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"Chapter 5, The Rescue"

Jou's Pov.:

The sun burned at my face as I stared up at the bright sky. It hurt my face and made me feel miserable as it beamed down at me. Seeing how high the sun was, I could tell it must be the afternoon already. The hottest time of the day and I'm stuck in the middle of it. Well, not only me, poor Yami has been struggling too. I've been watching over him, and he is getting worse. I fear that at any hour, he will be gone. Just thinking of my best friend dying made me even more upset so I looked away. It didn't help avoid the sun, but it kept me from looking at the my other friends' misery.

All day I have been walking, and I was almost glad I could finally sit. My back was aching and it hurt with every step. It felt like that any minute my back would snap in half. No wonder Kaiba kept arguing with me, he just wanted me to rest. But he kept yelling at me as if he didn't care that my friends needed my help. He kept saying that I was being too generous and that I needed to learn to think for myself for one. Who in there right mind would tell me that! I would do anything to protect my friends, I don't want to become him. But yet, while I thought about it, I started to think he was right. I was helping so much, that I didn't realize that I was just making myself worse.

Now feeling almost guilty, I wanted to apologies. He didn't half to yell at me in that way, but I shouldn't of refused him. It is Kaiba for crying out loud, he's the most complicated man I know. Sighing loudly I look up a little, the sun blinding my once more. I ignored it this time and looked around the area. I gazed strait ahead, where Kaiba was normally sitting in the shade. But, when I looked, he was no longer there. I was surprised he wasn't and scanned around until I found him. He was sitting on his knees, at the edge of the river. I watched as I scooped the cool water and poured it down his burned arms. He did this mutable times,on his arms and shoulders; and to his neck where it was red with sun burn. He kept wincing now and than, cringe his face to fight the pain. Soon he bent over and covered his face with his hands. The sun beamed at his injured back, making it look like it was boiling. I could tell he was trying to hide his pain, but how his eyes where deeply glazed with exhaustion, It was obvious.

Like always, I hate it when he is in pain and wanted to help. But when the thought crossed my mind, Seto started to lean up again. He seemed to be in a daze as he slowly stood up and walked back to his shaded spot. He didn't look like he wanted to be bothered as he leaned back on the cold rock and closed his eyes. I watched him for several minutes, seeing how distressed he really was. After a long moment, I finally refused to wait any longer and try to help him. As I started to lean up and get to my feet, I ignore my stiff back and limp towards the brunette. Once I made it to him, I noticed how he didn't even twitch when I came closer. It made me confused on why, normally when I come near him, he looks. But this time he didn't, and as I moved over to him, his eyes where still closed. My little worries soon faded, now figuring that he fell asleep. He needed it, and I was glade he could finally rest. After a hard time sitting back down, I leaned on the rock next to Kaiba.

I watched him closely as he laid there, perfectly still. It didn't take me long for my mind to fill up with bad thought. My first thought was that he might be dead, by the way he was sleeping. But I wanted to brush the thought and think better of it. Another thought was that I should wake him up. If a plane comes, he should be up. He also might irritate his back more it he stays in that position for too long. But yet, he should get his rest, seeing that he was in a lot of pain before. Sighing yet again in frustration, I lean my head back and stare out. Making decisions can be really hard when your stressed out. I didn't realize when my own eyes started to droop and the darkness consumed me.

I slept very lightly but couldn't tell how long. By the time I opened my eyes, the sun was already going down so I figured it was a few hours. Looking over with half closed eyes, I see that my boyfriend was still sleeping. It made me more awake at the sight. Normally Seto wouldn't sleep this long when it comes to a situation like this. He started to frighten me when I looked at his sleeping body, how he was still in the same position he was when I fell asleep. Just to make sure my bad thoughts where wrong, I stretch an arm out to him. How I twisted my body made me want to cry out in surprise, but I fought it off. Kaiba was really worrying me so I didn't care if I hurt. Moving over, I nudge his shoulder slightly. He still didn't respond and his head moved a little from the budge. I attempted another nudge but still there was no answer. My heart started to pound, and I shifted myself closer shaking him lightly.

