn it, I need to show those sluts that he is mine!' She closed her locket and replied. "I think it's time I sign up for Yokai Academy." The reddish-pink haired beauty pulled out a cell phone and called someone. "Hello daddy? Yes, I have a favor I'd like to ask of you. I would like for you to sign me up for Yokai Academy." She listened to her father's reply. "Oh thank you daddy!" She shut off her cellphone and opened her locket. 'Don't worry Soshi-kun, I'll be there soon love.'

Back at Yokai Academy

Soshi sneezed. "Achoo!"

Moka asked worried. "You ok Soshi-kun?"

Soshi nodded. "I'm fine nee-chan. Someone must be talking about me somewhere."

Soshi and Moka for the rest of the day checked out the sights and places of the academy.

They soon came to a run-down dorm with gravestones marking the area.

Moka pointed. "Look Soshi-kun! it's say this is the dorm we'll be living in!"

Soshi looked at the dorm and smiled. "Wow! they really went all the way with the run-down look!"

Moka giggled at his excitement. He was just too adorable for words.

Soshi heard the clinking of her rosario and asked. "So nee-chan, what's with the cross on your neck?"

Moka smiled. "Oh it seals off my vampire powers Soshi-kun, when I take it off I become a really scary vampire!"

Soshi studied the cross. "Cool!"

Moka had a mischevious gleam in her eyes. "Of course, even with her powers locked up, a girl still needs blood!" She pulled Soshi closer to her and knelt down. "Gotcha~!" She bit into his neck and drank some blood.


Soshi allowed her to as his own natural healing would close the wounds. As a super alien, his body's blood cells replenished much faster than humans or yokai.

Next Day

Soshi was walking to class smiling. "I wonder what will happen at school today?"

The girls were whispering things and pointing at the sight of the little boy. They were blushing much to the other boys' shock and rage.

"Yo. Wait up squirt." A familiar unwelcome voice called.

Soshi's smiled turned into a disgusted frown when he turned to see Saizo leaning against a tree.

"Saizo-san." Soshi looked disgusted.

Saizo ran over and again yanked the much smaller and younger boy by his shirt and slammed him against the wall. "I heard you and Moka spent a lot of time together yesterday. Just who do you think you are?!" The commotion attracted a crowd.

"What's your true nature, anyway?!" Saizo growled.

Soshi smiled. "You want to know my true nature Saizo-san? My true nature is a Butai-Jin."

Bite Sized Monster Directionary:

Butai-Jin: A Race of elemental immortal exterrestials from another planet. They first showed up on Earth around the time of the first vampire and werewolf. Their power easily rivals and even surpasses that of Vampires and their speed rivals that of Werewolves. Due to being aliens, their weaknesses are unknown.

At that the crowd gasped.

Saizo punched the wall above Soshi's head knocking it down and at the same time dropping Soshi on the ground.

the show of strength impressed the boys.

"A Butai-Jin?! The alien species that are said to rival and even surpass vampires?! You, a Butai-Jin?! Don't make me laugh!" Saizo's arm became even larger and more muscular.

Soshi wasn't impressed. "You're the one who asked me what I was."

Saizo was stunned, it seemed nothing could intimidate this kid. He then aimed a punch at Soshi's face with his big arm and stopped an inch away, the aburpt wind from his stop rustled Soshi's hair. The younger boy didn't even flinch.

The crowd was in awe of the young boy's bravery.

Saizo snarled and then walked away. "Don't let me catch you near Moka again. If you even speak to her, you're dead runt."

Soshi knew he had to look for Moka to protect her. So the young prince went off to find her.

People commented.

"Did you heard about Soshi?"

"Yeah he stood up to Saizo and didn't even flinch from Saizo's show of strength!"

"I heard that his true nature is a Butai-Jin."

Some girls chimed in.

"I thought he was so cute and brave in how he stood up to that jerk Saizo!"

"Yeah I wonder if Soshi-kun is looking to settle down early?"

"Even if he is you know he'll pick me over you!"

Soshi ignored the comments. 'I have to make sure Saizo-san doesn't hurt Moka nee-chan!' He looked all around for Moka.

Moka greeted the boy by popping up out of nowhere and hugging him from behind. "Soshi-kun! Good morning!"

Soshi blushed at how warm and comfortable she was. "Moka nee-chan! Thank goodness you're ok!"

Moka blinked. "Ok?"

Soshi looked serious. "Saizo-san is looking for you nee-chan!"

"He is?!" Moka looked scared at the thought of that creepy boy being near her.

Soshi noticed her fear and gently touched her arm. "Don't worry nee-chan, I'll protect you."

Moka was surprised before she smiled gently. "Thank you Soshi-kun."

"Hey!" Saizo came stomping in and he was pissed. "Didn't I tell you to stay away from her runt?!"

Moka got behind Soshi who fearlessly stood his ground.

"I think I also gave you the same warning Saizo-san." Soshi replied calmly.

Saizo cracked his knuckles. "I'm tired of you runt. you come in and gain all the hearts of all the girls and now you hang out with the only girl deserving of me! I'm sending you back to your mommy crying!"

