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Spoiler: soshi will be using some Pokemon moves from here on out.

Chapter 3: Clubs, Mermaids, and Werewolves

A month went by since Soshi first enrolled at Yokai Academy. Things were really exciting for him. He got to meet Moka who apparently he met before in her silver-haired form and Kurumu who made dozens of delicious cookies and sweets for him. He treasured them both as they were his very first friends here at Yokai Academy. All the girls seemed to really like him, the other boys unsurprisingly didn't like him one bit.

"Good morning Soshi-kun!" Moka said running up to the little Butai-Jin happily.

"Morning Moka nee-chan!" Soshi replied.

They both walked to the academy as usual Moka held Soshi's hand.

Moka stopped and Soshi stopped when she did.

"Um Soshi-kun I was wondering if I could um..." Moka was trying to ask for some blood.

Soshi being the super genius he was smiled. "You want some blood Moka nee-chan?" He nodded.

Moka smiled. "Thank you Soshi-kun." She leaned down and hugged Soshi close to her. She bit into his neck.


Moka drank some blood, she absolutely loved the taste of his blood. 'I'm surprised no other female vampire has claimed him yet!'

Inner Moka was in thought. 'The only other vampiress who likes Soshi-kun in that way is...Karin onee-san.'

with Karin

Karin who was walking to her class stopped. 'My someone-is-trying-to-take-my-Soshi-kun-When-I-claimed-him sense is tingling.' Her fists clenched as her green eyws briefly turned a ruby red.

Megumi stopped too. "What's wrong Karin-chan?"

"I sense another vampire trying to steal Soshi-kun from me. I have to hurry and get to him." Karin replied concerned.

Megumi agreed."I'm worried about my little brother too. He may be a Super Butai-Jin, but he's still a child and as such he can't use his full power too often."

Karin nodded. "Yes Soshi-kun needs us to handle the tougher enemies, so he's not forced to try and access more of his power."

The two girls didn't notice the crowd of boys looking at them.

"Whoa two new ladies!"

"Yeah who are they?"

"That reddish-pink haired girl looks exotic!"

"I like the tomboyish look of the white-haired girl!"

Megumi looked a little nervous. "Um Karin-chan let's go find Ototo-kun."

Karin nodded in agreement. "Right Megumi-chan, I'm rather uncomfortable with all this attention." They left as the crowd of boys gazed at them.

Classroom 193

Shizuka announced. "As you all know...The goal of this academy is to teach monsters how to coexist with human society. It's time to bring that to the next level! Starting today...You will each join a club!"

Soshi listening in closely smiled. 'A club! That sounds really fun!'

Shizuka explained as cheerfully as ever. "There's no better way to understand human thinking than by participation in human sports and hobbies! Plus, you'll get so much better at physical transfomation by having to keep your human forms during different activities!"

A spiky-haired boy raised his hand. "Um sensei?"

Shizuka replied. "Yes?"

"What club did you practice keeping your human form at?" The boy was laughing and pointing.

A tan cat tail the same color as Shizuka's hair was seen sticking out from under her skirt.

A few other boys noticed.

"A tail!"

"It's a tail!"

Shizuka looked back at her tail and then screeched and clawed the unfortunate boy's face up. "Mee-owr!"

Soshi held one hand to his mouth and quietly laughed. 'It looks like sensei can't take criticism!'

Shizuka contined without either noticing or caring she had just clawed a student. "Now, any more questions about club participation? Excellent! Then look over the list of clubs available and pick the one that suits you! Come check out my newspaper club too!"

Soshi and Moka came out of their classroom and the hallway was just packed by students all clamoring to join clubs and the ones that were already in clubs were trying to get some new blood for their clubs. Booths were everywhere.

"Wow! They sure are excited about clubs!" Soshi said looking around.

Moka asked. "What club should we join, Soshi-kun?"

Soshi looked around at the different booths. "I don't know Moka nee-chan, there's so many choices!" He looked to the rosario. "I wonder what club your inner self would like to join?"

Moka was surprised by that. "I don't know Soshi-kun, I've never really spoken to her before."

The gem on the rosario glowed briefly became a crimson red slit eye before turning back into a jewel again. Inner Moka was deeply touched by him including her opinion. Soshi was as kind and generous now as he was back then. She knew he was 5 years younger but only physically, he was much older in mental years not to mention he was super-intelligent and very strong for his young age, and his blood was to die for, perfect mate material. They were both immortal beings, time was not an issue for them. Inner Moka didn't care if she would be considered a Shota-con girl for liking...no loving Soshi, he was deserving of true affection. She knew her older sister Karin felt the same way.