"Seto!" I called his name, but still there was so response.

I started to get hectic and shake him a little faster, desperate for him to wake up. Yelling out his name once more, I started to get upset. I didn't want to loose him, never. Faster I went, crying out his name and wishing he would open those blue eyes again. But my wishes became destroyed when he still didn't move. By now I was drawing attention to the others. They where staring at us in shock as I broke the silence with my voice. I didn't take much notice in them, all I wanted was Seto to be okay.

"Ah what!" Kaiba suddenly shouted out as he jumped out from his sleep. He looked as surprised as I was. I almost got a heart attack from the sudden burst and flinched back. Quickly recovering from the shock, I rushed over and hugged him tightly.

"Dammit Jou what is your problem...get off me." Kaiba snapped at me pretending not to act surprised from his sudden disturbance.

I quickly let go and glared at the brunette. "Don't do that you ass!" I snapped back at him and nudged him lightly, "You scared me"

The said brunette just stared at me for a moment before clearing his head with a small shake.

"You're confusing me.." He almost mumbled as he frowned deeply.

I would of rolled my eyes if I wanted to but I didn't. I was too worried to be annoyed with him right now. Since he literally passed out for half the day means he has been getting worse. For now I just wanted to hug him again, but I knew I shouldn't. The way I startled him made him pissed off with me so I shouldn't bother. So instead I wanted him to move away from these trees and go to where my friends were. I needed to keep an eye on him, and him hiding in the dark wont do anything.

"I want you to come to the rock with me." I started after I regained my regular breathing.

"No I'm not sitting with those idiots" Kaiba obviously answered with an insult and refused.

"Kaiba seriously, will you just listen to me for once." I spoke with a stern voice.

But it still didn't work when Kaiba just narrowed his eyes at me. Damn, I hate when he does that. I still don't want to argue so I just gave him a serious look back. It took me a while for the look to work and Seto finally gave in. I'm glad he finally knows not to mess with me when I'm serious.

Kaiba's Pov.:

I was still in a small daze as Jou led me to his stupid friends. I didn't really take notice to the environment, even when I really wanted to. Everything was spinning and I hated it. Once I was at the large rock, where everyone else was, I made sure to show them how much I hated this. Not only did my stinging body anger me, but just the way they where looking at me. How dare they worry about me, I don't need their pity. So to show my hatred, I give them a nasty look as I came closer. Passing the group , I make my way behind the rock. I wanted to stay away from them as soon as possible. As for Jou, he paused next to the Mouto's and spoke to them. I still was angry with him for acting as the hero. He really is starting to worry me, seeing that he walking slower than normal. And still he refused to listen and help the others instead of himself. How annoying to see him getting worse and the idiot cant see it himself.

Once I found my spot, I slowly sat down, and leaned against the cool rock. My back still stung from the contact, but the coldness gave me some comfort. As I sat there, I stared out at the river. It glistened from the now evening sun, and the sparkled blurred from my lacking vision. I continued to blink as if trying to see clearly. But it was hard and I noticed myself getting worse from my wounds. And the fact that I felt weak and powerless made me feel terrible. All I hoping it for Mokuba to hurry up and find us before I decide to ground him.

I stayed in this position for many minutes, not daring to move. I didn't care to take part on the other side of the rock. Jou and his friends where talking loudly, but my damaged hearing couldn't fully understand it. It seemed that they figured out something and where talking about fire. There was a lot more information, but my hears didn't catch it. But all I know, is that they must of built something. I was too stubborn to care, and refused to move to get over there. I still hated those losers, and did not want to take part in their victory. But as my last thought was said, the blonde just had to come.

"Hey Kaiba, come over, we made a fire." Jou explained as he leaned heavily on the rock. He looked as exhausted as ever, but his eyes sparked with some hope.

"I'm not moving unless you stop hurting yourself idiot." I scold at him, attempting to cross my arms as I looked up at him.