Soshi settled into his fighting stance, he moved his right foot back so he was facing Saizo at a slight angle, his knees were slightly bent, feet planted firmly on the ground, his arms were flared open slightly, his fingers were curled resembling the claws of a predator.

"Let's go you creep." Soshi spoke.

Saizo snarled. "That's it, you're asking for it brat!" He then broke the school's rule number 1 and transformed in his true form, becoming bigger, more muscular, and even uglier than before losing his shirt in the process. "I'm gonna enjoy this! Let's see what you got Butai-Jin!"

Moka was shocked. 'Butai-Jin! Soshi-kun is a Butai-Jin?'

Soshi was unfazed by the bully's taunts.

Saizo rushed at Soshi. But the younger boy teleported out of sight.

"What the?!" Saizo was shocked. Then he was sent flying by a kick as Soshi rematerialized and roundhouse kicked him in the face. Saizo barely regained his barings as the the much younger and smaller boy glared down at him from the air?! Yes Soshi was actually hovering in the air without a pair of wings and there was no wind either.

Moka was stunned. 'I thought I saw Soshi-kun levitating in the hallway earlier but this proves it, he can fly! And he's so fast and strong for such a little boy.'

Soshi studied the monstrel. 'All he has is brute force and his energy is that of a mixed breed. I won't need to use my full power or my Super form on him.' "Saizo-san, you should surrender you can't defeat me at your current level and I'll tell you this: a portion of my powers are sealed beause of my young age. I'm no ordinary Butai-Jin...I am a Super Butai-Jin, so I'm not even fighting at full or even half strength. This is but a small sample of what I can truly do."

Saizo was shocked. 'A Super Butai-Jin?! They are said to vastly surpass vampires in power!' "I don't care!" He charged at the much smaller boy and tried to hit him, but Soshi easily evaded each blow making Saizo look like a complete joke.

"Saizo-san, I'm strong enough to kill you but there's something you can do to prevent that." Soshi said.

Saizo glared. "Oh yeah runt and what might that be?"

The little prince held his index finger up in a lecturing motion and said. "Promise never to hurt anyone again."

Saizo gained a tic mark. Surrender to a child just because he got a lucky hit in? Never! Saizo roared. "You gotta be kidding!"

Soshi sighed. "I'm giving you a chance to just walk away."

Saizo charged forward and swung his claw.

Moka freaked out. "Soshi-kun!"

Soshi was ok, he had blocked the huge claw with just one hand. "Don't worry nee-chan! I'm ok!"

Saizo was shocked. "What the?!"

Soshi frowned. "You need to be taught a lesson Saizo-san."

Saizo managed to wrench his claw free from the smaller and younger boy's shockingly powerful grip.'He's so small but he's so strong!'

Soshi asked settling back into his stance. "Do you see the difference between our powers now Saizo-san?"

Saizo roared. "Don't get cocky runt you-!" Saizo doubled over as Soshi punched him in the stomach.

Saizo groaned in pain holding his aching gut, blood and saliva dribbled from his mouth.

Moka was awed. 'Wow! Soshi-kun is so strong!'

Saizo said with saliva dribbling from his mouth. "D-Don't think you've won yet runt!" He was about to attack again only now Soshi uppercutted him in the chin, knocking several teeth out and Saizo felt blood coming up.

Saizo felt the power behind those two blows, as he was knocked high into the air and painfully crashed to the ground in a crater made by his body, he was defeated by a mere little boy. 'How can he be so powerful?! He's just a child!' He lost consciousness.

Soshi sighed and placed his hands down at his sides. "I did give you a way out Saizo-san, but instead you rejected my peace offer."

"Soshi-kun! That was amazing!" Moka hugged Soshi from behind. "Thank you for protecting me!"

"Sure Moka nee-chan." Soshi replied blushing slightly.

Bus Stop human world

A tall beautiful girl was waiting for the bus to take her to Yokai Academy, she was already dressed in the girls' uniform though it was rather revealing due to her taller and more developed body for her age of 16, she had to loosen her top to give her breasts some room to breathe and the skirt was short revealing a peek of her red panties. She had long red-pink hair and exotic emerald eyes with cat-like pupils, her skin was a beautiful creamy fair and her breasts were large Double F cups. She was determined to protect her young lover from other girls who wanted to use him. 'Soshi-kun don't worry my love, I'm coming.'

An old bus finally arrived and came to a squeaky stop before her. It's doors squeaked open to reveal a creepy man with glowing eyes smoking a cigar.

The man smirked. "You going to Yokai girl?"

The girl smirked back revealing long sharp fangs. "Yeah and my name isn't girl, it's Karin Shuzen." She climbed onto the bus and took a seat in the row just to the side of the driver's seat.

"Shuzen? So you're one of Issa's daughters."

Karin nodded. "Yes daddy did mention you were old acquaintances of his and mother's."

The bus driver chuckled. "Yes I'm, so what reason are you gong to Yokai?"

Karin blushed. "Because a boy who is very precious to me is at Yokai and I can't stand being away from him for any amount of time."