"Well let's go see what we can find Moka nee-chan!" Soshi said.

"Ok!" Moka replied smiling, she took Soshi's hand and they began to explore.

The boys were going crazy again.

"Hey...It's Moka..."

"So that's the freshman girl everyone says is so hot..."

"Man she's incredible...I've never seen a girl that cute..."

Soshi sighed. 'These boys think about girls more than their education. I'm glad I'm 11.'

As he was thinking that several girls were watching him and cooing over how cute he was.

"Moka! Do you want to be a model?" A creepy voice said behind them.

Soshi and Moka turned to see a creepy guy who looked like a zombie, all he lacked was the smell and rotting flesh.

The zombie guy reached out like a zombie. "Please model for our Ghost Photography Club! Let us take lots of pictures!" He held his camera looking lecherously at Moka. "Are nudes ok?"

Soshi moved in front of the zombie excited. "Are you a Zombie?!"

The Ghost Photography Club guy looked down at the little boy. "Um...no."

Soshi pouted. "Darn it...Come on Moka nee-chan. Let's go. " He then placed one hand on Moka's back and walked forward, gently moving her forward.

"Ok Soshi-kun." Moka blushed.

The Ghost Photography Club guy looked at the retreating boy and girl. He had heard the rumors that this little boy was a Butai-Jin and that he had taken down Saizou on the first day of school. If those rumors were true, then he didn't have a chance against that boy.

Soshi and Moka left that club and found another weird club of guys and girls dressed like weird scientists.

"Moka, you want to join our science club? You can test our new love potion!"

They got away from that one and ran into two different clubs, the guys in one club had needles sticking out of them while the others were dressed like mummies.

The guy with needles said. "No join our Acupuncture club!"

"Mummy club!"

Soshi lead Moka away from the creepy clubs.

The little prince asked. "Aren't there any normal clubs in this school?"

"Sure! There's always the swim club!" A beautiful voice said.

Soshi blinked as a beautiful girl with green-blue hair stood in front of them. She had cyan-colored eyes. She wore an open white shirt revealing her biniki and she wore a sarong around her waist.

"I'm the club president...Tamao Ichinose. Come in the water's fine." Tamao had several other beautiful girls in bikinis. They were waving and blowing kisses to any of the boy passerby.

The boys went wild.

"Whoa! Swim club!"

"Swimsuits! around around hot girls!"

Several boys raised their hands excitedly.

"Me! Me! I'll join!"

"Me too! I love to swim!"

Tamao knelt down in front of Soshi and stroked his face with one hand, making the boy blush. "Right now our club's all girls. I guarantee we'd make you feel welcome."

Moka frowned not happy by that action.

Tamao smiled at the boys' enthusiasm. "What about you Soshi-kun? The girls and I would just love to have you in our club."

Soshi was surprised. "You know about me?"

Tamao smiled. "What girl doesn't know about the cutest boy in the school and we also know you're quite the gentleman for your age. And you are a Butai-Jin, you're the first exterrestial to join Yokai Academy in the history of our school."

Soshi looked back at Moka, remembering about the vampires' dislike of water. "Excuse me for a moment." He went over to Moka. "Moka nee-chan, you can't join this club because of your weakness to water can you?"

"Yeah." Moka looked down at the ground, saddened at the fact that her body once again prevented her from doing something that looked like a lot of fun. She believed Soshi might want to join this club, but to her shock. Soshi grabbed her hand. "I won't join this club if you can't Moka nee-chan." He smiled to her.

Moka looked shocked and then tearful. "Soshi-kun, thank you." She hugged him to her tightly.

Soshi replied. "Sorry Ms. Tamao, I won't be joining this club, Moka nee-chan can't join it. We're just going to go on." The little Butai-Jin lead a grateful Vampire away from the pool.

Tamao watched the boy leave.'Damn it! I really wanted to taste his lifeforce!' She sighs and looks to the boys they had. 'Looks like we'll just have to make do with these boys.'

Again Soshi and Moka didn't notice the rosario's gem briefly become the eye of Inner Moka showing approval and satisifaction of Soshi's decision. As it reverted back into a gem.

Moka smiled. "Soshi-kun thank you, for remembering about my weakness to water."

"It's no problem Moka nee-chan." Soshi replied smiling back.

Suddenly Soshi heard screams coming from the pool. "Moka nee-chan do you hear those screams?"