The slightly shorter teen sighed loudly and paused before answering right away. "Urgh...fine, I'll try"

I looked at him for a long moment, not sure if I should believe him or not. But before I could respond, Jou already went over and pulled on my arm. I wanted to refuse his help, but decided not to and moved up to my feet. The burn cloths scraped against my sensitive back and I winced from it. I tried to push it away and continued to fallow Jou around the rock. Once I reached where the fire, I could tell the others where still in poor shape. Yami's eyes where closed and he was shivering even with the warmth from the fire. Yugi was rocking back and forth a little, holding his head. Honda and Anzu looked zoned out and Serenity was completely petrified.

I still didn't show any sympathy for them and stopped at the edge of the rock. I didn't feel the need to be around them so I stayed at the fare left. Jounouchi seemed not to care and stopped when I did and sat. I guessed he finally realized that he needed help and stayed next to me. I knew he wasn't the only one, out of all of us, that wasn't mentally affected by the crash. Glad that I could finally look after him, I inched my way down as well. It didn't take long for the blonde to lean on me heavily and close his eyes. It hurt me a little, but I acted as if I didn't take notice.

The whole group stayed silent for a long while, each fighting their own injuries. The sun was going down and the sky started to turn dark blue. The small fire grew brighter and I didn't like how it glowed on my face. I was sick of fire and wanted to stay away from it. But still, it shone on all our faces, giving us a pitiful amount of warmth. The sound of crickets annoyed my ears and it felt like it was a never ending buzz. Getting louder and louder as I tried to block the nose. But my little struggle was soon disturbed when I hear Jou beside me. He shifted a little and when I looked over, he was rubbing his sore back. He was in a lot of pain, I could just tell. With every breath he took, his throat would hitched as he tried to hold back a noise of misery. I would of said that this was all his fault for not relaxing and stop walking. But I thought better of it because that would just cause more trouble. And I did feel the need to stress him out any more.

So instead I chose to at least help him. I really don't want to see him in pain; and I could easily excuse it by saying that he was just annoying me. With my quick thinking I look around the area to find what I was looking for. I spotted them quickly and reached over to grab one of those mischief bowls. This one already had water in it, so I was glad for that. Without disturbing Jou, I move my way towards the fire. While ignoring my stubborn wounds I place the bowl close to the fire.

"What...are you doing?" I hear Jou ask from behind me.

Looking over my shoulder, I spot him trying to lean forward as if he wanted to fallow me. But I didn't let him by saying, " Nothing, just stay where you are."

That made him stop and I continued to watch the water. It didn't take long for it to become warm and I removed it from the fire. Crawling back to Jou, I move to the position I was before.

"Lean forward." I instructed to Jou when he looked questionably at me.

He did as he was told and leaned forward in a way that it looked like his bones where bridal and rusty. He barley leaned all the way, but it was good enough. After setting the bowl beside me, I reached over and started to pull up Jou's shirt. Tugging it up, I move it to his his shoulders. Revealing a badly bruised back that had mutable cuts and scraps. I blinked at his injury, not expecting it to be that bad.

"How bad is it?" Jou asked quietly.

"Nothing that you cant handle." I tried to hide my worries that he is in danger of infection and internal bleeding.

Jou didn't seem confident and shifted a little in his seat. I just shook the thought away, not wanting to make him feel worse. "I'm going to try to fix it a little, seeing that you already damaged it enough." I spoke with no emotion as I started to rip a strip of cloth from my coat. As a response, Jounouchi only mumbled a little.

Once I was done, I dabbed the clothe into the warm water, making sure to heat it up. Once it was fully soaked, I rinsed it out and lightly place it on Jou's back. He instantly tensed up from the touch, but soon relaxed once it started to warm him up. I kept the drenched rag on him for many minutes, purposely trying to wash his cuts. When ever the rag would get cold, I would re-dip it in the water. I continued to do this proses many times before deciding to stop. I was satisfied when I noticed how Jou became relaxed and at least a little comfortable. After muttering a thanks, Jou slowly straitened up a little and maneuvered his way next to me. He still looked exhausted and spaced out, but at least I helped eased the pain a little.