"Oh? And who is this precious boy of yours?"

Karin's blush deepened. "He's my boyfriend and fiancée even though we're 5 years apart in age. I first met him when he was but a cute little 4 year old I had just turned 9 at that time. I fell in love with him at first sight, he was so cute and actually very smart and very strong for his age, yet he kept his warm child-hood innocence. My mother who was old friends with his mother thought we would go well together, so they wrote up a betrothal contract for us."

The bus driver chuckled. "What's the boy's name?"

"Soshi Niji." Karin replied blushing deeper.

"I see, well I know him."

Karin's face lit up. "You know Soshi-kun?!"

"Yes in fact I was the one who drove him to Yokai on the first day."

"Has he mentioned anything about me?" Karin asked.

"Well no I didn't ask him about his relationships."

Karin nodded. "It's understandable, most people we meet are shocked to learn we're together."

"It is quite a surprise that a young boy like him already has a girlfriend."

Karin giggled. "Don't let his young age fool you, my Soshi-kun can be very mature far beyond his physical years. I love all of him." She held one hand to her ample breasts showing she was completely sincere.

The driver chuckled. "Love is a strange thing..."

Elsewhere in a huge mansion, a group of 4 beautiful women got together to discuss current events.

All of them had the same colored hair and eyes as Soshi did. This was his family. His mother and his sisters. they all wore different variations of a dress.

"So mom, what should we do? I mean Fairy Tale is getting more covert." This woman held her hair down normally it flowed and it stopped just above her waist. She was around 25, stood 6'4, and had large I breasts. This was Aiko Niji Soshi's eldest sister.

"Onee-chan's right. Also we've all graduated from high school already, so none of us can check on otouto-kun at that Yokai Academy to see how he's doing." This woman was Akemi Niji the second eldest sister, she was 21 stood 6'3, her breasts were large H cup. Her hair was tied in a braid

"What about Megumi-chan? she's 15 now right? She can go." Ai Niji was the third born sister and was around 20. She stood 6'1. Her breasts were G cup. Her silver-white hair was tied in a bun with two bangs framing her heart-shaped face perfectly (Haku from Naruto's hairstyle).

"You do bring up a valid point Aiko-chan, but let's focus on Soshi-kun for now." This woman was taller than all of her children standing 7'3 and her breasts were mind-boggling K cups, her long hair flowed down to her ankles in a silver-white waterfall. This was the mother of Soshi and his sisters, Lucretia Niji and the queen of the Butai-Jin. Lucretia turned to one of her maids. "Go and bring Megumi-chan in from the dojo."

"Yes my lady." The maid bowed and went to go fetch Megumi.


A young girl of around 15 was dressed in a white training gi, she was doing some katas on a training dummy, she stood 5'11. Her silverly-white hair was much shorter than her elder sisters' and mother's reaching to her neck alone and it was set in a spiked boyish-style, yet her body was already on it's way to looking like her elder siblings' and mother's as her breasts were large E-cups. Her frame was also lean and had a slight muscle build due to her intense training.

This was Soshi's older sister, and Lucretia's youngest daughter Megumi Niji. Unlike her three elder sisters, Megumi was loud, confident and at times almost arrogant. But like the rest of her family, she dearly loved her baby brother.

Megumi delivered a powerful kick to the training dummy sending it off it's post and crashing into the wall. She wiped some sweat from her forehead. "Whew! What a nice workout!" She then wrapped a towel around her shoulders as the maid came in. "Yeah, yeah what does mom want?"

"Lucretia-sama wishes to speak to you about young master Soshi."

Megumi's eyes lit up excitedly. "My little otouto-kun?! Well you should've told me sooner!" She walked out of the dojo with the maid and came into the living room where her mother and elder sisters waited.

"So what's going on?" Megumi asked.

Lucretia explained. "Well Megumi-chan, I've decided to enroll you at Yokai Academy."

"Yokai academy? That school for Ayakashi?" Megumi raised an eyebrow. "Why do I have to get my education there?"

"Because it's run by that exorcist Mikogami and I want you to keep an eye on him." Lucretia replied.

Megumi snorted. "Sorry mom, you're gonna have to give me a better reason than that."

Aiko spoke. "Otouto-kun is currently a student there."

Megumi was rather curious and asked her mother. "Why did you let otouto-kun go there anyways mom?"

Lucretia sighed. "You know your little brother Megumi-chan, he shows great intelligence, courage, and maturity far beyond his physical age and once his mind is set, not even I can change it."

Megumi giggled some. "Yeah otouto-kun is stubborn when it comes to proving he can go far despite still being a child. Ok mom, I'll go to Yokai to check on him."

Lucretia smiled. "That's good to know Megumi-chan. The school has a dress code so I'm afraid you'll have to wear the uniform and your bus will be here shortly."

Megumi went up to her room to prepare.

Lucretia frowned and was deep in thought. 'Just what are you up to Mikogami? Why did you allow my youngest child to enroll at Yokai Academy?' She had no clue about what kind of plans that manipulative Dark Lord Mikogami had in store for her only son, but she didn't trust the man at all.