"Yes Soshi-kun and that doesn't sound good."

The two raced back to the pool and what they saw wasn't pretty. the boys were clamoring to get out of the water. All the swim club members now had webbed clawed hands, fins for ears, and their legs had become tails just like...Mermaids. One unfortunate boy had been caught by two swim club members and they had bitten into his arms. The boy suddenly aged right before everyone's eyes.

Soshi narrowed his eyes seriously. "Mermaids I might have known."

Bite sized Monster Directionary:

Mermaid: Contray to the sweet image projected in popluar fairytales, sailors know that these terrible beauties portend shipwrecks and death.

"Ah Soshi-kun, you're back." Tamao swam up to the young boy.

Soshi frowned. "So that was your plan, to lure us in and take our life force."

Tamao smiled. "Yes and I was hoping you would join us too Soshi-kun..I've had my eye on you since the opening ceremony! No mermaid has ever tasted the lifeforce of an exterrestial being before. I wonder how different an alien's lifeforce will taste from a human or monster's?" Her mouth suddenly opened wider like that of a fish with two rows of small shark-like teeth.

Soshi sighed. "Well then I'll have to stop your plans." He settled into his fighting stance.

Tamao laughed along with the rest of her club. "Really? And how do you plan to stop us Soshi-kun? You may be an alien, but in the water mermaids are invincible."

"No one is invincible. There is always a way." Soshi replied still in his fighting stance. He looked to Moka. "Moka nee-chan, you should leave this area and leave them to me."

Moka was a little hesitant to leave him by himself. "Are you sure Soshi-kun?"

"Yes and hurry." The little prince said looking back at Moka.

Tamao smirked. "She's a Vampire isn't she?" She then raised and slammed her tail into the water, sending pool water flying out and hitting Moka.

The pink haired vampiress screamed in agony as the purfiying effects of the water did it's job causing what appeared to be lightning to crackle across her body.

Soshi went to her side. "Moka nee-chan!"

Moka was shaking and trying to hold back her tears. Water really was a vampire's worst enemy.

Soshi touched Moka letting some of the lightning jump onto him but it didn't effect him. Earthly elements have no effect on Butai-Jin. Soshi was lightly surrounded by an aura of flame as he used it to dry Moka off.

Kurumu came running up having heard of the rumors about that what happened. "Soshi-kun! What's happening? Is Moka okay?"

"Kurumu nee-chan the mermaids hurt Moka nee-chan." He stood up looking down at the peacefully now sleeping vampiress. "We need to take Moka nee-chan away from the pool." He lifted Moka into his arms bridal style and walked away from the pool. Kurumu followed as they went to another building. Soshi gently placed Moka against the wall. "Kurumu nee-chan, can you look after Moka nee-chan?"

Kurumu nodded. "I will look after her Soshi-kun, she may be my rival in love but you can trust me."

Soshi smiled. "Ok then I'll be right back." He vanished.

Kurumu watched him teleport away gushing. "Go get them Soshi-kun."

Soshi reappeared before the pool. "You're going to pay for hurting Mokae nee-chan." He was surrounded by a whitish aura that felt incredibly powerful. The young prince then dipped his finger in the water. "Here is what happens when you mess with my friends." Soshi sent a low-charged yellow electrical bolt through the water and as you know water conducts electricity all the mermaids were shocked and knocked unconscious.

Tamao's hair was all spiky and funny looking as she was floating belly up dazed.

Sosi scolded. "That was a lesson for hurting Moka nee-chan, I'm not a killer so you and your club will be okay after some rest."

Tamao snapped out the daze as the boy walked off. She had a look of longing in her eyes.

it was now three days since that incident but Moka hadn't shown up to class

Soshi was walking in the rain without an umbrella as his alien body naturally resisted all of Earth's weather.

"Oh! Soshi-kun!" Shizuka called running up to the little Butai-Jin. "Just the person I wanted to see! Have you decided what club to join yet? You and Moka are the only ones who haven't made their choices."

Soshi shook his head. "No sensei I haven't..."

Shizuka's smiled seemed to grow brighter. "Oh I'm so glad! Then you both can join my club...The newspaper club! No one's joined yet and it's on the brink of collapsing." She clapsed her hands together. "Pretty please?"

Soshi thought for a minute. "Hmmmm. Newspaper club." He then smiled. "I think it sounds interesting sensei!"

"I'll join that club too!" Moka said as she came up.

Soshi was surprised and happy. "Moka nee-chan!"

Moka hugged Soshi. "Morning Soshi-kun!"