We ended up sharing each others weigh as we leaned on each other, trying to huddle away from the eerie night. Jou was literally slumped on me and I could barley hold on to him, I felt so weak. The night made it hard to concentrate with all the different noises. And my worries for Jou here bothering me because he was becoming worse. I think he is started to get a cold, just the way he coughed and shivered. And this night couldn't get worse when it started to rain. I tried my best to keep us dry, but it was no use. When ever the cold rain would hit my back, I would cringe from the massive stinging that shook me. I couldn't wait for the next mourning, because I knew I wouldn't be sleeping tonight.

*Next Morning*

My head was pounding as the sun finally popped out from the horizon. I could barley lift my head and my arms felt numb. I suffered through the night, and now I feel drenched, cold, and uncomfortable. Using a lot of effort, I finally move my head up so I could rest it back to look out. The whole place looked drained out and a bitter breeze pierced my skin. I started out blankly for a few minutes, still trying to recover from that terrible night. I didn't have feeling in my arms, I only noticed that Jou was still with me when he shifted and groaned in pain.

Popping back to reality, I look down to where Jou was at. During the night I must of moved him in my arms so now he laid across on me. Now that I looked at him, he was miserable. His face was pail and he sounded ill. And when I placed a hand on his for head, he was burning. I was shocked from the sudden change of health and squeezed his shivering body. I wanted to keep him warm as possible, but with no dry close, it was impassible. I laid my head back in defeat. I couldn't believe this, Jou has a fever. Now that he is sick, he's at more chance of dieing if we don't get out of hear soon.

Just as my thought was told, I hear movement from the others. I didn't want to bother looking, but I did anyway. Once I did, I see that Yugi was looking at Yami. He looked scared as he shouted Yami's name. I was confused and instantly figured that Yami was dead or something.

"Is..there something wrong?" Jou could barley choke out as he tried to sit up, but failed easily.

I didn't have time to respond when my thought was wrong. As I watched the dead looking Yami come back to life. The pharaoh moved his head a little when he squeezed his eyes shut from the intense pain. Yugi looked relieved as he wiped his tears away and tried to help the injured pharaoh. I wasn't surprised to see Yami almost dead, being alive with that wound for three days is impassible.

After the sudden wake up scene with Yugi yelling, there was a lot of commotion about doubt. It seemed as if everyone didn't believe that they will be rescued anymore. I would of thought the same thing, but refused to think about it at the moment. I was way to concerned about Jou's health that I wanted to do something; but I couldn't and it angered me. So I had to deal with watching everyone suffer while dealing with my own pain. Jou seemed to be lost in his own world as he laid on me. And as the day continued, Yugi kept hallucinating about seeing planes and creatures in the forest. It annoyed me greatly and I just wanted to scream at him to shut up. But yet, my voice kept refusing to come out and I stayed quiet.

"Guys..I think I...hear something!" Yugi yet again yelled out as he gazed out in the sky. The group around him groaned in annoyance and told him that there was no noise. By now I just ignored his non sense and concentrated more on Jou who kept grumbling about his illness. But of course I couldn't do anything. The fact they we where drenched in rain and blood just made it worse anyway. Still, the blonde continued to argue, saying that he felt uncomfortable. I was surprised that he even had the energy to speak let alone argue. I was about to snap back, tired of his crap, when I heard something. I paused to listen and as I did. Yugi jumped up again, saying that he heard something again. This time I didn't think he was wrong.

I strained myself to listen as the noise got closer. I sounded like a murmur but than it got a little harsher, as if buzzing. At one piont, I finally recognized it. The noise was a running engine and it sounded like it was coming towards us. By now the others where hearing this too and became excited. I felt very relieved as the wind started to pick up and the sound of beating propellers and running engine filed my ears. Eventually, the plane started to come in view, close enough to where I could see my little brother waving at us in the window. We where finally saved.


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