"Are you ok?" The young prince asked concerned.

"Yes Soshi-kun, I'm ok thanks to you for saving me." Moka said smiling.

Shizuka held out a paper in front of them. "All right then! We have a club!"

Kurumu came up. "I'll join the club too!"

"Kurumu nee-chan?" Soshi was surprised to see her. He then smiled again. "Well sensei looks you got three new members!"

"I'm so happy Soshi-kun!" Shizuka exclaimed.

Kurumu said. "I can't wait Soshi-kun!" she hugged him much to both Mokas' irritation.

Suddenly for some reason the girls froze as a massive amount of demonic KI hit them dead on. The source came from a long reddish-pink haired girl with deep emerald eyes who was seen only briefly by Soshi, smiling and she even winked at him before some people walked by and she was gone.

Soshi was stunned as he thought he saw a flash of reddish-pink hair. 'She is here!'

Kurumu noticed. "Soshi-kun?"

Soshi shook himself out of his thoughts. "Oh it's nothing Kurumu nee-chan."

The same reddish-pink haired girl watched them on the stairway above, she then brought up her hand revealing sharp elongated nails that looked more like claws and could be used as such. She grinned showing off razor-sharp fangs. 'Only a month in and Soshi-kun has already found some concubines to help us when I have our children. Well done darling.' Her tongue snaked across her long fangs in excitement, before they shrunk into a shorter concealed form and her nails shortened too. 'Those poor little girls, they will soon learn that I am Soshi-kun's wife, while they are nothing more than concubines.' She then vanished into the shadows.

Next day

Moka hugged Soshi. "Sorry Soshi-kun, I'm so thristy." She bit into his neck.


Soshi allowed her. 'If I wasn't a Butai-Jin I would be dead from blood loss.'

Kurumu greeted Soshi happily. "Soshi-kun! We start our club today!" She pulled the little boy into a warm hug. "It's so much fun being in the same club as you!" She then looked cockily at Moka and chuckled. 'Now that I've joined this club...It won't be long until I got my Destined One by the heartstrings! I'll teach him all the works of pleasure! Moka Akashiya-I shall not lose to you!' She locked glares with Moka.

Shizuka announced cheerfully. "Okay everyone! Thank you all for joining! Now, let's all get down to...Running a newspaper!"

Soshi, Kurumu, and Moka noticed they were the only ones there.

Soshi wondered. 'Could sensei have scared the others off from her discipline three days ago?' He raised his hand. "Sensei, I'm pretty sure a club is supposed to have more than just three members."

"Oh, but it doesn't!" Shizuka replied.

"My apologies." A voice called. As the door opened.

"Here he is-Our other member!"

A boy walked into the room. "It's awfully bad form...To be late to the first meeting." The boy had short messy black hair and brown eyes. He wore the Yokai uniform yet he had no tie but rather a wolf-shaped pendant around his neck and his hair was kept in place by a red headband. He carried two bouquets of flowers in his hands. "Greetings! I am Ginei Morioka...Your editor." Using incredible speed that most monsters can't catch he gave the flowers to Kurumu and Moka. "And no editor has ever had a more beautiful staff. You can call me 'Gin' I only wish there existed a flower that could match your beauty." He looked at Moka as he said that.

Soshi saw the movements though. 'Mom and Yosho ni-san warned me about people like him.' The young Super Butai-Jin could sense Gin had some serious power, nothing he couldn't handle though. He had better keep a close watch on this guy.

Gin stepped over to him. "Well if isn't the little prodigy himself. It's impressive that you're in high school at just 11 years old."

Soshi looked at Gin surprised. "You know about me?"

Gin chuckled. "Everyone knows about you Soshi, the girls especially speak about you fondly," At this Gin's smile changed to a more malicious smile. "You're said to be really strong for your age and you're a Butai-Jin to boot. I've never had an alien in the Newspaper Club before it's an honor."

"Well um thank you sempai." Soshi replied.

Shizuka explained. "You can ask Gin any questions you might have. After all, he's a sophomore!"

Gin announced proudly. "You can count on me!"

Kurumu pulled Soshi closer. 'Brrr! The playboy type always makes me nervous...'

Moka not amused by Kurumu's actions pulled Soshi to her.

Kurumu and Moka glared at each other with lightning both of their glares saying 'He is mine!'

Gin was watching his smile turned more strained as he struggled to keep it on.

Shizuka broke the tension with her next announcement. "Now, I have to get to a faculty meeting. Gin, will you run the meeting for me?"

Gin replied proudly. "As I said before you can count on me!"

Soshi was surprised. "You're leaving sensei?"

Shizuka waved. "What are you worried about? Getting along with an upper classman? Think of it as a lesson in coexistence!"

Gin announced. "Now then. I suppose you're asking yourselves, what is this club? Our objective is simple: The publication of this school newspaper! Our duty is to uncover any and all stories of interest to this school...Even if it meants putting our lives in danger! Understand-This is no club for slackers! When you walk in here, you give us your soul!"

Moka and Kurumu looked rather nervous.

Soshi raised an eyebrow in confusion. How could a newspaper club be dangerous?

Moka said. "He seems like a strong leader...Doesn't he?"

Soshi looked at Moka. "I guess so."

Gin suddenly switched moods. "But the most important thing is...To have fun!" He held up a poster. "Now. Would you kindly put this poster on the back wall?"

Moka and Kurumu stood on their desks. Moka asked. "Are you sure it's okay to put this so high up?" They strained to put it up.

Gin grinned. "Good point. A tad higher."

"A tad higher than this?" was the question.

"Good point. Much higher!" Gin replied.

Soshi studied Gin. 'How curious...He is strange.' The young boy noticed Gin beginning to squat down. 'What's he up to?' He then looked at Moka and Kurumu and blushed slightly at the sight, quickly looking away. 'Oh kami he's looking up their skirts! My bad feeling about him was right!' The little boy felt some unexplained anger towards Gin. "Sempai just what are you doing?"

Gin quickly stood up. "What do you mean Soshi-kun? I was just standing here to make sure they got those posters up."

'You can't fool me sempai, I know you were peeping on them earlier.' Soshi then added to act like he didn't notice for now and asked in a natural curious tone. "So sempai what are we writing about for our first article?"

Gin smiled. "Nothing right now Soshi. Nothing's going on."

"Well that's boring, I was hoping to write about what growing children like myself need." Soshi replied.

Gin smiled bigger. "Don't worry about it, you're already very grown up mentally, your physical self will catch up with your mental self before you know it."

"I hope so." Soshi said.

"We're all finished sempai!" Kurumu said she and Moka hopping down from their perches.

Gin nodded. "Thank you! You both did a great job!"

Moka asked curious. "So what's next Gin-sempai?"

Gin replied smiling at her. "Well nothing right now Moka-chan."

Soshi sighed and got up. "Well this was a pointless morning sempai."

Kurumu came over and hugged him. "Soshi-kun, I made some more delicious cookies for you! Let's go eat them together!"

Soshi's face lit up. "Cookies?! Okay Kurumu nee-chan!"

Kurumu looked to a fuming Moka and stuck her tongue out at her. The succubus then led her young Destined One out of the classroom.

Moka fumed with a tic mark on her head. Inner Moka was livid and thought up a training dummy in Kurumu's exact image before her in her mindscape dojo. She utterly decimated the training dummy with her vampiric strength.

Gin thought. 'He's so popular with them. I'd better keep an eye on him.' He vanished.

Moka stood alone in the classroom. She was upset that Kurumu was getting a head start to getting closer to Soshi.

Suddenly her rosario glowed. "Now is not the time to worry about that annoying succubus!"

Moka jumped. "Eeek!" She looked around and then looked at her rosario. "Oh it's just the rosario!"

Inner Moka replied. "What do you mean 'just'?! Anyways outer me, just be on your guard. There's something dangerous about that Gin, smells like he's hiding some serious power, don't drop your guard."

Later that night, Gin was looking at the full moon.

"Ah! Such a beautiful full moon...it almost matches you beauty Moka Akashiya." Gin said with one of his arms a large furry claw.

Next day

"Morning Soshi-kun!" Moka called out happily to her young closest friend.

"Morning Moka-nee-chan!" Soshi greeted just as cheerfully.

They both walked to class together.

Gin was watching them and then he noticed a blonde girl and a brunette girl. "Ah! Ladies!" He went over to them. "Grant me a moment of your time. May I ask you something?"

The two girl were charmed by his handsome looks.


'Who's he?! He's so cute!'

They both declared. "Anything you wanna know!"

"Moka spends so much time with Soshi. Are they going out?"

Karin stopped her walk to class to listen. 'Moka, that's the name of my younger sister. That pink-haired girl hanging out with my Soshi-kun shares the same first name as my sister. But their last names are different as my sister went by Shuzen, while this Moka goes by Akashiya, also my sister has silver hair not pink. Of course it has been a while since I was last home.'

The blonde spoke. "Oh..Well, I'm not sure but...They're a pretty cute couple."

Her brunette friend agreed. "Yeah Soshi-kun is so cute! I could just snatch him and cuddle him all day! And Moka's so beautiful even the girls sigh over her!"

"Oh, but remember? somebody saw Moka kissing Soshi-kun on the neck! So maybe they are going out!"

Karin was surprised. 'Kissing on the neck? As in drinking MY boyfriend's blood without MY permission?!' she then smirked and her fangs grew. Two long ones now jutted from the corners of her mouth, veins in her right hand were seen as her nails elongated and sharpened. 'Moka Akashiya you picked the wrong target!' Several people felt a Dark and potent Monster Aura and cowered. But then as quickly was it appeared it was gone.

Gin froze. " N..Neck?! Kissing on the neck?!" He suddenly screamed. "That's not right! It's not even funny! Soshi is bad! Bad!"

The two girl sweatdropped. "Yeesh! What's with him?"

Later that day, Kurumu was looking for Soshi bringing him another basket of delicious cookies. She was so happy not only did she have a cute innocent Destined one whom she could teach many things, but one who enjoyed her cooking. She saw her little destined one ahead. 'Ooo! Soshi-kun!' "Soshi-kun! I...huh?" She stopped as she saw Gin following him and discretely followed them worried about what Gin had planned for Soshi.

"Soshi!" Gin greeted.

Soshi turned to face him. "Oh...Gin-sempai."

Gin explained. "We're holding our club meeting on the roof today. Come with me."

Soshi narrowed his eyes suspiciously. 'What's your game sempai?' But he went with Gin anyways and Kurumu stealthly followed them. They were walking to the back end of the school.

Soshi raised an eyebrow curiously. "Isn't this the back of the school? Why are we meeting here?"

Gin laughed. "Not to worry! The others will be here soon!"

"Really?" Soshi inquired looking at the older boy and classman curious.

Karin was following them too through the shadows. 'I don't like the smell of this guy, what plan does he have that involves my beloved?'

They arrived at an alley between buildings with junk scattered.

Gin announced cheerfully. "Ah! At least! Here we are, Soshi."

"Here?" Soshi frowned studying the area.

Gin pointed. "You see that little window up there? Take a look through it.

Soshi sweatdropped. "Huh? Why?"

"Just look! it's a laught riot!"

Soshi looked at his older peer. "A riot really? Then why don't we wait for Moka nee-chan and Kurum nee-chan so we can all see that so-called riot together?"

Gin was surprised and tried to insist. "Oh c'mon on Soshi, there's no wrong with a little sneak peek."

"Hmmmm 'peek' huh? Interesting phrase sempai, considering earlier you were peeking under Moka nee-chan and Kurumu nee-chan's skirts." Soshi replied with narrowed eyes.

"W-What?! I don't know what you're talking about Soshi!" Gin said laughing.

Soshi frowned. "You can play innocent all you want sempai but I know better."

Gin then chuckled. "Heh. You really are too smart for your own good Soshi..."


"Moka is even more beautiful than they say!" Gin said seriously.

"Yes, I know Moka nee-chan is pretty what of it?" Soshi replied.

Gin sighed. "It was love at first sight for me."

Soshi blinked. 'Sempai fell for Moka nee-chan?'

"I'm serious..." Gin said thumbing to himself. "I am going to make Moka...Mine! You are the only obstacle between me and her!"

Soshi's frown turned into a disgusted scowl. "I've heard of guys like you. Mom and Yosho ni-san both warned me about people like you." He turned to now fully glare at Gin. "I know your type of person sempai, you act all serious and kind, but you would sell out your own families just for a free viewing."

Gin was shocked by the boy's knowledge.

Karin had a big grin on her face, her fangs gleaming in the moonlight and a soft gleam in her emerald eyes towards Soshi. She let out a purr. "How exciting, I get to watch my cute little boyfriend beat an older student, a sophomore no less!"

Gin replied. "Well regardless of your knowledge Soshi. I'm still gonna make Moka my woman!"

Soshi settled into his fighting stance. "Not without getting past me first sempai."

Gin chuckled. "You are a brave little guy. But let's not settle things here, let's meet up on the rooftop in 1 hour."

"Fine then." Soshi replied standing up. The little prince vanished.

Kurumu was upset. 'So Gin-sempai peeped on us earlier huh? I won't let Soshi-kun fight that pervert alone!' She flew off to tell Moka.

1 Hour Later school rooftop

Gin smirked. "So you came Soshi."

The young prince smiled. "You thought I would be scared to face you sempai?"

Gin sneered. "I will get rid of you and make moka mine!" He transformed, becoming a huge grey bipedal humanoid wolf creature with a horse like mane, he threw back his head and howled.

Soshi narrowed his eyes. "A werewolf just as I expected of you sempai."

Bite Size Monster Dictionary:

Werewolf: A ferocious wild beast-like monster. Normally it is in human form, however, on moon nights, it transforms into a werewolf. The relationship between the werewolf and the moon has been known since the 16th Century, with its power increasing based on the strength of the moonlight.

Soshi lowered into a fighting stance. "Alright sempai, let's begin and you aren't the first werewolf I've faced before."

Gin bared his fangs and vanished from view.

Soshi smiled. 'He's fast but mom and Yosho tou-san are much faster.' The young prince easily followed the movements and blocked Gin's claw swipe from the left.

"What?! Impossible!" Gin said in shock.

"My turn, sempai" Soshi brought one hand back and his fingers suddenly glowed a bright white. "Metal Claw!" He slashed Gin across the face and leaving a white trail behind his fingers during the slash, Gin flew back holding his slashed face. Soshi's body briefly glowed red as the side effect of Metal Claw kicked in, his phyiscal attack strength rose up.

"OW! My face! You scratched my face!" Gin whined rolling on the floor.

Soshi sighed. "Oh boy."

Gin growled and got up with his face bleeding. "You little runt you'll pay for that!" Gin rushed toward him.

Soshi smiled. "Agility." He began to dash easily matching Gin's speed.

Gin swiped at Soshi only for the younger boy to vanish. "What the?!"

Soshi used Agility to move all around Gin, appearing to multiply. "What's wrong sempai are you shocked that I'm faster than you? This move sharply raises my speed each time I use it."

Gin was stunned. 'Impossible there's nothing faster than a Werewolf during a full moon!'

"Now time for Double Team." Soshi then glowed white, before he split into many illusionary clones of himself which moved all around via Agility making it look like there were nearly several dozen Soshis moving around.

Gin was looking all around. "W-What the hell?!" He felt dizzy.

Karin was watching the battle proudly. "That's my Soshi-kun."

All the other Soshis faded, revealing the one true Soshi.

Soshi's eyes glowed white and he crossed his arms, multiple rings of blue light spun around him before turning into rings of jagged stone. "Stone Edge." He then opened his arms firing the stones at Gin.

Gin dodged as many as he could but he started slowing down when the moon was suddenly obscured by clouds. The shocked werewolf looked back aghast. "NO! Moon come back!" He tried to block as the remaining stones struck him.

Soshi appeared before Gin super-fast thanks to his use of Agility. "Now it's time to end this sempai." He held out his left hand in a claw shape. "Shadow Claw." A shadow aura with a purple outline surrouned his arm in the shape of a claw and Soshi slammed his hand down and sent the claw aura at Gin striking him.

Gin skidded back. But he refused to surrender. "Damn it! I won't lose to a child!" Gin rushed at Soshi with one claw brought back.

Soshi sighed and crossed his arms in a blocking position. "Protect." A green energy dome formed around the boy and deflected Gin's swipe.

Gin was stubborn and charged again. "Moka will be mine."

"Counter." Soshi's body was outline in orange and Gin struck himself with his own slash.

Gin screamed in agony. "I scratched myself?! But how?!"

Soshi smiled. "That's Counter, this technique reflects physical attacks back to the user at double the damage."

Gin got up. "I will never quit until Moka is mine."

"What do you mean yours sempai?" At this moment Moka and Kurumu came up with Kurumu glaring at Gin.

Gin snarled. "I didn't foresee this but now that you're here Moka...I might as well just take you!" Gin rushed at the shocked and frightened Moka but before he could reach her, Soshi appeared before him super-fast.

Soshi looked now really annoyed. "Sempai you leave Moka-nee-chan alone." The boy cocked his fist back and it glowed light blue. "Focus Punch." The young Butai-Jin prince punched Gin sending him flying off the balcony and crashing to the ground below painfully.

Soshi smiled at Moka. "It's ok Moka-nee-chan, you're safe now."

"Soshi-kun thank you..." Before Moka could say more Kurumu shoved her out of the way and hugged the young boy.

Kurumu squealed. "Oh Soshi-kun, you were so cool in your battle against that pervert! We saw the whole thing!"

Soshi blushed. "Thank you Kurumu nee-chan."

"Hold it right there succubus." A girl's voice called.

The trio looked up and saw a beautiful girl with long reddish-pink hair standing on the building above them, her hair shined in the once-again revealed moon's light. Her emerald eyes had a glow to them. She jumped down and landed without a scratch. "Just what do you think you're doing hugging my boyfriend like that?" She had one hand on her hip with an amused smile on her beautiful face.

Kurumu glared. "Your boyfriend?"

the girl smiled revealing sharp incisors. "Yes Soshi-kun is my husband to be."

Moka was surprised. "Your husband to be?"

The reddish-pink haired beauty nodded. "You heard me correct, my mother was an old friend of Soshi-kun's mother Lucretia Niji and they often visited mother at our castle."

"So it was you I saw earlier onee-chan." Soshi replied surprised.

"I couldn't bare the thought of being away from you for any longer Soshi-kun." Karin replied pushing Kurumu away and pulled her little boyfriend to her closely in a warm loving embrace, her emerald eyes gazing longingly into his rainbow orbs. "I missed you dearly, I've heard about what you've gone through darling. You fought a perverted monstrel on your first day and just a couple of days ago this girl..." She pointed to Kurumu. "Was your enemy...But you once again pulled through...I hear you've gained a fanclub."

Soshi blushed. "Yeah things have been crazy here Karin nee-chan."

"Well those girls won't bother you anymore Soshi-kun." Karin smirked. "Because you're mine, I won't let them take you from me. Any other girls who want me to share you with them, they will have to prove their feelings are true like mine, if their feelings aren't true then I will show them their place." Karin then lowered her head and sunk her fangs into Soshi's neck.


Karin drank only a spoon worth of blood before letting go and kissing him on the cheek. "Mmm it's so good to hold you in my arms again Soshi-kun, I'm joining this club."

Soshi was blushing deeply. "Sure Karin nee-chan whatever you say."

Kurumu glared jealously. 'I'll show this bitch that I can be a much better wife to Soshi-kun and teach him all the things he needs.'

Moka was surprised.

Inner Moka spoke up. "Onee-san...outer me we have some huge competition if we want to make Soshi-kun our mate, we'll have to prove to onee-san that we can be worthy mates of his too, my feelings for him are true like hers. But onee-san won't believe us without proof."

Moka vowed to prove to her older sister she was worthy of being Soshi's mate too.

Gin laid unconscious on the ground dizzy from his fight. 'Who knew a kid carried that much power?'

A mysterious person was watching soshi with jealously and malice. He glared at the little boy. 'That little runt look at him so carefree...I'll remind him not everyone likes him so much!' He smirked.'Soshi you will be crushed by my hands soon enough you brat! You'll see! I'll prove I'm a real man unlike you!'


Lucretia was meeting someone who was shrouded in a black cloak only her green eyes and a few peaks of pink hair was visible. The Butai-Jin queen greeted the person. "It's been a long time hasn't it?"

"Yes Lucy-chan, it has been a while, the last time we saw each other was seven years ago before that incident." The cloaked woman replied. "Before I was forced to fake my own death and leave my daughters all alone."

Lucertia looked regretful. "I'm so sorry Aka-chan, if I had only gone to help you, then you wouldn't have to hide yourself."

The cloaked woman smiled. "Don't blame yourself Lucy-chan, if anything I am at fault for letting Moka's Shinso blood awaken." She switched topics. "How is your son doing?"

Lucretia smiled. "My little Soshi-kun is doing just fine, he's growing into a kind, strong, and very smart young man. He is now going to high school."

The other woman was amazed. "Wow! In high school already and he just turned 11!"

Lucretia nodded. "Yes I couldn't feel any prouder of my little boy even if I tried, Her smile faded to a frown. "Unfortunately I'm worried because the high school he's attending was made by an old colleague of yours and I don't trust that man."

The shrouded woman wasn't surprised. "You mean Mikogami right? I understand your feelings Lucy-chan, even I am wary of his true motives and I had fought alongside him for 200 years."

Lucretia asked. "Why won't he ever tell anyone what he's thinking?"

"I don't know Lucy-chan, but I have a feeling there's something much greater and more serious is about to happen in the near future." She looked up at the sky. "And I get this strange feeling our children will be right in the middle of it."

Lucretia looked up too. "Yeah...I have the same feeling." 'I can only hope my little Soshi-kun has the strength to overcome whatever will happen in the future.'